How Palpatine Almost Definitely Created Rey | Star Wars Theory

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Today J dives into the Star Wars Galaxy to dissect the new Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker teaser trailer and discuss a possible origin story for Rey.
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Apr 16, 2019

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Comments 2 123
SuperCarlinBrothers 2 months ago
Which Skywalker do you think is Rising?
Lyricaltomboy18 !
SuperCarlinBrothers I don’t know but I hope Rey
Keith Holler
Keith Holler 3 days ago
Padme is a Skywalker
RAD 0905
RAD 0905 13 days ago
I'm gonna be honest with you... I love this
Mason Overman
Mason Overman 13 days ago
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 24 days ago
What about the kid at the end of the movie, the kid with the force
Allan Sejr Christensen
Revan ??? any one! He was both dark and light side :P
Jonathan Coulson
Jonathan Coulson 21 hour ago
I thought Disney said the only canon was the movies and the TV series?
Jack Dougan
Jack Dougan Day ago
In the last jedi it was snook that breached there minds and connected them but they were connected again at the end what if that was palpatine
ShadowCatalyst 2 days ago
Hi J, I am hooked on your videos and started theorizing about the overall story in star wars and have what I believe could be a really great theory! I am not very good at pondering or developing star wars theories since I do not know as much as the superfans but you may be interested in developing or atleast pondering this one! At the very least, it has the potential to be a great RUvid video :) I cannot afford to become part of your discord but I would love to pass on what I have developed in this theory, is there any way I can reach you without expense? Your loyal fan. ShadowCatalyst
Kevin Pirnie
Kevin Pirnie 3 days ago
Wasn't Plagueis the one who created Anakin inadvertent of the force leaving him?
Larissa Casamento
What if palatine is anakins father which technically makes him a skywalker
Trevor Blackwell
Trevor Blackwell 4 days ago
Sounds like gray jedi to me
belugasemmel 6 days ago
The German title translates back to "Skywalker's rise" - singular. No new Jedi order, I'm afraid...
Kaija Mannie
Kaija Mannie 7 days ago
Awesome theory
J Litzenberger
J Litzenberger 7 days ago
I think it will be Anakin somehow. Especially since the prequels established the prophecy of the chosen one, the one who will bring an end to the Sith and bring balance to the force, which turned out to be Anakin. We thought he finally fulfilled this prophecy when he “killed” Palpatine. Except now Palpatine is back, meaning that the Sith aren’t all destroyed, so I think Anakin will somehow come back and finally put an end to Palpatine
L L 8 days ago
with anakin is theory not to take word by word
juthy213 8 days ago
Rey is Kylo Ren’s daughter......boom! Only scenario that rivals Luke and Vader’s relationship. I don’t know exactly how they make it doable. But that is what, is going to fuck’n happen
Michael Drew
Michael Drew 8 days ago
Be outrageous if finn was the son of skywalker and was why in FA why he could use the anakin saber and was told by. The yellow yoda he was worthy and she had seen his eyes before, the rise of skywalker is finn and rey is a papletine or recarnation of him and kylo is redeemed following his grandfather's steps turning back to the light to destroy palatine and plagues created anakin and skywalkers to defeat the apprentice who betrayed him just give me a job lucas film
Don Durham
Don Durham 10 days ago
He never created her, he died way after ep 8 which is a great movie.
J. H
J. H 10 days ago
A crazy theory: Perhaps Rey is Leia's daughter.
Luis A. Laboy
Luis A. Laboy 11 days ago
Rey is a Skywalker. Skywalker is also another name for The FORCE. She was created. So she and Anakin are pretty much brother and sister. I used to think she was Han and Leia’s child but upon learning that Skywalker also means The FORCE it makes the most sense.
Kenan Nurkanovic
Kenan Nurkanovic 12 days ago
Could Rey be anakin reborn by the mideoclorians?
