How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

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Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
Jump to my alternate ending: 4:43
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May 22, 2019

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Comments 32 287
Think Story
Think Story 2 months ago
Well, at least we still have fan fic!
Libel TouRe
Libel TouRe 9 days ago
Bang Arang
Bang Arang 26 days ago
I wish the writers would of not thought they were better or smarter than the audience after the 3rd season...facts
Tea time
Tea time Month ago
well done sir
will chap
will chap Month ago
Think Story you should do a rewrite this shit was epic
MuSIc HeART Month ago
Hey man please please please make your own season Your just awesome ..
AP Trading
AP Trading 2 hours ago
Idk I liked the season 8, I low key even forgot about white walkers for a moment
Dmitri Goncharov
Dmitri Goncharov 4 hours ago
Dude! You should have written it and not those two. Sheesh.
Raphael Mury
Raphael Mury 8 hours ago
Too much talking on this video!!! OMG, the GOT final was a disaster, just say that.
Happy Smith
Happy Smith 13 hours ago
I like your ending much, much better than D and D’s!
Aidan Todd
Aidan Todd 13 hours ago
With all the technology around these days, I’m surprised people don’t get together to re-edit season 8 to what they want. Using old footage with different backgrounds, some voice actors to replace dialogue, lip animation to change dialogue. It would be hard... but possible.
BiasedGrunt1998 14 hours ago
Thiiiiiiiis was pretty bad. Ngl man you kinda made this even worse. You had several plot holes, incorrect lore mechanics, and, in my OPINION, just terrible decisions, like killing jon, making Dany pregnant, etc.
IcarusBoy 15 hours ago
Your story would have been better, I agree. EXCEPT for the Jon vs Nightking fight, cuz that's too clichee for Game Of Thrones.
Elena A
Elena A 23 hours ago
Love it!
Nijah Victoria
I liked this until the Jon dying part I would be even more mad if Jon was brought back just to die cuz some tree was destroyed
Cassie H
Cassie H 3 hours ago
More satisfying than Jon being sent back to the Wall, a useless fortress that doesn't even need to guard against White Walkers anymore.
Yaboy Day ago
Still in your version john being a targ is pointless lol
Hannah LaMarca
What happens to Varys in your story line?
Emi Miller
Emi Miller Day ago
It was sooo painful to listen to your stupid theory, but I made it through, yeeeaaaahhh......
TimeLapses 4k Life
Wait a sec! How could Aria wear Jamie's fast if he isn't dead?!?
I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3
yeah! But I still vote for Arya killing Cersei using Jamie's face instead of dying.
Richard Day ago
I still like the scene where ayra kills the night king, because that is very bad ass and surprising, but in my version the night king does not die. Instead he just throws ayra 20 ft away. Jon sees ayra in danger so he charges to help her but the whitewalkers surrounds him and he has to fight them off. Bran dies in episode 3 in my version. Ayra can not wear the mask of jamie cuz jamie is not dead. I maybe wrong but i think she can only wear the mask of her victims.
Marwa Issam
Marwa Issam Day ago
Arya can’t put jamy’s face !! Cause she could only use the faces of dead person that been killed not a-life persons
Lolo Sadad
Lolo Sadad Day ago
So much better
Zamo Zynn
Zamo Zynn Day ago
This is canon now
BlackFLASH Pubg Gaming
So much True... Season 8 sucks..
Scorched Earth
Awesome. I'd gladly pay to see your version.
Steve Lev
Steve Lev 2 days ago
I like your ending better.
Alain F. Semedo
Alain F. Semedo 2 days ago
very well sir
payson terhune
payson terhune 2 days ago
MUCH better season 8
Alberto Polanco
Alberto Polanco 2 days ago
A bunch of cry babies over someone else's art piece... They told the story of fire and ice the way they had intended and not some fairytale ending that everyone would be happy with. Why don't we get HBO to finish The Sopranos ending too...(Sarcasm)
Neal McKenna
Neal McKenna 2 days ago
Your version is 1000% better than what actually appeared on the screen. Far more memorable and satisfying.
Brieen 2 days ago
The fact that nobody on the “good side” sat on the iron throne with the music dramatically playing i the background was a massive let down for me
Mark Mark
Mark Mark 2 days ago
Dumb and Dumber basically gave Cinematic Herpes to every GOT fan. What was once one of the most pleasurable experiences in life now is a lifelong burden of pain and anguish when we think of GOT. Remember you heard it hear first.
