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Seth Hills Masterclass @ Dancefair 2019 - STMPD RCRDS AREA
Listen / Download to Infinite: stmpd.co/SHINID
At Dancefair 2019 we invited Seth Hills to explain his workflow and shows some tips and tricks to create a track from scratch.
This track turned out to become Infinite, which is out now on STMPD RCRDS: stmpd.co/SHINID
English subtitles available!
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Apr 8, 2019




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Comments 80
At Dancefair 2019 we invited Seth Hills to explain his workflow and shows some tips and tricks to create a track from scratch!
Tecno One
Tecno One Year ago
Argentina 🇦🇷 ➕❌
benedict iyu
benedict iyu Year ago
todd helder masterclass please ???
Dj Heaven
Dj Heaven Year ago
Can any one say the drop element he use what it is called and were i can get it.
DEEPP 7 days ago
You are very talented sir 😊👍👍👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥
TONIGHT WE RIDE 15 days ago
can someone explain the clipping in this?
Rbn14_gtf 20 days ago
Max LeBlanc
Max LeBlanc 23 days ago
18:15 that was the producer school guy
Konrad Kjaer
Konrad Kjaer 27 days ago
imagine if you’re in this situation, and can’t come up with anything
Robert_Marius Month ago
18:14 in the left down corner is a guy from "The Producer School"
Robert_Marius 24 days ago
@Syed Waseem Just watching in the background lmao
Syed Waseem
Syed Waseem 24 days ago
Man how you saw him...... 👀🙌🙌🙌
Time Lapse
Time Lapse Month ago
how did you know?
Yoshi Moto
Yoshi Moto Month ago
Sammy Pats
Sammy Pats Month ago
What is the sound at 1:15 ?
HaveYa Heard
HaveYa Heard Month ago
18:14 isnt that The Producer School to the left
The Producer School
@Teddy Harjono lol
Teddy Harjono
Teddy Harjono 19 days ago
@Susan Haggin It's actually him
Susan Haggin
Susan Haggin Month ago
HaveYa Heard Good Eyes. I think it’s him
orco dio
orco dio Month ago
What sound he use for the chords??
Rafael Abdullin
Rafael Abdullin 2 months ago
i didnt see new tricks and it was so boring, next time do faster this music
The Editor Guy
The Editor Guy 2 months ago
There's Yannick From The Producer School over there!! 🤙🏻
Rogeo 2 months ago
where can we find that 808 he has in the drop? its great.!!
Iconic 2 months ago
The lead of the drop where i found them?
Eugene Burgers
Eugene Burgers 2 months ago
I think I see Yanic from the producer school
VenusTV 2 months ago
this is a good coincidence that people know about how to make Electronic music
Nero nix
Nero nix 2 months ago
Pleas can someone tell me how to make this Chord stabs please:D
flame 3 months ago
Anyone have this fire synth?
Mikøltar 4 months ago
le son commençait tellement bien ^^
rory morris
rory morris 4 months ago
Nobody's talking about the cracked software zips at 17:50 🤣
Zoomy Drawing
Zoomy Drawing 4 months ago
18:14 yanic!!!!!
Berry Luyben
Berry Luyben 4 months ago
Sorry but just laying down your template build up snare thingy (which totally does NOT fit the track or vocal) makes no sense put some effort in it to achieve something what actually fits. You don't work in a factory and this paste mentality is so bad for music. I call it the let's make a collage from nice pieces and let it come together like one big piece (of shit). Some things would work maybe and I'm not against having samples or use them twice but 8 bars of build up snare DOES need some attention to make it work. There needs to be some coherence and the accents and syncopation also needs to work with the track/vocal. I don't hate commercial EDM but fuck do I really hate the lazy approach and the result is just not that great. Let that snare buildup kill your workflow an actually make it work and special for that matter. Write some music make that build match it's all part of the track you want people to love. MAKE IT WORK BY WORKING IT UNTIL IT DOES WORK. That is part of the workflow or are you in some kind of fucking hurry while making this HIT song.
Max Aces
Max Aces 4 months ago
We need SWACQ
gamer tug
gamer tug 4 months ago
SHIT :::
Knesix 4 months ago
Seriously??? more than 6 minutes for just 2 bars of the melody???? Why don´t you learn how to play at least keyboard, mate????
Protein 4 months ago
one the of best track made from scratch within a limit of time Seth Hill is insane
DisforDubby 4 months ago
God I fucking hate this style of music.
Blaze Kapaze
Blaze Kapaze 4 months ago
Gave a biased like when everyone raised their hands for FL lol
ElectroMarcin 5 months ago
Man i need to buy so much more than what i have ahhhhh im still hitting large numbers/plays lol on Soundcloud.
Worteldrie 5 months ago
His whole crowd is FL gang
petefaders 5 months ago
This is music now. FUUUUUUUCK.
Alaukik 5 months ago
great to hearthat a no of fl users alot!
SleepyBaldman 5 months ago
fix your english
Kaisersozze 5 months ago
So how would you play that live? Aside from just playing a recording and turning some knobs just make it look like you're doing something.
Alto Beats
Alto Beats 5 months ago
what generetion is the krk ??
Omar Smith
Omar Smith 5 months ago
Here's what Garrix has gone on to encourage by leaving the shackles of Spinnin'. I actually thought they were a progressive and modern label, but not giving an artist rights over works they have produced themselves and with workmates? Nah, not cool. Garrix's own record label will be another platform to help new artists onto the scene, outside the clutches of a greedy label.
breakline 5 months ago
People who have no idea what they're doing doing "materclasses". Sounds like a scam
Raphael Most
Raphael Most 5 months ago
Is there a Function in Fl like the one called „Flex“ in Logic?
