How Much Should You Spend to play Half Life Alyx?

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With basically the first "AAA" game dropping for VR loads of people will want a cheap rig to play it, but are you okay with min specs?
Half-Life: Alyx: lmg.gg/HL
**note: most VR headsets currently sold out**
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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
SevenDeMagnus 58 minutes ago
Hi. So sad I'm short by 1 TFLOPs on my GPU:-) I guess it's time for an eGPU.
Happy Pineapple
Happy Pineapple 19 hours ago
7:53 What on earth are these price brackets?
RotcodFox 22 hours ago
I'm willing to bet that Half-Life: Alyx will run smoothly on a GT 1030, if using the lowest graphics settings (which is what I always do anyways)
Ben Da
Ben Da Day ago
Playing at wirelessly is so worth it... I played the game start to finish on virtual desktop... I can't stand a tether...
Marty terrebonne
Has LTT ever made a TSA friendly list of network tools for the NEtwork Admin on the go? I had my toolkit stolen on my last trip out of state for work that I've been having for 8-9 years and I'm looking for some good TSA friendly tools to replace it.
Gospodin Nobody
I'm running it fine on a Clevo Laptop with ATI HD8970M Crossfire from 2013. I'm blown away by the graphics and experience. There may be no real need to upgrade even if you have a gaming laptop from that era which was high end at the time. I did have to alter one setting in Oculus Console to get Oculus Link to work, but HL Alyx worked straight away.
Edward Jam
Edward Jam 2 days ago
Best part of this video was the cat :)
laen 2 days ago
I showed you my tip plz respond. Good graffiti!
Calamity Cruz
Calamity Cruz 3 days ago
100 dollars that card? haha thats a good joke
Ben Gough
Ben Gough 3 days ago
Hey linus I just built my first rig. I've got one issue. My mic wont work using the case from headphone Jack the head phones work but the mic dont any idea
Vega Punk
Vega Punk 3 days ago
Cables bukkake
KariKuriFox KKF
KariKuriFox KKF 3 days ago
13:38 That's from Half-Life 1 lol
Nathan Buster
Nathan Buster 4 days ago
Do they say what cpu that they use?
Nathan Buster
Nathan Buster 4 days ago
3900x, got it
Sr H
Sr H 5 days ago
Have you tried playing VR games on Quest through Virtual Desktop wirelessly? I’ve heard it’s better than the LINK.
Chris M
Chris M 5 days ago
Im spending $6,000+ on a new custom computer (after the new RTX 3000 series comes out) and the Valve Index. Getting the best of EVERYTHING. But this just isn't for Half Life lol
MGK64 5 days ago
I love the 2d intro more than the 3d one
Russ Wynn
Russ Wynn 6 days ago
Valve Index is now 2400.... Not 1000
hakarthemage 6 days ago
over 200 steam notifications xD
Lemon Lollipop
Lemon Lollipop 6 days ago
Why does the screen flash when moving?
ethan Comire
ethan Comire 6 days ago
so i take it i can play most vr games with a gtx 1080 with 8gb of ram
Mar Sab
Mar Sab 6 days ago
What aboute 1660
fadi6149 6 days ago
i think if someone actually wants to play half life alyx i think the cheapest card you can get is an RTX 2060 super from nvidia
pempers1885656 6 days ago
was he sick in this episode?
Slayer DUDE
Slayer DUDE 6 days ago
2:53 I was like "Oh sh! uff"
MerkinMuffly 6 days ago
Guess I'll be waiting five years for prices to drop or maybe I can loot a Valve Store, do those even exist?
Jared Tan
Jared Tan 6 days ago
i made an instagram page sharing realistic set up ideas! @spotlesspc i'm a huge fan of aesthetics in set ups and thought i would create a platform to share nice set ups when i come across them.
Tech Wiz Master
Tech Wiz Master 6 days ago
Get a used GTX 1080 and a rift S and you're good!
LukeAK 6 days ago
But what about running the index with a 1070?
Felix Gagnon
Felix Gagnon 6 days ago
unplayable with rtx 2080 i7 9900k but its with oculus quest plz dont buy oculus quest guy haha all update have made clean pc
Brad B.
Brad B. 7 days ago
Hey, give me your RTX 2080Ti. Thanks.
