How Manufacturers Will Ultimately Use 5G To Build The Factory Of The Future

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The factory of the future will be a much more fluid and creative process, with technologies and humans working side by side. To integrate new systems, manufacturers will tap into the ultra-fast speeds 5G will eventually bring to track analytics in near real-time.
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How Manufacturers Will Ultimately Use 5G To Build The Factory Of The Future

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Sep 17, 2019




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Comments 67
Geoff Hutton
Geoff Hutton 3 months ago
A Prelude to AI complete takeover, only bloody robots could survive all that 5G EMF.
Joshua 3 months ago
All I can notice is just how bad those boxes are taped when they throw them on the conveyor. I've been working in Manufacturing for 7 years.. I don't understand how those boxes aren't spilling open in transport. Hire me to run the operations.. srs
Joshua 3 months ago
Also this doesn't look any different from what i'm already seeing in our warehouses, although that machinery is coming from china and germany
Phillip Q
Phillip Q 4 months ago
This is so much bullshiiiit, this has literally nothing to do with 5G, the importance relies on the ping speed, we already have enough data speed transmissions. Plus, how is a drone supposed to remain hooked to a 5G signal? CLOWNS. You don’t even know how to market 5G.
Q C 4 months ago
How many YangGang are watching this?
Talk ID
Talk ID 4 months ago
True. 5g works in closed space
Adymn Sani
Adymn Sani 4 months ago
robots build robots...that's crazy
Eye,know Me
Eye,know Me 4 months ago
Use 5G to create new jobs???🧐
Diana Amangeldyyeva
Diana Amangeldyyeva 4 months ago
Against 5G!
Ace 4 months ago
Andrew Yang 2020
Eric Williams
Eric Williams 4 months ago
Banish his ass to China in 2019.
sarcasmo57 4 months ago
Really? It seems like there's more packaging than ever.
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 4 months ago
It's an ad. We do have a single-use packaging problem and it's only being exacerbated by online shopping. We literally have to protect each individual package as it goes to the customer, instead of wrapping up a whole pallet.
Igor Gabrielan
Igor Gabrielan 4 months ago
Ben Huffington
Ben Huffington 4 months ago
The factory of the future gives us all cancer. We need to collectively make a change for our better health. We forget that we hold all the cards.
Ariel Zabihi
Ariel Zabihi 4 months ago
Genuinely appreciated the disclaimer before the video
Iconic Juan
Iconic Juan 4 months ago
4g is already giving cancer to many children & imagine what could happen when 5g is all around us
M Eloi
M Eloi 4 months ago
Okay, but can the robots buy the products too?
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 4 months ago
I foresee a lot of people out of jobs.
chris pudwill
chris pudwill 4 months ago
like thats christinas excuse that might as well be like full on guilty for anyone
Hunter Cihal
Hunter Cihal 4 months ago
Unionize to keep robots from taking your jobs... I'm not having the Spot Mini loading trucks instead of me
chris pudwill
chris pudwill 4 months ago
i dont mind answering to people like for instance i get a job right i get told to do something that isnt assinine like i could undertand sweeping a floor at icc i could understand keeping show room clean but mopping the floor right in a warehouse with open doors im like please dont do me like that................................there was a time me and keith were like being stubborn like its your bottles you made the mess soo i just left them in there and then josh was like can you clean it up alright fine..............................there are times when i was working at kmart and had a supervisor that was like im god you obey me like talking down to people like do everything like perfectly capable of like picking up a box and shit or something menial but like pick up that box while on a register like you just walked by it right like nit picking and shit and actually they were harassing someone else not me soo i kind of just spoke up.....................didnt last long there anyways i dont like retail............
