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On the first episode of the brand new Patriot Act Digital Exclusive "Hasan...From A Distance," we check in with Hasan to see how he’s handling social distancing at home with his family. Hasan shows off his sandwich making skills, creates a new family friendly game, and takes some time to put a 'Patriot Act' spin on famous children's books while reading with his daughter. Hasan also does a special "at home" edition of Deep Cuts. Tune in to see if he answered your question!
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Apr 2, 2020




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Comments 80
Celena Cial Slarty Bartfast
Or I will end up on a watch list🤣🤣🤣
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Day ago
Hasan:- give it your best but let the chips play their role You can't all be doctors BeenA:- that's awful advice Hasan:- what do you mean? Beena:- not even bothered to response lmfao
Completely Random
I just realized that those books are on that simulation app Bitlife.
Completely Random
I just realized that those books are on that simulation app Bitlife.
Vyvyiian 2 days ago
During the pandemic I realize I love to see people in their family setting. It feel so much closer and loving.
Aaliya Hakak
Aaliya Hakak 2 days ago
May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala bless your family Hasan. Beautiful kids ma sha Allah!
Andrew Tsui
Andrew Tsui 2 days ago
Hassan, Truly thank you for your line of work I used to wait for your postings on RUvid every Sunday because my parents wouldn’t pay the $13 for Netflix for me. I guess that is kind of Asian subtle trait from our immigrant parents thank you for being a model for me doing the impossible thank you
camila Indriago
camila Indriago 3 days ago
Hasan be serving that shiny, hypnotic Shahrukh Khan type of mane
Fati Fousseni
Fati Fousseni 3 days ago
I remember going to my teaches to ask them why I got a 90 in their classes and not 95 above. I would argue with them for a better grade. lol.
Mishal Malik
Mishal Malik 3 days ago
Hannia Mabel López Montaño
My heart’s melting; this is so wholesome 🥺❤️
Azeema Faizunnisa
Not in good spirits.
danishasghar 4 days ago
you butchered that sandwich lol
Shayan Saeed
Shayan Saeed 5 days ago
You can actually see the crocs in the background XD
Arshia Asif
Arshia Asif 5 days ago
aNd ThIs Is HoW tHe ViRuS sPrEaDs
Adam O
Adam O 5 days ago
Melanie Molifie
Melanie Molifie 6 days ago
I clicked for the baby 🤱
Roseanne Bowen
Roseanne Bowen 7 days ago
Sup bro
Vysh Ratha
Vysh Ratha 7 days ago
"I can't just let it go wild otherwise ill end up on the watch-list" 🤣🤣
jude ibrahim
jude ibrahim 7 days ago
How hassan wife's voice is so much like siri @ 7:09
Kristina Allen
Kristina Allen 8 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks that he's way more charismatic now that his wife is behind the camera? He gives her subtle flirts here and there #relationshipgoals 😍😍
Dookie Mane
Dookie Mane 8 days ago
ALWAYS START WIT JELLY lmfaoo pb all in the jelly jar
Christina Park
Christina Park 8 days ago
At least he had family stuck together I’m just with my dog so lonely 😭 lol
Arjun Krishna
Arjun Krishna 2 days ago
You are lucky
Martin Rogers
Martin Rogers 9 days ago
Comment: Hasan, you're an American. Hasan: You cannot bully me. Comment: Hasan, you're a Muslim. Hasan: You cannot bully me.
Anika Krishnan
Anika Krishnan 10 days ago
Those 686 ppl who disliked are asshats. like, you got to see two cute babies the whole video. What is wrong with you 😫😫😫😫
Leda Cedar
Leda Cedar 10 days ago
Love to you & your's Hasan. a true intelligent man despite being an american. Gives hope for the entire country that still has a heart & mind. Canada cares. But give her another year & your daughter is gonna give you guff about 1 Not reading the book 2. not letting her see the pictures a page at a time 3 for not giving her any control at while you talk over her wee voice. Love your smiling face while making a heart sandwhich but seriously, your wife would do a much better job, no doubt but trying is good even if it's only once every few yrs heh.
Amina Rouine
Amina Rouine 11 days ago
When I was little that picture of shel Silverstein gave me nightmares
Yumi 11 days ago
jam should be spread before the peanut butter because jam is easier to wipe off onto the bread than peanut butter.