CryhmeTime 7 days ago
What exactly happened to those 4 and 8k VR Systems?
SOUK TV 7 days ago
I have an Oculus, but i'd never recommend one to anyone as their software is buggy as fuck, like with their virtual desktop pop out shit, that more often than not gives that yellow error warning with an exclamation mark preventing you from doing shit like bringing your stream chat browser window in to your VR stream. If you google "yellow exclamation oculus" you will see people have been experiencing that shit for years on mid to top end hardware, and Oculus shitty developers still cant iron that shit out. Also worth mentioning, why the fuck doesn't that shitty company even have in oculus stream integration for things like ReStream, Twitch, Mixer or RUvid all these years in so gamers (who are meant to be their target audience) can interact with their stream audience? I'll tell you why because they don't want gamer's to stream on those platforms, they want them to stream to FAKEBOOK! Also i hate the fact like linus said that you have to use double the amount of resources having to run both Oculus software application when you're not even using a Oculus Store game. You launch your Steam VR game and that shitty Oculus software just boots right up , no shits given. Also I hate the fact that Oculus forcefully run all their Oculus services on your system in the background even when your not even running and VR games. The shit just runs! Another cunting thing they've made the rift do is automatically boot up the Rift store any time you move your VR headset...
Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative
The human eye can't even see High Fidelity brah.
Patrick W
Patrick W 7 days ago
13:34 hahahahaha
reppdog 7 days ago
I dunno if an option but drawing and holstering sidearms-knife would be slick too. Also possibly seeing in VR the virtual clothes over you(mind would be blown)
DanB 7 days ago
Valve actually made it a point to do the work to support third-party VR to help protect the VR industry as a whole. One of the many reasons I actually like Valve
LilSodium 7 days ago
0:25 almost looks like beard linus came from another time to give non beard linus that box
Yung Kvzuma
Yung Kvzuma 7 days ago
It would be great to upload these videos at 60FPS
Adam Brandford
Adam Brandford 7 days ago
Clanner Jake
Clanner Jake 7 days ago
surprised linus didn't bust out the Raid0 Threadripper beast to play it on. or a pimax vision 8k plus. shame on him.
GenWorldTV 7 days ago
Virtual Desktop is now superior to the Link with the exception of its set up, have to sideload through Sidequest then you're off to the races.
Robbie Vercammen
Robbie Vercammen 8 days ago
I always knew sponsors were important, but I'm sure this video was also sponsored by valve :p
Kevin 8 days ago
for me Link and VD move kind same good. Could you make a real comparison between VD and Link?
SpartanX360 8 days ago
In fleabay preowned GTX 1060 gets you up to 200 even TI and Founders ED of 1080 gets you 300-400 retail price (used-refurbished).. Wtf?
Keilan Hickson
Keilan Hickson 8 days ago
It wouldn't be a LTT VR video w.o a beat saber mention
J-WILL#55 Williams
Should a GTX1660 ti on a gaming notebook be enough for a solide performance?
Alex Queipo
Alex Queipo 9 days ago
Rate my setup please. Core i7 4790k Devils Canyon Quad Core 4.0gh paired with (when it arrives) Asus Rog Strix geforce RTX 2060 Super AOC edition 8gbGddr6. And 16gigs of ram. You see ultra or high fidelity being a problem for my machine? Waiting on the index as well.
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper 10 days ago
I just have one question... WHY DOES LINUS HAVE 206 STEAM NOTIFICATIONS?! Like how does someone not check in that long of a time
Some Punk
Some Punk 5 days ago
if you ignore it, it will pile up. I'm guessing he also has a reason why he or his family or his company has not turned off the notifications.
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 10 days ago
FYI, Alyx also seems to run well on a 980 TI if you are still rocking one of those. From the numbers the 980 ti and 1070 are almost tied.
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 10 days ago
It would be easier to see the differences if you cut out the jumping into the menu part.
V.V. VLOG 10 days ago
i like your home cinema setup :)
Earl Co
Earl Co 10 days ago
Wireless streaming to Quest via Virtual Desktop and SideQuest is comparable to Link cable with the freedom of wireless. You must not be streaming over 5 GHz Wi-Fi with the router and PC in the same room as the Quest if it's not as good for you.
