how i get ready to take instagram photos

emma chamberlain
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is my instagram obsession a problem? or normal? help
✭ website: www.chamberlaincoffee.com
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✩ I MADE A PLANNER (like... for organizing stuff) ✩
✭ bit.ly/theidealplanner
✭ search "Anything Goes" on spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever else you get your podcasts...
✭ instagram: instagram.com/emmachamberlain
✭ twitter: twitter.com/emmachamberlain
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-emma chamberlain


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Oct 5, 2020




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Comments 100
Bam Taulepa
Bam Taulepa 22 hours ago
wheres my coffee!? i cannot continue! looll i love her
Bam Taulepa
Bam Taulepa 22 hours ago
4:29 her cat just chillin in her clothes
Victoria Martinez
“1..2..3 close my eyes” *leaves eyes open * lmaoo
JustAnotherHuman .-.
me: scared for emmas ears while she was straighting her hair
Rey Hayag
Rey Hayag 3 days ago
can you live without coffee?
Desiree Moons
Desiree Moons 4 days ago
me everyday ''where is my coffee?''
monica Gmail
monica Gmail 4 days ago
Blonde is the best looking color on you in my opinion.
Ebony Tay
Ebony Tay Day ago
Yessss I miss it
monica Gmail
monica Gmail 4 days ago
I always watch your videos in the morning for some reason lols. They help me jump start my day!
Caitlyn 6 days ago
What is the lip plumper callez
Andi Skyberg
Andi Skyberg 18 days ago
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Ελβιρα Σιδηροπουλου
Emma's cat behind her is such a mood :)))
Jordan Vail
Jordan Vail 20 days ago
i understand now. i know that not all of emma's content is for everyone, even though i personally think her content is the most entertaining and comforting ive seen, but what probably makes emma's content so special for most people is because its emma. emma is one of the best people in the world. of course everyone messes up and nobody is perfect, but i still think that emma is so amazing and real. if anyone else made this video, it would NEVER be as close as entertaining to emma's. thats so special.
Nour AlAssil
Nour AlAssil 21 day ago
I got really surprised when she said people on tiktok said something about her nose and she got hurt cuz literally her nose is beautiful and perfect with her face!!
Madelyn K
Madelyn K 22 days ago
This is how many times she has said genuinely------->
Gwendolyn Ferguson
Gwendolyn Ferguson 25 days ago
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nisrine belhaj
nisrine belhaj 25 days ago
i swear to god you are my only breath of fresh air
random stuffzzz
random stuffzzz 25 days ago
11:23: but I can! 😈 like this if you got it I’m litterally dying rn
Victoria Holt
Victoria Holt 27 days ago
also, if u care, i have that setting spray but recently got a sample of a new one that I LOVE and its called "Lise Watier" by Magnifix and it has white tea in it and smells great and feels great so yeah u should try it, its probably expensive but I mean you'll be ok
Victoria Holt
Victoria Holt 27 days ago
lol she is literally friends with james and i tried to give her make up product suggestions
Victoria Holt
Victoria Holt 27 days ago
I just asked you in another video what you used for this look but clearly my question was answered so nvm
You snooze You lose
4:12 lol you can see her cat in the background
Jade 28 days ago
ronaline 29 days ago
not me watching emmas vlogs while having a mental breakdown i freakin love her!!!!
alamin89ariful mejan
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arisleidy cepeda
I got an add with her in it lol
Sophia E
Sophia E Month ago
literally when Emma showed her outfit i was like “ :O... :0” no capp im serious that outfit is lit
amanda cable
amanda cable Month ago
fleet fox
fleet fox Month ago
She’s giving me Michael Scott vibes and I love it
Janie Gayle
Janie Gayle Month ago
are we just gonna ignore the fact that she said “clear flavor”?
George Harizopoulos
Those who dislike this beautiful video every time you view it subscribe to a beautiful channel Julia Beaudoin. You’d absolutely love the videos. I’m really sorry that you lost someone in your life.😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻
Namjesus Hehe
Namjesus Hehe Month ago
✨The Clear Flavour✨
Emilie Beasley
Emilie Beasley Month ago
-why does her hair straighten going over it ONCE IT TAKES ME OVER AN HOUR AND IT LOOKS HOW SHE STARTED IM JELLLYYY
Monserrat Rodarte
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Elmer Sims
Elmer Sims Month ago
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Emmely Andersen
Emmely Andersen Month ago
Emma has likes her own picture at the front page aha
madi charest
madi charest Month ago
did she say clear flavor lolz
Robert Dilley
Robert Dilley Month ago
Awe success, God bless you
Richardson West
Richardson West Month ago
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meena stylinson
meena stylinson Month ago
Wlliam Dumas
Wlliam Dumas Month ago
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Abby Whitby
Abby Whitby Month ago
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Abby Whitby
Abby Whitby Month ago
