How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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Okay guys here's all the tea on how I FINALLY GREW MY DUSTY CRUSTY HAIR into a magical head of hair, and cleared my dark spot skin to a blemish free model face mmmkay ❤️❤️❤️
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How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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May 23, 2019




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Madelyn Thao
Madelyn Thao 20 hours ago
Her intro was about half of her video 😂😂😂😂😂
Isaac Ayele
Isaac Ayele Day ago
26:23 26:24
Mahakaal ki Jai
Mahakaal ki Jai 2 days ago
MoonlitCourtney 2 days ago
The “me knowing that I’m literally not white” took me out. 😭
PREETHA Baskar 3 days ago
Thats the thing idk what exactly is my hair type!!!
abha soodan
abha soodan 4 days ago
Can someone plz tell me where she gets her wigs from!!!
• Emjaay Foster •
But my hair is very bleached. And very coloured
._.Princezna._. 5 days ago
Who else is here in 19 septeber 2020
Violet Andrews
Violet Andrews 9 days ago
Do you have sensitive skin?
Bridget Nwachukwu
She wore the same thing in doing it wrong
Aadilakshmi 9 days ago
i don't know but Eva's new hair in the thumbnail reminded me of Monica Gaztambide ( in money heist) like it's soo curly!! It's not blonde curly but when i saw the thumbnail i thougt it was that girl from money heist lol😂 ❤ Love u eva 💕😃
Gee 10 days ago
i’m here bc i cut my hair and i look like a curly grandma 😞
Loren Swan
Loren Swan 10 days ago
and if you already do all of this?......... hmmm...
amy Saxelby
amy Saxelby 13 days ago
“Get rid of bae people” Me: how do I get rid of my sister
Highest Hoe
Highest Hoe 15 days ago
I’ve watched your videos for years but I finally feel like I relate to you, I honestly didn’t even know you were PR & black Till this year
Claudia Jade
Claudia Jade 21 day ago
This video was a personal attack
Chloe De klerk
Chloe De klerk 22 days ago
I love your hair❤❤
Aleah Renee
Aleah Renee 22 days ago
Is your skin sensitive?
Rosey.trendz 28 days ago
Hii.... am I the only one here
ritaj hiabu
ritaj hiabu Month ago
That really help me a lot
set yourself free
I can really relate to you ... Even I also go through such situations.... But your vedio is really helpful...
April Diggens
April Diggens Month ago
lovin the top
For all the guys you should see my video on how I grew to 8+ inches 😜
Maddy Martino
Maddy Martino Month ago
i litterally had 2 tabs open of the same vid and theu were both playing 1 second away from eachother. i finally realized 5 minutes into the video, i now have a bad headache-
P. S
P. S Month ago
I feel so comfortable with watching these videos,you wouldn't even understand. Eva, you've changed my life. thank you for that😍😍❤
Selyn Selyn
Selyn Selyn Month ago
Junior Awi
Junior Awi Month ago
Sasha Gibbs
Sasha Gibbs Month ago
Yennifer Funez
Yennifer Funez Month ago
briaja s
briaja s Month ago
Can you make a video of how you applied your wigs / how you kept your hair moisturized (like how you kept it growing while wearing the wigs?) Details like did you take them off everyday, did you leave them on for a week then wash/ how often did you wash your real hair???
Hannah Neira-Sokolowska
Your Hair Looks *Beautiful* !
Chiara Kriel
Chiara Kriel Month ago
Can u pls also give us ur diet plan
Chiara Kriel
Chiara Kriel Month ago
U should give us ur exercise plan so that we can get skinny again Like if u agree 👇
Kate Crowe
Kate Crowe Month ago
1. Kick the bad people out Ok so how do I get rid of my siblings?
Cheryl Ann Thomas
Eva: i hope everything is going well Me: no its 2020
Help me get 5k subs with no videos
Summer Summe Summ Sum Su S Sc Sch Scho Schoo School
Sibahle Ndhlela
Sibahle Ndhlela Month ago
Hi eva how did u get poppulor because i love ur videos
Orla Shittu
Orla Shittu Month ago
My hair used to be sooooo bad but then I stop straightening it and used hair moistures and curl difiners
Joy Okonta
Joy Okonta Month ago
this helped i was dumb to and decided to cut my hair and straighen it.
