How Humans Broke the Game

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TierZoo 16 days ago
Oh btw did y'all know I'm on twitter too? Follow me: twitter.com/TheTierZoo
When the alien class is unlocked I really hope they get to watch these tutorials on currents builds within the game. I think it would give them all the context required to successfully play the game on this global server.
pablo46 4 days ago
your videos are awesome, nice point of view to explain all xD
John McHenry
John McHenry 10 days ago
TierZoo can you make an Amazon tier list due to the crazy amount of high tiers
invasive species would be a cool video. You could talk about them as bugs being introduced that are super op and have no balance patch. They hop servers and then destroy everything
Surprize!! Pizzaaaaaaaaa!!
Heeeey, what do you think about the spider build Euphrynichus Amanica? I don’t know much about it, but it elevates the fear factor to a whole other level. PS: you don’t really need to answer this :/
Illuminti Confirmed
eventually the humans will become so powerful that the patches that are suppose to nerf them actually buff them
Frederick Burton
Frederick Burton 2 hours ago
That the music from "Walking with Beasts", and then "Eyewitness" at the end?
RealTripz Ehhh
RealTripz Ehhh 4 hours ago
The biggest traps is your own mind - Caustic
Darkhero9965 5 hours ago
When the humans started making weapons that shoot it was pretty much over for everyone btw i think nature is the humans greatest enemy
Shadow-Monger 6 hours ago
Neadertals also bread into Sapians. Breeding a whole new class of super humans.
God Ninja
God Ninja 9 hours ago
More specifically the giant mantis
God Ninja
God Ninja 9 hours ago
Do a video on praying mantises!!!!!!! Ppllleeaaseee are they op against all things their size?
mu116688 11 hours ago
When OPs forgot to set permission for "/xp give" command and some players just found it. Free EXP farm FTW.
the glitch zero has idenTITI
Dude tutorial level would have been good BUT NO devs were like learn it yourself Well fuck you devs " zero got banned for *BAD LANGUAGE AGAINST DEVS* "
Kuroi tsuki
Kuroi tsuki Day ago
i just found this video when i booted up youtube and i already like this channel, i like how he explain humans as if we was playable character and the devs is god (or the universe) and we learn and gain exp as the time (i am guessing it would be call updates or patchnotes in gamer wise) move forward and the devs tried to nerf us while we just keep finding ways how the break the game or just cheat a bit, the video game style of explaining life and it animals is a good idea and i understand this very easily, i hope you can keep it up! p.s. i was upset that the update didn't allow us to fly ;-;
Lemur Day ago
the jazzy eyewitness music gets me every time
Antonio Hernandez
their bad
Joshua Penner
Joshua Penner 2 days ago
Is that ZooTycoon music in the background?
Skeptic Dylan
Skeptic Dylan 2 days ago
devs: lets remove a lot of trees present day children: shimmys up tree
Reverse communist
All other players: Pvp with itself it is not good Humans: Observe my Vehicle with cannon that fires explosives
James Haley
James Haley 2 days ago
The music is very nostalgic for me but I can't place where it's from. Can you tell me what show it's from?
toxic breath
toxic breath 2 days ago
Yooooo i can't wait till the mark patch
Sir Werty
Sir Werty 2 days ago
So...Whites i mean europe were stronger and smarter but the blacks i mean africans still won. But today you say whites i mean europeans are because they have more white i mean european genes are stronger and smarter?
Apollo_craft _1
Apollo_craft _1 2 days ago
But some people don’t have high Int
M. Godwin
M. Godwin 2 days ago
Lvl 10 Human vs Lvl 2 Humans Lvl 10 Human:HOW AM I LOSING Lvl 10 Humam:HOOOOW
Xendurr 2 days ago
It's all fun and games until a level 100 human player gathers level 1 human players for a battle royale just for his amusement.
Lynxx_XVI 2 days ago
Humans broke the game so hard they are working on their own balance patch. Unfortunately it sounds like it won't be very beneficial to them.
