How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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Okay guys here's all the tea on how I FINALLY GREW MY DUSTY CRUSTY HAIR into a magical head of hair, and cleared my dark spot skin to a blemish free model face mmmkay ❤️❤️❤️
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How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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May 24, 2019

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Short Subs
Short Subs Hour ago
nobody: nobday like at all: comments: eva kick the bad ppl out. How do I kick "_____" out?
Leeandra Rodriguez
Leeandra Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Love you. Remake tik toks please
Tara Bonnet
Tara Bonnet 9 hours ago
For the one who wants to skip the intro, video starts at 8:19
Wu SIRE 20 hours ago
You're a beautiful transgender well done !
Sara Sarene Grace Abaa
I hope me too 💔
Melanie Tran17
Thx EVA you helped me so much
Isanna Saxon
Isanna Saxon 2 days ago
Eva...you helped So much I lacked confidence and I mean it,I was not happy with my hair and I remember a phrase in my life that my hair started to break out and my parents were really worried about my hair and it started to grow back but now it is starting to break out again because I am not taking care of myself because I'm not really eating healthy and I'm trying to exercise and eating healthy right now ASA you helped me more than I needed now I know how to take care of myself talk to you but there's just one thing in the video that set me off track why were you talking about poop I mean it was a pretty good analogy but still why poop anyway you helped me a lot and I'm very grateful for you God bless you and I hope you have the best life right now
vvvv 2 days ago
Please do a part 2
pschyco queen
pschyco queen 2 days ago
Yay i was waiting you to reach 10m subs And you did Never been happier😄😄😄😄
Aimee Crawford
Aimee Crawford 2 days ago
dam, here in Australia we get free health care with medicare
Annaira Learmann
Annaira Learmann 2 days ago
You look like jahkara smith from nos4a2
Laura Ousley
Laura Ousley 3 days ago
Eva: I know that was along intro... Me: WhAt! THAT WaS A INTRO!?
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon 3 days ago
Ur hair looks so healthy now I’m proud
niusha bozorgmehr
I’m from Iran so I searched Persian hair styles and all that came up were cat hair style tips I can’t ever win ☹️☹️☹️🤯🤯🤯😭😭😭😭
kim guccihyung
Wow your from iran I now persian little bit سلام خوبی‌!!!
Niyah Shar’re
Niyah Shar’re 3 days ago
i have the same nighttime medication as you!!
Abby Bee Random
Abby Bee Random 3 days ago
I can’t really kick my manager out of my life 😆
Emmy F
Emmy F 4 days ago
I'm so proud of you, Ava
Morgan marie
Morgan marie 4 days ago
More videos with brent
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 4 days ago
Wheree is my 4c hair squad at?
Aamirah Mcdonald
Aamirah Mcdonald 4 days ago
That video was soo very helpful💗💯
Amaze the Amazing
It starts at 8:16
Hannah Gonzalez
Hannah Gonzalez 4 days ago
I think that one good think to try for your skin is Curology. I used to pick at my face and get scabs and dark spots that were extremely dark. I also had super oily skin and I’ve been using Curology for about 6 months now and my skin is GLOWINGGGGG!!👏🏽Im so much more happy now with it and I just recently got a haircut and I’ve never felt more happy🤪✨👏🏽💓💕
Azzy Ami
Azzy Ami 5 days ago
Oh my god I wishhh I could wear wigs
Paris Gacha
Paris Gacha 5 days ago
I have this amazing gel that gets rid of acne so easily and fast the only problem is that i have to salvage it cause i get it in mexico and we only go there like 2 times a year!
Madison Komadowski
But what if your white and have curly hair but not super curly but not wavy
K Craft
K Craft 5 days ago
Ok wow I followed your advice and now I’m almost pimple and dark spots free.THANKS
Danique van Haaren
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams 5 days ago
Ava Brent Rivera kissed a girl watch light as a feather on Hulu pleaseAva trust me it's true watch the whole thing even watch the second one watch all of them please Ava
Daniela MajanoRivera
So helpful
kassidy green
kassidy green 6 days ago
Grace Pennington
Grace Pennington 6 days ago
Me in the UK: she couldn't afford healthcare does that mean the couldn't afford taxes? Oh no free health care or NHS
Keonte McCoy
Keonte McCoy 6 days ago
I want that fucking shirt so bad. sorry for the cursing . its just so good.
A Ranger
A Ranger 7 days ago
Eva:kick the bad people out Me:if I kick my brother it won't do anything.Cause he will just come back
Lucie Svitálková
Where did you get the shhhiiirrtttt????!!???!🤪🤪
Isobel Billingham
Yesss Eva. You rock girl!!
julesaep x
julesaep x 9 days ago
Eva: kick the negative people out me: wait, i can’t kick school out of my life
yoongiyos 9 days ago
I’ve tried to help my whole hair growth journey by watching trash RUvid videos that literally helped everyone but me. When I was younger my mom would always flat iron my hair and would never let me embrace and get comfortable with wearing my natural 3b curly hair. Ever since I watched this video I’ve been jumping out of my comfort zone by wearing my natural hair out and trying hairstyles with my natural hair I wouldn’t think about walking out the house with it in my head lol! This video has also helped me with my confidence! I haven’t worn makeup out the house in almost 3 weeks now and my skin is clearing up! Even though my hair and skin is getting better my confidence is still iffy. If you could make a video about confidence and loving yourself that would be awesome!?