GerardAtTheUrie Carrying On
I want her hair and her skin. This is gonna be so hard. Wish me luck
Rosa D’Agostino
Yes ma’am! You got me👩🏽‍🦱🙏🏽
Rain Houston
Rain Houston Month ago
Guys. Do not use DevaCurl! I am not an Eva hater( I have been watching her since Back to School vids) but there is a lawsuit against them that she recently mentioned on her IG(less than a day ago). Its one from this year because their brand causes scalp irritation, damaged hair and MAJOR hair loss.
Felicia Bailey
Felicia Bailey Month ago
Shame on the hair dresser. FOR SHAME!!!!
Nadine Bothma
Nadine Bothma Month ago
Thanks Ava really needed this ❣️
Sophia TenClay
Sophia TenClay Month ago
ava: remove anything that is stressing you out me: ok, so I have no friends now also, who else is here during quarantine?
Tara Rio
Tara Rio Month ago
It’s like u had ur glowup after brent! See it does work ppl 🌟✨
Michelexxo Month ago
what wigs do you recommend??
Nazia Anjum
Nazia Anjum 2 months ago
We want a glow up video
Jesus is the Way the Truth the LIFE
WHAAAA???? I'm black and Puerto Rican too!!!! 🥰🙌🖤🇵🇷
Jesus is the Way the Truth the LIFE
Dark hair look soooooo good on you!! 😍😍😍
Joe sindha
Joe sindha 2 months ago
U look beautiful girl😍
Gerald patton sr
Gerald patton sr 2 months ago
Two thumbs up for eva.great video
kaat burnham
kaat burnham 2 months ago
Thankyou for the tips! Mental health is key to clear skin. Facts girl
Ashley 2 months ago
Wigs didn’t make your hair grow. It was leaving your hair alone and not manipulating it with heat,color,chemicals that made it grow. Hair will grow, it takes time and proper care. Your natural curls are pretty.
Ava Parks
Ava Parks 2 months ago
you should rice water research it it worked my my curly hair
Hiba Rachdi
Hiba Rachdi 2 months ago
did anyone else realize that the name of the video states that she grew her hair 8+ inches while in the intro of video she said 4. no offense but can you just say the truth. 4 inches in 6 months is already amazing.
센戦前 2 months ago
I'm Puerto Rican and Black too 🇵🇷😄
rebecca Barroteran
rebecca Barroteran 2 months ago
Every time I watch you I always feel more grateful for my life💛💛🧡
Parvaneh Zarif
Parvaneh Zarif 2 months ago
Eva I need this thank you so much!!!!!
Lew Yong Xing泳杏
Lew Yong Xing泳杏 2 months ago
So how did u grow your hair 8+ inches?
