How Humans Broke the Game

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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 80
dimond guy bertolino
You should also note that bone marrow ( 2:32 ) gained by scavenging was a huge for the intelligence boost as it helps brain growth. This is why the sapiens gained such high intelligence stats.
DisIsWhale 18 hours ago
Every Other Builds: You can't just unlock a secret server, the Devs must make it public first! Humans: haha rocket go brr
Homer explains the joke
Is there a class for aliens
Rocey the catbg
HEY look, even a guy whos got a life knows about apex legends!
gabrielle kili
Remenber that one hacker who made stuck people down with lighting if they sneezed wrong? I think is name was zues or somtin. I think he got banned but people still talk about him alot
Caiden Neugent
Caiden Neugent 2 days ago
Humans conquer the universe God:universal doc Me:booyaa
Heatstreak 2 days ago
1:46 "Mozambique here" meme from Apex Legends. Seems like you play Apex.
Heavy0331 2 days ago
I am connected to the North American server, hbu?
Sword Master557
Sword Master557 3 days ago
I luv all the video game references especially the halo reach lone wolf mission
Matheus Rodrigues
What is the name of the documentary in the background?
aBucketOfPuppies 4 days ago
Humans are just cheesing the game, honestly
Vickran 4 days ago
Can you make a video about the top 5 worst patches for humans?
Useless Account
Useless Account 4 days ago
When you put all your points in intelligence
Cerveza de Corona
Adrian Jivan
Adrian Jivan 4 days ago
Well, maxed humans are the best meta, because of the god damn weapons.
KtM Demos YT
KtM Demos YT 4 days ago
Any apex players heard Mozambique here at 1:47
john lobo
john lobo 5 days ago
The servers are melting, too many player
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 5 days ago
Black male, white female. This is such a prevalent thing in media.
Wildfire Day ago
It was also "prevalent" when neanderthals intermixed with humans. Not sure what you're on about.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 5 days ago
What game is this guys I want to play
GGaMErZZ 5 days ago
i cant believe we are like the overlord in diep.io (s tier class tank)
ANNA HONG 5 days ago
Everyone gangsta until monkeys started making spears
Aubrie Animated
Aubrie Animated 6 days ago
Make a book about this. Like so he can see this
HowToNotBasic 6 days ago
Our INT is not true at all, first reason we got flat earthed that has an iQ/INT lower then a room temperature,Anti vaxx that has the same IQ as a ducking rock,and so it goes on.So what I'm trying to say is that,we (as in some of us) didn't spend all our points in INT they just use the point in stupidity.
Beau Anderson
Beau Anderson 6 days ago
Bruh evolution isn't real
Brandon Conway
Brandon Conway 7 days ago
Him humens are the most smartest creature me things About Donald Trump
Armonis 7 days ago
Soooo, nerds rule, is what I'm getting out of this.
Caleb J
Caleb J 7 days ago
Speaking from what I learned majoring in evolutionary anthropology it’s typically believed that the primary reason sapiens outclassed neanderthals was due to increased spawn rates and the ability to maintain larger parties, as well as specing into some of Neanderthals special abilities by getting some Neanderthal players to join their party Edit: forgot to mention it is not widely accepted that Neanderthals did not throw their spears, also that their larger build and larger cranial capacity required a lot more xp to maintain. Still love the video!
Dexter Wilson
Dexter Wilson 8 days ago
Why does it show sapiens as brown when they were the same color as neanderthals?
Wildfire Day ago
They weren't. Don't let that stop you from propping up some conspiracy though.
Piggy gaming YT
Piggy gaming YT 8 days ago
Wut game is this?
Gloweye 9 days ago
That's what happens when you dump all your points in tool use and the required intelligence.
I’m already Sans Undertale
Some sapiens mains are trying to bring back the neanderthal subclass, as a sort of apology for getting them banned. I don't blame them.
Dechen Bloom
Dechen Bloom 10 days ago
What if TierZoo is god and he is just teasing us about reality?..... If so then I would love god because that would be him.
Steeve Steele
Steeve Steele 10 days ago
I think it’s important to note here that Neanderthals having a larger brain does NOT mean that they were smarter. We can’t really know how smart they really were but it’s wholly incorrect to assume that larger brain = smarter
Muhamad Sayyid Abidin
They max their stats on big body and good eyesight. And bigger brain needed to maintain bigger body lol. When their loot became scarce they're low on exp because maintain big brain need a lot of exp
brad 10 days ago
neanderthals also had very restricted language which made it hard to assimilate giant groups
Dan Canuel
Dan Canuel 11 days ago
If a human is s tier then all the other s-tiers would be c at most.
Shadow747 11 days ago
1:19 LMFAO
CrazyJax419 11 days ago
Wow, Outside: The Game has really good graphics.
HAXWUW 11 days ago
Did you know that we had HD cameras?
Quinn Porter
Quinn Porter 11 days ago
I should use some xp points to make myself become pickle from grappler baki, longer limbs sharp fangs incredible strength 14 inch d-
Nikaigiroku 12 days ago
i wanna play this game
Ryo Manga
Ryo Manga 12 days ago
Neandertals were not as smart as Sapiens, the fact they had a bigger brain is a big understanding. Their occipital lobe was enormous, they could just see better. The intelligence part is situated in the prefrontal cortex, left temporal cortex, and left parietal cortex, those were more developed in Homosapiens and even more in Sapiens-Sapiens.