Get Spammed
Get Spammed 3 days ago
Nah dude. Europeans evolved in the Caucuses and Ukraine and are about 2% Neanderthal.
Dackel Achtbeinig
Oh no! That is shit! Neanderthals weren´t exterminatet, they were overfucked!
579justin 3 days ago
Alexandru Tănase
Humans : *OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU* Big Wolly Mammoth : *insert jojo speech here* You sacrificed your attack and defence for this inteligence and mobility, how will you defeat me now, HUH?? HUMAN!! Humans : *THIS IS THE END!!!* *throws spear* *spar breaks skull of thr mammoth, more humans charge from hiding grounds* Big Wolly Mammoth : NANI?? *humans kill big wolly mammoth* Victory
Eloi Sherifi
Eloi Sherifi 3 days ago
so you are saying the neanderthals where too op to stay alive...
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
Hey! Tibet server confirms Denisovan build existed for at least 160k years, the whole Far East, Indonesia, Oceania and Austraia servers being the mixed sapiens-denisovan build with +100% to low oxygen levels. Also, sapiens were buffed with the ability to inhale smoke which allowed them to build bases with +300% against cold and elements.
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
The players have unlocked bipedal before switching to the ground mode. Lower lvl units used horizontal, theyäve just adapted the same engine for the Savannah.
GRIFFON cs 3 days ago
I love everything about this video.
M R 3 days ago
Halberds are better two-handed weapons than spears imo. They're just as good at dealing piercing damage as spears, but they are also capable of dealing heavy slicing and blunt damage, and can even be used to grapple opponents. Their combo potential is also much higher because it's much easier to chain different attack types together than to spam the thrust attack.
JR Boyd
JR Boyd 3 days ago
6:29 Once you go Sapien, you don't go back. :D
person below is gay
I accidently made a human build that had insane agility and speed but low defense and muscle. How do I get more points into muscle and defense
person below is gay
person below is gay 12 hours ago
+Michinomiya Hirohito what about my defense build human. He has a ton of defense and muscle but very low speed.
Michinomiya Hirohito
+person below is gay It's not optimal but the only other option is a ton of grinding.
person below is gay
+Michinomiya Hirohito are u sure. Steroids increase aggression stats and muscle but they decrease some other stats.
Michinomiya Hirohito
Use the special item called: Steroids. Might cost you a bit of gridning though.
Rexus Mundi
Rexus Mundi 3 days ago
Still waiting for that Zombie Apoc Update. Also what kind of traits can we expect from the new undead sub-class when it finally comes out?
Minty 3 days ago
i'd love a 3 weeks long zombie apoc event but not a full on permanent update though...
Just wait until the rumored Alien or Extra terrestrial build class is finally released Then PVP won’t be a problem
awdrifter3 3 days ago
It'll become PvE (Extra Terrestrial).
Kaioshin Kaito
Kaioshin Kaito 4 days ago
Human History Power Levels (Correct me if im wrong) Ice Age Arc: >10,000 Bronze Age Arc: 30,000 Large Time Skip* The Fall Of Rome: 100,000,000< Before Black Plauge Saga: 440,000,000 After BP Saga: 110,000,000 Industrial Training Arc: 1 billion After WW1 Part 2: 3 billion Present Day: 7.7 billion
CaseOfThe Sniffles
so explain deformities then.
Jade Sterling
Jade Sterling 4 days ago
Does anyone know what the music that starts playing around 0:50 is from? It sounds familiar and I'm driving myself nuts trying to figure out why. XD
It's Just Me Aidan!!
It's sucks how people are denying that humans are still top tier and are trying to revert back to dog builds. They ended up making a solid D Tier class, Furries.
camon samon
camon samon 11 hours ago
camon samon
camon samon 11 hours ago
+Atamosk1221 your they decided it would be a good idea to take away some of there intelligence for (bad) aesthetics
Atamosk1221 16 hours ago
that subclass is full of degenerates. They keep picking up the various STI debuffs from their Guild meetings.
