How Long Do Koalas Really Sleep In A Day?

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Koalas are undeniably cute, but they might not be the smartest creatures on the planet. They chow down on eucalyptus leaves, which are pretty poisonous to most mammals and contain little nutrition. They look like bears, but they're not bears. Their thumbs are pure body horror. And they apparently smell about as good as a college roommate who believes that tea tree oil can replace actual showers. And yet, against all odds, koalas persist. And they sleep a lot.
It turns out that the standard koala spends between 18 and 22 hours a day drifting off to dreamland, according to the Australian Koala Foundation. Scientists have long believed that this may be due to their position as nature's own teddy bear, but recent studies point to a more biologically sound explanation.
The koala subsists strictly on eucalyptus. What you might not know is that eucalyptus is highly toxic, low on calories, and very difficult to digest. While the plants are poisonous to most mammals, koalas have developed specialized digestive bacteria that nullifies the venomous effects. There's a common misconception that the process has a psychotropic effect on the small marsupials. But in reality, koalas are pretty much straight edge, and their furry bodies are temples. Temples stuffed full of smelly leaves.
An upshot to the all-eucalyptus diet, which we can only assume Gwyneth Paltrow will be selling in subscription box form sometime soon, is that it provides these down under Teddy Ruxpins with all the hydration they need. Koalas are so rarely seen sipping from natural water sources that their name is thought to mean "never drink" in an Aboriginal language.
But koalas struggle to get enough nutrients and have to spend most of their waking hours eating leaf after leaf, pretending that they're fine. The rest of their time is spent conserving energy by taking the shuttle to snooze town. By National Geographic's reckoning, this makes them even more ambitious nappers than sloths, which top out at 20 hours of daily rest and relaxation.
While riding the train to Sleepytown, koalas use their shapely curves to their advantage. With what can only be described as pear-shaped bodies, they're able to easily anchor themselves in the forks of tree branches, often latching on with their honestly disturbing number of thumbs.
But Koalas aren't the only creatures whose picky eating habits lead to a generous helping of siestas. The Giant Panda is allegedly extremely dumb, and while it is biologically capable of consuming meat, it doesn't. In fact, they almost certainly should eat meat, given their digestive systems and their gargantuan nightmare teeth. Instead, the animals spend as much time as they can chowing down on low-calorie, farm-to-table bamboo. Despite shoving twenty to forty pounds of the stuff down their gullets on the daily, they don't get a whole lot of energy because they're essentially eating wood. As a result, they spend half of the day asleep, and the other half trying to find more splinters to munch on.
Science Focus noted that koalas aren't the only mammals that love to get more than forty winks each night. The brown bat has been observed sleeping for about twenty hours in a solar cycle. The fifth heaviest sleeper on the list is the North American possum at 18 hours a day, although it might just be faking it. The human baby comes in at number 8 on the list, described as sleeping for 16 hours a day, which is a statistic that will have new parents laughing uncontrollably, weeping inconsolably, and then laughing some more.
At the opposite end of the spectrum, according to Sleep.org, giraffes only need about two hours of sleep per day, which is often split up into several micro-naps. Meanwhile, walruses can go three and a half days without resting their eyes at all, which is more than a little impressive.
Finally, on a side note, koalas have individual fingerprints, just like human beings, and they're the only non-primates that have them. So if there's ever a koala crime spree, don't worry, we'll catch them - probably napping.
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Comments 25
Grunge 3 months ago
How long do you typically sleep in a day?
Norbero Fontanez
Norbero Fontanez 26 days ago
@maryam maram .....I take a power nap for 15or20min. Then is right back to drilling....NO, NOT that kind Ó drillin', charlie !!!
maryam maram
maryam maram 26 days ago
8 hour
Norbero Fontanez
Norbero Fontanez 3 months ago
Arashi Mokuzai
Arashi Mokuzai 3 months ago
@FURBjr some days 19 hours, other days 7
FURBjr 3 months ago
Dude. I totally slept 13 hours today. #thanksquarantine
Michelle McKnight
And their poop's are cube shaped!
