How I spend my $163,800 per month income

Graham Stephan
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By request, here’s a breakdown of how much I spend every month on my personal expenses, and what I spend my money on - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment:
Car insurance: $125 per month
Gym Membership: $200 per month
Health Insurance: $215 per month
Phone Bill: $83 per month
Internet: $80 per month
Utilities: $120 per month
Groceries: $200 per month
Misc Spending: $400 per month
Housing: $3500 Gross, $0 Net
*House Hacking Information:
Tesla Model 3 Payment: $630 Gross, $78 Net
And besides that…that’s all I spend money on!
So if you want the actual personal CASHFLOW coming out of my account every month, without counting mortgage equity, car equity, or write offs…this is just the gross amount leaving my account, including rental income on the other unit, then I spend:
$3,353 every single month on everything in terms of CASHFLOW.
However, when you look at my NET cost every month - this is when you account for mortgage and car equity, write offs, depreciation, money I get back at the end of the year, and so on, I spend on average of:
$1501 per month NET on my personal expenses, cost of living, food, utilities, gym, phone, etc.
My business expenses, on the other hand, are expenses that I KNOW will make me more money. What I spend here really varies and for the most part, it’s entirely discretionary.
That’s how I like to run things…I don’t like having high overhead, and the less financial obligation I have, the better.
I just like not NEEDING to spend money every month just to keep things running, and that in turn, means less stress for me, which means I can produce content much easier, I’m more “Free” to talk about whatever, and that benefits YOU because I’m not some huge company just motivated to stay afloat on expenses. Which oddly enough, usually just means I’ll end up making more money because of that…so it’s a weird cycle. The less you need money, the more you make because you aren’t doing things just for the money…and the more creative you tend to be.
Thanks for watching!
For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com

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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 4 669
Kiedis-Haze 16 hours ago
Question: Would you still pay for health insurance in a country like New Zealand where health care is covered by your taxes?
Kiedis-Haze 16 hours ago
Also, your diet isn't bland. Omelettes and Oatmeal are the king of food for saving money. And they taste great, like??
Lifeisaview 16 hours ago
You said your gym is 20sec away from where you work. You have a day job on top of youtube and real estate?
Yovani H.
Yovani H. 16 hours ago
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 16 hours ago
Epic2019Shift 17 hours ago
►“Recently, all 16 branches of our Intelligence Community have come together to release a shocking report. These agencies, that include the CIA, FBI, Army and Navy, have already begun to estimate the impact of the fall of the dollar as the global reserve currency, and our reign as the world’s leading super power being annihilated in a way equivalent to the end of the British Empire, post-World War II.” (Project Prophecy 2.0, Jim Rickards)◄
Daniel Munoz Idea
Daniel Munoz Idea 18 hours ago
Your taking a lot to your grave?
charles jenkins
charles jenkins 18 hours ago
"i dont spend money" has useless dinosaur head on desk
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 18 hours ago
It's a business expense
azorah 22 hours ago
Wait so whats ur plan cause surely you'll just keep making money till you die and never spend it
Exantius E
Exantius E Day ago
Unlimited phone deal for $83 a month? Man, you Americans get shafted. My phone deal gets me unlimited phone calls and texts, as well as unlimited 4G data with 300Mb/s peak speed for 31€/month ($35 or something). Go Finland!
Do you fly economy or business class?