Eran Kats Music
Eran Kats Music 2 days ago
Great job! One plot hole - When the tree burns the magic is finished and so Danny should burn in the fire with the night king. Peace
Andrew Vanacore
Andrew Vanacore 2 days ago
If she was destroying magic, by burning the tree she would lose her powers and kill herself
SoulPatroller 2 days ago
Love this because Dany gets justice
sumomo223 2 days ago
This would've been so much better. I'm gonna remember this instead of the f*kery that was the actual show. ^_^
marc smouha
marc smouha 2 days ago
To sum it up: toiletreads.com/2019/08/12/why-it-sucked-got-season-8/
Gaming XLXUXKXA 2 days ago
Actually the real ending is good because it is realistic it shows that people can be hatefull(Deanerys) and that battles are not justly and are not always left for the end.
Laure Serger
Laure Serger 2 days ago
There is just one problem with your story. Arya could not take Jaime's face because Jaime is alive. In order to have the faces, she has to take them off of the body.
Upasana Roy chowdhury
Woww.... This is the real story Remake ♥️
James Shepherd
James Shepherd 3 days ago
Okay this is brilliant and my cannon ending for the show. You also gave me the confidence I need to become a screen writer because I also had the idea of having the Night King being victorious at Winterfell and if a genius such as yourself came up with that too the someone as dumb as me is good to go!
The slavaTLOM
The slavaTLOM 3 days ago
but does'nt dany's fire resistance counts as magic too?
BK Short
BK Short 3 days ago
Nice version, Pretty sure Jaime has to be dead for Arya to use his face though
Brett Bar
Brett Bar 3 days ago
Sooo . . . Dany is surrounded by fire in her battle with the Night King . . . in every instance where Dany has been engulfed by fire she has not only survived . . . but comes out naked! OK. Im all for that version! lol
Davis Tsai
Davis Tsai 3 days ago
I liked this version so much more. There was logic and continuity.
Yuval peer
Yuval peer 3 days ago
Great work i wish it was true But i would suggest adding this part about arya, sansa, tyrion and jon who still didnt get their credict: in episode 2 when dany and sansa have their private chat, they actually finish it. daenerya tells her she is pregnant and sansa is really excited but asks afterwards what will be with the north, daenerys tells her that she can't seperate the kindom. Sansa knows that dany wont be able to win cersei's games after a hard battle with the walkers and offers her a deal that when the time comes and she needs her help against cersei she will only help her if she lets the north be individual. Dany is being proud and agrees thinking she wont need her. (To me, sansa's porpuse all along was to be the best player). During the battle arya rides rhaegal as well when jon comes down with it. After the battle you described they go to kings landing and dany bends as you said. To the tree jon and dany go together with the two dragons and then as dany burns the tree the night kings runs to kill her and jon is the one stabbing him and then dying as you said but his body isnt burning as she sees rhaegar's reflection in the fire. Meanwhile in kings landing at the peak of the battle sansa and tyrion find themeselves surrounded and then jaime comes and dies saving tyrion. After the night king dies and the army of the dead disappear cersei then plans to kill all the northmen and dany's people. sansa suspects cersei and tells arya to take jaime's mask (i believe that if arya wants to take a face of someone he needs to be dead first). Sansa goes to cersei and confronts her about her plans and their past and then cersei tells her men to kill sansa and to kill them all (dany's and jon's men) and then arya with jaime's mask enters and kill the men and then kills cersei. (To me elaria's part was odd). Then tyrion decides to talk to the people of kings landing who saw what dany did for her people to convince them they are better off with her. Dany returns and get crowned and after hearing what sansa and arya did from tyrion she decides to make sansa queen in the north and the two are friends. Arya plans to leave west and as she prepares the ship she sees rhaegal coming and she understand he wants to come with her and the two leave. (Dany approves).
Brett Dupuis
Brett Dupuis 3 days ago
Awesome ending man. Just one question tho, in order for Arya to have Jamie’s face, wouldn’t she have had to kill him first?
Ramzi Salazar
Ramzi Salazar 3 days ago
that was wild
Kayen 3 days ago
Thank you i can finnaly rest
Pamela Seaton
Pamela Seaton 3 days ago
That was amazing!
Matthew 3 days ago
What if Arya killed Daenerys ?
Vicente Nocete
Vicente Nocete 3 days ago
How would Arya have work Jamie’s face if he was still alive
Vicente Nocete
Vicente Nocete 3 days ago
אמיר שלום
Charlie 3 days ago
Petition to make this an actual remake of Game of Thrones season 8
ZE PATO 3 days ago
your version is very stupid
M M 3 days ago
honestly, this???? made me feel so much better, i kind of forgot the whole mess that was season 8 while watching this and i'm really happy that this video was created wowowowowow
Catherine Nyabvure
You know what, I actually wish it ended that way.
