How Quantum Mechanics Saved Physics From Ovens

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You might think that quantum physics was discovered because of some super complicated electron behavior or something, but it was actually invented to explain ovens.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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Nov 14, 2018




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Comments 1 091
SciShow Year ago
Skillshare is offering SciShow viewers two months of unlimited access to Skillshare for free! skl.sh/scishow-11
Sir William, Dragonlord of Cromlech
Never upset to see an ad in a video I thoroughly enjoy, but I wish you guys would have let the viewer know when the informational part ends and the advertisement begins. Even writing a more solid, conclusive closing statement would work. Anyway, love the video!
If I heat up a piece of tungsten up to 5500 Kelvin, it should be the same color as the sun, correct? Does that mean the tungsten filament in my lightbulb that puts it's light out at 5500 Kelvin; does that mean the filament in my bulb is 9440 degrees F (5500k)?
aoodreek 7 months ago
JJ 10 months ago
SciShow the cat thing was a joke
Best Creations
Best Creations 21 hour ago
All of that just to discover quantum mechanics and learn about the delayed choice quantum eraser. Why would they do this to us
sidharth cs
sidharth cs 3 days ago
Those Damn Germans
Let the James Begin
Is it Planck or Planck?
August West
August West 14 days ago
I once mentioned the fact that light sometimes behaved like a paricle and sometimes like a wave, sighting the double slit test as an example, and was berated by a "real scientist" for 15 minutes. Am I insane or did this 'professional scientician' not quite understand what I was saying?
Bubz Bubzington
Bubz Bubzington 14 days ago
Ah he mightve made the same mistake i did. That particular experiment proved particle and wave forms, which ALSO proves quantum superposition. Its too easy to fall into the one experiment disproves or proves one concept frame of mind, all neat and tidy. I thought the double slit experiment just involved superposition myself till i went back and referenced the project.
Ahmed Abdullah
Ahmed Abdullah 15 days ago
Assume a spherical cow in a vacuum!
dan parish
dan parish Month ago
Want to hear what colors of flames were seen in the German oven experiments? 😮 No no no! The ones before that.
Resi Game Room
Resi Game Room Month ago
Is it me or does Rayleigh look like carl from aqua teen hunger force lol.
AJ Zelinski
AJ Zelinski Month ago
I enjoy cheese puffs
I think Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment is a horribly flawed way of thinking, because it makes the assumption that only _human_ observation is capable of collapsing a waveform, and ignores the fact that the cat has its own consciousness, and a cat's going notice if a canister of poisonous gas is trying to kill it. If it were only _human consciousness_ that could collapse a waveform, it would mean dinosaurs never really existed, and they're just a figment of out god-like imaginations. Pretty arrogant and homocentric view, in my opinion...
NYAD Month ago
W8 is SciShow part of Deutsche Welle now or wut?!1?1?
princessrose17 Month ago
just putting it out there, I would be more likely to click on the Skill Share link about baking if i could see a scishow video where Hank is baking. (hey there is lots of science in baking - I think we need a video for it)
Paddle On Drew
Paddle On Drew Month ago
We English and german contributed so much to science , one day I'll experience Germany after uni ( where I'm studying science such a nerd Lol 😁) i want to live in such an amazing country ! Shame about brexit 😂
WildStar2002 Month ago
Quantized pirates forced Physics to walk the Planck.
Gentleman Fox
Gentleman Fox Month ago
das ist großartig No I’m not German. It’s called google translate
Osama Ali
Osama Ali 2 months ago
you can make explanation alot more easier by adding motion graphics to video. rather then just giving a speech
Clifford Williams
Clifford Williams 2 months ago
I keep seeing this guy all over the place!
Killerspieler0815 2 months ago
@SciShow - YES , Germany was great in science before ~1940 ( & one of the leading nations)
Ali Mahjoori
Ali Mahjoori 2 months ago
I cant help but to imagine salt bae when our sassy Max Planck was about to toss a negative sign into the equation 8:59 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz 2 months ago
Ovens broke physics. I thought that was the Cat's job?
Lachlan Hamilton
Lachlan Hamilton 2 months ago
If energy comes in packets, no wonder the oceans are full of plastic!
rodjacksonx 2 months ago
Radical Ideologues: Men and women are effectively the same, gender is a social construct. Science: If some part of the world, even a simple one, says NO to your theory, you eventually have to stop fighting reality. Radical Ideologues: REEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
Tzisorey Tigerwuf 2 months ago
Is that the same Rayleigh from Rayleigh scattering?
cosmos and physical laws
Ryan Greenwood
Ryan Greenwood 2 months ago
the solution is always to have faith
FB Kensar HD
FB Kensar HD 2 months ago
Kinda like my dissertation. I got no idea why it works, but it works. 😂
tricia wonlove
tricia wonlove 2 months ago
Bill Does Stuff
Bill Does Stuff 2 months ago
If you want to know more about famous Quantum Physics debates, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr had some and the story is kind of interesting. They had a rivalry, but they respected each other and Einstein did manage to challenge Bohr successfully, but Bohr was extremely smart and hard to beat. Had it not been for Einstein, Bohr would have had an even bigger ego than he already had, Einstein took him down a peg or two by challenging him with things he could not answer (which was unusual for Bohr). It forced him to think and reconsider his opinions, which made Bohr and Einstein better. Had this friendly rivalry not existed, it would have led to less knowledge. Every day Einstein would come with a new question/challenge for Bohr and most of the time Bohr shot him down, but there were times when Bohr had no answer and was intrigued by Einstein, hence their "friendly" rivalry.
