How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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Okay guys here's all the tea on how I FINALLY GREW MY DUSTY CRUSTY HAIR into a magical head of hair, and cleared my dark spot skin to a blemish free model face mmmkay ❤️❤️❤️
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How I Grew My Hair 8+ INCHES And Cleared My Skin in 6 Months! 6 STEPS TO GLOWING UP | MyLifeAsEva

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May 24, 2019

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Cherise Neu
Cherise Neu 45 minutes ago
You are naturally beautiful and I wish I was that pretty love you soo much you are my roll model 💕😊
Julia Holdsworth
Julia Holdsworth 4 hours ago
my hair is not as curly as yours but its very thick and frizzy- in some ways we've gone through the same thing ;) i cut my hair short and i like it at the time but now i really regret it because my long hair was so beautiful. so you are not alone :)
Obdulia Carlos
Obdulia Carlos 7 hours ago
There was someone in the background
Jahnavi Gupta
Jahnavi Gupta 8 hours ago
You should be a philosopher really motivated me to KICK BAD PEEPS OUT
Izuku Mydoryia
Izuku Mydoryia 9 hours ago
what is an sd card? when i searched it up it said it was 4 a computer. Also Im really self concous about myself. Im really thin and my breasts are small for my age. What should i do? Also i love ur videos.
ThatGuineaPigLife !
ThatGuineaPigLife ! 13 hours ago
Eva: kick the bad people out Me: Well, I have no friends, and I'm homeschooled.. I have nobody to kick out...
Caitlin Lucas
Caitlin Lucas 14 hours ago
When I straighten my hair is that bad fro my hair my profile is literally hair 😂😂
Dt Durtle
Dt Durtle 14 hours ago
Eva:get rid of the bad things in your life Me:school who? We don’t know her anymore
Amy Perdomo
Amy Perdomo 16 hours ago
Catfish 🤣
XxAlpha’s Animations
So amazing AVA is like my freaking Idol
Angelena Moore
Angelena Moore 17 hours ago
Please please please do a whole video on wigs and how you care for your hair while you wear them
Zoe Ford
Zoe Ford 19 hours ago
PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE- do a "story time with eva" and tell us your full story with your hair and skin! I don't know about the others but I want details!
ricia adelle
ricia adelle 20 hours ago
Eva: when I brush my hair I was pulling my hair out No one: No one at all: Me:OW My mom:*pulls my hair out doing my hair"😂
Rozo Prase
Rozo Prase 21 hour ago
Thanks 💛
Okumura Rin
Okumura Rin 21 hour ago
I got a big ass head plus my thin curly hair aint a good mix
MA Studio
MA Studio 22 hours ago
I love your vids ♥️ can I please have a shoutout
Olivia Banfield
Olivia Banfield 23 hours ago
your so pretty inside and out my hair is so curly i hate it and legit this helped me so much
potato patata
Eva is literally so pretty before and after she is also my idol Ily Eva🤗🤗🤩😍🤩😍🥰😋😋😋😋😋
maddie The noodle
I have naturally straight hair and I really really hate it. I curled it everyday until watching this and you helped a lot
Nanar Mushyan
I did the same damn bob cut! Curly hair no no!! Shrinkage lol Edit: You just desribed sooo many of our lives and wgat a lot of us have gone through! You're wicked smart! **(((Subbed andLiked)))** ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Martin Malcolm
My sister thinks you are ugly i don't
Manasik Nouruldeen
this is crazyyyy,, i was just asking myself today why doesnt eva tell us about her hair journey,, and i just found this... thankessss
Jennifer. Liv DeHart. Dehart
eva: kick the bad people out me: has no friends [and this might sound weird but] would if you are one of the bad people in your life
Tea Tomrlin
Tea Tomrlin Day ago
She’s just so freaking beautiful i cannot
Leah Macqueline
you have no idea how much this helped me.
Fabulous_ plum
Never related to anyone more as far as hair skin ect.
Nikkic 1803
Nikkic 1803 Day ago
Bianca Renee today is great
Kaylen Pierrelus
Can we just talk about her shirt for a second???
