How Ricky Williams’s infamous contract got made l FiveThirtyEight

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Master P leveraged personal fame and 1990s rap culture to create No Limit Sports, an agency historically led by an African American. But history remembers his agency for something else.
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Comments 80
Solokey 10 hours ago
P was and always will be a hustler. Free C-Murda
Sizeplus 15 hours ago
These comments make me not want to watch this. White people cant wait to white people lol
dicker9 19 hours ago
Not gonna say the contract ISNT bad. But Ricky clearly thought he could be the best, and do what a lot of people havent. The problem was- just watch the fucking vid. If the incentives towardsd the top were lowered to Great runningback territory instead of literally greastest to ever play, andd will ever play territory, woulda been fine. The saints KNEW what they were doing when they agreed, they KNEW they had 0 risk other than the salary+signing bonus. Of course they're gonna agree
I Believe
I Believe Day ago
I prefer smart over tough any day that's how we defeated dibasours back in the day and survived as a species every race has pros and cons, it seems that the majority of most black people from my experience with some allowed to share my experience I hope is that they don't like the law they don't like being told what to do they have a problem with defensive anger
I Believe
I Believe Day ago
Yep same thing keeps going in a circle black people who are never slavesor upset and white people and always will continue this humanity has to work together and stop comparing the past to the present or else you'll just repeat it seems like this group of people were worried about being tough more than smart
VIZON-ARY productions
Master p was actually a god damn greatttt basketball player some say he could’ve played in the nba easily
Reese Romeo
Reese Romeo 7 days ago
He did say in a recent interview that his contract was his idea and he did regret it because he had to work so hard
Frank Battle jr
Frank Battle jr 9 days ago
•Mr. Ice Cream man would you be my agent and get me up out tha hood? •Little Ricky trusted Mr Ice Cream man because damn that ice cream was good! •Mr. Ice Cream Man thought for a second & then said that he would, -But because the ice cream trucks music was loud, he Mis-understood. -Today you can find Ricky back up in his hood and smokin on something good •Nowadays.... Both men are outta tha game & Mr. Ice Cream Man says that the White Man is to blame. •And if not for that ole white mane - •Mr Ice Cream Man says he’d be in the Hall of Fame •All you need to understand -the NFL commissioner a (Wh-ite Man) -decided to list weed on the ole substance ban -& so Ricky peed in a cup with his dick in one hand ... -And on the other side of Ricky there stood a tall white man •It was just part of the bigger plan -to hold back the Afri-can -So Ricky only made himself a couple grand
Davy Brazell
Davy Brazell 12 days ago
Williams got beat by his own people smh
Dallas Carter
Dallas Carter 12 days ago
Better College RB RW or AP?
Steve Jovan
Steve Jovan 12 days ago
Yeah because being a rapper makes you an MBA in the world of sports agency! Ghetto logic!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 13 days ago
I should be president of math club but the Asian man is holding me down!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 13 days ago
2:53 I thought Master P hired Will Farrell’s dad to run the company
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 13 days ago
This is a fake story. Rickey Williams is really a female and the mom is just a Transgender. Its handler!
ThePlayboyLen 13 days ago
There's no limit to trial & error.
BubbaCrane 14 days ago
Dudes are signing 70 million guaranteed these days and no one on the planet would sign anything
MTheory 14 days ago
No limit to the ass whoopin he should have gotten for writing that trash contract.
Gabkicks 15 days ago
Wesley Pelton
Wesley Pelton 15 days ago
Master p the racist fuck!!! I liked his music but now i will never listen to his bitch ass ever agian fuck him punk mother fucker
Marcus Cole
Marcus Cole 16 days ago
Fuck master P and any white person who excuses that racist bs
David Mapa
David Mapa 16 days ago
Another no limit scam
Fli-City810 Ramsey
Fli-City810 Ramsey 20 days ago
This Is The First That I'm Hearing About This I Didn't Know Master P Had Or Even Made A Sports Brand,Company
Jackalope 2
Jackalope 2 21 day ago
Ignorance personified. You don’t do business on race, you don’t do business based on what you perceive a white man knows or doesn’t know about black people. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with business!!! 🤣
Ottop Scott
Ottop Scott 23 days ago
And blacks n not racist!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
heavenly waterbug
heavenly waterbug 25 days ago
Racist black enterprise. When will we stop seeing color. All lives matter
Aniket Ranade
Aniket Ranade 25 days ago
Ricky Williams took a racist decision. Im glad he paid through his nose for it.