702prodigy Day ago
Vlad Nica
Vlad Nica Day ago
Hi Graham, I have a question about your spending habits if you don't mind me asking. But before people say I'm a hater or not financially independent, I want to mention that I am 18 years old, have a part time job, have all the money for university already covered (Total cost including housing and food is 28k per year) and I come from a medium to low income family that immigrated to North America (they were smart enough to start education and retirement savings right after they moved). Anyways, my question is: Is it really worth it to focus on spending so little to the point where you eat bland food and have to justify every dollar (ei the Tesla) just so you don't feel guilty? I mean, if you are making 168k per month, I wouldn't say that spending a bit more on food or on personal stuff will be bad. In fact let's say you buy the BEST food at the grocery store including lots of fresh produce and meat, then maybe you will run up a $2000 monthly food spending. But that is nothing compared to your income and it will keep you happy and healthy in the long term by eating better food and feeling less guilty with what you buy. I totally agree that saving as much of your income is the the right thing to do (I'm putting about 33% of my income into aggressive index funds), but living to the point of making sacrifices that can affect your physical and mental health seems too extreme. If I was in your position, I would consider he food and health (aka gym) spending categories as "limit free" since those two things are very important and health is priceless. Also, what is the point of limiting yourself so much and then having millions of dollars when you retire at an older age? I would prefer to live a more happy and exciting life while I still have good health, and then retire with a more modest amount of money (instead of many millions, just 3-4 million). Am I wrong to think this way? I just don't want to die with 90% of my money "saved" in the bank while I spent my whole life making sacrifices just to save that money. Let me know what you think anyone :)
Cliff Weitzman
@Graham, what is your health insurance provider and plan? $215 is so cheap. How do you think about this decisions when buying your own insurance?
Elephant Shoes
It would be nice if you donated regularly
Bold Budgeting
I love this! Such a smart way to live!
Antonio Castillo
Antonio Castillo 2 days ago
I really hate how he compared himself to playing a real life game of chess instead of monopoly 🤦🏽‍♂️
Kalem St.Louis
Kalem St.Louis 2 days ago
The Chess analogy is so spot on Graham. Just thinking and making the right next play also makes me happy.
Lindsey Rarey
Lindsey Rarey 2 days ago
It’s amazing how much you save but have you ever considered using your wealth to promote businesses that are environmentally sustainable and don’t use labor of people paid unfairly? I totally understand not buying a Gucci belt but sustainability is something I personally strive to do and I don’t make nearly as much as you. It may also save you money to invest in well made pieces vs fast fashion in the long run anyway.
Fly65Helos1 2 days ago
Thx for these posts! I’m behind the 8-ball with getting my life together 💕 I thought adulting was hard but then I realized I really enjoy this stuff and nerd out while reading CC transcripts all thx to you. If you ever see this, would you consider answering two questions? 1. Do you think Ford is a dividend trap? 2. Even though Tesla is loosing money on the car side, I’ve been following the solar panel roof tiles and heard it’s launching in Europe. Good or bad idea to go into Tesla atm? Thanks for all you do! 💕
Simply Simly
Simply Simly 2 days ago
Maybe Graham has already addressed this (if so can someone link me to that video) but if he is only spending the bare minimum on his necessities what is the point of saving all this money? Like if you are unlikely to ever spend it? Because even the necessities he doesn’t spend on...?
MM 2 days ago
200$ Gym is not worth it! u spoiled Brat! Train at home, u can do it in underwear with bodyweight and no equipment, even saves u cost for water and electricity -> less laundry. Dude I thought u were frugal.. FAKE
Kat.Rose 2 days ago
He’s happy because he has the luxury to be
Caitlyn Muniz
Caitlyn Muniz 2 days ago
Graham spends half of what my husband and I spend and gets the luxuries that we don't get. Wtf am I doing with my life. I mean yeah being married with a kid means we spend more but...I feel like we are doing something wrong. Any extra money we get pays off debt so we can use his VA loan to get a house but like...stiiilll I feel like she should have a savings of some sort. Guess it's time to re-do our budget plan :(
Full Funnel Club
Full Funnel Club 2 days ago
I need to get on your level! I only make $20,000 a month. 😰
Philip Louden
Philip Louden 3 days ago
Man, I absolutely love your videos, just found them today and have beeen browsin'!! I'm curious how much you spend on Masterminds, Coaching, Mentorship & Events. I've gone to quite a few masterminds this Summer and find they have such an amazing ROI -- curious how you view this. Thanks for being awesome and look forward to seeing how your channels progress
Code 3 days ago
160k and doesn't drive a model S. Could buy a super car but lives humble. Really admirable Graham!