Poeta Greene
Poeta Greene Day ago
jarie maela
jarie maela 2 days ago
I think my hair type is actually pretty similar to yours. I am mixed so I have curly hair. And when I was listening to your story I was so confused because it was like I was listening to my own story. I went in to a salon and I had someone who has Caucasian hair cutting MY hair. I specifically told her THAT IF SHE WETS ME HAIR IT WILL RETRACT WHEN DRY BECAUSE OF CURLS. But she still cut it to short. I was feeling the same way as you- I was just like- I don’t know what to do with it and now I am so sad because it isn’t growing back like it did when I was younger. I think I’ve figured it out- maybe. When I was younger I had a B12 deficiency and so I started researching causes of stunted hair growth and B12/Anemia was one of the causes. It was a huge discovery for me. I realized that over the past few months I had only been eating lean meets and completely eliminated eggs from my diet. I have started making egg hair masks (I know it sounds gross) but i am waiting to see if it works. I have also increased my intake of B12 such as red meats, etc. so I actually have a few tips, if anyone cares to see them. So I’m not sure what my skin type it is. In summer it is SO oily but in winter just a little dab of ointment makes my skin scaly flaky dry so I don’t know. But what I use is natural essential oils. 100% pure lavender and tea tree oil have worked the best for me. I also can’t remember which RUvidr I got this tip from, but basically I dry cleanse meaning before adding water you put your cleanser or scrub onto your face completely dry. Look it up, there is some science thing behind it. I also use chemical free products, Paraben free products. It doesn’t do anything for your acne but I just like the thought of using safe products that won’t lead to any health issues. Also if you ever experience an extreme breakout make sure to check the ingredients and see if any could be possibly allergic reactions. Some people just throw away the product in general but if you find out the irritating ingredient/ingredients than you can know what to stay away from in the future. I had a severe reaction to benzoyl peroxide so now I make sure none of my products have it. Also if you check out Haley’s corner you can watch her video about skincare and there is a website called CosDNA that gives ratings on each individual ingredient in your skincare product rating it in irritation, safety, etc. Moving onto hair. So right now I am in this trial stage where I am trying a bunch of things out and I can’t tell if they work until further in the future but here is what I’ve tried. I’ve tried egg hair masks. They didn’t do anything unbelievable but nothing bad, but I have to keep using to get good results. Anyway I have been using shampoo and conditioner by the brand Live Clean. AMAZING!! Well for me anyway. I have been getting so many compliments on how my hair looks super healthy and silky even though I was born with rough frizzy hair. They have ingredients like coconut, Argan, lavender, grape seed which is all so so good for your hair. A tip for girls with curly hair. When you get out of the shower scrunch your hair up to your head and slowly let it bounce down. This will tighten your curls. I used to have wavy hair that was super frizzy but now my hair is curly and shiny in a way (sometimes still frizzy). Anyway the next thing is- do not brush your hair while it’s a wet. Ok- I’ve heard this from so many beauty gurus and hair experts, but brushing my hair dry is a literal NIGHTMARE. It’s frizzy it’s tangly, I toss and turn while a sleep so it gets even more tangly, and I could brush it for seven hours and there would always be one tangle that sneaks up on my again. But seriously if you want healthier hair do this. Your hair is most vulnerable and delicate when it’s wet so you have a higher risk of breakage and more hair follicles falling out. Some tools that your hair will love and that can be found on amazon are- microfiber towels, and boar bristle brushes. Anyway moving on... so some stuff that you can actually use from your kitchen cabinet is coconut oil, olive oil, and egg. Egg has biotin and protein which helps strengthen your hair, and oils will moisturize and nourish your hair. Another tip is do not wear any tight or constricting hairstyles. It will pull on your hair like crazy. Also I recommend wrapping your ponytail less times around so your not confining your hair to such a small tight space. So yeah, I’m sure like no one is going to see this but I was just bored so I wrote a freakishly long comment! Hope it helped!🤣
That's the longest comment I've ever seen LoL
a r e a n y of u s r e a l l y l o v e d ?
dang. i haven't been on this channel since 2016💀 3 + years
lilMissSunshine 2 days ago
Just Nadia28
Just Nadia28 2 days ago
I feel you
lovers club
lovers club 2 days ago
I have the same hair type as you but i get a root touch up every 3 months is that okay??
kelsey lelei
kelsey lelei 2 days ago
i've never related to a video more; THANK YOU
Vichy Roxy
Vichy Roxy 2 days ago
How can I kick some bad people out of my life when they are a part of my friend group (not one of us like her) but we can not just kick her out because drama???
