How Popeyes Be Training They Employees

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How Popeyes be Training they employees 😂😂😭 bro Popeyes employees be rude as hell what is wrong with them. I promised they gotta be trained to be this level of rude 😂😂

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Apr 16, 2019

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RDCworld1 3 months ago
I know y’all just seen this on my Instagram @supremedreams_1 but aye support twice 😂😂😂
Noob Slasher :D
Noob Slasher :D 5 days ago
Later that day them niggas still didn’t fight the guy in the drive through
nooberstone 5 days ago
in america they are probably more secret about it but in china for FF14 to get a special mount you got to go KFC and eat an unreasonable amount of food and if you go to the bathroom they re plate your table whit new food you can only get the code of you eat it all in one sitting
Fruits Chinpo Samurai G
This is my favorite skit ever🤣🤣🤣🤣
José Explosion
José Explosion 19 days ago
This nigga think he slick but... I'm already trapped in his genjutsu
Ice Coma Sythe
Ice Coma Sythe 25 days ago
Nithin Jayan mgi
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 8 hours ago
If you ask for sauce they say it doesn't come with the meal.
windalchemist001 14 hours ago
It’s not even that off
Cash0311 19 hours ago
I’ve never been to Popeyes.
Shotguns are my weakness.
Ya complaining about getting Popeyes food bro. I never even got the food I paid for.
mastertoki1 Day ago
They hella stingy with the sauce. I can barely get 1 w/o paying. Then they act like I’m the one being a dickhead. They lucky KFC they competition 😤😤
Drizzle Mane
Drizzle Mane Day ago
Bra y'all boys fool up 😂😂
Hazard Aim
Hazard Aim Day ago
I'm at Popeyes
Almost cracked my side on this one
Mr Shepherd
Mr Shepherd Day ago
Popeyes be like : *I'm gonna screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam till I can't no more*
What Da heck
What Da heck Day ago
Great video
Kael Andrade
Kael Andrade 2 days ago
Pull up to the window then!!!
cloudswa 2 days ago
Darnell Richardson
Dajoraga 17
Dajoraga 17 2 days ago
Moxman bear
Moxman bear 2 days ago
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 2 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣loved it
89canem 2 days ago
This video is incredible
Amariss Harris
Amariss Harris 2 days ago
Why is this so funny 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Perserva Games
Perserva Games 3 days ago
Dude no joke, Popeye's once put industrial grade salt into my dad's sweet tea. These guys don't play at all. I'm pretty sure you need to go through 3 years of prison before you can even be considered to work at Popeye's. Required: 3+ Years of PRISON (HARD CRIMES ONLY) or Equivalent in Juvenile.
Glendie Herron
Glendie Herron 3 days ago
One time I went they ran outta chicken
MysticStrike ForceSSJ3
I give fast food restaurants credit and love because you know what it's not the employees sometimes it's just the stupid people. But I'm glad I dont work in a place where people are greedy no more. But I say the nicest place to work with food is IHOP
Shawn Hueston
Shawn Hueston 3 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Placesssss dead ass be like datttt
Fluffymiyster 3 days ago
All of you with the Popeye's horror stories and sitting here wishing I could afford Popeye's, lol. My family can do Church's and that's about it.
Alhaji Jalloh
Alhaji Jalloh 3 days ago
I can't with them😂😆
Gregory Yee
Gregory Yee 3 days ago
Popeyes is a like a Chinese restaurant. The service is shit, but the food is always bomb
startingQB 3 days ago
I wonder how they got Popeyes training video? 🤔
Julian Craft
Julian Craft 4 days ago
People when their order is wrong: this is not what I ordered! Me:*goes full shaggy*
lilac dreams
lilac dreams 4 days ago
Bout to head to popeyes ya’ll want anything?
Quinn 4 days ago
😂😂😂pull up to the window then
Janira Ramos
Janira Ramos 4 days ago
HanzoTheGodOfRain CG
There chicken good though but bad ass service
ImmaCelery 4 days ago
*casually eats popeyes while watching*
Johnson Matumuini
USS Prinz Eugen
USS Prinz Eugen 5 days ago
A Popeye s just opened near me, gonna check it out now.
Cassandra Stewart
- M.D.N -
- M.D.N - 5 days ago
The last time I went to Popeyes , me , my mom , and brother was in the drive thru ordered some other things and popcorn shrimp... There was only 10 to 15 popcorn shrimp in the box.😑
Richard Waller
Richard Waller 5 days ago
We don’t got sauce y’all got honey😂😂
Long Chouskii
Long Chouskii 5 days ago
That’s real life thou 😂
Andrew Young
Andrew Young 5 days ago
Boss is so funny
Dropoff Ross
Dropoff Ross 5 days ago
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice 5 days ago
I can’t man😂😂🤣🤣 I ain't laugh like this in a cool minute.
Walker Suhr
Walker Suhr 5 days ago
Y dude that was trying to get some sauce look like Derrick Favors
Axyum Shimmeon
Axyum Shimmeon 5 days ago
The taco bell in my town be on some Bullshit, niggas gave me drive through anxiety.
Anonymous 6 days ago
Customers are first in every restaurants and espicially in top-class and well-rated restaurants. Popeyes might have a bad service. But in situations such as this - your suppose to call the manager and speak to him about it angrily.
Alfred Dominguez lll
We don't have spicy anymore but we have this special flavored tenders and it was terrible and cold I paid for me and a friend and wow they refunded us right away PS We were so chill so were they but couldn't believe the cook was so lazy to go to the front to tell us that shit.
hisham 3018
hisham 3018 6 days ago
This scenario is only real if you don't believe it , so believe it 👍
The Spider-Man
The Spider-Man 6 days ago
Do you guys wanted more help for the restaurant? I'm interested.
nmbr4 lizard
nmbr4 lizard 6 days ago
Man this is sadly true af!
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