How hood dudes explain their bbq tips

Jeremiah Phillips
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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
BC J 3 hours ago
Hang on had to pause real quick and get a Pepsi... Please continue.
onewisedre 5 hours ago
You don't live in the hood
Bill Ponderosa
Bill Ponderosa 7 hours ago
Spring GamingTv
Spring GamingTv 8 hours ago
Thought it was daquan in the thumbnail 😔
R12 8 hours ago
As soon as I heard Pepsi I immediately regretted clicking on this video.
Andy Sharp
Andy Sharp 11 hours ago
Lives with Mom in a one story house but drives a Cadillac? Priorities right? I’m assuming it’s his because it’s featured in the video. Who parks a Cadillac in the open in the hood. Lol
MmmScotty 20 hours ago
"If you dont get it this time ima get on yo ass... Im sorry" lmfaoooo
Peter Walker
Peter Walker Day ago
Why don’t they have proper sausages in their barbecues, the missing out
atrain132 Day ago
Make sure them ribs is right.
D McKerry
D McKerry Day ago
0:25 “buss it down” 😂🤣😂🤣
Ransom Messenger
Thing is people in the hood cant afford a grill 🤣🤣🤣
khamis mubarak
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wasup Yo
wasup Yo Day ago
“ hood dudes “ Lmao
WeAreLive! Day ago
Reminds me of the junkie informant from The Wire 😂
Nonentity 2 days ago
boi put da glizzys on first aye yurrr
Jacob Graves
Jacob Graves 2 days ago
Joe Van cock
Joe Van cock 2 days ago
My mans is not eating glizzys
josh w
josh w 2 days ago
He even got the caddy 😂
iluvdissheet 2 days ago
Hilarious.....but I cannot cosign them red hot dogs.
HotaruZoku 2 days ago
Can't believe he even knew what portobellos were.
Anthony C
Anthony C 2 days ago
This guy is actually funny. I can rock with this
chris shields
chris shields 2 days ago
This is classic, love it
FynesseHD 3 days ago
Bro grillin the glizzys
Omilly Hooper
Omilly Hooper 3 days ago
Lol I always thought he was doing "how country dude be", not hood dudes.
brazilflight brazilflight
Can I have some of that bbq handsome ?
Shawn Robinson
Shawn Robinson 3 days ago
CTS V i think
Sam Sam
Sam Sam 4 days ago
Yes, I think I know what you are saying.
Fox Gabanna
Fox Gabanna 4 days ago
lol this dude is naturally funny. They should take a chance on him and throw him in a movie.
HAWKSWIN2013 4 days ago
Love It!!!
buddah archie
buddah archie 4 days ago
:30 lmao I died on the toilet when he said that!! Literally flashback of my pops when I was younger lol
Nick Arboleda
Nick Arboleda 4 days ago
did he say "big finger ass"? 🤣🤣🤣
Clark.Kent 4 days ago
Gotta get you a Pepsi. Can’t have a polish bust down in da bread without a Pepsi. 💯
Medz.626 4 days ago
That’s not how you cook chicken wit charcoal lol
Action Jackson
Action Jackson 4 days ago
where is geeeeee?
pavvy shaw
pavvy shaw 4 days ago
Sounds like Eddie Murphy at beginning
Sticky Hands
Sticky Hands 4 days ago
Get the chicken again!
Jelani Smith
Jelani Smith 4 days ago
No disrespect, but you should do this skit over. The camera man a little shaky. And he was too close. Couldn't even see when dropped down with the fork 😒 we will appreciate it. Bring Dominic back for this one
Matthew Stephens
Matthew Stephens 4 days ago
Why tf did anyone like this? This was a giant waste of time. Who tf are you
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez 5 days ago
That ain’t Dominique is it?
Yeshua McFly
Yeshua McFly 5 days ago
My boy out here repping the ATL. Fuck yeah Braves!
SPVCEMAN 5 days ago
Why he say sorry like that lmao
jamie lunes
jamie lunes 5 days ago
Where da tongs?😄😄😄😅
Will Ruiz
Will Ruiz 5 days ago
Just not the same
lee griffin
lee griffin 5 days ago
But, I didn’t have enough money you see
Martin Mullender-Taeter
Hood guys... Hell this guy drives a better car than most lawyers... I mean i thought the hood is the poor part
Football Skills UK
1000 comments now
Toko Kapa
Toko Kapa 5 days ago
First mistake you cook the chicken first because it takes the longest
david gonzalez
david gonzalez 5 days ago
Can't let them bust as he stabs them with a fork lmao
Tyler Fulco
Tyler Fulco 6 days ago
How did RUvid know I just had a BBQ
BobLoblaw23 6 days ago
Lol why he walking like that?
StuUngar 6 days ago
Couldn’t afford the portobellos because he spent all his money on the Caddy.
ironmonster27 6 days ago
Lmao I had to sub off this 😂😂
Baby chicken nugget in the house Jesus is King love you Jeremiah 🙏
Bryam Vasquez
Bryam Vasquez 6 days ago
Jerid58 6 days ago
Getchu a Pepsi.
fer prz
fer prz 6 days ago
Beard paint on point
Arturo Fernandez
Arturo Fernandez 6 days ago
I say I say I say I say
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence 6 days ago
so he just gon open the door with that raw chicken hand?
Bull in the Heather
"Let it SOOOAK up in there" 😂😂😂
Whyinem 6 days ago
Heck yes
CJ Chatham
CJ Chatham 6 days ago
False representation, this fool talking about Pepsi with an ATL hat on. Not a day in my life....
GG ALLIN 6 days ago
Obama was a FAILURE
KiddCarruso 6 days ago
drums to da BACK!!! 😂😂
Have-a- Cigar
Have-a- Cigar 6 days ago
Is this comedy
joe hayes
joe hayes 6 days ago
Nah go get that chicken ageeen I didn’t think u got it
Ariel Vega
Ariel Vega 7 days ago
Dawg. That yard is TOUGH!
iPrismaArt 7 days ago
He talks like a white guy tryna be black
Brian 7 days ago
That look like the hood to you ?
Tha Sauce God
Tha Sauce God 7 days ago
Sam S
Sam S 7 days ago
I’m sorry but I’m just that much more dumber for watching.
Josiah Pulemau
Josiah Pulemau 7 days ago
"but idn't have enough money" buahahahahahaha brotha crazy lol
Dewayne Overton
Dewayne Overton 8 days ago
No Pepsi, Coke products only! 🤣
SoSoPepp49 8 days ago
"I'm finna put them in me"! 💀💀💀💀
Private Obvious
Private Obvious 8 days ago
“Gotta keep dat juice up in dare” Then don’t use a fork use tongs.
Chris D'Avanzo
Chris D'Avanzo 8 days ago
Young kids these days make fun but understand their elders spit facts
707_LS6 CTS-V
707_LS6 CTS-V 8 days ago
Lmao this shit had me dead I see that Cts V in the background aye !
titrationss 8 days ago
Sad he's using party wings instead of regular wings.
Anthony Shlemon
Anthony Shlemon 8 days ago
You had me at “buss it down on dat juice.”
Ze Bunker
Ze Bunker 8 days ago
Is this in English?
Math 8 days ago
You anit had enough money gggggggg?
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