TurboPikachuX 4 days ago
TIL Out of the Cradle was made by Square-freaking-Enix
wojtekpolska 4 days ago
Humans vere so OP that devs gave random peoples one of 3 debuffs (with ability to spread to other Human players with low Inteligence points) they are: "Anti-Vaxx" [Deadly] +50% chance of getting deadly illness -60% inteligence -100% ability to do research -90% parenting +0% resistance for getting Autism "Flat Earther" [Basicly Harmless, but do not recommend] -5% for traveling & orientation -80% inteligence +99% chance of spreading false informations -100% ability to research +25% ability to annoy other Human players "Vegan" [Not deadly, but it can make surviving harder for you] ===Unable to eat meat=== -15% inteligence +5% chance of spreading false informations -30% ability to research +60% chance to starve their meat-eating pet to death if inteligence below 50 -50% Stealth - Forced to say "Im Vegan" at least every 5 minutes this is confirmed stats, im data-miner
wojtekpolska 3 days ago
+Nikolay Ivankov what is "pwhned" (i dont know what u mean) but Vegan is DEFINITLY Debuff, when your body is designed to extract stuff from meat you eat, but some idiot dont take advantage of it, cause "it is cruel" like we did not do it since first human ever has born
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
Btw, there were several vegan builds, in particular gigantopitecus on Indonesian and another one on Mediterranean servers. All got pwned pretty fast.
person below is gay
Dude in the newest patch they readded this debuff for humans [Feminist] -90% intelligence -80% Parenting +100% bullshittery + 0% resistance to male players
Akmal Komradz
Akmal Komradz 4 days ago
Humans player probably get nerf on the ww3 DLC
WesNohathas 4 days ago
The human class has unlocked so many skill tree options it's ridiculous. It's basically impossible to know what the best skills to spec into are, and many of them take decades of grinding to achieve mastery.
Elen Degenerate
Elen Degenerate 3 days ago
Honestly, I just picked the path of least resistance, its so easy so why fucking bother? #Teamlazy
Thomas badkin
Thomas badkin 4 days ago
Hello yes I'm looking for builds for a party now I've already three humans I just need 7 more to add some variety we're going on a rescue mission do you have any suggestions
Sunday Thursday
Sunday Thursday 5 days ago
Neanderthals were also probably carnivores
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
Well, the dental analysis has shown that they ate pretty much everything they can. Northern populations were almost entirely carnivore, populations of Iberian Peninsula could rely more on nuts and other stuff. And btw they also used to chew chamomile, which indicates that at least some of the medical knowledge was adapted by sapiens from the neanderthals.
AL DUSTY 5 days ago
The longer we have the highest tier the dumber the human race become And hey does anyone knows how to get to secret servers?
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
The cloud does not exist. It's just someone else's PC.
Michael The Loneliest Boy In Town
Why did I find this channel just now? This channel is amazing!
Miguel Caparos
Miguel Caparos 5 days ago
How do u even win the game?
Khurt Erni
Khurt Erni 5 days ago
One of the best buff for the current human meta is called the power of friendship it gives them the ability to overpower most foes through talking and support each other Another buff for the meta is called the Flashbacks which could be extremely powerful during a critical moment, where it gives the user massive power ups for remembering something in the past
Atamosk1221 16 hours ago
but those negatively impacted by the Flashback mechanic can fly into a frenzy and kill their party. we need more amicable Devs sometimes...
snail snailington
I unintentional made a Defense tank human build that can Sprint properly for a short time by eating too much too fast. I'm fat.
himangshu sarma
himangshu sarma 6 days ago
so survival of the strongest isn't correct technically
WesNohathas 4 days ago
There's a reason the Insect classes are also at the top of the tier list. Even human players struggle to deal with their rapid breeding and swarm abilities.