Discografia 90's
Discografia 90's 2 months ago
Hendrika Sunqrout
Hendrika Sunqrout 3 months ago
Koalas have become my heart! I love them so much, they make my heart leap with joy. Such beautiful little babies. What really happened and how did the fires start?
Tina T
Tina T 3 months ago
Not buying that they're not smart.
Robert Ferrer
Robert Ferrer 3 months ago
This guy talking here...really hates koalas. You're a poor journalist.
Chris Ranz
Chris Ranz 3 months ago
I wonder if koala bear s ever fart
Charles Kuckel
Charles Kuckel 3 months ago
Koalas have fingerprints! Who Knew!
SadBut True
SadBut True 3 months ago
Forever. RIP.
Oldenweery 3 months ago
I'm filing this under "Questions I Never Asked," although I did find it interesting. I have an ex-friend who racks up seriously long nap times, but I think his is because of depression. BTW, I really like the narrator; easy to listen to and not prone to ridiculous mispronunciations. Other channels should take note!
Aaron Bear
Aaron Bear 3 months ago
i must be a koala except i groom meticulously due to anxiety 🥺
Donald Beetlestone
Donald Beetlestone 3 months ago
Lady Cheyne
Lady Cheyne 3 months ago
They can do whatever the hell they want with little faces like that♥️😍
Julia Naylor
Julia Naylor 3 months ago
Koalas are marsupials, you didn't mention that much of the mammal wildlife, in Australia is exactly that. Likewise New Zealand.
That Dude There
That Dude There 3 months ago
My 20s-30s 5hrs 40s 6hrs 50s 6+hrs
Benjamin Dominguez
Benjamin Dominguez 3 months ago
Forgot to talk about the Chlamydia!
Black Berry
Black Berry 3 months ago
I don't like how upbeat you and the background music is but these topics keep me here... You win... For now
The Dolphin
The Dolphin 3 months ago
This is the Koala, or as Muricans say, "Cola Bayer".
LS6-SS 3 months ago
Pretty sure my brother in law is a koala.
Dawn 3 months ago
Well done, cute as!🐨BTW, the aussie lingo didn't go unnoticed!!👍😀
. 3 months ago
Norbero Fontanez
Norbero Fontanez 3 months ago
I'm catching up to all the lost sleep while I was in active duty. These fuzzy critters are jus PLUM lazy.
Norbero Fontanez
Norbero Fontanez 3 months ago
@ecclestonsangel ....LMAO😂👍✌
ecclestonsangel 3 months ago
@Norbero Fontanez oh, come on, now! (shakes head in fond exasperation)
Norbero Fontanez
Norbero Fontanez 3 months ago
@ecclestonsangel ....alright !!!! That's a good EXCUSE👍I'll use it on my Company Commander.✌🇺🇸
ecclestonsangel 3 months ago
No, not lazy. The gum leaves are very difficult to digest. So they sleep to conserve energy for the digestion.
miky carney
miky carney 3 months ago
It's amazing how the koala story went away when it was discovered left-wing arsonists set the fire...🤷🏻‍♂️
Al Torre
Al Torre 3 months ago
Nothing better than a koala.
Cal calli
Cal calli 3 months ago
Yea you know how that goes! Can’t let left take responsibility for any of their actions. Such a terrible brainwashed minds the left has
miky carney
miky carney 3 months ago
@Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson it speaks to the irony... But you are right they are in fact terrorists
Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson
@miky carney Why are the arsonists necessarily left wing.. not that it matters.. they are extreme terrorists.. left wing my buttcrack. Left and right are outdated, obsolete and ridiculous concepts anyways.
miky carney
miky carney 3 months ago
@Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson the vox is one of the most liberal fact-checkers there are,, and even they admit arsonists started the fire... After admitting it they go into a long rant about global climate change blah blah blah... But at the end of the day.....
spirit of Hope, love and Kindness.
That was good.
RYNO27 3 months ago
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