How Iran's Soleimani became a US target

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He commanded an army of militias across the Middle East.
Correction: In a previous version of this video, we mistakenly labelled Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as Ayatollah Khomeini. We regret the error.
Before Qassem Soleimani was killed in a US air strike in Iraq, he was arguably Iran's second most important leader. He commanded the soldiers and spies of Iran's elite Quds Force, a group whose job was to forge partnerships with militias across the Middle East, through which Soleimani spread Iran's influence and his own. From Hezbollah in Lebanon to the many Shia militias in Iraq, these groups played a central role in the medley of wars that have roiled the Middle East for the last few decades. Soleimani didn't invent Iran's use of proxy militias; that dates back to at least 1979, when Iran's new regime looked around the region and found many enemies and few friends. But 40 years later, thanks in part to Soleimani's work, Iran has the advantage in the Middle East.
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Comments 80
Vox 2 months ago
Hey everyone, if you're looking for a deeper history of the Middle East, check out our previous videos on the region: This video about Iran and Saudi Arabia's rivalry ruvid.net/video/video-veMFCFyOwFI.html We've also covered the US-Saudi relationship ruvid.net/video/video-7DbdBIuFrIE.html And almost 4 decades of war in Iraq ruvid.net/video/video-_c7AuSQdvow.html Thanks for watching! - Sam
Last Guerilla
Last Guerilla 4 days ago
@ShockoTheLoco thank you
ali farhani
ali farhani 4 days ago
Dont compare saudi arabia with IRAN pls.coompare saudi arabia with terrorist...
john patterson
john patterson 5 days ago
The leader of the Philippines said the USA was pressuring him to start a war with China .
mojiii m.r
mojiii m.r 19 days ago
ZFG Jerky Qassim Suleimani fights to save innocent children and women in Syria. You can only hear this from the oppressed Syrian people, not from the American news media He was the kindest general in the world
mojiii m.r
mojiii m.r 19 days ago
Joel Tineo Qassim Suleimani fights to save innocent children and women in Syria. You can only hear this from the oppressed Syrian people, not from the American news media.
Naquonn Harvey
Naquonn Harvey 7 hours ago
Promise you I never heard of this guy tell the United States killed him how much of a threat was he to the USA??? Trump didn’t even know who he was tell the night of the bombing
Loring X
Loring X 9 hours ago
Soleimani Great Leader
Gurudatta Balabhadrapatruni
USA:- Keep your friends rich and enemies richer and wait to see which is which.
Siavash Beyk
Siavash Beyk 10 hours ago
American media always lies and fools people. USA is Angel every other country Is devil so if you stand against US, you are a devil
Herman Man
Herman Man 11 hours ago
The Arabs should really chase after economic well being rather than one up their EGO over others.talking about OVER HEAT
Tabassum Khanam
Tabassum Khanam 14 hours ago
US didn't supported anyone, all it cares about the protection of Israel 🇮🇱 by the one known strategy called- Divide and Conquer.
Tabassum Khanam
Tabassum Khanam 14 hours ago
Suleimani became the Target of US beacause Israel controls U. S and does whatever order given by Israel. And Israel is Afraid of Iran, not only Iran but whole of Afghanistan and the pathan belt Hence, to protect the state of Israel, they targeted Soleimani.
Bin Tran
Bin Tran 16 hours ago
I hate us
ツRoyalPillows 20 hours ago
Thanks USA for spreading your "Freedom" to the middle east
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti 20 hours ago
So he was basically Iran's CIA
Srinivas Kumar
Srinivas Kumar 22 hours ago
Super evil made to middle East,pak, afg from allah jinnah evils killed
Rurty Guty
Rurty Guty Day ago
When i hear Lebanon, i think about name Mia
Abdullahi Alassad
worth it
worth it Day ago
most of peoples blaming US but we all have to except that ME is full of corrupt leaders and religion based fool peoples. and oil made the rest of mess.
Abbas Al-rubaie
Iraqi people are so thankful from the United states of America’s government
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syeda fatima
syeda fatima Day ago
Qasim Sulemani single handdly defeated United State, KSA, Israel, Turkey, ISIS, HE was a Super hero, his legacy will be remained in every independant soul till the end of this world
Hshhsj Hahsvs
Hshhsj Hahsvs 2 days ago
I'll sum it up for ya'll. Where ever the US stepped in, it ended up in a war
roulette 49
roulette 49 2 days ago
Marco 3Run
Marco 3Run 2 days ago
Operation of hunting pig😎🤘
buk lau
buk lau 2 days ago
People need to stop blaming the us and blame the backwards cult of Islam for there problems or else they will never prosper
Yura Uro
Yura Uro 2 days ago
Meanwhile Turkey just chillin
ehsanulhaqdar 2 days ago
A assasner back to his end
donfakaraund 2 days ago
Incredible documentary
Arthur Arthur
Arthur Arthur 2 days ago
What's my boy US doing in the Middle East?
