How many Bags of Popcorn can I Eat? *super salty*

Matt Stonie
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omg was this tough...

50 Bags of Popcorn! I put alot of practice into the Popcorn Eating Championship, so I figured why not put my newfound Popcorn Eating abilities to use \u0026 make a RUvid challenge!
Turned out to be way harder than I imagined...


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Popcorn Championship Footage - ruvid.net/video/video-JhY2TGLrxVY.html

These 'Bags' are no comparison to the contest 'Cups'. The bags were much smaller \u0026 we didn't accurately measure them. As reference, it took 20 bags of Microwave Popcorn to fill the 50 bags.

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May 8, 2021




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Aaron Flores
Aaron Flores 3 hours ago
Me: all I need is one bowl that should be enough: Also me 4:01
That Goth Simp
That Goth Simp 4 hours ago
*me casually eats popcorn while watching this*
Cheesecake 13 hours ago
His blood pressure: 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
MEHMET TEMİZKÖK 14 hours ago
MEHMET TEMİZKÖK 14 hours ago
ben türküm ne işim var burda
james frazer
james frazer 16 hours ago
all he needs is a couch and a scary movie lololol
Half_walk*97* 16 hours ago
Pop cooooooooornnmman poos
Gavin Gurung
Gavin Gurung 20 hours ago
Watching the intense part of the movie be like…
Egg 23 hours ago
I feel like every time you do a challenge you have to take a big poop afterwards
Turan Sadiqli
Turan Sadiqli 23 hours ago
I do not get where all this food goes. I mean how his stomach fits all this. Insane hahaha
Raoul Khaleb
Raoul Khaleb Day ago
Matt's mouth: *We exist for a reason*
LOKO30 2 days ago
im hungry and you...
lia Day ago
me too🙂
крошечное дерево
You built different man
J James
J James 2 days ago
Ha ha ha!!!!! 😅
J James
J James 2 days ago
I love popcorn with extra butter
Shahbaz ahmed
Shahbaz ahmed 2 days ago
I don't want to see you suffer, I want to see you reach your full potential.
Galax7 2 days ago
Do you cook? -no I eat 😂😂
Ke-Yen Lim
Ke-Yen Lim 2 days ago
I want some 😋
Hunterb25 2 days ago
I know because of covid you may not be able to do this, but could you do another video with Morgan?
Everything In A Cube
This wanted to make me eat popcorn.
Aliza Abbasi
Aliza Abbasi 3 days ago
The Colossus
The Colossus 3 days ago
Benji8701 3 days ago
This makes me hungry
Damn son what you put your body through!
THEY LUVVV J 3 days ago
Matt do less talking and ur time will become short📝💯
Petrichor Dwells
Petrichor Dwells 4 days ago
Where'd he get so much space in his stomach?
fc287 4 days ago
Hes Matt mod Edit:popcorn edition
Leo Messi
Leo Messi 4 days ago
Morgan left the chat Matt stonie 2021
Asad Rage
Asad Rage 4 days ago
Vibe Shazzer
Vibe Shazzer 4 days ago
This makes me want to eat
Muhammad Imran Ur Rasheed
Me eating two bag of lays feels like matt stonie
Muhammad Imran Ur Rasheed
@😊 lol
😊 3 days ago
how did you do that wow!
Miriam Saadi
Miriam Saadi 4 days ago
You are crazy
Norman Alexander
Norman Alexander 4 days ago
Can you imagine if you ate 50x Popcorn bags that would be Insane!
Tj Tamura
Tj Tamura 5 days ago
Love how Morgan always laughs all through the challenges hahaha
Swastik34 5 days ago
The amount of popcorn needed to last the popcorn till the end of the movie.
Hasan ud zaman Jihad
Eating master Matt Stonie🍞🥐🥖🥨🥯🥞🧇🧀🍖🍗🥩🥓🍔🍟🍕🌭🌮🌯🥙🧆🥚🍳🥘🍲🍘🍱🥫🧂🧈🍿🥗🥣🍙🍚🍛🍜🍝🍠🍢🍣🦀🥡🥠🥟🍡🥮🍥🍤🦞🦐🦑🦪🍦🍧🍨🍩🍭🍬🍫🥧🧁🍰🎂🍪🍮
Z4n Getsu
Z4n Getsu 5 days ago
Just where the water goes?
Donny Vo
Donny Vo 5 days ago
This video literally makes me thirsty
Leejan Madriaga
Leejan Madriaga 5 days ago
What happens if they forgot to set a timer
Nivaan Dedhia
Nivaan Dedhia 6 days ago
Antonio Prisco
Antonio Prisco 6 days ago
Mi hai fatto venire voglia di pop corn
X_Hunter_X 6 days ago
In 5:29
X_Hunter_X 6 days ago
Did matt stonie said shit
P 6 days ago
Normal people: We eat popcorn while watching movie. Matt Stonie: I eat popcorn and people watch me.
Ariel Nir
Ariel Nir 6 days ago
he is vomiting it afterwards
Ed L
Ed L 6 days ago
how the fuck do you stay skinnie? !!!!!!!!
John Grand
John Grand 7 days ago
I feel like you either have diamond implants or you go the dentist weekly.
Josh 7 days ago
49 and 7/8
Georgie McCarty
Georgie McCarty 7 days ago
your videos are fire lately
HeyImDiSo 7 days ago
BF:what you eat for lunch ? Matt:just 50 bags of popcorn nothing much BF: ....
HeyImDiSo 7 days ago