JC Pringle
JC Pringle 12 days ago
If you're joking, haha!!! If not, noooooooo. That word has been pulled kicking and screaming from the Star Wars lexicon.
Cowboylifesaver 12 days ago
Mountains are wrong for Jaku
Synphanie Archie
Synphanie Archie 12 days ago
I feel like this needs to happen but it wont
Brian McCalla
Brian McCalla 12 days ago
All that you meet to know: qr.ae/TWN0h7
39RC1 13 days ago
This theory is very interesting and does have a chance at happening since it uses already established stuff, but I just don't think it's likely to happen. All the real reason I need to believe that is provided by Rey herself: ruvid.net/video/video-H0tdKstNdM4.html But yes, I do agree that the ultimate direction they're going in is connecting Rey to Palpatine. Namely because it's very much possible to honor the parentage reveal from Last Jedi, like JJ said he would do, while still engineering a way to connect the two characters together. Rey's parents being nobodies is likely to still be true by the time Rise of Skywalker drops, but Star Wars does have a tradition of things still being true, albeit from a certain point of view; the most famous example being Obi-Wan telling Luke that Vader betrayed and murdered his father only for us to later find out Vader is actually his father, which ultimately makes sense because, in a way, Anakin did betray himself in becoming Vader. (Why am I even saying all of this on a video geeking out about Star Wars? You all know this already!) Now, that point being made, let's say Rey is indeed connected to Palpatine; that she's his great-granddaughter or something. With that in mind, how could Rey's parents still fall into the definition of being filthy junk trader nobodies that are, at present, dead and buried in paupers' graves in the Jakku desert? (Side note: I'm genuinely curious as to how Rey actually knows within her head that her parents are dead, since that's where all the information on Rey's parents came from. First guess is it was such a traumatic experience she locked it away in some forgotten corner of her head, but who knows...?) Well, actually, it's pretty easy to piece together a likely possibility: likely one of her parents - the one descended from Palpatine - lived a life of luxury before the Empire fell. Following that, they ended up having to conceal their identity to protect themselves from discovery, arrest, and subsequent execution by the Rebels; or, in other words, 'becoming a nobody,' for their own safety. They could easily have already been on Jakku if they were aboard one of the Star Destroyers that went down and survived, or - and this is the more likely option the way I see it - if they were stationed at the Observatory that Palpatine had constructed on the planet. Following that, they figure out how to survive on a planet of nothingness, taking up, say, junk trading, and, hence, fully embrace the identity of a nobody until they can escape. Then nobody would ever be the wiser in figuring out that this nobody junk trader is actually descended from the Emperor. And, who knows; somewhere in all that mess, or even before, they find a lover. Then eventually, a decade after the Empire's fall, and to practically nobody else's knowledge, boom. A new heir to the throne is born: Rey. Then several years go by until her parents decide to sell her off because they were terrible parents and thought only of their own escape from the evil sand ("I don't like sand") and then ultimately died on Jakku despite supposedly leaving on a ship, ending up in paupers' graves in the sand. (Side note: A part of me now thinks - as my second guess as to how Rey knows of her parents' deaths - that it could likely have been Rey herself who was responsible for her parents' deaths, as maybe she ended up having a huge meltdown and lashed out strongly with the UNLIMITED POWER flowing through her veins and brought down their ship. Interesting thought, as we never do see their ship leave atmosphere. She likely blocked out the entire experience from her head, or at least the moment she brought the ship down, because it was too traumatic for her to handle.) So, in the end, Rey's analysis of her parents being nobodies (I say 'Rey's analysis' because it was HER who first said her parents were nobodies; Ben merely encouraged her to say the truth aloud for herself) would still be true, because at the time she had no idea one of them was descended from Palpatine. Her analysis would still technically be correct, but that's not the whole story; just like it was technically true, yet still wasn't the full story when Obi-Wan told Luke about his father in New Hope. If you can't tell already, I'm a huge supporter of the Rey Palpatine theory. :)
galahgl 15 days ago
I disagree. Luke created Rey, like Palpatine created Anakin.