Anastasia Moulton
Thank you will much because now I have no more pimples and I have healthy hair😁😍
ruth boumard
ruth boumard 2 days ago
You are amazing i love u but your shirt driving me craizy where you bought this shirt its gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍
Mågīçãl Danî
Man, I’ll never glow up, god wants me to stay ugly so I can’t have a bf or a husband he wants guys to run away from me EVEN IF I USE FILTERS..I STILL LOOK LIKE A ROACH! ;(
Gr8Ramen 2 days ago
Eva can you make a video about your wigs cause I’ve always wondered where you get them from
Grace johnson
Grace johnson 2 days ago
A great message tho!
Grace johnson
Grace johnson 2 days ago
This is not at all related to this subject but I love Eva's shirt!!!
Aaliyah 2 days ago
what hair products do you use!?!?
Brunnel Rodany
Brunnel Rodany 3 days ago
Side note: When you wear braids you to use repair and anti damage creams on edges. For anti breakage. Thats some advice I learned. So if you ever decide to try braids Eva you should try Kenya Moore edge stimulater.
Sarah Palmer
Sarah Palmer 3 days ago
Eva you are so right about the people around us! I’ve had horrible skin for years but the last 5 months I’ve been going out with the most amazing boy and my skin has been gorgeous! It’s the truth
Angel baby
Angel baby 3 days ago
*can't do any of this cause I'm a 15 year old and my parents won't let me*
Can you please subscribe !
Your hair is curly then before
Jordan TW
Jordan TW 3 days ago
i would luv to eat healthy but its way to expensive
Cindy velazquez
Cindy velazquez 3 days ago
Can you make a full skin care routine in detail ?
Before you wear makeup check the ingredients that's probably the problem
cuz_ITSreal .m
cuz_ITSreal .m 3 days ago
You only have 10 million you should have more for how good you are
hopefuldaniel on ig
eva: kick the bad people out me: gets rid of all my friends
Janelleee 3 days ago
Haven’t watched Ava in a lonnng time but WOW she is GLOWING more than before, especially seeing her with her natural curls ❤️
Aśh 3 days ago
Eva: kick the negative people out Me: how do you kick out your entire family other than your pets
Peaches sss
Peaches sss 3 days ago
My name is Ava
Gacha girl 103
Gacha girl 103 3 days ago
Arianna 3 days ago
The topical gel works really well I use it
Genesis Moreno
Genesis Moreno 3 days ago
CONGRATS ON 10 mil!!!
Bridget Abbott
Bridget Abbott 3 days ago
We use like the same thing lol
Jodan DeLaCruz
Jodan DeLaCruz 3 days ago
I love you and your channel so much it’s crazy
Данче Атанасова
Thank you Eva for this video and thanks for the suggested videos and products that are in the description box down below but I live in a country that we don't have products for curly hair (ok we do but they are like one or two brands that I don't really like and I think they are damaging my hair ) and I can't order them online because I don't have that much money and my parents don't allow me to order them online ...... and yes I have tried putting natural products that could find like coconut oil, olive oil, and other oils but people say that they smell weird and they made my hair look greasy ...... please help do you have any tips on how can I use natural products but still make my hair smell good and have healthy hair ..... LOVE YOU 😘
Selena Placencia
Selena Placencia 3 days ago
the dermatologist prescribed me Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide Gel and then in a week i’m going to be taking Acutane and i’m so accident for my skin to be clear
Gabby Girl
Gabby Girl 3 days ago
Love it girl, the natural you is beautiful from inside out 💖
Melody Mayden
Melody Mayden 3 days ago
I had awful hormonal acne and acne that couldn't be treated without medicine. They gave me adapaline gel and it destroyed my skin cause it was just too strong. But I had a great dermatologist that helped so much
Liz GachaLife
Liz GachaLife 3 days ago
I'm scared because I am going thorough what she went through right now. I also have trouble with my curly hair.
Gymnast Life
Gymnast Life 4 days ago
It's hard to find curly hair videos with people that have my same texture as me😪 most videos out here are girls with your hair type but your hair is honestly gorgeous😍
Walaa Elsnosi
Walaa Elsnosi 4 days ago
Your the best u helped me
Walaa Elsnosi
Walaa Elsnosi 4 days ago
Thank you
Tayand Nae
Tayand Nae 4 days ago
I’ve been watching u since ur first song
Poppy Payne
Poppy Payne 4 days ago
Eva!! just wanted to say I have the clynamycin and adapaline 1.0 prescribed and my skin is AMAZING now! Thanks!