Space Man
Space Man 3 days ago
Wait. You do all that to save money but still buy a gym membership? Aw, HELL NAW.
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio 3 days ago
lol I aspire to make that much in a year
License to Send
License to Send 3 days ago
Huge HUGE +1 on Mercury!!! They are definitely the best insurance for the price! Much better priced than all state, geiko, and triple A from experience
deasleful 3 days ago
Millionaire driving what’s considered a “luxury car” pays 125 dollars a month for car insurance Me driving a 2006 Honda Civic that cost 4,000. Never have been in an accident and have been driving for 4 years currently 22... 600 dollars a month.. yeah lmfao (ALSO) took me about 2 weeks to find the lowest amount..
Ilana Levit
Ilana Levit 3 days ago
weird flex but ok
Lynae Handley
Lynae Handley 3 days ago
"How this Millionaire spends his 160k monthly income | Millennial Money"
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 3 days ago
Hahah one day
Funky_ Sniper
Funky_ Sniper 4 days ago
I'm the guy that likes expensive stuff and I will genuinely feel happy and having vacations all the time which is my way of being happy
diana chavez
diana chavez 4 days ago
Great advices!!! Thank you!
Eggnukes 4 days ago
It is so unbelievable - one person in one month making the same amount of money others make in 10+ years 0_o
HOT _vaios
HOT _vaios 4 days ago
Same logic!!!
Forrest Wilms
Forrest Wilms 4 days ago
“I don’t buy stupid stuff” *Unboxing my $20,000 watch* 🤣
mandlerparr1 4 days ago
my water and gas bill is more than $120 before I even use any services. That is just the cost to have it.
Ciara Dean
Ciara Dean 4 days ago
Very inspirational video!
Niklas 4 days ago
Rice, Bananas and Lentils are cheaper foods 👍
profiili 4 days ago
Damn your phone bill and internet are expensive! Here in Finland you can get a mobile subscription with unlimited* everything for around €20, €15 if you get a good offer. Home internet is usually the same. If you live in an aparment building, you often have free 10 Mbps internet included and you can upgrade it for a small fee. We have 100 Mbps VDSL for €0,98/mo. Yes, 100 Mbps for €0,98/mo. Insane. *Actually unlimited, none of that American "We say 'unlimited' but after 24 GB we throttle you" BS. I have spent 300+ GB on my 50 Mbps mobile internet so many months in a row and no one cares.
Brian Tejeda
Brian Tejeda 4 days ago
What are your thoughts on DAY TRADING?
Jeremy H
Jeremy H 4 days ago
Graham, I am so dead serious right now. Where do you go for that $21 all you can eat sushi?!
Silver Mushroom
Silver Mushroom 5 days ago
So, have a hobby business that in net pays you to buy and enjoy all of the expensive stuff you want to buy, and *then* live frugally.
Periklis Arnaoutis
I don't understand that philosophy. You work towards investing to ways that automatically generate income and are proud of it, which I respect since that's what you want to do. But please don't imply that everyone should do this and that it's somehow objectively better than other choices in life. I admire your enthusiasm about this though.
Mitch Dore
Mitch Dore 5 days ago
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 5 days ago
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 5 days ago
$125 for car insurance on a Tesla...I love you already..I thought my insurance was cheap..im addicted to your videos now
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 5 days ago
food is my weakness...I don't know how to say "no" to myself hahah
Garibay X
Garibay X 5 days ago
*gets a pet for his future videos* *Tax write off*
AJ Macatangay
AJ Macatangay 5 days ago
Matthew 5 days ago
So basically when you got a lot of money and can afford the big monthly fee, you'll be okay. As you have an insane tax return ( you still have to pay a lot up monthly, but get a big tax return once year, talking about the rich getting richer ! ) Most normal people live month to month and don't have that luxury!
jaso 1911
jaso 1911 6 days ago
Talo S
Talo S 6 days ago
#7 we got some stuff in common lol
Video Games Are Evil
You can't spend money if you don't have money;)
dominique thenosyreader
For my phone bill im spending $43.12 each month
Lucas Aas
Lucas Aas 6 days ago
you're full of bs. ill believe you when you'll show me the official bills bro. you spend more than $500 just on the 3 first points. and yet here you are talking about saving money and how much you care about it? pfff
Ryan Sheerin
Ryan Sheerin 6 days ago
Anyone else notice he said 168,300 dollars a month but the title says 163,800? He said it at the start
Esme Lodbrok
Esme Lodbrok 6 days ago
So you basically want to just be able to say you have the money rather than being able to have nice experiences with it.
