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Netflix Is A Joke
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On the first episode of the brand new Patriot Act Digital Exclusive "Hasan...From A Distance," we check in with Hasan to see how he’s handling social distancing at home with his family. Hasan shows off his sandwich making skills, creates a new family friendly game, and takes some time to put a 'Patriot Act' spin on famous children's books while reading with his daughter. Hasan also does a special "at home" edition of Deep Cuts. Tune in to see if he answered your question!
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 100
Siddharth Manu Motupalli
man this guy is so charming
Somya Ranjan Sahu
Hindi sikhao yaar bacchi ko,
The Desi Lifestyle
It’s not a cart anymore. Every classroom has a computer rigged up to a projector.
AkAn SankoS
AkAn SankoS 23 days ago
This is the best low budget thing I ever watch
Divyanshi Purohit
Divyanshi Purohit 26 days ago
there are crocs in the background
some videos I made or whatever
I liked the cruise ship one. I would never go on one anyway since they seem bumpy. The only time I would is if I was the captain.
Amrita Month ago
I liked the video as soon as he said normally he would lick the knife, but because this is being filmed, he will just wipe it. I do exactly the same, lick the knife when I am by myself and if I am being recorded, or with company, I don't lick either.
Eliene Santos
Eliene Santos Month ago
O mais inteligente e divertido comediante! Amo muito!
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales Month ago
if you hate jelly like me try honey with pb, it's awesome :-)
Imposter Month ago
6:28 I would add patriot act being cancelled.
Sara Miles
Sara Miles Month ago
Did they really use the My Sims soundtrack in this video?
loglady Month ago
6:13. 7:41. 9:23. 11:33
abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz
2:47 - Hasan you monster, how could you use the same knife for peanut butter and jam!? You're getting all the peanut butter particles in the jam and vice versa!
Navya 2 months ago
Lol. In 4th or 5th grade my friends and I had a book club and the only book we would read (we actually just mostly talked) was the giving tree and every time we went to the library we would and picked up the book we would laugh so hard at the picture on the back.
Murielle T.
Murielle T. 3 months ago
bring back this show!!!!!
Sol Maina
Sol Maina 3 months ago
The comments man, where'd they go.
Devanjali Pillai
Devanjali Pillai 3 months ago
Aww... Cute💓
Mehtab Jabeen
Mehtab Jabeen 3 months ago
The way he said alhamdulillah for his child in the beginning was so cute 💕💕💕
Shreya Kamath
Shreya Kamath 3 months ago
Please! I love this man and his family 😭💜
Chris Muller
Chris Muller 3 months ago
Thank you for this. We are. That's it and that's all we have. Thanks for brightening my day.
Kiara M
Kiara M 3 months ago
The only time Hasan doesn’t use excessive hand movement is when he holds his newborn🥺
Kiara M
Kiara M 3 months ago
“Yeah I would be upset too”😂
Nyssa 3 months ago
You look radiant congrats Hasan
aala eltigani
aala eltigani 4 months ago
I never understood y ppl use knife to spread stuff I think a spoon does the job better specially if u want a thick layer
anusna hazarika
anusna hazarika 4 months ago
Anyone gonna talk abt the stranger things t shirt
Sol Maina
Sol Maina 4 months ago
Unchecked capitalism
Royal Shuvro
Royal Shuvro 4 months ago
আলহা'মদুলিল্লাহ্ ❤️ আমার আদরের কলিজার টুকরা পুঁচকি ভাতিজি টা 👑
Haley McKenzie
Haley McKenzie 4 months ago
Cute babies!!!!!
jdj 4 months ago
Hey Hasan, I have a 2 year old daughter and a 4 month old son .
Farhan Zawad
Farhan Zawad 4 months ago
Damn , right wingers be vibin
Alma Brooks
Alma Brooks 4 months ago
I’m disappointed in the lack of jam on that Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich. I had more faith in you!😂
Habeeb Perwad
Habeeb Perwad 4 months ago
Beena: That's awful advice :-/ 10:35
nachiket sharma
nachiket sharma 4 months ago
We all know what happens when a muslim lets his beard go wild I am just joking, pls don't take it seriously
nachiket sharma
nachiket sharma 4 months ago
Where's the indian in you, hassan bhaai
nachiket sharma
nachiket sharma 4 months ago
He is such a white american now
BloxyGigi 4 months ago
can't believe such a good show with good representation like this got cancelled. and to think shows like riverdale are still running
Brinda Gupta
Brinda Gupta 4 months ago
I would never waste peanut Butter on that tissue paper. I would just spread it on the other side.