Michael Jeffrey Banzali
The voice just came from the emperors hologram located at the remnant of the destroyed deathstar.... no actual palpatine will be in the movie... 🧐
Eduardo Benavides
Eduardo Benavides 17 days ago
You forgot to mention your Darth Vader shirt.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 17 days ago
People forgot the book about the Twins of Leia & Han, that were kidnapped.. In an old Star wars book written in the 80's
Justa Guy
Justa Guy 18 days ago
Do you think skywalker is like a title to children born by the force
Kris Bean
Kris Bean 18 days ago
Anakin comes back and tells Kylo to stop tryna be like him cause he wasn't good and he was manipulated and used as a tool... as was Kylo... to resist and not be tools of the force.
Aaron Conway
Aaron Conway 19 days ago
I like that bit at the end "who embodies the light and dark side the most, the sky walkers" I think thats spot on!
Santiago Malvido
Santiago Malvido 20 days ago
The two of you remind me of the Weasley twins.
Elizabeth Ainsworth
I just realized this: Vendetta = Palpatine Also, what of Palpatine is Rey’s Grandfather?
Kayleigh Lehrman
Kayleigh Lehrman 21 day ago
Deliberately didnt watch this one at first, thought "hmm interesting theory, maybe later" Just today saw confirmation that Ian McDiarmid is in fact on the cast
tjs 22 days ago
It looks a lot like the under water city in episode 1
Robbie Anson
Robbie Anson 23 days ago
My God get original that’s not what we are expecting for what’s going on. It is her actual name is Ray Skywalker she is the last descendent of Luke Skywalker but we are meant to us that you’re wrong in this video. I would like to know if you would admit that you’re wrong about your theory it is actually due to the fact that you don’t know about these films as well as I do I have been a fan of these movies one before that you was on RUvid I don’t care what area you’re from then Ray is actually Ray Skywalker the daughter of Luke
Wayne Rowe
Wayne Rowe 24 days ago
either way i'll watch it on netflix later
The fat Raccoon
The fat Raccoon 25 days ago
For some reason I think darth maul may show up
MG _07
MG _07 25 days ago
What about Darth Maul solo shows that he is still alive!
Tim GoBuckeyes
Tim GoBuckeyes 25 days ago
Great points
Kevin O'gorman
Kevin O'gorman 26 days ago
You forgot in the book thrawn says in his people the word Skywalker means child that uses the force to guide ships through lightspeed...
EV1L EPIC EYE 26 days ago
Star wars 9 the rise of Darth Vader.. think about it! Luke never burned his father body because he kept his father alive.. Luke only burned the suit.. Anakin Skywalker learning how to use the ghost force when still alive, because Luke also used it in the movie.. the secrete is.. Darth Vader isn't dead.. he didn't die in the first place and Luke kept him alive hidden away from all..
Germel Orellano
Germel Orellano 26 days ago
Probably anakin
John Ernst
John Ernst 26 days ago
Palpatine is the Skywalker rising. He's been searching for immortality and has been trying to produce a host body to inhabit all along. The end will be him absorbing the light side - like yin and yang. Balance. Anyway, that's how I would write it.
Red Panda Republic
Red Panda Republic 26 days ago
Do any of you know the story in Eu where palaptine comes back as a clone
Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi 28 days ago
This is why they call it Soy Wars.
Nicolas Barker
Nicolas Barker 28 days ago
My theory, literally this video, ever since the last Jedi is that kylo and Rey will form a school that teaches light and dark side techniques. So we will see if we are right
Ryan Schram
Ryan Schram 28 days ago
Wrong, didn’t die it says “disappeared”
Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor 28 days ago
Its interesting the term "skywalker". The actual sky can be both light and dark. Day and night. I wonder if that was intentional all along.