Catnip Addict
Catnip Addict 12 days ago
ancestry: the humankind odyssey
OrionTheWildHunt 13 days ago
other animals prob didnt go for big brain time was becus it was WAY expensive but the payoff would be immeasurable...no one knew that they just thought it was a waste
Davi Brito
Davi Brito 13 days ago
Some human players even kill others and they don't made it to food or impress the other gender
SoaringSquid 0.1
SoaringSquid 0.1 13 days ago
Bat: **carries deadly disease** Naked Monkeys: HaHa TeEtH Go ChOmP
Mahad Abdullahi Omar
where is all his footage from
PsyKat777 14 days ago
Actually the neanderthal build had lower rather than higher intelligence stats than the homo sapiens build. This is due to the homo sapiens build having much more complex tools and social structure. Don't get me wrong, the neanderthal build was one of the most effective builds in the game, but the homo sapiens build was even stronger and easily took out the neanderthals.
Gazz Maz
Gazz Maz 14 days ago
Human make mistakes to level up
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime 14 days ago
Chicago is a pvp zone
Lap 14 days ago
are we gonna talk about the pokemon music
Aidan L.
Aidan L. 14 days ago
Why is sweating alone so overpower?
Lil Boombox
Lil Boombox 15 days ago
Haha gg ez
King Katura
King Katura 15 days ago
I mean we really know thats not what happened that neanderthals where not killed or died but we fked them out of existence. Which is most likely where white people come from. Partially at least.
Jeremy Loldrup
Jeremy Loldrup 15 days ago
well in the emus won a PVP round in the Australien server so maybe they could be a good player base to fight with unless we use like high calibre sniper rifle as our main weapon of choice, but that ain't fun xP
Trevor D Francis
Trevor D Francis 16 days ago
Aquatic Ape Theory...
Yudi He
Yudi He 16 days ago
i wish there was a game that tierzoo made so we can play
jackie sui
jackie sui 15 days ago
there is stupid
H DHILLON 16 days ago
The most important upgrade was the fire ability
jackie sui
jackie sui 15 days ago
i think its the atomic bomb abality
Skellie fingers
Skellie fingers 16 days ago
I like the dark souls thing at the starts
Makchu Cook
Makchu Cook 16 days ago
So introverts are neanderthals? Extroverts are homo sapiens?
Kat - Phish
Kat - Phish 15 days ago
Makchu Cook no not even close
Heck Off
Heck Off 16 days ago
Yea, i dont like this update rn..
yawmada 16 days ago
what game is this?
Kat - Phish
Kat - Phish 15 days ago
yawmada minecraft
BigBadSeed 16 days ago
You know your playerbase rules the game when most of players never have to play competitively and are just there to farm in-game currency.
Human 16 days ago
Anyone got any tips on how to get the positive K/D achievement?
Elijah Emilien
Elijah Emilien 16 days ago
So we weren’t monkeys but we also weren’t “humans” either
Janis Creció
Janis Creció 16 days ago
Didn’t we establish humans never evolved from monkeys as fossil “evidence” was proven to be a hoax?
ribclicker 16 days ago
bruh they should remove humans entirely
Churlz 17 days ago
COVID-19 is breaking humans right now.
William Cady
William Cady 17 days ago
History of the entire earth has competition.
the crab empire
the crab empire 17 days ago
honestly humans ruined the meta. They grief us crab mains all the time and can't just leave us alone. At least they also grief the lobsters.
Nathan Taichman
Nathan Taichman 17 days ago
YES HUMANS ARE OP Yes a tiger is powerful but so is an hk416 rifle
kyler buck
kyler buck 17 days ago
when you failed to mention how Neanderthals actually ate too much meat and got posiden from that and alot of then got whipped out
Bendec 555
Bendec 555 17 days ago
Im happy i stayed with the human class, its OP! Devs, dont change this class pls.
sean TV t
sean TV t 17 days ago
i am loterly confused is this an literl game ore yust some history story time
Sparite 17 days ago
i learned more here than school
Ricardo Monge
Ricardo Monge 17 days ago
What if 2020 it’s an update to nerf humans
Davit Khachatrian
Davit Khachatrian 17 days ago
how the fuck do i get this game
partyweiner 17 days ago
*changes team*
dumbslum 17 days ago
Next video: Why viruses are an op tier They have a maxed out stealth ability being able to easily infiltrate a players imune system and doing critical damage.
WeebXanax Day ago
Change my mind: Viruses are just debuff bots
I’m already Sans Undertale
They have extremely low HP and mobility, and the human playerbase debates if they're even players or are just AI.
Sp33dRicer 17 days ago
Travis Burnaman
Travis Burnaman 18 days ago
Look whoever thought to create the human base was a pro. Human builds are best because of crafting and more things to level up, two of the only other builds with crafting are bee builds and ant builds, but bees have better crafting.
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