Evelyn MONTEZ 4 months ago
You are hilarious! 😄
esther florence
esther florence 4 months ago
Watch Hasan's daughter's shoulder twitch when he shows her the photo of Shells Silverstein behind the book. 😅 Around 4:38s
Lesley Allerby
Lesley Allerby 4 months ago
Nice to see a tweet from a Kiwi woman featured.
Katly Hong
Katly Hong 5 months ago
The unflinching embrace of your baby's snot: peak parent intro.
sakshi Lulla
sakshi Lulla 5 months ago
I can't stop watching this video... The father daughter are soooo cute ❤
christian smith jr
christian smith jr 5 months ago
im not the kind of guy who watches shows, if thats who you prepared for then you werent prepared for the boss.
karis knoll
karis knoll 5 months ago
meenakshi parmar
meenakshi parmar 5 months ago
ANTHONY BERRIOS 5 months ago
PB&J on wheat. Common Hasan bruh
Cecilia Ngugi
Cecilia Ngugi 5 months ago
Hasan..Much love and respect from Kenya/Irish ..Here, my LOVE to your wife...rubbish advise, got a college kid!! ha ha you should include her vies more was so funny..maybe she is more funny??? xxxLOL stay safe.
Shikha 5 months ago
hasan literally has the most wholesome life
RavSingh Rajput````
RavSingh Rajput```` 5 months ago
Hasan why don't you become Christian instead of following Hindu and Islam. !!! We Christians need you bro... I'm secular btw, I don't believe in religion at all except in Christ
Snoozy Sloth
Snoozy Sloth 5 months ago
Hasan may be favourite celebrity in existence
rubika shree
rubika shree 5 months ago
Golden hour baby
Shopping Sue
Shopping Sue 5 months ago
garam masala + Wolf stove=PB+J
Manish Purohit
Manish Purohit 5 months ago
R u gonna teach her Hindi??
Ayomikun Amusan
Ayomikun Amusan 6 months ago
"Unlike other late night hosts I can't just let the beard go or else I'll end up on a watch list" I died😂😂
Juanita Balanza
Juanita Balanza 6 months ago
😭 love the "dandandandan"
No 1 X
No 1 X 6 months ago
She didn't sound convinced!
Ejaz Pathan
Ejaz Pathan 6 months ago
He needs a restaurant level exhaust system coz of all the masala that he uses in his food.
Jake Stinson
Jake Stinson 6 months ago
I will not lick the knife because your recording has me dead🤣🤣
Jake Stinson
Jake Stinson 6 months ago
"Its thicc with 2 c's"😂 ... i did not know he knew about that lol
Pahini Jain
Pahini Jain 6 months ago
His sons cap hypnotized me.
Vye Puwahi
Vye Puwahi 6 months ago
Dave's Killer bread is boss, af.
gugu20051 6 months ago
Here's my crush. The little girl is cute too 😁
Jimmy Shar
Jimmy Shar 6 months ago
is it just me or his eyes freak me out
شعیب שועיב
شعیب שועיב 6 months ago
Bhabhi sounds like Siri
Vasundhra Chauhan
Vasundhra Chauhan 6 months ago
First 13 seconds of this video is exactly what I needed today. 🌸
tesla human
tesla human 6 months ago
0:19 I hope you get your beard back soon .
Grace Miranda
Grace Miranda 6 months ago
Those all the books I used to read
Klay Thoring
Klay Thoring 6 months ago
Dudeeee you wipe it on the other bread, man
Masuda Milon
Masuda Milon 6 months ago
Cool!! You are a stranger things fan!!
Ana Franklin
Ana Franklin 6 months ago
Wasting peanut butter by not wiping it into the jar!!!