Antonia Bugeja
Antonia Bugeja 2 months ago
love this cannel
Hanna St Marie
Hanna St Marie 2 months ago
Bunnychu Wolfy
Bunnychu Wolfy 2 months ago
Kick the bad ppl out* I this is not my house oof
lia sarasidou
lia sarasidou 2 months ago
gurl u look freshhhhh
Dave Gray
Dave Gray 2 months ago
that is so rude! I have thin hair
laveena Hall
laveena Hall 2 months ago
Eva: remove what's stressing you out Me: Ok so. how do I get out of school
Daisey 2 months ago
Ooooooo she talking bout the karen hairstyle
xXHedgehogirl_XDXx 2 months ago
10:22 Canada has free health care!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Dovely vlog
Dovely vlog 3 months ago
“Kick bad people out” Me in the middle of a super stressful skin treatment: I’m kicking my dermatologist
Zaakirah Dowden
Zaakirah Dowden 3 months ago
Eva do not put on make up bc u r already beautiful
mapitso lesego
mapitso lesego 3 months ago
Eva:explaining ❤ Me:get to the point girl😂
lil_K 1000
lil_K 1000 3 months ago
Who skipped to 7:28
stainthegemini 3 months ago
I’m on this journey rn
Lily Howell
Lily Howell 3 months ago
Omg ava u are beautiful dont let anyone tell u different
Naima Ghani
Naima Ghani 3 months ago
Naima Ghani
Naima Ghani 3 months ago
Lizbeth Esquilin
Lizbeth Esquilin 3 months ago
Lol guess I have to kick college out of my life 😅😅
Holly Watts
Holly Watts 3 months ago
I came here in quarantine because I don’t want to look like a bumpy potato when I go back to school
Janet Mwaluma
Janet Mwaluma 3 months ago
Thaveesha Akurugoda
Thaveesha Akurugoda 3 months ago
You are so original Eva ❤️
chlomazing 6000
chlomazing 6000 3 months ago
Who else has watched this like 3 times lol
Cookie Bear
Cookie Bear 3 months ago
I think I have the same creams as you 😂that’s cool. It actually helps though💖
Milan Tamakuwala
Milan Tamakuwala 3 months ago
Who else is here from quarantine
aali.VS. challenges
aali.VS. challenges 3 months ago
When she talked about not liking what you look like without anything on and adding more to cover it up, I literally was like " oh crap". ( literally dyed hair and chopped it short and wears makeup every day)
Iris Plummer
Iris Plummer 3 months ago
It's so true most of us always listen to the mean girls
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed 3 months ago
Thanks Eva...😁
Madison Jarrell
Madison Jarrell 3 months ago
My hair is long and wavy and I love it
Skittel 9610
Skittel 9610 3 months ago
Katty Katty
Katty Katty 3 months ago
What is ur bleaching cream name I have acne scars
Kim Bearsby
Kim Bearsby 3 months ago
I have thin hair that is either frizzy of in ringlets naturally I got by hairstyled by a professional once and it's looked so good and my thin hair looked thick
Neirouz Dhedah
Neirouz Dhedah 3 months ago
Eva looks so pretty with her natural hair
Thaveesha Akurugoda
Thaveesha Akurugoda 3 months ago
I watch you whenever I feel lost! Thank you for being such an inspiration ❤️
Symphoni Lorde
Symphoni Lorde 3 months ago
I literally have the same hair as Ava and I was going to cut it and start masking myself...But then I saw this vid..🔆
Symphoni Lorde
Symphoni Lorde 3 months ago
I literally learnt how to love myself from this vid... Eva: take out things that are stressing you out Me: ssooooo....How do I get outta school and vacate? who else came here in quarantine and see it as suggstion... 👇🏼
SWARNA LATHA Project Nanhi kali Vizag
I think it's the same dress that she wore in the music video by Brent. Doin it wrong.
Riana Fateema
Riana Fateema 3 months ago
Eva deserves nothing she deserves nothing she is a bad person and real life I met she was so mean to me don't show me hate because I met her in real life and she was the meanest person ever met
Anita Debro
Anita Debro 3 months ago
wow such a glow up. Her skin is literally beautiful without makeup. This is really helpful, Eva
Sultan Alhashmi
Sultan Alhashmi 3 months ago
Bro don’t lie to your self she just finished puberty
Sultan Alhashmi
Sultan Alhashmi 3 months ago
How the hell do homeless people have clear skin
V V 3 months ago
honestly i would loooooooove to go to a stylist who knows and understands my hair type, but i live in a country where the majority of people are with straightest straight hair. and i would absolutely want to get some advice on how to take care of my hair but this is i m p o s s i b l e h e r e to find a stylist who specializes on curls or undestands how to maintain them. fml
Kate McGonigle
Kate McGonigle 3 months ago
When ur eating chips while watching this video and she says the last tip...lmao
Ava Lewis
Ava Lewis 3 months ago
My name is also ava
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