How Palpatine Almost Definitely Created Rey | Star Wars Theory

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Today J dives into the Star Wars Galaxy to dissect the new Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer and discuss a possible origin story for Rey.
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 2 371
SuperCarlinBrothers 5 months ago
Which Skywalker do you think is Rising?
Kristin Gulizia
Kristin Gulizia 2 days ago
Roll Uz A Giant
Roll Uz A Giant 9 days ago
I think both anakin and Luke will teach ray, palpatines spirit inhabits Vader’s mask as he was the one who created vadar whilst anakin ascended to his ghostly form, and I believe his may be programmed into c3po giving how he is posed in the new trailer with his red eyes sitting like an emperor possibly plotting his return all along behind the scenes
E play_859
E play_859 13 days ago
I was reading up my comment an wander why do we read left to right top to bottom an why can't it be from bottom up right from left check our different culture reading systems. Crazy
E play_859
E play_859 13 days ago
Luke other sister the one you mentioned nelliththey were triples. But she only gave birth to two we saw that yes this one was thought still born but realized after everyone left a faint heart beat an cut her out everyone flees not knowing there was a third so mama Droid raised it an in her memories held sith an Jedi knowledge which helped her to balance the force within herself an cloaking her force powers like Leila did an grandpa pallpotine who was really adept at doing the Jedi never found him as a child even right under there noses What?
Fábio Santos
Fábio Santos 14 days ago
what about... Rey is Han Solo's and Qi'ra's daughter? (thought of this after seen Han Solo of course) she would be sister from another mother of Kylo Ren, which would explain their connection (besides Snoke doing their connection) and would explain why Qi'ra never explained Han Solo why she accepted that Job with "I don't remember the name now" and why she didn't go away from her job after killing her boss. at the end of han solo movie she talks with darth maul and goes to him, leaving han solo, which made me think that maybe she would be trying to save her child... and that was the deal of her working for the guy at first? and that would explain why that child never saw her parents... Rey??? anyway, can't wait for the answer
swinetastic 2 days ago
What you think you're some kinda Jedi ...waving your arms around like that ? Mind tricks do not work on me , only money !
Brick First
Brick First 3 days ago
Rey was created by Palpatine by using the DNA found in Luke's lost hand. That's why the lightsabre called to her and also why she has a dark side. Luke's hand must have been found in order for Maz to have the blue lightsabre. And we must surely find out how in this final movie.
Guy308 3 days ago
Chancellor Palpatine, the greatest politician in the galaxy. 🌌
dren %
dren % 4 days ago
Palpatine is Anakins father Skywalkers are Palpatines
Jack Handy
Jack Handy 6 days ago
What all these videos are ignoring is the simple fact that the Star Wars saga ended in 1983 with The Return of the Jedi. There are only THREE Star Wars films and while Rogue One was a beautiful love letter to Star Wars, everything else since 1983 has been non-canonical garbage. No backstories were needed and neither are sequels. It's OVER. The story wrapped itself up with a nice big bow and nothing can mess with it now. The real legacy of Star Wars is safe in the past and we can re-visit and celebrate it at any time by watching the Genuine Trilogy.
warrior king
warrior king 7 days ago
obsisly its harry potter
Lucas Holmberg
Lucas Holmberg 8 days ago
he is wrong from the start. the last person with te legacy of skywalker is very much alive, in Kylo Ren.
Ella Cummins
Ella Cummins 8 days ago
Darth Maul was red Luke's first lightsaber was blue Why does everyone want to Go back to Jakku?
Jayson Mueller
Jayson Mueller 9 days ago
I think Rey is a clone of Luke's hand. Think about that one.
Michael Lastre
Michael Lastre 9 days ago
You questioned if it was Palatine's laugh?... You say you read the comics but forgot the tidbit of whole is already in the helmet which is speaking to Kylo under the guise of Vader, clue its not Palpaine… Rey is a Clone, I'm on board, but I think she may be a clone of Luke (Episode 5 hand holding her lightsaber), found by good old Sheev.
Marc De Cock
Marc De Cock 10 days ago
I drink my coffee black. I used to drink it with milk, but then I joined the dark side... thanks, I'll use this
DoctorIncant 11 days ago
Anyone here after the “leak” in which Rey is palpatine’s granddaughter I think it was?
Richard Page
Richard Page 12 days ago
The force will reincarnate Anakin. Think about it his mother became pregnant without doing the do just like Mary with Jesus and now he will rise from the dead just like Jesus. He will come back and be a force for the light.
Casey Darwin
Casey Darwin 12 days ago
Soo..Rey is a mystic, Kyla is a Skeksi and they will unite to become the Gelfling?
Attila Szabo
Attila Szabo 13 days ago
why everybody shouting on youtube?????
James Mowat
James Mowat 14 days ago
Maybe Annakin had a twin brother or sister he didn't know about who could be one of Rey's parents
Jaclyn Soileau
Jaclyn Soileau 14 days ago
Rey ---Replicated Embryonic x-Y REY is a clone of Palpatine, only with free will to chose light over dark.
ernest s
ernest s 14 days ago
"I like my coffee black...like my men!"-Airplane
Come Flag with Me
Come Flag with Me 14 days ago
The Skywalkers!!!