Remy Ortiz
Remy Ortiz 12 days ago
Not gonna lie, hating on the kitchen. A WOLF COOKING RANGE IS THE ULTIMATE FLEX, YOU BASTARD!! 😭😭😭 Let me cook in it? Please? 😂
Yo BRO WTF? 12 days ago
Dude! The peanut butter goes on BOTH slices! Come on, man look at all you wasted wiping the knife on that paper towel! You could have wiped it on the bread!
Mansha Dhir Deo
Mansha Dhir Deo 12 days ago
I used to think that The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein was just an imaginary book from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But guess what? It actually exists with the same picture of the author on the back!
Arty Sorman
Arty Sorman 13 days ago
ANKITA SHARMA 14 days ago
Are we not going to talk about 7:41 moment?? It melts my heart😭😭
Marginis 14 days ago
I know it wouldn't be haha funny but it'd be great if we had an entire youtube video of Hasan legit reading to his kids.
HEY! Cooking
HEY! Cooking 17 days ago
Anas Chowdhury
Anas Chowdhury 17 days ago
Omg,i loved the way he said alhamdulillah after she sneezed,the most south asian muslim thing😍😍
Zohra Zeba
Zohra Zeba 18 days ago
Like did they really put that face on a kids picture book😂😂😂
Drama Kid
Drama Kid 20 days ago
Oh my god it's SNOWING!
jay 24 days ago
Will you ever tell us your children's names?
Laney Allan
Laney Allan 28 days ago
Lmao! Kid spit and snot! I do not miss that! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 OMG you shaved! 👶🏽 Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your son! ❤️❤️
Nabil Rosedi
Nabil Rosedi 28 days ago
I'm a substitute teacher and did ask my student to tune in to your channel on RUvid, and my contract just ended right before the lock down. But Alhamdulillah, now my students keep texting me and sometimes ask a question about American Health Policy or Saudi censorship. What an epic solution. Hahahahaha. Tq Hassan for your work. Btw, my students mostly from 15 years old to 17 years old and it's quite bizarre for us to see young man in that age to excited and talking beyond the environment where we live in. I'm live in Malaysia btw, and yes, you did an episode on our political issues too. 😅😂😂. Now their homework during lockdown is to watch your videos and enjoyed. Tq Hassan. God Bless you. 😊
Ertugrul Ghazi no.1
Hit the like button if u come here after *the urban fight*
Hafeez Razzak
Hafeez Razzak Month ago
I'd prolly be that kinda honest straight forward father too
vivet dsilva
vivet dsilva Month ago
Me as a parent reading to my kids
Jim Haber
Jim Haber Month ago
You're all such dear people! Thanks for how you make me feel. How do the stage crew feel about being replaced, or upstaged, by one, admittedly amazing, person? And I do miss your outstanding (hopefully award-winning) set and graphics. The best in the biz, imho.
DJMadMatt Month ago
It's kinda funny that many students tell their teachers about your show and teacher love your show, thats why they tell their whole class to watch it. I'm from Germany and nearly my entire school is watching your show, and whole classes from neighboring schools love you too
madison miles
madison miles Month ago
I'm just very distracted by the lowkey Stranger Things sweatshirt. If you work for Netflix do you get free merch from other Netflix shows?? Asking for a friend
nick tailor
nick tailor Month ago
Hasan love your show. Knew you would kill it after you left daily show. More Patriot act bro. keep it coming.
casey Ri
casey Ri Month ago
2:40 this video is officially cursed 💀
Maryam Hamid
Maryam Hamid Month ago
love that olive green on you :)
Troto XD
Troto XD Month ago
2:21 turn on captions lol
Tal Karm
Tal Karm Month ago
Hi, hassan what to read about living in sedentary lifestyle? I mean books about how to take care of our bodies
Sharri Zamore
Sharri Zamore Month ago
I don't get it. Just wipe the knife on the clean slice of bread....................
Robert Pilla
Robert Pilla Month ago
Thank you for taking the knobs off your oven so your child does not burn down the house.
Mayurika B
Mayurika B Month ago
honestly this goes down as one of my favorite episodes of patriot act (deep cuts as well).