Sarah Christie
Sarah Christie 4 days ago
how do you find the face masks that are right for your skin?!
Akane Civonavi
Akane Civonavi 4 days ago
Eva:kick negative people out Me:how to kick myself out of my life?
parsin parhoon
Sub you and I ‘m arianatore too Sorry for bad English
parsin parhoon
Akane Civonavi hello that army and my biast is jimin too
Gwen Frazier
Gwen Frazier 4 days ago
Ok so I have the same type of issue. But my hair was super long I dyed it trying to follow the trends but yet my hair was to dry an was healthy and just couldn’t handle it. So I got this shampoo and conditioner after this video and honestly that made my hair so soft it still a little damage but it so soft and looks so much healthyer | sorry and grammer| but anyways without our this video tbh I would be bald 😂😌💕
Hayvyn Smith
Hayvyn Smith 4 days ago
Can you do some videos of your hair routine or styles for hair video
RedLadyBug U
RedLadyBug U 4 days ago
I need tip of how to make hair a lot thicker. I have fine hair and need help. X
Isabel Schmid
Isabel Schmid 4 days ago
I'm very insecure about my eyebrows, they're so light and its the only thing that I don't like about myself and that restricts me from going bare face. any tips on that? they used to be naturally bigger until 7th grade where I thinned them out so much to the point where they won't grow back. Yours are amazing so I was just wondering.
Today 4 days ago
Don’t continuously put heat on your hair or else you’ll get heat damage. Your hair was made to curl, don’t try to change it.
lily hasmton
lily hasmton 4 days ago
Sab Sabb
Sab Sabb 4 days ago
Résumé : 1. Kick the bad people out 2. See a professional for hair / skin --> wear protective styles --> give your hair and skin time to do it own things --> try style with natural hair 3. Take time for yourself 4. Find your goals people 5. Change your habits 6. Don't eat like garbage - eat clean ♡
I have really short, and curly hair. How was your hair so long when you were in school? Also, youre so pretty without make up!! Im also 9.. so why am I even talking...
Kenna Tupper
Kenna Tupper 4 days ago
so why did you insist on continuing on with the damaged three inches of hair instead of just going natural?why did you have to have straight hair?do you think there was some self hating/self conscious about having curly hair going on?i think it would be good if you made a video divulging deeper into the reasons why black girls go through this?thanks Eva💕
Erin Herrmann
Erin Herrmann 4 days ago
You are so beautiful and you have been changing my life for like 5 years now!!
Pace Pascual
Pace Pascual 4 days ago
What supplements is she drinking again?
Magdalena najabj
Magdalena najabj 4 days ago
I'm wearing make up like 6 times a month and it doesn't help me :(
Marie Keys
Marie Keys 4 days ago
It's awesome how she considers her viewers her friends
stella mignatti
stella mignatti 4 days ago
Thank you Eva ♥️
Petra Milinković
You gave me confidence! Thank you soooooooo muuuuch! Like... Sooo many people say that someone is ugly but they are coverd with makeup... That just shows that they are not comfortable with themselves... Right? Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina, love you here.
hellohowrubye 5 days ago
In pics you look so mature but with natural state you look young, and basically what I learned is to go to the doc and get proper help
Bet Sol
Bet Sol 5 days ago
Love the vid
Team Lauryn
Team Lauryn 5 days ago
You are very pretty and I am ugly
Nanami Aokiri
Nanami Aokiri 5 days ago
Wait she is Puerto Rican me toooooooooooooo
bubblegum Callwood
Eva: I feel really good knowing that I can take off my makeup in front of my friends, people I am attracted to, my crushes Me: For the last my first guess is Brent #breva
Eva Diba
Eva Diba 5 days ago
My name is Eva like you
farida allam
farida allam 5 days ago
I love u so much and this is so helpful #Eva I love u sooooo much💘💘
Maha Alkaifi
Maha Alkaifi 5 days ago
يلعن اصلش
Carina S.
Carina S. 5 days ago
aw i love this
lol dt
lol dt 5 days ago
ty girly
Vivian Sampson
Vivian Sampson 5 days ago
This video is so useful thank you!!!
Elda Orellana
Elda Orellana 5 days ago
chynese noodles
chynese noodles 5 days ago
eva: kick the bad people out!!! *i can’t move out my house i’m still 17*
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