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hi everyone!! thank you so much for watching this weeks video and i hope you loved it!
instagram: @mckennasalazar
vsco: @kennamariie
business inquiries: kennamariepiano@gmail.com
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music in this video.
camera: canon g7x mark ii
please leave requests down below!
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Howto & Style

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Feb 17, 2019




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Kenna Marie
Kenna Marie Year ago
hi guys! here are two other videos that will help you grow your channel! 1. How to Have a Successful RUvid Channel ruvid.net/video/video-s5iZ5IonRPk.html 2. How I Get my Music ruvid.net/video/video-p9N8avJg7Ng.html
•M o o d y l e m o n•
Happiness sure :)
Happiness 17 days ago
@•M o o d y l e m o n• if i sub to you can you sub to me
•M o o d y l e m o n•
Small channel here goal is 10 😊
happilymorgan 19 days ago
Unicorn Girl Hana iMovie is only for apple
Happiness Month ago
Hey Kenna I am a small youtuber and would love to collab please let me know your thoughts
Kicking It With Nae
Kicking It With Nae 10 hours ago
Heyy. Small RUvidr here🥰! I would love the support💕!
Oyeyemi Mofiyinfoluwa
Wow thank you so much
ruby Muasya
ruby Muasya 20 hours ago
Your quality is so bomb.
Ezgi Ağca
Ezgi Ağca 21 hour ago
can you do all these using an iphone too?
Emz escape skateboarding
This is really helpful , thanks ! I’m trying to start up my channel that I made through being bored in quarantine 😭
This pandemic has led me to longshot dreams 😂
Law Conversations with Lefa Ramapala
Editing videos is a job and a half🥺
Delaney Dodson
Delaney Dodson 2 days ago
It doesn’t let me put in the stars
chloe grace
chloe grace 3 days ago
can you please do a video on how to make your youtube channel banner
Apeksha Singh
Apeksha Singh 3 days ago
I love this. Thank youuu
Avaaa Just ava
Avaaa Just ava 3 days ago
On a phone is so much easier LOL
scout dorothy
scout dorothy 3 days ago
This Really Helped Thankyou!!!!
Ella Geib
Ella Geib 3 days ago
Who else is tryna start a channel in quarantine🤧
Natalie Cason
Natalie Cason 3 days ago
This is how many ppl started their channel because of this beaut | |
Simply Sama
Simply Sama 3 days ago
Who just started a youtube channel I wish u luck Bt I have a small youtube channel
Janisha & Maanvik
Very very helpful!!! 😊😊❤️
AVA KOMONCZI 4 days ago
Who else here cant afford a macbook or an Apple Computer?
Hxney bear
Hxney bear 5 days ago
thanks this really helped me
Lauren Elise
Lauren Elise 5 days ago
i have an iPhone and a Chromebook and I have a DSLR camera but I know I need an imac or a MacBook but I know its expensive and I don't want to push my parents money around what should I do??
Heidi 5 days ago
Waaaaaay too fast and loads of jumpy edit cuts. But thanks for trying to help
a_ mann04
a_ mann04 5 days ago
She says that's the only camera she has🧐 HOWEVER🤔 there is a poloroid right behind her😱
Kenna Marie
Kenna Marie 5 days ago
i can’t film videos on a polaroid lol
Unique Mae Diaz
Unique Mae Diaz 5 days ago
Thank you this helped so much
maddie 5 days ago
hoping to start soon
Cami 6 days ago
This is amaaaazing !
Brittany Long
Brittany Long 6 days ago
What MacBook you use
Kim’s Roblox Channel
I use iMovie to edit my videos and I edit it with a phone and it’s not that hard but now I use it on a iPad
beefburger103 6 days ago
6,601 comment is this one
Christian Perdomo
nice tips but lay off the "and" a little lol
aryasava; 7 days ago
ceo of: AnD tHeN
Maggie Massey
Maggie Massey 7 days ago
girl, THANK YOU for this video
Daily Life of Lexie
You don’t have to mask the Instagram overlay because it was already green so you could’ve just used chroma key
Patrick Logan
Patrick Logan 8 days ago
Thanks for your information on this topic.
rania says
rania says 8 days ago
i have a question how do u add thoes aesthetic backround sounds in your vids
lxvelylxmonii 8 days ago
How do you get i movie in 2020?? .-.
Esther A
Esther A 8 days ago
thank you so much, so helpful!!!
Kassie Velez
Kassie Velez 8 days ago
what font does she use in phonto?
It’s Epic Angel Eight
This helped me a lot
Caffeine Queen
Caffeine Queen 9 days ago
Meanwhile I use my ipad for everything (filming, editing, watching your video 😂) Love the specific tips! Very helpful
Devy 9 days ago
Tysm for the help.