Lord Meow
Lord Meow 6 days ago
Rufaro Kembo
Rufaro Kembo 6 days ago
😂love this
celtic knight
celtic knight 6 days ago
When is the zombie apocalypse update coming any ideas?
Chicken Chadly
Chicken Chadly 4 days ago
can't happen becuase of reality update which was made in the alpha build
Alexander Krneta
Alexander Krneta 7 days ago
I think he believes in evolution.
TierZoo 7 days ago
Yolol 7 days ago
I was sad when they took the "Walking with (x)" series off Netflix :(
TierZoo 7 days ago
same. It's on CuriosityStream tho!
ninja cats
ninja cats 7 days ago
even primates know that Mozambique sucks
Mr_ Cheezy
Mr_ Cheezy 7 days ago
Neanderthals just had their microphones muted
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
Fake news. Switches may have been a bit different, but not entirely incompatible.
Boomer 7 days ago
Do a human race tier list
мιку вσυηту
I thought there were a reunification of classes between the Neanderthal and Homo at a precise update, but kept the Homo designation due to his over majority of similarities with that class.
SonicRileyDawg 7 days ago
So neanderthals were super humans that died off cause of us homo sapies I wonder how the earth would be if neanderthals were still around
lil peeps sober father
Where do i get this game
Socks With Sandals
You have to feel sorry for the actors they choose for missing link reenactments.
Corentin C.
Corentin C. 7 days ago
Your gym leader music of pokemon (gen 3) is well chosen!
painfulboar 316
painfulboar 316 8 days ago
Since we humans are so powerful we could be fat and still dominate everything
Ranger Ruckus
Ranger Ruckus 8 days ago
If this video interested you, I recommend that you read the book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity” by Yuval Noah Harari. It expands hugely on what The Tier Zoo discusses. If you can move past that Harari is biased and even obsessed with the veganism D.L.C., then it’s a great read. Even so, prepare yourself in order that your mind be blown by the extent to which humanity has broken the game by using the addon of fictions (r.i.p., 🧠 for Breakfast). Everyone knows by now that much of humanity’s success (or failure, depending on your opinion) can be attributed to its use of constructs (moneys, nation-states, laws, religion, etc.). However, the degrees to which humanity has used them and the number of ways in which humanity has used them astounded even me. It changed an opinion or two that i had had previously on colonialism and imperialism. Regardless, my favorite aspect of the book is that Harari divides human history into three main expansions: the Cognitive, the Agricultural, and the Scientific during all of which humanity has been uniting itself mor and mor with other factions (much to the chagrin of the extreme factionals) in order to further the entirety of its base of players rather than for some select few. Because humanity has favored itself mor and mor as an united base of players rather than as players on different servers, Harari theorizes thāt one day humanity will reach its next level of evolution (which is possibly a hint/clu of a crossover with Pokémon (cue all the references to Detective Pikachu)) and will be able to devirtualize itself and to separate itself from the simulation, thereby starting a real meta in which our previous concepts of servers, factions, and the game itself will be meaningless. This goes beyond self-awareness. In a way, humans will become developers themselves and maybe will be able even to publish their own extremely idealized versions of their previous lives within the meta.
I want die
I want die 8 days ago
What does Stl stand for?
Amicable Altmer
Amicable Altmer 8 days ago
Awesome stuff. Just subbed. Would be cool to see a tier list of the skill and tech trees available to human classes. Keep it up. ☺
Shadouwz 8 days ago
Rats hit them hard in patch
Backward Palindrome
First video of yours I've watched. This is an extremely effective way to explain biology.
Franklin Serrao
Franklin Serrao 8 days ago
lol..."Mozambique here"
Streaky 8 days ago
I just found you and this is just so unique and cool
Fancyguyy 8 days ago
I like how you explained the human evolution in a video game style.
SLA JMY 8 days ago
The fudge?