W lilbill
W lilbill 3 days ago
nothing about how he died huh?
Ariyan Eighty
Ariyan Eighty 3 days ago
You speak like Iran started those wars. Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen , USA attacked Iraq , Syria was part of the spring and Turks are the real ones keeping the war ongoing.
abdallah_tubex 3 days ago
R.I.P Leader Saddam Hussein he is best
abdallah_tubex 3 days ago
Hi am iraqi i hate iran and america The iranian was pleased to americans to enter iraq 2003 now how did they betrayed them? i Did not accept this betraying
Killer Bee
Killer Bee 3 days ago
If the American army just leave the middle east akl things will be alright but their hunt for countries oil destroyed the middle east
khoa nguyen
khoa nguyen 3 days ago
Commanded guerrillas oh my,what a sweet beautiful man he was
Anh Le
Anh Le 4 days ago
Iran also supported the Gaddafi’s regime in Libya
newiranianking arzhang
the men was a hero!
ali farhani
ali farhani 4 days ago
Jay S
Jay S 4 days ago
Soleimani was loved like saddam Hussain, Adolf Hitler, kim North korea
Jia Wei Chew
Jia Wei Chew 4 days ago
Based on history, sooner or later they will turn on the whole world so I’d suggest suppressing the entire Middle East region and cutting all ties.
Danny Cartagena
Danny Cartagena 5 days ago
Not everything is "Black & White" There's so much shades "Grey"...Because this man stopped civil-wars...?!...
john patterson
john patterson 5 days ago
According to the words Jesus spoke the USA political leaders want to be targeted and killed .
Jalal 5 days ago
Soleimani is not a hero in Iran. People hate him since the protests raised during Khatami presidency. Everybody hates IRGC in Iran because the believe is that they spend a lot of money for wars and leave Iranian people in poverty. More than 60% of Irans economy is being controlled by the IRGC.
Enacaus 6 days ago
Who’s here after Eminem’s Unaccomodating
Name Redacted
Name Redacted 3 days ago
TOM 6 days ago
The next commander too will be killed in a similar fashion. let's see who that will be.
Raymond Westlake
Raymond Westlake 6 days ago
Had Iran murdered a US General, America would have waged devastating war on the entire Iranian population, just as they did with the Iraqi people. There’s a reason the US and it’s AIPAC Jewish owned government are despised around the globe.
mFashion 6 days ago
Why America involves in everything?
2Games 2Bros
2Games 2Bros 6 days ago
Trust me war wouldn’t be in the dictionary USA government and president were not exist
IZ T 6 days ago
Here are the countries that are ruined by USA Afghanistan Syria Iran Iraq Pakistan
HN YS 2 days ago
@Knight Memer They dont hate each other. It's just that leading Pakistan into the Afghanistan war was a mistake.
Knight Memer
Knight Memer 2 days ago
HN YS OJ I thought Pakistan and America always been allies
HN YS 2 days ago
@Knight Memer Pakistan has around 100 billion in debt, because of the Afghan war but they had to work with the CIA so they wouldnt get sanctioned as the US needed routes through Pakistan.
Delta Olympus in many ways in economy in military etc have you heard the Greek crisis its because nato didn't give us money when we needed them more than before
Delta A. Olympus
Delta A. Olympus 2 days ago
ΜΑΡΙΟΣ - ΝΕΚΤΑΡΙΟΣ ΚΑΠΕΤΑΝΑΚΗΣ care to elaborate? (Not saying you are lying, I oppose the United States, but I would like to know how).
m almasinia
m almasinia 7 days ago
It is better to Seeing events not only on your own side see the America and their allies Violence in their wars
sanidh salman
sanidh salman 7 days ago
Ali Reza
Ali Reza 7 days ago
Thank US for punishing my Dictator Khamenia by killing one of his dogs Solamanie
M Alizade
M Alizade 7 days ago
I miss General of Heart of Free-people , Soleiman .