Hotwheels !!!
Hotwheels !!! 2 months ago
“So, physicists were stuck. ...which, happens every once in awhile!” Haha... ah... *whimpering tears*
Maynard Johnson
Maynard Johnson 2 months ago
Fuckin' integers... I hate whole numbers... You know that the whole cat violence thing is why you physics nerds never get it right, you can't unify anything. You couldn't unify your way out of a wet paper bag. You are focusing on cat violence way too much. The key is that it's dead puppies all of the way down. If you can't say something nice about cats, say something surreal.
JamesG 2 months ago
I have a question. How is it that a guy who says, AND SINCERELY MEANS: "If some part of the world, even a simple one, says 'no' to your theory, you eventually have to stop fighting reality. Some assumption your theory makes must be wrong." ... can speak so UNCRITICALLY of the gravely inconsistent explanations and repeatedly failed predictions we have been handed for some three decades or so now, under the heading of "Global Warming (aka Climate Change)"?
Jesse Sanderson
Jesse Sanderson 2 months ago
"If some part of the world, even a simple one, says 'NO' to your theory, you eventually have to stop fighting reality. Some assumption your theory makes must be wrong." An atheist anthem if there ever was one! Don't @ me creationists, why are you even watching sci show?
Abu Bakr
Abu Bakr 2 months ago
i finally understood where all those terms from school text books came from
EclipseClemens 2 months ago
How Germany Saved Physics from Ovens
Cosmic Sammy
Cosmic Sammy 2 months ago
How do you stumble upon Quantum Mechanics?
James Hindley
James Hindley 2 months ago
"Assume a spherical cow in a vacuum" .. Made me think of my ex
Monkeyb00y 2 months ago
"Or so the Germans would have us believe..."
JJ 3 months ago
For a science show, you would hope that you would do some fact checks and use the scientific process too not perpetuate a myth. The cat in a box that’s only alive when you look at it thing is a journalist, taking something out of context as usual. Leading to people taking it literally. I learned that on joe rogans podcast. What does it say about this channel?
Nikos Politis
Nikos Politis 3 months ago
The beauty of science....people using their knowledge and understanding to find a solution to a problem and not trying to make the data match their presumptions.Religion would just say "God made it this way and it is perfect..."
Gajeel Redfox
Gajeel Redfox 3 months ago
You do a vid on why bismuth creates square crystals
BoyJae. Deren
BoyJae. Deren 3 months ago
Oh science, your a beautifully brutal being
Kaguyaa 3 months ago
I watched and didn't watch this video
sara seaman
sara seaman 3 months ago
I think you broke me.....
kazemizu 3 months ago
But, don’t humans actually emit an unnoticeable light??
buj 3 months ago
arggghhh!!!!! My head hurts
Kahanu Morales
Kahanu Morales 3 months ago
I was making pop tarts in a toaster oven while I watched this
Stefanie Daniella
Stefanie Daniella 3 months ago
our clearly quantum cosmos expressed in the discrete "whole numbers" mathematics of quantum mechanics gives our complex cosmos a far more uniformly ordered structure for both energy and matter, which point to an Intelligent Creator-Designer, than those hoping for a more mish-mash randomness of an unordered incomprehensibly chaotic cosmos, which is merely "self-existent" on its own (materialism)
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman 3 months ago
Germans seem smart till you think about how they caused two world wars and tried to invade Russia without winter gear.
bluesillybeard2 bczhefgthspswd
perfect transition to your sponsor! 👌
𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠
None of these people are African?
Kiki Lang
Kiki Lang 3 months ago
Huh. The beginning of this video was okay. Then ending mean complete sense. In the middle? I got a little lost.
Alma Chizit
Alma Chizit 3 months ago
One worked for small (wavelengths), the other worked for large (wavelengths), both were based on sound principles but didn't agree with eachother. Hmm... now where have I heard that before? Quantum gravity anyone?
Upright Ape
Upright Ape 3 months ago
Ummmmm, "Max Planck" is pronounced "Mox Plonck", or Mahx Plahnck". It's "German". A "foreign language". Do try to keep up. I can't stand linguistic ignorance.
Justin Nehls
Justin Nehls 3 months ago
5min in and I'm lost and head blew up
KipIngram 4 months ago
I think I just overdosed on "upbeat." Somehow the exuberance doesn't play as well as when it comes from Physics Girl.
Ernest Gary
Ernest Gary 4 months ago
You almost nailed that freddy Kruger shirt, hank
Richard Landrum
Richard Landrum 4 months ago
What are electromagnetic wavelengths shorter than gamma, or longer than radio........could one possibly be matter?
Glyn Williams
Glyn Williams 4 months ago
vey good explanation.
apexbender 4 months ago
I'm watching this video for the second time! Even better!
Owen Digity
Owen Digity 4 months ago
I am blocking your channel. All you "guys" should get earring plugs and grow matching beards.
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