Mike Mosca
Mike Mosca 29 days ago
Love it. This is exactly where they are going with this. Why does light sabre call to Rey? Easy she Anakin now ben already a skywalker. Hence rise of the Skywalker as you said when they finally join forces and together they will rule the Galaxy. Hahahahhaha
Ahashi192 29 days ago
I've been kind of mad at Obi Wan Kenobi for the past couple years because Anakin balanced the force! There were an equal amount of Jedi and Sith.
Mythical Mithran
Mythical Mithran 29 days ago
If Rey was born of the force, who was her mom?
masterofimages58......aka Mitch McMinn
She is Luke’s daughter.
εxαя_кυη Productions
Everyone likes to argue. How about this guys? 1. I guess everyone does forgotten that Anakin is not the only child of Schmi right? 2. Palpatine does not make the Anakin from midichlorian manipulation, but it is more to way how the forces responded to what Darth Plageius + Sidious (Darth Plageius more responsible to) had done in the past. In comic, Dark forces tells Vader, Sidious hugging pregnant Schmi, but Light forces..well, Light forces works in mysterious way & won't give any answer. Those were the Council Grandmasters words right? Pfftt..who need answers. 3. Anakin is the prodigy child, but yet he still didn't live up to his said prodigy yet (unless you considered killing Sidious previously bring balance to the forces, and yet he still laugh) 4. If Sidious is still laughing, that's mean Vader is still force chocking somebody up to this point. Somewhere in the Inner rims, perhaps? Im just trolling bcoz everybody focuses on the Outer rims nowaday. Lol
Kitsunuki Inari
Kitsunuki Inari 29 days ago
I have said this since before the release of episode 7...Rey is a Palpatine. Look how similar her fighting style is to his, I called so much before the movies came out it isn't funny. I'll have to dig through my old post on RUvid to find where I said this, but it has always been in my mind. The main thing I got wrong was that I thought Snoke might be Plagieus. 8 killed that idea.
King Johnson
King Johnson Month ago
Jedi create light, but sith don't they just imitate!-)+ ~Mace Windu!-)+ #ROTS Novel
Tim Furnier
Tim Furnier Month ago
This guy is too kooky for me. I don't see how he has people who watch him. Has anyone ever thought that the two might be twins? Perhaps Leia gave birth to twins and separated them at birth as dijd her mother. I fear that Palpatine and Vader are going to be perennial antagonists in this continuing series of trilogies. Remember, Palpatine learned the powers of life and death.
Vivian Moses
Vivian Moses Month ago
I went to Star Wars Celebration 2019 and I met Ian McDiarmid. It was ccoool
FatLad69 _
FatLad69 _ Month ago
Maybe Rey’s like codename is “SkyWalker” in honour of Luke idk.
Blancobull Month ago
Someone with harry hands, Not necessarily Kylo Ren. Geeze.
JudeAlexander Month ago
It’s actually “Reys” (pronounced with a heavy Austrailian accent) of Skywalker. We’re gonna get a buttload of Rey clones.
1quinngray Month ago
Darth plagues is Darth sidous
Danny Spanks
Danny Spanks Month ago
Here's my theory - ruvid.net/video/video-llP5sDHUu0E.html
AW Month ago
Not a big fan of the somewhat snarky, skeptical and sort of critical attitude. For a Star Wars fan you seem to take glee in mocking it, making fun of the storylines and characters. I’m no Pollyanna but you seem to go out of your way to be condescending and sarcastic about it. To each their own but this approach to Star Wars doesn’t appeal to me. I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.
Sir Pieman
Sir Pieman Month ago
I know this won't be seen, but my theory is (and please excuse my poor writing), the Rise of Skywalker refers to the rise of a group of neutral force users who will adopt the name Skywalker as a group, and this happens because the Jedi and Sith need to end and to achieve the best balance they need neutral force users like Rye (and possibly Kylo) who will be the first/leader/tutor of the new SkywalkerS (highighlighted S). The film will be about this force balance conflict and will end with Rye and/or Kylo finishing the Sith and Jedi. Probably badly put, but that's my thinking. There's a few more videos looking at this theory + other canon. Edited for spelling and another thought.