sharif ahi
sharif ahi 7 days ago
Shame on you vox video makers.... USA invaded iraq.... usa invaded Afghanistan You are talking about wars in iraq but you just mentioned iranian faults Who killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians at first place??? Who invites you to came here?? It's so ridiculous to say Israel and us peacekeepers came to Lebanon cuz of Lebanon civil war You are just seeking your benefits in the middle east region We will resist and kick out occupiers from this region
Mohanned Alzhrani
American's now dies in the hand of their shia militias hhhhhhhhh
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera 8 days ago
Raynold Rapsing
Raynold Rapsing 8 days ago
Malupet pala itong si General Qassem Soleimani.
hamza abduljabar
hamza abduljabar 8 days ago
If Iraq wasn't invaded by America non of this would happen
Lee Ice
Lee Ice 7 days ago
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Sohrab Nizoumi-Berizi
Trump will not get away with this terror act, watch the space.
nick99 8 days ago
So this video made it more clear of what he did that I didn't know about. Thx for the education 👍
Anthony Galaz
Anthony Galaz 8 days ago
Solemani was a cowardly terrorist. The world is better without him...Long live President Trump and God Bless the 🇺🇸
Asean Beast
Asean Beast 9 days ago
And then Corona virus make them shut up😂
Paul Hetherington
Middle --> midyan-- intelligence ofsandal straps, in war. You literally, hacked fool. Podiatist! Pedia-- walker man.
Paul Hetherington
Lebanon-- let it be, a son's strength. or Heart when where? strength of!
Paul Hetherington
More felonies-- BE'CAM'E'--I exist, heated up. That isn't a target folder, ever. But it should, be. Failure of medical, as combat ops-- again. Obstruct. Used Hawaiians, as American fools.
syed mahmood
syed mahmood 10 days ago
Why are you acting like a US spokes person..?
Seyed Reza Miraskarshahi
Iran through its huge history only once had a democratic government which was couped by the U.S. in 1953 which led to the revolution. People wanted to remove the dictatorship, but they replaced it with an ideologic one which is way worse. So yeah, it all started because of the U.S.
hussein marji
hussein marji 10 days ago
Get your facts straight xD
#1 Shroud
#1 Shroud 11 days ago
Thank you for this video. Now you know why wars in the Middle East do not end, because of Iran and services are so weak. For example, in Iraq, the Internet does not exceed 1 Mbps, the water is unclean and the security is very poor, so the Iraqi army has to date had weapons since 1980, for example the AK-47 and the M4A1. As for the vehicles, some are vehicles that Iraq purchased from the Americans after the occupation. The rest are regular cars, such as BIC, with a 20mm or 30mm weapon. Health is available and the Ministry of Health has no methods to prevent the virus, has no masks and uses the infection.
Daraav Rejeb
Daraav Rejeb 11 days ago
You guys clearly forgot about the Kurds! Maybe there should be a video about our history that would be interesting.
Lanz Solis
Lanz Solis 11 days ago
That's the reason why corona virus hits this country badly 😁
Malik Muazam Haider
you did true Analysis. inshallah his path will go on after his death... He is our hero...
Ramin Ghafarian
Ramin Ghafarian 12 days ago
Vox's graphics department deserves an Emmy.
Muhamad Rumman
Muhamad Rumman 12 days ago
its always be shia behind country fall... such dangerous religion and shia is not islam. shia is shia and islam is islam. they share nothing in common
SUICIDE MADE 12 days ago
So? Does that mean isolmani was a good guy? He wasn’t a bad person at all then? Wow
Hamin Khalifeh
Hamin Khalifeh 12 days ago
u know its funny when we all complaining about this guys wrong video, we should just un-sub and leave.
Swaraj Malwee
Swaraj Malwee 13 days ago
If only these people used their brains into the development of their countries
LIfe Hawk
LIfe Hawk 13 days ago
Keep them busy over there... not here. Such a peaceful people and a peaceful religion... don't shovel that pile in my direction.
Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan 13 days ago
QUDS Force is cooler than Pence's Space Farce. Kudos to all the lunatics.
Atahualpa Inca
Atahualpa Inca 13 days ago
I love how no one for a second doesnt even think that ayoteli whatever wanted to check soleimani cause he was getting too much power made an agreement with the US and got him killed - once the wars were over what would solemani do with his mass amounts of resources and loyal armies? Ayoteliaaaa is a old man cleric who does nothing but puff hot air, people loved soleimani, the clerics and gov has soleimani killed it seems pretty obvious.
Petar Uzur
Petar Uzur 13 days ago
Dmk Pit
Dmk Pit 13 days ago
Selling military weapons to both side 🤔 history repeats it self again n again n again n again...you get the point
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