Beasterjax 5 months ago
Kunnen jullie een masterclass martin garrix
Cosmic Monkey
Cosmic Monkey 5 months ago
Working in a DAW seems like shooting puppies in a cardboard box. I’ve gone to only working with hardware now. I’d never go back to the tedious process of working for an “end” instead of a “moment”.
Juelz Hektor
Juelz Hektor 5 months ago
Love this guy
H2N 6 months ago
Who is Seth Hills and why what he's doing there is a big deal?
H2N 5 months ago
@szcz Maybe...
szcz 5 months ago
Prolly a long time ghost producer
Fernie 6 months ago
Well this video is the death Exhale....
Bryant Gomez
Bryant Gomez 6 months ago
Let’s find some “ands” for these boots and pants now...
Soulfire Shadow
Soulfire Shadow 6 months ago
He destroyed that girl's voice
Maestro Music
Maestro Music 6 months ago
After seeing this I've given up on music.
2 2 2
2 2 2 6 months ago
don't give up, just keep learning, I promise things will get easier.
Henry Batchem
Henry Batchem 6 months ago
what speakers and subs are those?
Sven Lent
Sven Lent 6 months ago
Me: *accidently fart in class* class: 18:10
-Syphec -
-Syphec - Month ago
Zoomy Drawing
Zoomy Drawing 4 months ago
Sven Lent hahaha
BlastBeats 6 months ago
18:14 lol i feel like everybody is watching me XD
Table 18
Table 18 6 months ago
@ 10:30 Above & Beyond- Distorted Truths Breakdown
ZOMBIC 6 months ago
18:15 min. Theres YANIC :D
MAXUW 3 months ago
I saw him
MAXUW 3 months ago
Virtual Riot
Virtual Riot 6 months ago
FL people yey...
Morphine 6 months ago
Love your music brother.
Maozky 7 months ago
Is kontakt like necessary
Igxel 7 months ago
Do you decide what program Seth Hills is using?
Marijn van Woensel
Marijn van Woensel 7 months ago
vieze fluit
Sassy the Sasquatch
Sassy the Sasquatch 7 months ago
I wish I could do this. Every time I sit down with my computer, I have zero ideas. Absolutely no thought of where to begin. I don’t think I’m creative enough for it
2 2 2
2 2 2 6 months ago
you are creative, believe you can and you will
2 2 2
2 2 2 6 months ago
experiment with loops for a start to spark inspiration
Dj Rakesh Alwar
Dj Rakesh Alwar 7 months ago
sir mujko ko bhi kaam de do
Nazar Drago
Nazar Drago 7 months ago
Where are hits?
SpicyCurry 7 months ago
Did anyone else first read this as "How Seth Rollins Creates a Track?" LOL
Antabuzz 7 months ago
my boys
Christer K
Christer K 7 months ago
Great vid, but you scared me a few times with clipping in the video . thought my right ear headphone was blown :P
Tëø 8 months ago
Is anyone knows how to do the effect at the beginning on the chords? Like the the tape stop effect, we can eat a slowdown effect. Thanks 🤞🏻
Eduardo Jimenez
Eduardo Jimenez 7 months ago
In logic you can set an automation clip from the piano roll. That's what he did.
Koog 7 months ago
Tëø in Serum on the bottom left there is a wheel - if you set the wheel down to -12 semitones you can then go into the automation tab on your midi and select pitch then shift it as you wish
Ray Aley
Ray Aley 8 months ago
What about a masterclass using only stock plugins?
Iqbal nur fajar
Iqbal nur fajar 8 months ago
Is this guy has connection with Atmosfearz
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts 8 months ago
what a nice guy! Seth seems so chill!
Audio MG
Audio MG 8 months ago
2:00 #flmafia 😂
Allexno 22 hours ago
¿Where's my Fruity Loops cereal? xD
MujjØ (Official) 🎧
Audio MG yaaa 😂😂
Lumeo Edits
Lumeo Edits 8 months ago
So dope!
Truong Tran
Truong Tran 8 months ago
Every producers created their hot track like this ???
Yeti Timbres
Yeti Timbres 8 months ago
thanks for the tut but how can you take a dope, beautiful vocal chop intro then drop that loud in your face stuff that's just completely different from the intro?? think I'm gonna get me some exhale!
Michael Ciancetta
Michael Ciancetta 8 months ago
and that's why you are all going to sound the same :))))
Waasi Shah
Waasi Shah 9 months ago
0:49 so no one's gonna talk about this?
Priyaan 3 months ago
Waasi Shah exactly what I was thinking 😂
Knesix 4 months ago
In your Arab countries that could be offensive??? Waasi Shah?
a .a
a .a 5 months ago
OMG! a guy pulled up his pants. OMG!
He’s just pulling his pants up? There’s not much to talk about
Renato Gomes
Renato Gomes 6 months ago
The guy just got up from taking a sh1t.
EDM 9 months ago
interesting at 10:30 above and beyond use the exact same vocal sample in distorted truth, only higher pitched.
Pi 9 months ago
Does he still work together with Atmozfears?
tejas waghare
tejas waghare 9 months ago
how to create that pitching automation on main synth for that grrove in fl studio plz help otherwise if any vdo is there then plz drop a comment
Exmachina 5 months ago
Just automate the pitchbend of the plugin??
X4Rd 9 months ago
FL Studio Tips
FL Studio Tips 9 months ago
Is it just me? Or Seth reminds so much of Jacob Collier
karol.d 9 months ago
And after this he decided to just copy Guy Arthur's remix of "White Lies"...
Nail Zainullin
Nail Zainullin 9 months ago
0:49 😂
Grilatu 9 months ago
Date-n plm de oltean sasait
Luftbubblan 9 months ago
Any reason why he keeps letting stuff clip?
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