Omgitsjoetime T
Omgitsjoetime T 28 days ago
So like the NBA EVERYONE is black
Pat W
Pat W 29 days ago
This is a cool story i didn’t know this was a venture by Master P
Jeran Taylor
Jeran Taylor 29 days ago
Man they sabotage Master P and Ricky Willams.smh....
Jason Sutliff
Jason Sutliff Month ago
Nigga, I'm the Colonel of the muthafuckin tank ... Ya'll after big thangs, we after big banks ...
Jason Sutliff
Jason Sutliff Month ago
Did he ever make 'em say uuuugh!?!
Brian Frahm
Brian Frahm Month ago
What should Ricky Williams have realistically earned over those four years?
AJ7 Month ago
Does this surprise anyone...?
LC CL Month ago
in another words. . it was a ripoff company to scam players of they hard earned money while they do all the work. ..lol
Darrell Joslin
Darrell Joslin Month ago
Black people bone other blacks all the time. It seems like black men do not want to work for whites and Jewish businessman. IM WHITE AND I HAVE TO WORK FOR OTHER. PEOPLE. I NEVER GOT A JOB FROM A POOR MAN. RICKY GOT GOT BY HIS OWN RACE. HIS MOTHER SHOULD HAVE WHIPPED HIS ASS WITH A SWITCH. THOSE GUYS ARE HUSTLERS.
Harley Weedwax
Harley Weedwax Month ago
Williams ends up with the Saints which is P's home team..ironic
Harley Weedwax
Harley Weedwax Month ago
Master P and Will Ferrell should make a movie about this
4FIVE HD Month ago
Prod. by MiB.
Prod. by MiB. Month ago
It makes sense signing to Master P, the man makes a ridiculous amount of dough and always pays his people.
Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner Month ago
So, this is the exact opposite of Bobby Bonilla.
John Month ago
So it was all racism
mostmost1 Month ago
Master P is a hater and a fraud business man. he loves shitting on other black men and never wants to take the L for his many failed businesses. His Grandmother gave him many thousands of dollars to start his music business and his Cousin and others gave him credibility in New Orleans. He was long gone from the projects and slums. he loves bringing that up to get sales from dummies.
Carlos Acevedo
Carlos Acevedo Month ago
How is someone a discount birdman? Birdman already a discount person lol
Hassan Foreman
Hassan Foreman Month ago
Hiring based on race.....where have I heard this before? Sounds racist to me.
Mind of a Black Moderate Conservative
Let's call it what it is: The Saints gave up way, way too much to get him and No Limit Sports wrote a very, very bad contract and with Williams doing what he doing at the time was a Plane Crash waiting to happen.....
Hit Me
Hit Me Month ago
The Ghetto? What white man gone understand that? Umm, every Jew under Nazi control MORON
John Johnson
John Johnson Month ago
These white boys don’t understand the business. *writes the worst nfl contract ever*
Mark Sharkowski
Mark Sharkowski Month ago
I’m shocked that Master P fucked this up-shocked
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Month ago
They need to make a movie about this, will ferrell will be a perfect actor for the white guy lol
Jack Salonsky
Jack Salonsky Month ago
you mean white guys actually know something about money after all? LMAO
the rise and fall of narrator? but hes slightly altered his voice...pretty kewl and high quality
Matt pitt Lewis
Matt pitt Lewis Month ago
Master p has to wear sunglasses just to hide his eyes because he did ricky dirty. No limit my ass.
unDURYEAted Month ago
i thought the white guy was will ferrell at first
Luke Long
Luke Long Month ago
I can't stand it anymore when black people say that white men don't understand what it's like to be poor. There is more white people on government assistance and low income level than any other race. It's so annoying and childish to say no one has a hard life but us black people ..... smh really? And your strong? Also when you have a culture that glorifies despicable people like pimps and playas and glorious violent bad behavior that is. What you get. The worst part is when people say that you hate them because you are pointing out the obvious jackassery. That's so childish. My 3 year old son tells me that I must hate him when I didn't give him cookies and or told him he is behaving like a jackass he says you hate me !! That's what black people and all so called victim groups do and it's childish. Raised by single mothers with no father and you act like a woman when you grow up. Over emotional only care about shoes jewelery and fashion. Kill men for their shoes ? And your the tuff manly race ? The people or groups that you can't criticize publicly are the ones with the power dumb dumb. Pointing out bad behavior and the truth doesn't mean you hate that person or group. Like I said only children think that way. Don't give me what I want or you hate me. Smh I get tired of this it never is going to end because the majority of people that are racist in this country are black. Always trying to find reasons to be angry or fight another race like white people shows that you are the racist ones. Oh call us negros. Oh no now call us colored people. Oh no now call us African American. Nope now call us people of color. This is racist people always trying to fight white people and have excuses to be violent and angry. I'm sick of it I don't buy it anymore. Grow up your not the only one that is facing hardship dumb dumb
Pat Foret
Pat Foret Month ago
A bad contract and Rickey didn't fit in to the Saint's passing offense. His hands were to small for recieving.
