How I spend my $163,800 per month income

Graham Stephan
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By request, here’s a breakdown of how much I spend every month on my personal expenses, and what I spend my money on - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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My ENTIRE Camera and Recording Equipment:
Car insurance: $125 per month
Gym Membership: $200 per month
Health Insurance: $215 per month
Phone Bill: $83 per month
Internet: $80 per month
Utilities: $120 per month
Groceries: $200 per month
Misc Spending: $400 per month
Housing: $3500 Gross, $0 Net
*House Hacking Information:
Tesla Model 3 Payment: $630 Gross, $78 Net
And besides that…that’s all I spend money on!
So if you want the actual personal CASHFLOW coming out of my account every month, without counting mortgage equity, car equity, or write offs…this is just the gross amount leaving my account, including rental income on the other unit, then I spend:
$3,353 every single month on everything in terms of CASHFLOW.
However, when you look at my NET cost every month - this is when you account for mortgage and car equity, write offs, depreciation, money I get back at the end of the year, and so on, I spend on average of:
$1501 per month NET on my personal expenses, cost of living, food, utilities, gym, phone, etc.
My business expenses, on the other hand, are expenses that I KNOW will make me more money. What I spend here really varies and for the most part, it’s entirely discretionary.
That’s how I like to run things…I don’t like having high overhead, and the less financial obligation I have, the better.
I just like not NEEDING to spend money every month just to keep things running, and that in turn, means less stress for me, which means I can produce content much easier, I’m more “Free” to talk about whatever, and that benefits YOU because I’m not some huge company just motivated to stay afloat on expenses. Which oddly enough, usually just means I’ll end up making more money because of that…so it’s a weird cycle. The less you need money, the more you make because you aren’t doing things just for the money…and the more creative you tend to be.
Thanks for watching!
For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com

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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 5 378
_Got_Sound_ 7 hours ago
I’m surprised you didn’t just buy your own gym, think about how much money you could make.
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez 20 hours ago
You should put some of this money back into society At least a little
eyal gutman
eyal gutman Day ago
Conscientiousness level = 43287429385603298
MegaBenny21 2 days ago
Great Video Graham
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 2 days ago
Game Kukkels
Game Kukkels 3 days ago
4:10 step 1. sell tesla step 2. buy bicycle step 3. save $325
QBEY 3 days ago
This is technically millenial money
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 3 days ago
Technically ;)
Alexander Strarup
What I don't understand is that you wrote that Tesla off as a business expense. Okay, now it has served its purpose for your business. How can you continue to use it for personal use?
shapes 4 days ago
im on ebt and i was homeless so im on the hot food program i could get pizza hut with my food stamps ma boi graham is spending less money a month on food then me
Marvin Carter
Marvin Carter 5 days ago
What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency?
Marvin Carter
Marvin Carter 5 days ago
*All comments are welcomed
Whats happening
Whats happening 5 days ago
I pay £170 a year in car insurance converted to $223. lol
Random6oy GAMES
Random6oy GAMES 7 days ago
This is so sad, your like the real life version of Mr Krabs lmao
Devin Gutierrez
Devin Gutierrez 8 days ago
do a video on how to prepare your self as a highschool student to invest in real-estate
Daniel McCully
Daniel McCully 9 days ago
When you were talking about tax write offs I could not stop thinking about Gus Johnson's video of "this video is for a tax write off".
Hlf Games
Hlf Games 11 days ago
OK this man’s monthly expenses without subtracting anything it’s almost 5 grand that’s not cheap
Sideballer 11 days ago
how tf do u tax write off for everything 🤔 I wanna learn brother
jakobsken3 12 days ago
BOI how do you do that with the algorith i mean make 40k on a vid.
Mar Cel
Mar Cel 13 days ago
I make 650 dollars with my gas station job which I do parallel to my university study, from that I pay 305$ for my car at the beginning of the month, 100$ for fuel, and the rest on going out with friends, partying or eating lol
Zac R
Zac R 15 days ago
Everyone commenting about how much he writes off. Him declaring $2M income in Los Angeles means he pays about $1M in taxes but probably more because corporate gets taxed then he draws from it. So if he wants to spend $500 on a dinosaur skull and "write it off" then he should cause he is paying way more tax per year than most will ever make in their lives.
Zac R
Zac R 15 days ago
@Graham Stephan from Canada same here haha. Would it be worth it for you to move to a different state or incorporate outside of California?
Graham Stephan
Graham Stephan 15 days ago
My top tier tax is more like 55%...that's not on ALL income, though - but definitely a good percentage. But yeah, taxes are a LOT.
Elias Mendoza
Elias Mendoza 16 days ago
You are a genius! H&M never looks soo good🙌🏻
Take a shot every time he says tax writeoff
Isabel Collins
Isabel Collins 17 days ago
I used to live in a place where there was an all you can eat sushi place nearby, but the place where I live now doesn't D': I miss the sushi
Clisare 18 days ago
How is your total before write offs etc lower than your total house payment before write offs etc
Clisare 18 days ago
$200 is almost my yearly gym membership. Christ
Cooper’s Productions
Graham is monetizing him saving money, so saving money is making him money without investments. Smart
Mario Beshara
Mario Beshara 20 days ago
The number 5 not having the . right after hurts
Logan Lundberg
Logan Lundberg 20 days ago
love the video
Charissa Munteanu
Charissa Munteanu 20 days ago
That Geico comment=FACTS (can you please remake this video after you get married too!) thanks! Hahaha
That'sIT 21 day ago
Graham's philosophy: "How wealthy can I die"
Arushi Harkawat
Arushi Harkawat 21 day ago
its so easy to do bullshit like this with RUvid as a job but almost nothing else allows you to make money off of ~anything~
MrApplewine 21 day ago
How is his health insurance only $200?
Jacob Arrieta
Jacob Arrieta 21 day ago
You didn’t add Netflix to your budget!! Liar lol
Wil Thomax
Wil Thomax 21 day ago
That last segment, underrated. Respect
Clarence Harre
Clarence Harre 21 day ago
Where do expenses like Christmas or birthday gifts go? Or money to help your family cos they broke?
Irene ray
Irene ray 22 days ago
When you try to pay attentiob but the dinosaur skeleton is more interesting to look at😂
Op3rator08 22 days ago
This guy is going to claim his wife as a tax write off
Farid Ahmad
Farid Ahmad 13 days ago
Hahahahha Can't stop laughing
Tygafttf 21 day ago
Sebastian Gonneau
Sebastian Gonneau 22 days ago
So I respect all the frugality of Graham’s life, but what is he saving to this extent for? Is it because he gets more satisfaction from saving money than he does from anything else? Not hating, just wondering?
Fun Fruits
Fun Fruits 23 days ago
So you make 168k a month after all expenses and taxes? How many properties/tenants do you have?
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods 23 days ago
My kind of guy! The best kind of living is often the simplest! Less damn stress!!!
Riku 24 days ago
Usa has soo expensive phone bills and internet.
FanASStik 24 days ago
thought u might pend it on some generic Minoxodil
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