Alexa Cerio
Alexa Cerio 3 days ago
this version is way better THANK YOU
Jarma 3 days ago
I like your ending better than theirs. and I love Danaerys being on the right side. From the very beginning of the show, when she spoke of birthrite, I called her evil. Royalty is evil. So I more than anyone would love their ending. But I don't. There is no justification for it. When the bell rang, I could see her going after Cersei but going after the innocents? why would she EVER do that? Even if missandei had been killed at THAT moment she wouldn't attack the innocent. it was preposterous. Having Dani march on kings landing and take the throne might seem boring. I can see the need for a twist, but evil Dani just wasn't it. and Tyrion having the man who saved him killed was equally absurd. Varys would NEVER die by tyrions hand. I do like your ending better but I prefer the army of the dead to be defeated in winterfell. wait before I continue... how evil is Sansa? the north will not bow before.... BRAN STARK? so she has to be queen of her own little kingdom? BULLSHIT you narcissistic fuck. Arya beheads her on the spot. We don't tolerate that anymore. But in my version that never goes there so moving on... Knight king is defeated. But back when Sansa was cunty to Dani, jon simply tells her about dani. how she's freed slaves the world over and Sansa supports Dani instead of being her usual pouty self. You failed one count. If Arya had Jamie's face it means Jamie is dead. All happens as it does until the bell rings. When it does, all stops. Jamie bursts in and tells Cersei that Tyrion arranged an escape for them. They run down below and when they pass a still alive greyjoy (who did wound Jamie but no stabs) who tells Cersei "tell him. tell him MY child will rule. Jamie laughs and says it's HIS child, which Cersei confirms with an insult like "do u think I'd have ever let you fuck me if I wasn't trying to protect my unborn child" They get on the boat and start rowing. Cersei stares at the dragon and burning outskirts raging. You know she's plotting revenge. Just like real life, the cerseis of the world always win. She tells Jamie she poisoned their water and it will look like Dani is culling the kings landing residents and there will always be suspicion of her. She may rule but shell never be loved or trusted. meanwhile Dani takes the throne and gives a powerful speech about the fallen over a montage that shows all the characters from Ned Stark who have died and how they're a part of us and helped bring us to here and we build anew in their honor. Dani promises this world will be different and vows to be the last queen as she is developing a system of voting lol much like the one tarly suggested. As her speech continues, she says the night is dark and full of terrors. There may always be enemies plotting against us. As she gives this part of the speech, we see Cersei dock where she is ushered by a large group up to a luxurious island castle, showing she still has support. Cersei, now in her Chambers, seduces Jamie. As they lay in bed post coital, she begins to speak of how shell take her revenge and regain the iron throne. Jamie interrupts speaking of how he had to hurt Brienne to be there. Cersei is confused. Jamie says "she was in love with him" Cersei says with who? "Jamie" he says as Arya rips off her Jamie face. "He chose to stay with her. Many even felt he'd redeemed himself. Arya reveals she's given Cersei a poison that will inhibit muscle movement but she will feel everything. She goes on to explain that while Jamie had redeemed himself and Brienne deserved better, his face was her only way to get Cersei. She said it was quick and painless. She knocked on briennes door that night after brienne fell asleep and when Jamie answered, she snapped his neck. She says she sent a Raven to Dani to stop the poison. "you lost. Dani won. and now you're going to die" she also comments about how Jamie must not have been a great lover if she didn't notice the difference. That's more about the humiliation. She made Cersei feel totally safe when all along she was with her killer. She goes on to mention her list and how Cersei has been on it since she killed her father. She shames her for letting evil joffrey run amok. Then she pokes Cersei in the neck with a needle so it will take a long time and walks out. my thinking was since it is boring for Dani to just take her throne like she planned, to truly make you believe Cersei has escaped then giving you the twist that it's Arya and was Arya who got on the horse... when Brienne cried it's because he said "I'm hateful too" she knew it was arya and that he was dead. I'm hoping that is enough. I also considered letting the knight king win. How poetic. GoT is ENDING and the new show is prequel so why not? Let it DIE. Let death come and take EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I also thought of being more creative. Have the knight king kill bran the boring before Arya kills him. Have the hound survive when he kills the mountain (no eye gouge) and he rides west of westeros with arya. Have Jon kill Sansa for conspiring against the queen lol it's so funny to me people see Sansa as a good guy. queens are EVIL she said the north wouldn't bow for BRAN so she needs to be her own kingdom? she's what they turned Dani into only she isn't smart or ballsy enough to really go there. I haven't given it much thought. I will and then I'll be back
chir80 3 days ago
Well I really liked your ending rather than the actual. But really thnx a lot as listening to your narrative made me feels much lighter now.