Bf as in best friend
Ty Taggem
Ty Taggem 7 days ago
Imagine a whole movie theater full of people. Pissed at Matt for buying all the popcorn to do this challenge. 😂
Dinesh Balaji
Dinesh Balaji 2 days ago
Lol pro max ultra
¿Kaiju? 8 days ago
Nobody: That one guy in the movie theaters
FBI 8 days ago
Me at the movies: “Im not having any popcorn until the movie starts” *Also me 15 minutes before the movie*
Minh Hoàng
Minh Hoàng 8 days ago
Chắc có mik là người VN 🇻🇳 ở đây
billy nichols
billy nichols 8 days ago
I love the cat in the background lol
Chevaughn Arnold
Chevaughn Arnold 8 days ago
I guess this guy is allergic of putting on weight he eating thousands of calories and fat everyday and no weight something is wrong with this guy
Danica Tiu
Danica Tiu 8 days ago
Omg u should have ate it at movies :I
Twig1323 8 days ago
Do a POPcorn BALL challenge like the ones from Halloweeen and stuff 😂😂 feels so much easier and could by so much like the real thing
xXnitroXx 9 days ago
Gay Dekel
Gay Dekel 9 days ago
DAY DOSE 9 days ago
How do he eat all those and not gain weight what's the secret how
Shoeb B
Shoeb B 9 days ago
Bro.. How much do you shit a day bro?
Chris B
Chris B 9 days ago
Matt took a big pop after this...
Prissell Almonte
Prissell Almonte 9 days ago
And this is why we love u
Jimmy Newtron
Jimmy Newtron 9 days ago
Imagine how much popcorn was stuck in his teeth after this video I can just feel the pain by watching this lol
KenKai AMV
KenKai AMV 10 days ago
Math teacher: he buy 24 popcorn bags how much did he buy for if each popcorn is $5 Me: who buys that much popcorn bags
Energy Catalyst
Energy Catalyst 10 days ago
7:21 What language is this?
Kezo 10 days ago
OMG your are the king
idk 10 days ago
Its all fun and games until matt bites the inside of his cheek
Odessa Barela
Odessa Barela 10 days ago
Now I want popcorn
Odessa Barela
Odessa Barela 10 days ago
4:19 me: you might as well just eat the bag at this point
Niculous Nelson
Niculous Nelson 10 days ago
I couldn't do what he did without variety
SuperSaiyanTavo 11 days ago
Anyone else noticed Matt stonie forgot to count the 25th bag? 3:47
Rohit 11 days ago
I wonder how he orders on movie place 🤣
Paxman615 11 days ago
Give the toilet a chance my g
sinoy kamei
sinoy kamei 11 days ago
U r great bro luv from northeast India 💚
Karen DeLeon
Karen DeLeon 11 days ago
Popcorn is so good 🤤
Yolo Dude
Yolo Dude 11 days ago
This is when he is at the movies
Black cat_hoodies
Black cat_hoodies 11 days ago
Im watching this bc im eating popcorn
A M 11 days ago
You’d make a better time if every time you’re chewing a big mouthful you empty a bag of popcorn into the bowl, or when you’re drinking water.
wolfe980 11 days ago
Why is Matt's stomach an endless void
Dakota Nicodem
Dakota Nicodem 11 days ago
Weird question do you end up throwing up after your food challenges?
Shaila Martinez
Shaila Martinez 12 days ago
Me: oooo My stomach: 💀
CPS drewOP
CPS drewOP 12 days ago
Eating machine 😂😂😂😂😂❤️👍
Phuoc Nguyen 777
Phuoc Nguyen 777 12 days ago
Great food 👍👋👍
Jaza Mahajan
Jaza Mahajan 12 days ago
Someone said in this video, Don't breathe just eat ! 😂
kiiski 12 days ago
Image watching movie and eat all the popcorn before it starts
Jeremiah Armstead
Jeremiah Armstead 12 days ago
My sister loves your videos and so do I matt
Gleaming Duskit FAN
Hes gums: this man's doing it again F**k This man.
Asmat Parveen
Asmat Parveen 12 days ago
hungry hungry hungry 🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽
YOONGI 12 days ago
this guy gives me content that i enjoy
Matmazel Rarity
Matmazel Rarity 12 days ago
No one: Me when I’m watching a TV series or a movie: Edit: I only eating one bag of popcorn, not much not less.
Charlie :D
Charlie :D 12 days ago
this reminds me of that one scene in Spirited Away when the green heads that turned into the baby started like shoving candy and snacks into their face lol, i think they were eating popcorn too that’s why i thought of it
Nina Dees
Nina Dees 12 days ago
Your gums must be soooo unhappy
Jaber Al Marri
Jaber Al Marri 13 days ago
Where's Khaby
Mig Nuggets
Mig Nuggets 13 days ago
Just watching this makes me want to run 3 marathons
Bryson Ballard
Bryson Ballard 13 days ago
every bag took a minute
Bryson Ballard
Bryson Ballard 13 days ago
How is your teeth not broken
Alina Chorshanbieva
Ту мум тунд.
JasonXYT 13 days ago
High blood pressure ...no? How possible? Teach me da way