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 15 days ago
Please tell me what you think of this. I think The Knights of Ren should have been the main villains instead of Snoke. Kylo recently formed the group. They are Vader fanatics wanting to learn from the user who had the most potential in the entire galaxy. Luke still has his jedi order which attracts Rey, a girl with potential and wants to prove herself and Finn, someone who was part of an experiment to create force sensitive stormtroopers. He has a blue standard blade and Rey has a double bladed purple lightsaber which she constructs as she is proficient with a staff and the bleeding crystal method is removed. Luke helps train them. Kylo has remnants of the empire who are troopers similar to the appearance of sith troopers and work as body guards for the knights of the ren who are different from the sith. They collect dark sided artifacts and try to collect sith holocrons that Vader left behind for a sinister purpose. Finn and Rey fall in love. Leia learns how to use the force by being trained by Luke. Leia has a cyan lightsaber and Luke still has his green one and Kylo has a green crossguard lightsaber which was gifted from Luke when he trained Kylo. Luke realizes his mistakes but tries to make amends instead of giving up. Along the way to defeat the Knights of Ren, they learn of other dark siders who are different from the sith, too. They also encounter other force orders that are light sided and even gray sided and form alliances with them like the Guardians of the Breath and the Imperial Knights and they all have their own beliefs and agenda.
Relax Jack
Relax Jack 16 days ago
when doing a fan theory video without looking too much of a nerd, what do u do? wear a cool t-shirt. DV, of course.
Gabriel Robin Hermanto Ng
Anakin Skywalker clone the epitome of balance of the force isnt interesting able to use the light force heal and the dark force lightning together
Just Looking
Just Looking 16 days ago
Rey and Kylo are siblings. Just like Luke and Lea were siblings.
Blisster 17 days ago
Wow this video aged well
Georgi Mihaylov
Georgi Mihaylov 17 days ago
A quick remark if I may, Palpatine’s does not simply want to controls the Galaxy, he wants to control the force that is keeping the Galaxy in balance between light and dark, because that is a problem for super strong dark-side entity as himself.
Michael Haflich
Michael Haflich 17 days ago
Why do I have a feelin Lucasfilm will see this vid and change the script like TLJ...
Johnathan Thompson
Johnathan Thompson 18 days ago
Rise up! u never gonna take me down! u never gonna break me down! U KNOW I'M GONNA RISE UP *EVEN STRONGER*
Kai Cherniak
Kai Cherniak 18 days ago
Best theories
Luke Daniel Galon
Luke Daniel Galon 18 days ago
Jedi because of the star killer can literally use an ability to evaporate their bodies That the with wouldn't do But that order is already shown in a form called the gray jedi
monkey boy
monkey boy 19 days ago
The Falcon gets destroyed in this one!
Son Goten
Son Goten 19 days ago
I feel like Rey will be Possessed.
shlobs422 19 days ago
Spoiler alert: Rey is a Trump.
Kirrith Kovacs
Kirrith Kovacs 19 days ago
if he did why those teeth?
shlobs422 19 days ago
Lord Vika
Lord Vika 19 days ago
If the books were not made non cannon, then yes a light and dark neutral force user would be truth, because Luke does it, and other characters have been known to use both sides of the force.
Kelon Lewis
Kelon Lewis 19 days ago
Rey is a clone!!!
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia 19 days ago
Jar Jar is her father!
brianrosemusician 20 days ago
Kylo's mom is Leia, who is also Luke's sister. It could be about Kylo.
james tyler
james tyler 20 days ago
The last Skywalker died? Kylo is a skywalker even tho his last name is Solo.
Crispy Pickles
Crispy Pickles 17 days ago
Leia is still alive, too.
Kaleb Hardy
Kaleb Hardy 20 days ago
What if kylo becomes good and Rey becomes evil. Would be the twist of the century.
Allan Smith
Allan Smith 16 days ago
Could happen seeing as leia is his mother but highly think they will go that route
Malinda Garza
Malinda Garza 20 days ago
We have women general in starwars former princess leia who becomes a general and then we have female jedi ray it would be more cooler if their was a female emperor.
Claire Blackman
Claire Blackman 20 days ago
THANK U SOOOOO)O MUCH for including Star Wars Rebels it is one of my favorite shows!
Castle Crasher
Castle Crasher 20 days ago
I read Palestine lol
Lea Gue
Lea Gue 21 day ago
no thanks im out
Scott 21 day ago
So Palpatine created Anakin in the comics and now Rey. Some people really wwant Palpaine directly involved in the main characters. So far the sequel trilogy has just been a mix of the original trilogy and SJW agenda.
Vikdude ,
Vikdude , 21 day ago
i think this movie should have been called ''Return of the senate''
Nick Sanders
Nick Sanders 21 day ago
I thought anakin was cteated by plagius which was sidious master.....
9w96b6 21 day ago
The Grey side is the best side!
Unclose 21 day ago
Nice pitch
B Carter
B Carter 22 days ago
Matpat did this too
Odin Lawrence
Odin Lawrence 22 days ago
You were right
Cookie Dragon
Cookie Dragon 22 days ago
This was posted on my birthday, I just realised that. Welp, thanks for the gift SCB...?
Envy Man
Envy Man 22 days ago
rey really gonna be a force baby
Aelyx Targaryen
Aelyx Targaryen 22 days ago
Make a video on the new trailer
Clark Wintle
Clark Wintle 22 days ago
7 minutes in, nothing remotely about the title. You got me, congrats
joshplays jtdr
joshplays jtdr 22 days ago
Warning we can confirm ray is eval emperor is coming back sky walker is coming back The end of starwars is near
DundeeDriver 23 days ago
All the "Rey is a clone of Luke" comments make me imagine the reaction if Ep9 reveals that this is true and that Rey is trans :D
Brian Clason
Brian Clason 23 days ago
More relevant these past 2 days
DundeeDriver 23 days ago
2:00 Say what you like about the original trilogy but that matte painting looks awful.
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