WelpADoo 10 days ago
everyone's commenting like "omg who else is starting a youtube channel in quarantine???" or "like this if you're a small youtube!!" like chill chillax man we get it
Marijane Alvarez
Marijane Alvarez 10 days ago
Can you do it on a iPad Pro
Maiah Nelson
Maiah Nelson 10 days ago
Thank you so much
lilly m
lilly m 11 days ago
anyone that sees this make sure to subscribe to my account i’m new! and trying to get big
Laura Chen
Laura Chen 11 days ago
i have needed those tips for months!
Laura Chen
Laura Chen 11 days ago
thank you so much!
misslily2005 11 days ago
If you are looking for a easy simplified imovie tutorial go check out "William Collidge" channel it has great simple content suitable for beginners and pros, I found it was the best video
Smilzie 11 days ago
Helpful and practical, taking notes for when I'll have courage to start 🤭
Cxctus- The Robloxian
*me watching* I understand: *3 seconds later* Wait WHAT
Minty's Sketchbook
Minty's Sketchbook 12 days ago
Who else is starting a channel in quarantine? Good luck!💗
Sunday Vibes
Sunday Vibes 12 days ago
Because IMovie is for iphone & Ipad, The creators of IMovie should make a app called AnMovie! AnMovie should be for Androids like phones and tablets! It would be so cool!
molly bartley
The creators of iMovie are Apple tho
PrincessWave Sisters
hi guys small youtuber here...i'm ՏᑌᗷՏᑕᖇIᗷIᑎᘜ to whoever ᒪIKᗴՏ and ՏᑌᗷՏ to our channel !!!✩✩✩
Jenny’s A freak
Jenny’s A freak 12 days ago
I have just started out on yt first video up pulling an all-nighter please go like it I will sub back 😘
i.l.s x
i.l.s x 12 days ago
00:00 intro 00:25 planning 00:54 equipment 01:54 basics 02:37 overlays 06:51 filters 07:56 thumbnails 09:31 outro
M. L
M. L 13 days ago
To change your default photo placement if you don’t want auto Ken Burns, try changing it in iMovie Preferences upper left.
Ava K
Ava K 13 days ago
Hi Kidd,sk
Neve Haley.
Neve Haley. 14 days ago
Pretty plz sub to my channel!! (Neve Haley) 🤗
Isabel Dubose
Isabel Dubose 14 days ago
Ummm, you can actually use a plus vsco filter without a membership. All you need to do is choose your filter and screenshot it when you press on exposure. It doesn’t work on videos though
Isabel Dubose
Isabel Dubose 14 days ago
Smile more 😊
Tati Jane
Tati Jane 15 days ago
Thank you for your video😍 I wish all the best to all new youtubers . Who is new like me in this? Subscribe me and I will subscribe you back❤️❤️❤️✅ let’s grow together
sᴛᴀɴ ᴀᴛᴇᴇᴢ ɴᴏᴡ
for custom transitions, there are green screens you can use to find, and you can get free intros that you don’t need to credit (you can if you want to though), and other cute effects you can’t find on iMovie, have fun guys!
Julissa Molina
Julissa Molina 15 days ago
How did u get the star png
Fana tube
Fana tube 15 days ago
Slowly pls don't do fast
Malaika Creates
Malaika Creates 15 days ago
Yeah, I am so excited. I am starting an art channel soon. Please support me anyone who is out there interested in art. I haven’t uploaded anything yet but I will by the end of JUNE 2020. I am so EXCITED!!!!
The Camstro's
The Camstro's 15 days ago
You can also adjust the size of your thumbnail through Phonto, instead of going through the converter. When you choose your plain image youre going to start with, Phonto gives you the option to plug in the size you want it to be. /hope that helps(:
Tamilore Adeyanju
Tamilore Adeyanju 15 days ago
Thank you so much
Tamilore Adeyanju
Tamilore Adeyanju 15 days ago
Wow this is work
Mummy's Cook Book
Mummy's Cook Book 15 days ago
Who all are here after starting their own channel in this quarantine?
Pilar Ramondini Leon
omg!! so many new tricks that i just learned for imovie!!! And i was always wondering how other people did them!!! thanks girly!
The_monnies 16 days ago
Wait what app is that? (The first one you said you said it really fast)
winterblxssom 16 days ago
Does anyone know what font she is using?
KEISHSTARZ 16 days ago
who else is here june 2020 thinking to start youtube channel
Carolina Daltton
Carolina Daltton 17 days ago
i have a canon g7 mark ii but mine doesnt look like yours? how u fix ur audio? and background noise?
Martinez Family
Martinez Family 17 days ago
Anyone wanna support each other’s channel? ❤️
Titoluwa Maxwell
Titoluwa Maxwell 17 days ago
this was sooooooooooo helpful! tysm
•Sunset Vibes -ROBLOX•
Thx for this but i am on android ;-; Btw small ytbeur here :)
Jerine Nicole
Jerine Nicole 17 days ago
Here because of the quarantineee lif -- starting a youtube channel in 2020 :p
Girl, you can do so much in Canva instead of going through several apps!
The Case Fam
The Case Fam 18 days ago
good luck to all small youTubers keep pressing on :)
Ruella's World
Ruella's World 19 days ago
Just starting my RUvid channel, wish all you the best
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