Katiekk Orlinsky
Katiekk Orlinsky 9 days ago
Thank god plz come to my house my hair is a mess😂
Karola Vels
Karola Vels 9 days ago
I always try some new hairstyles with my natural hair like space buns, braided buns, fish tails, overnight no heat gurls, ponytails and braids and I dont know what more
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup 9 days ago
My hair has never gone past my neck
Aubrey Edwards
Aubrey Edwards 9 days ago
Kick out the bad people huh? Ok I guess I’m an orphan now😂😂
Stevi Younger
Stevi Younger 10 days ago
Your hair journey was just like mine except extensions I straighten it for 3 years and fried it off and one day I snapped and just said I don’t care if people don’t like my curly hair now it’s back to being big blonde beautiful
Eric Mitchell
Eric Mitchell 10 days ago
she has a stain on her shirt and that was the only thing I was looking at the entire video...
Salma Yassin
Salma Yassin 11 days ago
In my country going to a salon means getting your hair straightened, people here started wearing out their natural curly hair verrry recently there is a huge community for natural curly hair on the raise and im so loving that
Ella Fleitas
Ella Fleitas 11 days ago
This video helped me so much cause I'm going in to 7th grade and all through 6th gràdé I left my hàir in a bun whenever wherever I went and madé my buns supper tight and I was losing all of my hair ànd it was so hard for me to put my hair down cause I have curly hair and I feel uncontrollable
Mari Fadeyi
Mari Fadeyi 11 days ago
Eva: go to a hairstylist who has gone through d same hair struggle with u me: Eva can u be my hairstylist
Christina Hooper
Christina Hooper 11 days ago
Me when video starts--im gonna get out of bed take care of my skin and hair..gets up ..video stops and loads....sits back down eats ice cream.. never to be seen again...😥🤪
Stephanie King
Stephanie King 11 days ago
Your skin is looking good 😁😁
Annie Bertolini
Annie Bertolini 11 days ago
Hana Nour-Eldin
Hana Nour-Eldin 11 days ago
OMG now eva edits like james charles
Eddie 11 days ago
Gr8Ramen 12 days ago
Do a video about where you got your wigs / your favorite wigs :)
Torshaa Maity
Torshaa Maity 12 days ago
Loved the "poop analogy"!!
Dalia and Nadine
Dalia and Nadine 12 days ago
My mom is so lucky when she was young she ONLY got acne on her forehead so she would always get bangs. SO LUCKY!
Calista Bryant
Calista Bryant 13 days ago
Your hair is so beautiful I wish mine was as curly as yours!
#1... I can't exactly leave my family r/n
Christine Earle
Christine Earle 13 days ago
I am a big fan I love you tell Brett I said hey
kawaii NA
kawaii NA 13 days ago
Hello i've figured out i am not alone ☺ Actually i've never been alone Tg
Sandra Mejia
Sandra Mejia 13 days ago
i rarely use makeup , all i wear is mascara & lipgloss ; i always break out in my forehead . one day my skin can be looking bomb clearing up the next its a mess ,, any tips why i break out in my forehead most of the time :((
Amiynah Howard
Amiynah Howard 13 days ago
I heard rice water works to
Amiynah Howard
Amiynah Howard 13 days ago
Another tip is to wear silk scarves and bonits
Oddrún Eik
Oddrún Eik 14 days ago
Eva: kick the bad people out Me: if i try kicking my siblings out i probably get kicked out myself
Paula Font-Cruz
Paula Font-Cruz 14 days ago
First video I stumbled upon by you...and did I hear you say you're Puerto Rican?! Boricua fam
sara 14 days ago
i’m scared to put on foundation, because I love makeup because it’s fun! but i’m scared imma get acne, plus we all have different skin so
Angie_ luv
Angie_ luv 14 days ago
You forgot an important step which is.. Step 1: have good genes
precious odey
precious odey 14 days ago
Nice video I learned alot❤️
FennecFox_Plays 27
FennecFox_Plays 27 14 days ago
everyone always says I have really pretty sparkly eyes, well I became depressed and I lost that sparkle, people at school stopped complimenting me and then I wasn't depressed people said I was pretty again and my eyes sparkled so always make sure you are always surrounding yourself with good energy! also my friends said my hair was soft but it always tangled to the messiest mess 15 minutes later
Grace Phillips
Grace Phillips 15 days ago
ThNk you Ava that has helped me a lot 😄😄
S.B.S Challenges
S.B.S Challenges 15 days ago
My parents say I’m blessed because I have pin straight hair
Awesome Gamer59
Awesome Gamer59 15 days ago
Eva I love u but ur lipstick is getting me tight because it’s covering only half of ur top lips 😢💞
ali'sgacha studio
ali'sgacha studio 15 days ago
a while ago i had a few spots and then i lost a friend and the spots kinda went
Love_your_hair_ love_yourself
Absolutely love your Chanel. You just gained a new subscriber 😀🤪😁 Such a pleasure to watch you. You have a lots of positive energy. Love it
Laila Williams
Laila Williams 15 days ago
U should straighten ur hair
sara gomes
sara gomes 16 days ago
Having Indian parents taking care of yourself with mask, or products are extra and unnecessary for them but they also want you to look beautiful. Wtf
musiclover6842 16 days ago
How do I kick out literally all my coworkers and the customers?
Jasmine 16 days ago
I literally needed this video so thank you so much, definitely going to take your advice :))
Savannah’s Channel
You have more subs then brent
breeze misty
breeze misty 17 days ago
Basically all the tips: 8:16 - kick the bad people out 10:16 - see a professional 14:41 - wear protective styles 16:02 - give hair/skin time to do its own thing 16:51 - take time to care for yourself 18:47 - find your goals people 19:55 - change habits 21:51 - don't eat like garbage
Liana Ammar
Liana Ammar 17 days ago
The best video I have ever seen
Bffl Gang
Bffl Gang 17 days ago
What if I cause my own stress and I’m just not happy
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