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David Kim
David Kim Month ago
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Raining._.Melon Month ago
The cat in the closet i-
Angelique Jackson
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Leah Ellis
Leah Ellis Month ago
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Cassidy Brewer
Cassidy Brewer Month ago
ok has emma always had an ankle tattoo? 13:23 ??
Lorin Month ago
Luci Month ago
nobody: emma: ItS tHe cLeAr fLaVoR
Josie Georges
Josie Georges Month ago
One of the prettiest girls
Katherine Carrington
emma: iM uSiNg ThIs LiPgLoSs In ThE cLeAr FlAvOr lmaoooo
cathycrossing Month ago
Pseb Vzjsu
Pseb Vzjsu Month ago
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Adam Hunsicker
Adam Hunsicker Month ago
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tinhinane belkalem
The amount of times i have watched this video is unhealthy
S U Month ago
Why are you talking so much
Cora Turner
Cora Turner Month ago
posting is a way to express your creativity and feeling confident and sharing your life and who you are.Don't feel guilty.
Brystol Massey
Brystol Massey Month ago
“aw shit this is see through to well maybe double see through means not see through” emma 2020
Marissa Corsino
Marissa Corsino Month ago
Sooo cute omg the green with the brown!!! And the mini skirt!! fashionista
Sad Yeehaw Yoongi
imagine getting ads of yourself on your own video
Lola ce
Lola ce Month ago
Got a Emma chamberlain RUvid advisertisment .
Lexee Benkley
Lexee Benkley Month ago
her eyebrows just... idek.
JJ •M Month ago
Is no one going to notice the cat in the background at 4:20 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Carleigh Frazier
to get the frizz to go down, try coconut milk oil after but don’t too much bc it will get oily. u can get it at walmart
Hanna Nyberg
Hanna Nyberg Month ago
Is her foundation called "kosås"? Cow sauce?
Magickal Bean
Magickal Bean Month ago
This video gives me Michael Scott vibes in the best way 😂😂💗
macarena valenzuela
Sofia Tello
Sofia Tello Month ago
Maya Watrin
Maya Watrin Month ago
This girl is absolutely beautiful
Sandra Duarte
Sandra Duarte Month ago
Idk you have a Michael Scott energy lmao
Stella Luna
Stella Luna Month ago
I love uuuuu
Agathe champignons
I feel like Emma and Tyler the creator would be such good friends
Sweatlyxdeadx Month ago
Emma , I was watching you and then all my noodles fell on the floor and started having a mental breakdown no I have no food 😭🤚😔
missyxangels Month ago
oh my- 💔
Alayna Scott
Alayna Scott Month ago
The snape thing: It hurt me 👁👁 Awwwww girl 😅❤️
Harper VA
Harper VA Month ago
The thumb nail was her profile picture😂
T Bone
T Bone Month ago
4:09 All I could focus on was the cat lol
Sally Cole
Sally Cole 2 months ago
does anyone know the shade of the buxom plumping gloss Emma uses?
Claire Hartman
Claire Hartman 2 months ago
The alarm noise hurts my feelings every time🥲
yashvi 2 months ago
She is the only you Tuber who genuinely love us like fr
yashvi 2 months ago
I'm obsessed with her.
Nora Bersagel Braley
dude she doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is
Viohazard 2 months ago
"in the clear flavor"
Douglas Volinsky
Douglas Volinsky 2 months ago
Whats your whatever sponge
Douglas Volinsky
Douglas Volinsky 2 months ago
You did say its ok. ORIVIA.. WINK 😉
purple sunflower
purple sunflower 2 months ago
"In the clear... flavour" -Emma Chamberlain
ShadowCat11 2 months ago
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Bianca Perkins
Bianca Perkins 2 months ago
maybe you could try using Vaseline untested of carmex for your brows 😊
Katie •
Katie • 2 months ago
When hair is fluffy like that leave in conditioner and heat protectant needs to be applied. The cuticle is more likely to be open if its fluffy. If you straighten it use the cool setting on your hair dryer immediately after & avoid heavy humidity
Sarah LaSelle
Sarah LaSelle 2 months ago
Great personality!
Ivis Tobar
Ivis Tobar 2 months ago
I loved her outfit at the end 👌🏼
Vee Versace
Vee Versace 2 months ago
She looks sooooo good with blonde hair. I wish she kept it blonde!! 😍😍
Ava 2 months ago
snape? or voldemort? LMAO
Sophie Tipping
Sophie Tipping 2 months ago
Emma is the kinda person I know wouldn't judge me in a bikini
vlada berdar
vlada berdar 16 days ago
she would hype you up kinda person
Kirsten Elaina
Kirsten Elaina 2 months ago
thank you Emma for making me laugh out loud over and over again for the first time in FOREVER. I love you
Carolyn Liaw
Carolyn Liaw 2 months ago
Love your videos Emma 💜
Bob The Handy Man
Bob The Handy Man 2 months ago
This is what I call entertainment
Alaweyah Patterson
Alaweyah Patterson 2 months ago
Let's just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful she is
ALT444 2 months ago
Please don’t add alarms 🚨, I get anxiety lol
Léa Curzi
Léa Curzi 2 months ago
"your nose look like Snape from Harry Potter" BRO WHAT I WILL PAY TO HAVE YOU FACEEEE
Tiffanie Pope
Tiffanie Pope 2 months ago
What two shades did you mix of the Kosas?
Maryam Malik
Maryam Malik 2 months ago
Aww emma I love how cute n sincere u are with us , like such a clean pure heart, I like watching yer vids because it makes me feel so loved n welcomed
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