WaltTheWarrior 4 months ago
AI is here. Google Andrew Yang
chris pudwill
chris pudwill 4 months ago
everyone is supporting drug addict thieves and shit and thats not cool i want money then iand i want to be alone for time being not here or else resentment will build up and your doing it intentionally
chris pudwill
chris pudwill 4 months ago
i dont feel its fair if your just watching me and not watching nikki christina and everyone if your not then your not on my side your hoping i kill myself and yeah.......................i have ever reason in the world to hate and be angry and not want shit to do with anyone and that is most likely whats going on
Mr Cinnamon Toast IV
Lol, anyone wanna play fortnite?
chris pudwill
chris pudwill 4 months ago
i dont point out who steal and drug deals and shit..................anyways maybe ill take this as i won but i dont see that i won till here let me show you something
CharlesTron108 4 months ago
5g is going to kill us all
CharlesTron108 4 months ago
@Leo Waldbaum the frequency is to powerful our body's can't handle it. It's like frying your body in a microwave. Cancer, mental disorders and migraine headaches will increase drasticly
Leo Waldbaum
Leo Waldbaum 4 months ago
blackdaylight 4 months ago
This is an ad
Seeyay 4 months ago
Its all unsustainable.
Mr. Good Human
Mr. Good Human 4 months ago
Click bait, nothing about 5g, business insider is a joke.
offdarkrai 4 months ago
john krats
john krats 4 months ago
Mr. Good Human Take more steroids meet head
Gary lewis
Gary lewis 4 months ago
just turn the robots into consumers and you wont need humans at all.
dark light
dark light 4 months ago
thanks amazon
whelkshuffler 4 months ago
Will A.I. have emotions?
Jeff White
Jeff White 4 months ago
HAL : [sings while slowing down] Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two. 😬
T BZ 4 months ago
FYI this is just a commercial from AT&T 0:13
Alex Witkowski
Alex Witkowski 4 months ago
5G to melt your brain
Leo Waldbaum
Leo Waldbaum 4 months ago
Jonny DD
Jonny DD 4 months ago
MNIA 4 months ago
They are just waiting for perfect ai to replace all workers with robots.
Adymn Sani
Adymn Sani 4 months ago
like a commenter just stated, turn the robots into consumers, that way the rich folk will still have their way of life
Fanghorn Bilers
Fanghorn Bilers 4 months ago
Even robot CEOs?
Karen Ashley
Karen Ashley 4 months ago
5G causes brain cancer and kills bees.
David Yu
David Yu 4 months ago
Call the 5G Managers and tell them to stop XD
john krats
john krats 4 months ago
Karen Ashley Shut up
Wanderhode 4 months ago
Thats bullshit
Raj Dave
Raj Dave 4 months ago
5G started in a country called Qatar
Aadam Hussain
Aadam Hussain 4 months ago
Chi chan
Chi chan 4 months ago
Jeff Bezos is tingling! 😂
Öskar M
Öskar M 4 months ago
Hey wassup. You got an Instagram 👀
Blazing Hari
Blazing Hari 4 months ago
0:04 I think the answer is becoming a cyborg 😂
Florian De Graef
Florian De Graef 4 months ago
Why not use a Wifi network?
Joel 14
Joel 14 4 months ago
For hacking 🤔
T BZ 4 months ago
In the video description you’ll see a video link which speaks to how trucking industry is collecting this data. You’ll understand more how 5G can transform some industries more easily after seeing that.
T BZ 4 months ago
Florian De Graef How do you propose the vehicles or siloed factories/workers communicate the data? One of the key advantages of 5G will be wifi speed over cellular.
Carlton Tapp
Carlton Tapp 4 months ago
X1 Hangyul
X1 Hangyul 4 months ago
Robots has jobs not humans
DarkForceEvo 4 months ago
@Political Puppet Theatre what a relief. Thought i would never get a job
Political Puppet Theatre
Don't worry they plan on killing off 95% of the humans.
Nainish Lubree
Nainish Lubree 4 months ago
Razeen Anees
Razeen Anees 4 months ago
First to watch and enjoyed it😉😉😀
Essam Naeem
Essam Naeem 4 months ago
first lik3
Essam Naeem
Essam Naeem 4 months ago
Next videos