How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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Okay guys here's all the tea on how I FINALLY GREW MY DUSTY CRUSTY HAIR into a magical head of hair, and cleared my dark spot skin to a blemish free model face mmmkay ❤️❤️❤️
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How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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May 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Bidemi Iyantla
but.. I can kick out my brothers..
Dane pinion
Dane pinion 4 hours ago
You are si inspirational you got me through. Alot
Bad Barbie
Bad Barbie 8 hours ago
Thanks I’m going to try those ! The universe made me find your video!!!!! The first « kick bad people out of your life » is crazy bc I just finally been able to kick my toxic ex out of my life I’m glad this one already done 😂😍
Leonela Aguilar
Leonela Aguilar 14 hours ago
Wow Eva has so Beautiful clear skin
Shipra Gangwar
1:05 oof IDK why I stopped the video at that point..
Thandiswa Munene
Can you do a curly hair routine quarantine edition! 😇
Iky 98
Iky 98 Day ago
I love eva being her self❤
Lindsay Liddall
what if the problem is my mom
Carmen Lamptey
The video was helpful but u should using devacurl, a lot of people have been reporting hair loss due to the chemicals in their products!!
Carmen Lamptey
Eva really helped me, good tips that make sense!!
Hannah’s Homemade
alaizza solis
alaizza solis 2 days ago
how do i kick my family out
Silma Lalaite
Silma Lalaite 3 days ago
Literally bingewatching everything
sip chun heong
sip chun heong 3 days ago
Eva: creepy photo but oh well. Me: so creepy but still nice my school mates are so not nice looking duhhhhh 🙄😅
Tadiwanashe Marima
How long should you give your hair
Éléonore Paolin
I hope that comments will be : "who else is here after coronavirus?" really soon! Like if u're agree
AK 4 days ago
her at 16:12 when you sleep what is ur body doing me I don't sleep its 1 am
Vishva Vaishnav
Vishva Vaishnav 4 days ago
That good skin is only makeup
Sariah Archibeque
Eva: talking about sleep Me: what’s sleep
Šåbā Güvęñ
Šåbā Güvęñ 5 days ago
I’m coming back to this video about 5 months after watching it for the first time. I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. There were SO MANY people and videos telling me to go natural. Nothing really got me there. I always told myself I’d start going natural later but didn’t actually want to. THIS VIDEO is THE VIDEO that got me. I had a very similar situation. The night I watched this video, I was waiting for my hair to dry so I could straighten it. BUT I DIDN’T!!! I HAVENT STRAIGHTENED MY HAIR SINCE! I LOVE YOU 💕
Eliza 5 days ago
But I'm still ugly 🙂💔
Camille Young
Camille Young 5 days ago
That was so sad but Im glad I saw this👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Kalea Corbin
Kalea Corbin 5 days ago
( 13:16 ) Haha I wish we were friends tho!!
Willow Cooper
Willow Cooper 6 days ago
Hajar Abd
Hajar Abd 7 days ago
i replayed this video during quarantine 😂😂😂🏃‍♀️ who's else
Willow Cooper
Willow Cooper 6 days ago
Hailey Bug
Hailey Bug 8 days ago
Lucho Dukale
Lucho Dukale 8 days ago
To be honest you look better with our a wig I love you natural hair love you Ava💖💖😍😍😍😘😘
Ruth Graham
Ruth Graham 8 days ago
how can I kick my family out of my life?
Natasha Wagner
Natasha Wagner 8 days ago
Did anyone else notice the fact that she was editing this in a face mask.
Trace Clements
Trace Clements 9 days ago
Has anyone came here while in quarantine to get a glow up? 😂
Elizabeth O’Connor
No word of a lie I cut off my toxic af bff and my acne cleared permanently and I was a lot healthier and go sick less so the more u know 🤷🏼‍♀️
Hamburger Happiness DIY
Eva what if your parents do not let you try products
Kaitlyn Gray
Kaitlyn Gray 11 days ago
Quarantine gave me acne ......
Tanisha kannan
Tanisha kannan 11 days ago
I have super curly hair and i dont know what to do but this video was helpful
Kaia Downs
Kaia Downs 11 days ago
hopefully she stopped using devacurl 🙈
Marbella Martinez
Marbella Martinez 12 days ago
Who else came here in 2020 while being qaurantine and wants Eva to say stuff like this!😂😂
JayJay Faustina
JayJay Faustina 13 days ago
Thanks for the advice ! Real good stuff. It's good to have a good mentality .
Dianabell Polk
Dianabell Polk 13 days ago
ive been wearing the same cloths for 4 days
Fancy Chicken nugget
What if my parents are the negative,toxic and bad people in my life?
ukiyo 5 days ago
I can relate.
Fatima Mercadillo
Fatima Mercadillo 14 days ago
You are my goal person, basically. Just like you I didn’t accept my curls so I straightened my hair every single day and got a treatment every three months to get it strait and it’s been a year since I’ve stopped doing that and still haven’t got my dream hairstyle but thanks to you I see that’s normal so I’m going to keep trying 😬❤️
Olivia W
Olivia W 15 days ago
you and Adelaine Morin NEED to meet or do a collab!
SweetZ SparklyMe
SweetZ SparklyMe 15 days ago
Ik this is old so u will probably not see this but I was fr getting ready to skip ur back story but then u gave the time stamp n stuff and I was like omg no that's mean so now I'm gonna watch the whole thing lmaoo but fr girl u seem so much happier then when I used to watch u some years back I'm so happy for u
Ndamononghenda Nekuta
Do you have sensitive skin
Sheridan Sinclair
Sheridan Sinclair 17 days ago
How am I supposed to kick out my sister???