Zack Mead
Zack Mead Month ago
Pretty good theory man!👍
Titodamus 1
Titodamus 1 Month ago
Its not a love letter if Lucas originally planned for every 3 episodes to follow a structure, like some giant poem he intended for trilogies to mirror each other. p.s. Darth Jar Jar will see you now
Leah Hale
Leah Hale Month ago
I don't know.
Byron MacDowell
Byron MacDowell Month ago
I like this theory for one main reason... Force users were originally called SKYWALKERS! The term came from their ability to navigate space routes without charts. JJ did say this film touches on the origins of the Jedi. This works perfectly.
David Chidester
David Chidester Month ago
Your theories are always way better than what we end up getting.
Rocketman Month ago
I’m still not completely convinced Emperor is going to physically be in ep. 9, and it’s not like they’ve not mislead us in a Star Wars trailer *cough, the last Jedi trailer, cough* BTW-I love the last theory on what Skywalker means
Elijah Month ago
Daisy Ridley already said that Rey's parents are "obvious" after TFA. This means that Han & Leia are her parents - they're the only "obvious" choice after her immediate bonding with both. Kylo's vision of her parents was given to him by Snoke as a means to give Kylo leverage with Rey - it wasn't a true vision. Rey is the obvious Skywalker who will be rising, and Ben's redemption is extremely likely as well. This would make for the rise of Skywalker being the two of them finally defeating Palpatine for good and thereby overcoming their family's origin. I'd put money on it if I could afford it.
Anthony De Jesus
Hey I have that shirt too!!👍👍👍
ryan carter
ryan carter Month ago
Yes, Rey is born of the force, or else she was otherwise created by Palpatine in a lab, possibly as an enhanced type of clone or another genetic experiment.
BlackShogun 27
BlackShogun 27 Month ago
What if Rey is a female version of Anakin like how Spider-Woman is a clone of Peter Parker but... a woman 🤔
Cody McMillan
Cody McMillan Month ago
Why does this video make so much sense!!!!????!!!?!?
Hymie Camp
Hymie Camp Month ago
Did he just call a moon a planet lol
GiantSlayer Month ago
It looks like Tatooine
GiantSlayer Month ago
Rey is a clone. Or a lab experiment
AzA Month ago
Snoke is the best failed clone of Palpatine. That's why he has the spoiled vegetable face and a lot of power (he has an evil team etc). That's also why he has a thing for Kylo. He could have easily stopped Kylo from killing him, but he didn't. Coincidence? I THINK NOT! This clone of Palpatine didn't care if he were to die. He was a clone after all. His clone death was a worthy investment to further stray Kylo away from the light side and into the dark side of the force. Kylo would be like Vader 2.0. Rey is a female clone of Luke. Yes. A female Luke. She is _THE_ Skywalker that will rise. Luke's DNA would have been taken from his chopped off arm. This is why Rey's parents are "nobodies". They were random space hobos paid to drop her off at her desert-like planet. Why? I don't know. Maybe for her to find Luke and for him to teach her. The concept of clones has been dabbled with before in Star Wars... Have you ever heard the tragedy of the Clone Wars (and Darth Plaugeis The Wise)? Also, _no one's ever really gone_ in our loved galaxy far far away.
SMG Productions
SMG Productions Month ago
Skywalker sounds way better than just Jedi. I like this.
Michael Mischnick
I feel like you don't know what the phrase "almost definitely" means... but interesting theory anyway
AnonymousGuy Month ago
I can't be hyped for this movie. While I liked the last two (even the Last Jedi), they never seemed like a single trilogy; they are more like two unconnected stories. And the fact that this end to a trilogy, which seems to introduce a new enemy presence just kills the hype for me.