S H 6 months ago
I think the book is more about the government giving money to people who can work but refuses to and then they just keep taking it without doing anything to help the economy.
Kathleen McKee
Kathleen McKee 6 months ago
Someone please teach Hasan how to read books to children. hahahaha
EricMakesMovies 6 months ago
EVERY PB&J PROFESSIONAL KNOWS YOU START WITH JELLY FIRST!! Jelly rinses off the knife easy. Peanut butter doesn't! Jelly fist ensures you don't get PB in your J jar! SMH Im disappointed Hasan.
Simone Haughton
Simone Haughton 6 months ago
Come on chunky peanut butter who does smooth 😂.
caltha 6 months ago
Okay but those peanut butter that you put on the tissue... such a waste.
Huub Benders
Huub Benders 6 months ago
Pretty sure that the music played when Hasan is reading to his daughter comes from the Wii game MySims
Tia Rosalie
Tia Rosalie 6 months ago
I’m glad you exist! Been binging your show on here and Netflix and you’re really inspiring change here so THANK YOU HASAN!
IrmiZen 6 months ago
You gave good advice to the students 👍👍 I'm a high school teacher that approves this message 😁👍
Amys World
Amys World 6 months ago
Hey Vytamin D remixed this song! ruvid.net/video/video-sT6aJU7FJZo.html
anonymous stranger
anonymous stranger 6 months ago
2:40 yahi hota h jab bohot khane ko mil jata hai. 😑
Willie Clark
Willie Clark 6 months ago
If you haven't listened to Shel Silverstein's music, do yourself a favor here in quarantine (NSFW)
Khushboo 6 months ago
So much peanut butter wasted 🥺🥺🥺
Jose Saavedra
Jose Saavedra 6 months ago
Notice the hesitation his wife answering "Sure", when being asked about if it's ok to make her something to eat. Lol
Itchy Stick
Itchy Stick 6 months ago
Idk why it makes me so happy to see that he’s a Muslim celebrity
_A_ 3 months ago
It makes me so happy to know he's Indian.
2020 4 months ago
@RishiOpInc yeah, I didn't think so too, because they're two different religions.
RishiOpInc 4 months ago
@Uma S no they don't
RishiOpInc 4 months ago
@2020 no they don't.
RishiOpInc 4 months ago
@dont ask me my personal information no they don't
Ibrahim FIRE
Ibrahim FIRE 6 months ago
Hasan: almost stabbing himself at 2:53 Me: Can feel the pain
Samone Sandidge
Samone Sandidge 6 months ago
Lmao, your daughter made me wheeze at the beginning
Judy Woodruff
Judy Woodruff 6 months ago
i love this man! i just hope he doesn’t hate me and my family because we’re Jewish.
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 7 months ago
"thats awful advice" lmao
Catelyn Rossetto
Catelyn Rossetto 7 months ago
Omg Hasan. You have to get your daughter the book "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type." It teaches children collective bargaining.
MultiCowgirl22 7 months ago
Love the political analysis of his daughter's books :)
Milubee 7 months ago
Why doesn’t she support him or laugh ;;;A;;; so saddd
Muzafar Khudabaksh
Muzafar Khudabaksh 7 months ago
Hasan love your content. Your fan from Pakistan
Rebecca Tilus
Rebecca Tilus 7 months ago
11:12 I want that. THAT is love.
Comedic Psychologist
Esther Gaby
Esther Gaby 7 months ago
wooooooow did he just wipe off all that peanut butter on a tissue, i had to rewind to make sure ......i mean peanut butter is like expensive where I come from and not everyone buys it but when bought it's used sparingly and I can not imagine putting all that into the bin haha
Stephen Widger
Stephen Widger 7 months ago
Did you just compare your cruise ship episode to "Let the die be cast." Wait are you calling yourself Julius Caesar?
Sarah Shah
Sarah Shah 7 months ago
I am not even looking at Hasan..i am just looking at his adorable boy...MashAllah so cute
Elisa Mon
Elisa Mon 7 months ago
“Not everyone can be a doctor” is such a millennial thing to say, pain and all
asian art of living
asian art of living 7 months ago
An Hindu Muslim wedding is the toughest thing in the world tbh Damn they did it
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