Ruby Rembiszewski
Ruby Rembiszewski 17 days ago
bruh my hair is literally the weirdest texture bc it’s like 3b mostly 3c but like thick w high porosity bc it’s damaged so it’s super thin so protective hairstyles make me look bald-headed. like sissss (plus i’m super light-skinned so wearing protective hairstyles makes me look like an ignorant white girl sometimes) 😭
Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh 18 days ago
It kinda takes guts to wear wigs
Tzivia Schwartz
Tzivia Schwartz 19 days ago
Eva: this is me with no makeup on *proceeds to smoosh face*
Eliana Robinson
Eliana Robinson 19 days ago
give ur hair and ur skin time to do it`s own thing yass i love the ryme
Alexa Wilansky
Alexa Wilansky 20 days ago
Hi, I have the same problem with my hair. Where do you get your wigs from? Thanks!
CC Chloe_Lucinda
CC Chloe_Lucinda 20 days ago
OMG, thanks Eva, so motivational!!! :}
Zoe See
Zoe See 21 day ago
Most people: would rather have fake friends then no friends Me: would rather have no friends then fake friends, you wont glow up with me? Fine I'll glow up by myself
i'm a joke to you
i'm a joke to you 22 days ago
GUYS the video start at 8:19 !!!!
Liat David
Liat David 22 days ago
hi, hope you'll see it. how you did your mask for the face? i have a problem of acne and pigmentation and i went to a skin dr but it wants really halpefull, she said she don't belive in masks but what she gave me to help my skin better just made it worst. will love to some advices, xx
Miley ._.
Miley ._. 22 days ago
the most honest video I have seen this year :))))))
Madelynpg08 23 days ago
Noona 23 days ago
8:16 Six steps start here!
Lotte Moens
Lotte Moens 24 days ago
Eva... YOU ARE BEATYFUL!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Jovana Shapkova
Jovana Shapkova 25 days ago
my bro just looked at my screen when you were showing the pics before and after and he said ,,who's she and who's she,,
Arnoh Arnoh
Arnoh Arnoh 25 days ago
wow...loved it, I love this gal. I wish she's in my life!
Alishia Maxwell
Alishia Maxwell 25 days ago
i wish my hair looked like that! is beatiful
kayla shelton
kayla shelton 25 days ago
just watching your intro i subscribed i need your energy in my life
Panda Margo
Panda Margo 25 days ago
I watch your videos for almost 5 years now and I really wanna say thank you for all of those wonderful tips you're amazing
Maryann Angel
Maryann Angel 26 days ago
7:28 thank me later!!!
Shubhangi Limaye
Shubhangi Limaye 26 days ago
Wow thankiee eva 👍💕
Anna Gomez
Anna Gomez 26 days ago
I recently went vegan and half of my hair has fallen out😭 I’m literally so insecure of it now... I was starting to live myself and then this happens
Roblox with Unknown
Eve:Get rid of all the bad things Me:mom I have to get rid of school or stress me out to much Ok look when she said "black Puerto Rican hair" Me:I am black and Puerto Rican I am 12.5 Puerto Rican and the rest black great great dad is Puerto Rican 😄😄
Hayden Mulkey
Hayden Mulkey 27 days ago
Fun ignt
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan 27 days ago
Shine bright
Shine bright 28 days ago
You look so cute on all of that photo’s! ( sorry if I type it fold, I’m dutch. From the Netherland 🇳🇱 )
ladylightning 29 days ago
Eva: Clear stress Me: Stuck in house, not aloud to see friends, stuck with parents
Ronja Sebastian
Ronja Sebastian 29 days ago
Yo Eva, love this vid! You're GLOWING 💗🙌🏼 Just ONE important detail!! You recommend the Hydroquinone Bleaching Cream. Please don't EVER use products that use Hydroquinone!! It works for skin bleaching BUT ➡️ "Substances containing hydroquinone and mercury are banned from being sold over-the-counter in the UK as they can cause liver, nerve and foetal damage." ⚠️ I would recommend Amaira SOS Intensive Skin Lightening Cream. I'm not affiliated, just love it 💗💗It uses Kojic acid and 100% natural ingredients, and it works BETTER than the Hydroquinone without the side effects. Please take care of your body and don't let skin bleaching mess up your liver, brain and reproductive system. 👶🌱🌹 Find it at: amairaskincare.com/products/amaira-sos-intensive-skin-lightening-cream Article about the effects of Hydroquinone: www.bbc.com/news/uk-45085674
Linda Bohn
Linda Bohn 29 days ago
Me:Depressed Eva in my situation:GIRL,YO ARE AWESOME!
Jade Uwase Ntaganira
Can we have outfit links like...
Phoebe Smith
Phoebe Smith 29 days ago
Me: straightening my hair Eva: don’t do heat on your hair!! Me: oops
Mullaiy Sendhil Kumar
Here while in quarentine🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Pearly 29 days ago
What if you don't have enough money for wigs? I love wigs, I'd buy 50 if I had the money. Especially considering I cosplay, and I'm also very indecisive about how I want my hair (colour, length, style)
Pearly 29 days ago
How to kick a toxic family out of your life?
Selena Dookaran
Selena Dookaran 29 days ago
Thank you Eva
Ioli K.
Ioli K. Month ago
I loveee this video i want moreeeee
Victor M. Lozada
Are you puerto rican?
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