TheCerealKiller Month ago
100% they are making this canon, she’s def the canon version of StarKiller from the force awakens games. Just guessin but that’d be dope but confusing for those who didn’t play the games.
Morgan Ronan
Morgan Ronan Month ago
I think the only way this theory could not be true is if the writers changed the plot after watching this video in order to avoid plot exposure before it comes out lol. I really think you might be on to something with this theory.
dmt Handmade
dmt Handmade Month ago
It's not hard. They're going to steal ancestors possessing their descendents from Dune ( continuing in the tradition of Star Wars stealing from Dune). Rey is the abomination.
Daniel Copeland
Daniel Copeland Month ago
... Thrawn tells us that Skywalkers are what they call force sensitive youngsters in the Unknown Regions.
A.J. Smith
A.J. Smith Month ago
So the prophecy stated that the chosen one “Skywalker” would bring balance to the force. Could it be, that this new order of force user, “The Skywalker” is exactly what the prophecy was talking about?
James71695 Month ago
I wish I could erase the last Jedi from my mind.
Chris Chappell
Chris Chappell Month ago
Kylo Ren is a skywalker and be ime jedi.Rey is sith in some form of way.
Brody Chestnut
Brody Chestnut Month ago
PERFECTION IN ITS HIGHEST FORM . This theory could not make more sense or be more perfect . I for the longest time have loved and wanted the powers of the Sith , but knew it was wrong . Being a “Skywalker” would be perfect . It combines the powers of the Sith and the morals of the Jedi . 😍😁 Edit: Imagine Rey with sith lightning coming out of her fingertips .
Hannah Ware
Hannah Ware Month ago
My theory from episode 7 was that Ray was created by Sideous just like Anikan. I also thought that Snoke was Sideous. That was wrong but I was right that he was still alive. It's cool to see how some of my predictions came true. I can't wait to see the movie. What r ur theorys?
David McGee
David McGee Month ago
what if rey is the daughter of han lol jk
Akisu Dorobo
Akisu Dorobo Month ago
Darth plageus(*?) manipulated the force to create anakin not palpatine... just sayin...
Blake Wright
Blake Wright Month ago
Multiple Palpatines....physical embodiment of the dark sign...they spawn off into light side wielders like Luke and Rey....the balance is always there...but when the last sith is killed, a new palpatine rises.
natestubs1 Month ago
Whoa whoa whoa!! Anakin is Vader!??!?! Spoilers!!!
Benjamin Sanchez
I hate that they took plagues out of the anakin equation
The krillsterEX
The krillsterEX Month ago
I actually think palpating is a force ghost! It makes sense. We heard Luke’s voice in the trailer and palpatine’s laugh. We always see light force ghost and never question it. But I thought about it. But what if there could be dark force ghosts?
Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper Month ago
Prince of Darkness Aka Son of Satan
I feel like that shocked pikachu meme
Rob Guiliano
Rob Guiliano Month ago
Great theory!
Stockton Hearing & Speech Center
Remember the following 3 things that i find are very interesting: 1) in episode 7, Abrams wanted Daisy to keep her English accent for Rey, while he did not want the character of Finn to have an English accent. Even though both actors are British. They wanted this surface level connect from Rey to Palpatine.......he created her! 2). Maz asked Solo, “who’s the girl?” That was not a random question. This does not support the theory that she really came from “nobodies”. 3). When Kylo was looking for BB-8, someone informed Kylo that the droid got way. something to the effect of “it (droid) is with a girl.” To which Kylo saYs(with angry), “what girl?!” That tells me he knows or Rey. If she is just the child of a junker, why would he?
Denise Stout
Denise Stout Month ago
Somebody said the Sith used to haunt helmets/masks and that’s why some hairy dude is repairing kylos thang...could be
Laurence Wade
Laurence Wade Month ago
Maybe Ben Solo...which is a Skywalker. Maybe he renounces the Dark Side and kills Kylo Ren and saves Ben Solo(Skywalker)
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