Esme Lodbrok
Esme Lodbrok 6 days ago
@Graham Stephan it's not a criticism, just an observation. To each their own.
Esme Lodbrok
Esme Lodbrok 6 days ago
@Graham Stephan all you can eat sushi and a movie?
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 6 days ago
I do have nice experiences
Hadam852 6 days ago
What is the point of making more money if you're never going to spend it?
_ Valles
_ Valles 7 days ago
Whenever you wear your $2.99 shirt from H&M’s it really shows your $200 gym membership 💪🏼
MatteoFaitLeCon 7 days ago
That’s what I like humble guy man
A.k InTheHouse
A.k InTheHouse 7 days ago
don't you donate some of your money to charity ? your gotta give back to the universe so you can have more blessings.
Kate Blake
Kate Blake 7 days ago
I’d be really curious what would happen to your budget, and what financial changes you’d make if you had kids. What would you feel is important enough to pay for? Swim lessons? Private school? Classes? Teams?
Maya Malchi
Maya Malchi 7 days ago
I'm so confused by all of this 😅
hannahbannana 7 days ago
Honestly, though I'm a bit disappointed he has a catastrophic healthcare plan but is spending $200 on a gym.
Andrew Mai
Andrew Mai 7 days ago
What about all you can eat korean bbq
Tom Shennan-Barker
Please tell me you’ve cancelled your Equinox membership by now...
arnold koci
arnold koci 7 days ago
Zettelbox 7 days ago
he really enjoys that all you can eat Sushi huh?
Jack251190 8 days ago
629 people disliked because they dont like that you have money you dont spend and want handouts from you because they cant be arsed to invest in them selves
Michelle Monro
Michelle Monro 8 days ago
Well if you ever get a girlfriend and a hot one I have a felling you’re Budget will change. Thank god for free porn🙏
Pulkit Moar
Pulkit Moar 8 days ago
Everything seems to be on verge of being impractical. Probably you can think of living in a less expensive city to do that?
Charles Alberti
Charles Alberti 8 days ago
I respect how you find happiness in saving every penny, but for most of us, there is 0 point in making all that money if you don't have a little extra fun with it.
fips 8 days ago
I understand that you buy H&M t-shirts because they're inexpensive but they come at the price of sweatshop workers. Can't you buy conscious t-shirts? They're around 20$ and they're much more durable than the H&M ones.
Exantius E
Exantius E 23 hours ago
Or better yet buy used shirts. Cheap as dirt, doesn't support the foreign slave markets AND doesn't waste natural resources. I do find it morally questionable that someone making literally millions each year wouldn't pay such a trivial sum to ensure the products he uses are ethically and ecologically sustainable
Neil 8 days ago
Graham is smart ... everything is a write off for him. The way he digs in into making everything cheap by writing off. Just amazing man.
DIAM&G 8 days ago
Damn. I'm already living like a millionaire
chrissy bunny
chrissy bunny 8 days ago
two things: if you have the money and want to save money, why dont you thrift or shop sustainably? and also since you are financially independant already, whats the point in keeping on saving? dont you wanna be able to enjoy the money at some point? are you just gonna have lived to be frugal and save and then die? idk just curious
Marty Ševčík
Marty Ševčík 8 days ago
6:40 where is avocado toast?!
Nahuel Z. Nuñez
Nahuel Z. Nuñez 9 days ago
Only got one question... Where did you get that amazing T-Rex?
Peter M. Souza Jr.
please do a video on how to have a company car! from idea->dealership->payments->taxes
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