Liz Malone
Liz Malone Month ago
Dumb fool. Master P a fool.
W.B. Smith
W.B. Smith Month ago
Had they got him a big contract no limit sports would have been big
Mark G
Mark G Month ago
hkmp5s Month ago
Should have hired more white folks.
Sir Rj Hill
Sir Rj Hill Month ago
He didnt team up with nobody But he hired a bunch of people That know what there doing
Talos 620
Talos 620 Month ago
'White dude rolls up. I thought it was the FBI or NBA."......Lmao
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva Month ago
I understand he wanted the signing bonus but how much weed did he smoke before reading that paperwork. A 5th grader would say no deal to that
Technologic Month ago
"he black and we black thus we know each other's needs so he should come work with us" ah, such sound logic
GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records
Didnt know he did this decades before gayz
Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram Month ago
Ricky Williams was a dope head. “No Limits” needed a smart white man to handle the contract.
Vogel Account
Vogel Account Month ago
It looks like the incentives were written by the owner's agency, not the player's. Amazing. What fools. The OWNER is the one that puts unlikely to reach incentives in a contract. Players want the money up front. Simply amazing. I (seriously) could have done a better job.
Bob Newhart
Bob Newhart Month ago
@ 2:53 looks like a will Ferrell character...
Shaquan Jamison
Shaquan Jamison Month ago
I love how its ok for black people to be racist.
Michael McDougall
This isn't a race lesson, this is a lesson about thinking you know more than every other person who has done a job for years and years.
Icarus America
Icarus America Month ago
Love the way Derek Anderson is proudly pushing the fact that the staff at No Limits Sports is all black by design, I wonder if a similar business having an all white staff would be labeled???
BigBwoyTing Month ago
I'm guessing these cats did not do any type of research before they came up with all these nonsensical incentives. Never goes with a guy who says trust me and we black. That's how don king got all these suckers.
Mark Nunya
Mark Nunya Month ago
"What white man don't understand" as if no white people come from the slums. That is the problem with racists, they think skin color determines everything and that skin color defines every human being. It's such an ignorant perception, when for the past 50 years, people of all colors have been living in the same situations and have had the same opportunities. We all grow up in the same neighborhoods, go to the same schools, parents working the same jobs making the same salaries. Then 50 years later, the people we grew up with, went to school with, etc etc, think they have a legitimate excuse to use race for a crutch- accusing all the white people they grew up with, went to school with and lived next door to as being "privileged" or racist and can't understand. Culture is the problem and there is really only one culture that has been producing a steady flow of racists through the many decades where racism has shown the most decline among every race EXCEPT for the one that is always accusing everyone else of being racist.
Kanar Jones
Kanar Jones Month ago
It’s sad to see how people dawg Black people trying to make a difference, that man Master p is one of the smartest and one the most successful black men of you pay attention they put a contract together and betted big on Ricky and loss, that man master p was never given the credit HE EARNED.... it’s called chess not checkers
brightful5 Month ago
Jeremy from Jersey is watching
Nathan Darby
Nathan Darby Month ago
OK PLEASE WHITE PEOPLE BEEN RIPPING OFF Blks for centuries in all sports /music culture vultures to the highest degree
PRO HEN Month ago
Ricky would've got those incentives if they were paying them in marijuana
Al E Gator
Al E Gator Month ago
The "P" stands for Peabrain
André Ranch
André Ranch Month ago
Why is contract a madden ultimate team challenge?
André Ranch
André Ranch Month ago
Yo these are the type of contracts you do in Fifa story mode LOL
Iam Digi
Iam Digi Month ago
There definitely is "A Limit Records".
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