How Silk Can Cut Through A Coconut

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We have seen videos where people have used an angle grinder and paper to cut through different materials, so we want to see if we can something similar with something softer. Today we will take silk, which is known for being very soft, and seeing if we can make it cut through PVC pipe and produce.
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May 24, 2020




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Comments 80
Larry George
Larry George 35 minutes ago
Use paper to reinforce polyester shirt pressed together with Elmer's glue under a brick or something overnight maybe even pre-soak the shirt in a diluted Elmer's glue before attaching the two overnight
Trevor Schmidt
Robert Maddy
Robert Maddy 2 hours ago
jolly ranchers maybe
smash and splash
smash and splash 3 hours ago
you should use a CD
DORITOSSS MLG 4 hours ago
flex tape
Monika 5 hours ago
Next video: How aerogel can cut through 80 karats of diamonds
Monika 5 hours ago
Ap0le of the arth is gridding like my comment for robux
WAR WOLF 16 hours ago
Use wood
SimplyStimulating 16 hours ago
Holy moly
Joey Lee
Joey Lee 17 hours ago
Use ME as a blade
Simon Abbott
Simon Abbott 22 hours ago
11:29 My smoke alarm goes off....
lirong lu
lirong lu Day ago
Try to cut a coconut with toilet paper 🧻
Christian Ninja kid Jensen
Dry wall just gonna leave this here for yall
JoJo's World
JoJo's World Day ago
I am way too familiar with the smell of burning hair because my sister uses her straighting brush on my hair to put extensions in. Plus, if I don't sit still like a statue my ears will get burned off😂😂😂
Gator_buster69 Gator_buster69
Tactical ticklers
Alex Michalsky
Alex Michalsky 2 days ago
Me after it doesn't work "My disappointment is immeasurable"
mikey Ougnitch
mikey Ougnitch 2 days ago
How about a glass blade
James Lemmen
James Lemmen 3 days ago
Id like to see if you could make a blade from Ice, Resin, Electrical Tape, and/or Glass
J Null
J Null 4 days ago
make a coconut blade!
ww gamer
ww gamer 4 days ago
you should use a cd
David Buchanan
David Buchanan 4 days ago
How about a leather blade?
•Hørrør_gacha płays•
Dental floss shaped into a circle
quick wok
quick wok 4 days ago
quick wok
quick wok 4 days ago
Ffffffffffffffffff fccffffcffffffffffffff fiffurcu
quick wok
quick wok 4 days ago
quick wok
quick wok 4 days ago
jointkitty 4 days ago
pineapple blade omggg !!
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT 6 days ago
What about a hard drive platter
Ryan Shaputis
Ryan Shaputis 6 days ago
Candy blade
Avery Kirscht
Avery Kirscht 6 days ago
You could try a kevlar blade
Xavier Boone
Xavier Boone 6 days ago
Frozen tide
Moose Borglum
Moose Borglum 6 days ago
You should put liquid water down a hot wheels ramp and see if it goes faster or do other stuff with hot wheels
Autumn Mount
Autumn Mount 6 days ago
It’s sad u need to explain what a floppy disc is 😂 I’m like almost 20 and know what it is
Ryetube ExTrEmE
Ryetube ExTrEmE 6 days ago
candy silicon rubber
Melina Bravo
Melina Bravo 7 days ago
Curious of what a wood blade could do? 🤔
Another Artist
Another Artist 7 days ago
I think they should try to use canvas to cut different items.
Jack Tucker
Jack Tucker 8 days ago
David Baker
David Baker 8 days ago
When you polish a potato
WJM-YT Gaming
WJM-YT Gaming 8 days ago
a dvd
ARJUN JOHAR 8 days ago
talk about paper cuts 😂
Qwerty 8 days ago
3:40 I used the wood to destroy the wood
Caine Stoggy
Caine Stoggy 9 days ago
World’s worst paper cut
Redcom1988 9 days ago
How do you not know what a floppy disk is?
Who, Us?
Who, Us? 9 days ago
The glue is doing more cutting than the paper or silk...
Moonlight Anime
Moonlight Anime 9 days ago
You should see if you can make jolly ranchers into a blade
Josh I.
Josh I. 9 days ago
Coconut shell blade haha.
Juan Arguello
Juan Arguello 10 days ago
Anime Discussion
Anime Discussion 10 days ago
Rolando Valencia
Rolando Valencia 10 days ago
A T-shirt
Rolando Valencia
Rolando Valencia 10 days ago
Rolando Valencia
Rolando Valencia 10 days ago
Pressed plant material
Rolando Valencia
Rolando Valencia 10 days ago
Rolando Valencia
Rolando Valencia 10 days ago
Alexandr Bohler
Alexandr Bohler 10 days ago
Leather. Real leather. Its not woven. What about CDs? Would those cut?
paulius cesar
paulius cesar 11 days ago
make one of coco fiber
WhinyVermin714 11 days ago
At 4:00.. PAPER CUTTING WOOD? THE VERY THING PAPER CAME FROM? Its almost cannibalistic in a way, huh?
OH WHATS THAT 11 days ago
Make it from gallium
Trick Shot Master[TSM]
Do an ice blade
Max 11 days ago
How about paper with the silk between it?
Crafty_Kitsune 11 days ago
i think it could have been cool to see them try and Cut Ooblek
Balaji Karthik
Balaji Karthik 11 days ago
All the fruit and vegetabl participants in the video: bruhh..do I look lika joke to u🙄
sunni abbott
sunni abbott 11 days ago
use shark skin for a blade to cut:D
DanHarkless ﴾Halloween, theme parks, YTPs, & more﴿
Well, I can certainly see why you wouldn't wear a face mask while doing this, 'cause who has those handy these days? 😷 And please upgrade beyond a face mask to a respirator, if you're going to friction-burn more stuff like super glue. 😟
Sehunnie_ Yehet
Sehunnie_ Yehet 12 days ago
Mesh or chain
MrTrippnaaa 12 days ago
Multiple individual strands of yarn and/or string dipped in different types of glue
MrTrippnaaa 12 days ago
How about food? Candy, meat and vegetables etc. (frozen via freezer and/or liquid nitrogen)
Mark Jobs
Mark Jobs 12 days ago
This is a switch bike No this is a switch bike No this is a switch bike Was I the only one who got this advert?
Lemon Pandii
Lemon Pandii 12 days ago
Silk:i will cut u pvc Pvc:try me Silk:u killed m~ Pvc thank y~ oh she dead but the shine she gave me was bootiful The shine on the pvc pipe bye the silk was bootiful
Ivy Horan
Ivy Horan 12 days ago
Plexiglass would be interesting to see
Brenda White
Brenda White 13 days ago
CD wood
Brenda White
Brenda White 13 days ago
Brenda White
Brenda White 13 days ago
Duct tape Plastic medal Glass cardboard Socks
Lumberjack king the great
6:20 they feel really old right now
youngbloodmoney27 13 days ago
Try cutting duct tape into circles and sandwich them together. It has adhesive, thread, AND plastic.
Ruby Oz
Ruby Oz 13 days ago
Do giant popping rocks!!
Jason Yousif
Jason Yousif 13 days ago
Dry ice into a blade
Zane Gilley
Zane Gilley 13 days ago
make a blade with kevlar string.
wtliftr1 13 days ago
I used floppy drives in college...
Tyler Ortiz
Tyler Ortiz 14 days ago
You this read wrong
Jackson0405 14 days ago
Potato is stonker dan teh pvc
Michael Biggs
Michael Biggs 14 days ago
Any. Chance you could use water
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