Bigbig Boy
Bigbig Boy 8 days ago
Ant tier list please
Donovan Alonzo
Donovan Alonzo 8 days ago
A skilled roy can beat any human
Travis O'Deane
Travis O'Deane 8 days ago
Tier zoo! Give me a video of how people choose to maximize certain skill attribute to unlock.perks - citing nodes of mimetic evolution - I just want more insight of what human class I should select while playing on the Vermont server
King D - Mind
King D - Mind 9 days ago
In short: larger groups = greater survival and eventual betterment.
Casy Leer
Casy Leer 9 days ago
Such ignorance, We Did not come from monkeys....
gryffinduck 9 days ago
Brain size doesnt affect intelligence
White Snake
White Snake 9 days ago
When will humans get nerfed
james quall
james quall 9 days ago
00:55 Your welcome 😂
james quall
james quall 9 days ago
So white people evolved from black people? That makes sense I never really thought about it but that explains aloottttt!!! They are only slightly different from us but it's different enough to notice like the scent they give off the yellowing f the white part of the eyes the hair and so much more it's just little stuff but I see it now..... interesting stuff
D. N.
D. N. 9 days ago
james quall not evolved but just adapted to the environment in which they live in
Gek Badass
Gek Badass 9 days ago
The out of africa theory is highly misrepresented in this video, and your portrayal is incorrect. Your portrayal is actually more like anti-european propaganda than anything... You wouldn't happen to be jewish, would you?
Gek Badass
Gek Badass 4 days ago
+HalfLife(Ger) I'm posing a legitimate academic concern. Why the baseless tort?
HalfLife(Ger) 4 days ago
Oh, a wittle nazi baby got his feelings hurt :((((
Prism Tacuboy
Prism Tacuboy 10 days ago
Is Crafting OP?
John McHenry
John McHenry 10 days ago
Can you make a amazon tier list?
Cromwell Castaneda
Cromwell Castaneda 10 days ago
I sometimes think that TierZoo is secretly a nigh-omnipotent god from another dimension but spectates the Earth.
Eugenio Contreras
Eugenio Contreras 10 days ago
Everybody gangsta until they become too strong to sustain their own body and end up dying
Chaos Lord
Chaos Lord 10 days ago
How is it that the Education Buff of humans has a common sense Debuff on some of the human playerbase? Isn't the education Buff supposed to increase intelligence??? Edit: I need to know.
Robin Chesterfield
Robin Chesterfield 10 days ago
That's obviously from troll players who are deliberately giving false tutorials to low-level human mains for shits and giggles. Or sometimes THEY were taught by trolls as a low-level player themselves, and actually believe this stuff...
Bob the builder is A trap
Hey In the next patch the mars one do u know what will happen for the humans. Will they grown in height due to the devs making the gravity on mars weaker.
MC GREEN BEAN 92 11 days ago
Ark survival evolved in a nut shell
SS Will
SS Will 11 days ago
We need a game about this...
10, 000 Subscribers with no videos
I heard they were gonna buff the human nipple in patch 4.7
Cant think of a cringey name
Nerf humans
I constantly hate the humans. They kill my main, the cat, by abuse and we have lost many of our population
KallMeKerb 9 days ago
LettuceForBreakfast but what about those humans who mass-care for cats? Im referring to the CCL sub build.
barry in the beehive
Any wasp mains here? We can team up to eradicate the humans. You can do the stinging, we'll do the biting. _Disgusting_ human main scum. You're the reason why the bee faction is losing all of its population and food!
Hyrule Legend
Hyrule Legend 11 days ago
tfw there's an alternative timeline where the neanderthals won and I could've been a decent person
Mega Hunter
Mega Hunter 11 days ago
This somehow made me feel overpowered and boosted my ego to realize i have the most overpowered class in game
Nikolay Ivankov
Nikolay Ivankov 3 days ago
Push your ego down. Beeing overpowered doesn't make you a hardcore, it makes you a cheater.
Robot Zombie
Robot Zombie 11 days ago
You can thank the climate change to Panama Youre welcome
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