Khayr Ahmed
Khayr Ahmed Month ago
As a person who loves snow the snowy day was a favorite
Dr. April Petillo
Homecoming and Patriot Act is so helpful for stirring up the conversation in my Intro classes on race and ethnicity. They are great conversation starters from someone that my students often see as cooler than me (which, inevitably ups my "cool factor" cuz I actually know ho you are.
Ravish Rawat
Ravish Rawat Month ago
He eats like an American 🙄🙄🙄😩😩😩
SingingTree Month ago
ewwww....hahah lol...
nice Month ago
The mind of children...that spit up was comedy gold 😂
Ben Ten
Ben Ten Month ago
I Love little Mr.Hasan he is too adorable, God Bless him😘😘😘😘
Mom's Pari
Mom's Pari Month ago
Hey I'm your new subscriber 😀
L L Month ago
I love Patriot. I really like the content. Who picks the topics? Is the show all your idea?
R P Month ago
DEVNI D Month ago
Congratulations Beena and Hasan♥️ 🍼
Heidi Farfaglia
Heidi Farfaglia Month ago
Naw man, you wipe that pb on the other slice of bread, tf lol
Meaza BW
Meaza BW Month ago
Can you put the leftover PB back in the jar next time please.
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann Month ago
I know this isn't going to change anyone's mind, but I have to disagree with your assessment of 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.' I think you were joking a little bit, but either way, that's not what capitalism is about. I think what you mean by "unchecked capitalism" is corruption and greed, and that can be found on any side of the coin. Capitalism is the idea that you should be fairly compensated for the value that you bring to the table (goods or services). Is it broken in this country? Sure, on some level. A lot of people get the short end of the stick, and a few get (way) more than they should. But if you want innovation (primarily technological) that will improve quality of life, you're a lot more likely to get it from a capitalist system than any other. Some one has to invent the stuff, and there will be a lot more people willing to take the risk if there is some possibility of reward on the other side.
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann Month ago
Sorry. I know you didn't ask for my opinion, and I wrote that in a way that makes it sound like you don't already know that view point. You might, I have no idea. Either way, it's out there now. I do appreciate your show and that you are trying to shed light on issues you see in the world. We might disagree on some stuff, but that doesn't mean I can't respect you for trying to make the world better. Keep it up.
Erika L Garcia
Erika L Garcia Month ago
Just lick the knife dude, it belongs to you, right¿
Anna Victoria
Anna Victoria Month ago
Bougie Jelly!
João Pedro
João Pedro Month ago
Yow, just saying... I have the same sweatshirt! This is awesome!!! Love the show btw!
Kali Lasamo
Kali Lasamo Month ago
This sandwich making is for real setting off my ocd...😨😤
shootstars91 Month ago
But the uggs are made from lamb skin :(
Sigrún Á
Sigrún Á Month ago
Hasan has a lisp????????????
Sofie Month ago
I think you're a little bit harsh on the teachers there. You dont know how they involve your show. I'm not a teacher, but if I was, and thought about using your show because of some topic we share, I'd let then watch (because you really get through and makes it interesting and makes people learn while having fun in an absolutely amazing way, and they'd learn a lot more from watching your episode than listening to me tell the same thing), and then, after the episode I would discuss it WITH them, in a group. Maybe those teachers does that, and I think that is a good way to teach. A lot of effort put in isn't always the best way either. Mixing your show with discussions sounds like a really fun and interesting way to learn. So yeah. (I'm from Sweden, so I wouldn't be a teacher in the US, so never mind if i have some gramatic mistakes.) Cute kids! And your wife sounds amazing too. Looks like an amazing family, hope you're all well. (Yes, I can see I use amazing a lot.)
Krystal Bowen
Krystal Bowen Month ago
He doesn’t look that different without the full beard lol
Anna Smith
Anna Smith Month ago
Could’ve just wiped the rest of that peanut butter on the rim of the jar instead of the napkin
Haena Kim
Haena Kim Month ago
more of beena please
Robin Laurita
Robin Laurita Month ago
We miss you Hasan! Be safe. Be well!
Kathryn Boland
Kathryn Boland Month ago
OMG his daughter is so precious!!!
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