Raven Darkfur
Raven Darkfur 11 days ago
Linus didn't realize the fidelity settings DON'T change the texture settings, the little cogwheel bellow the fidelity settings gives slightly more settings to pick from.
Michael T
Michael T 11 days ago
This game doesn't use ray tracing so yea rtx is effectively useless unless you have one of all the ten games that uses ray tracing.
OCTPUSIK 11 days ago
Would a RX 580 with a Ryzen 7 1700x work well?
Wizard Lizard
Wizard Lizard 12 days ago
I would recommend the rift cv1 for pcvr
T Kayra S7 Edge2
T Kayra S7 Edge2 12 days ago
linus gtx 1080 ti does better than this rtx 2070 super here prob cuz the engine is from 1996 (quake 1 engine), it was only modified and probably isnt rtx friendly and valve might not even know that
T Kayra S7 Edge2
T Kayra S7 Edge2 12 days ago
linus: spends thousands on playing hl alyx on 8k with lossless 60fps me: enjoys 60fps on a 1366x768 with gtx 970 linus, you're wasting money, realize it
Lyokomaniac 12 days ago
It should be mentioned that the Index controller is actually compatible with Vive pro tech!
Josh B
Josh B 13 days ago
What PC case is that? micro-ATX or Mini-ITX?
Nathanimations 13 days ago
"Tunnel Bear!" I miss this. Lol
Gm4n G4MING 13 days ago
Welcome Back to another episode of I cant afford an RTX 2070
darrell 14 days ago
i have an oculus rift and a gtx1070 so i should be good to go\
Zed's Dead
Zed's Dead 14 days ago
this was incredibly useful
Btomaek 14 days ago
Played half-life alyx on the quest and a
Hyper VR
Hyper VR 15 days ago
I have a quest but all the other components cost a lot dont they
Viren 15 days ago
this is just making me nautious watching this
planeboy75 15 days ago
13:34 that's Half-Life 1
funmakinmoney99 15 days ago
Glad I bought Oculus Quest this guy is a fucking idiot!
FantasyNero 15 days ago
am gonna make some great details and funny glitches and moments in Half Life Alyx in my channel coming soon!
CringeLord4000 15 days ago
My PC isn't rdy for this, but I'm used to playing pcvr below 60, and I don't usually get sick, so HLA will make my pc fall to its knees, and I'll just keep playing. With a quest. Using virtual desktop so I can bypass PC requirements.
Jana Schiffer
Jana Schiffer 16 days ago
ohhhh, im here for tech tipps, but this 10 frames lush art needs more attention
Luke Sykes
Luke Sykes 16 days ago
I feel so validated with all my PC VR hardware choices. I basically have all the components he mentioned as side recommendations. GTX 1080ti, Vive Pro with Wireless Kit, Index controllers. Unfortunately my 4 core i7 7700k HATES the overhead of the wireless kit. I guess you have to be Linus to not have a bottleneck somewhere. “Lemme just rifle through all my various VR setups and graphics cards I have stuffed in the entertainment center.” 😂
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 17 days ago
I'd get a rift but the one thing I will not deal with is anything less then 90Hz I've been thinking of the Vive with inside out tracking.
geezerfetus 17 days ago
I have a mobile RTX 2060, i7, 16GB ram, and I use the Quest wireless with Virtual Desktop launching Steam. I play it on high with no issues. I can turn on ultra but there is a more noticeable stutter. I feel like Linus just dislike VR as his initial reaction to it is always negative....... Graphics look like HL2? Nope
agnius Mikutavicius
Strange they did not tried quest wireless. Makes a whole difference than draging cables behind and earns bonus points for that
Dogboy73 17 days ago
Have you tried it on Oculus Quest with the updated Link technology?
Gamers CUBEIXXI 18 days ago
Dollar for dollar the AMD 5700xt is a better buy , I’m just wondering how it’s performance is in VR. I was going to buy an RTX 2080 , but decided the 5700xt is a better option. I’m very Anti green after knowing they slow down their older cards.
William Swartz
William Swartz 18 days ago
Would an rx580 work with a valve index or should I upgrade?
EX0stasis 18 days ago
I have a Valve Index with an i5-7600K (probably a bottleneck for this game) and a RTX 2070 Super. I didn't notice a graphical difference between high and low settings either, so I just set it to low because it made the game feel just that much more buttery smooth.
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