O Rebanho
O Rebanho 3 days ago
乙PointBlank 3 days ago
This is the best!
אורי לירון
My opinion is that this is how got ended, hopefully Bran died as well somewhere
Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega 3 days ago
I could’ve written it better: The “prince who was promised” prophecy just, to make my case: I think it would’ve played out during the Battle of Winterfell. Jon and Danny would’ve been “unhorsed” as they were, but instead of Jorah, it was Jon that protected Danny, but as the Night King draws nearer, a wounded Danny begs Jon to “end the pain,” and Jon plunges Longclaw into her heart, as he did with a dagger in the finale, only to draw it from her once more as Lightbringer. As he sees the sword magically catch aflame, he swings it towards the wights with a deafening roar and blaze of fire. Jon carves a path towards the Night King. People like Brenne, and Jaimie, and Davos, and Greyworm charging to meet him. They all fight off the Wight Walkers; the lieutenants, to help Jon advance towards the Night King. Epic showdown between the two commences, wherein Jon’s magic sword obliterates the Night King in epic fashion. Roll credits for that episode.
Garret McCracken
Garret McCracken 3 days ago
This version was very satisfying. At least we have this. Thankyou.
אופיר שכמורוב
Jordan Cooke
Jordan Cooke 4 days ago
I like ur ending much better
Tali Samohi
Tali Samohi 4 days ago
That was really good. I hope they hire you in HBO for an unplanned 9th season. Please save the world!
David Marconis
David Marconis 4 days ago
Well done!
Malon Maxon
Malon Maxon 4 days ago
this will be super but making Dany bend the knee to Cersei won't be a good part.
Leslie Tillman
Leslie Tillman 4 days ago
Amazing ending. This is a much more fulfilling story line than what manifested as Season 8. Too bad your ideas can’t be made into episodes. Thanks for the ingenious ending befitting the GoT fans grew to love.
Hankee Plays
Hankee Plays 4 days ago
I like this whole video, a LOT. However, at the end when you were talking about the flash forward 5 years, I think her child should be named Jorah.
Frosty Phoenix
Frosty Phoenix 4 days ago
This script sounds great. How can we donate to make this happen?
Sivan Arad
Sivan Arad 4 days ago
God, this end is so much better in so many ways 😍. Thank you so much for making this video. It's give me a lot of satisfaction knowing it's end like that. 😅🥰😁😁😁
Noa K
Noa K 4 days ago
I absolutely love your work on this channel and am so grateful for all the knowledge that you share here; and I had quite the nice surprise stumbling upon an item about your rewrite of GOT on local media! It's published on a large and well known platform, and they of course love your video :) Here's a link if you're interested: www.mako.co.il/tvbee-articles/Article-a883c8db5168c61026.htm?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=MakoPage&utm_campaign=OngoingActivity&partner=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0nAZs-DdxpZZh0KVZush5IUBz7i05VyeLvYR9kIrGXC1GsWcb_TPN69SI Thanks again for your content!
Yossi Yaari
Yossi Yaari 4 days ago
ATM. NS7.2001
ATM. NS7.2001 4 days ago
16:00 Meanwhile, the children of the night king survived as there was a separate link of magic.....
Ron Haim
Ron Haim 4 days ago
A 4 days ago
I liked everything up until the part where Cersei lied about the baby, Lena Heady said that Cersei was supposed to have miscarried, it would have been interesting to follow up on that idea instead
Sierra Z
Sierra Z 4 days ago
Why did this guy just recap the whole last season
Blood of the Phoenix
Ive listened to a LOT of season 8 rewrites, and this one is probably my favourite.
Adrienne Holliday
I think the best ending is with Jon taking the throne. Without that the revelation about who he is is completely irrelevant.... they literally could have left that out and the ending would be the same. His character arc won't be complete without his being a king, but yes, he needs to have that face off with the Night King. Taking a page from the Harry Potter playbook, he cannot kill the bad guy alone and the others have a role in helping him behind the scenes. (Perhaps there's something in the tree or part of the tree that can kill the night king and someone has to go get it). He has Stark and Targaryen blood....fire and ice.Dani's death was foreseen so that has to happen. I do like what happened in this rewrite with Jamie. He needs to free himself from the co-dependent, sickness that is his relationship with his sister-lover.
Michal Zisman
Michal Zisman 4 days ago
Jon dies, and because Dany is carrying his child she is the rightful heir to the trone? I don't think that's how monarchy works. Besides, wouldn't their child be a bastard and therefore not eligible to be king? I am sure there are more problems with this fan-made ending, but I just wanted to hear your resolution. Also, why do so many keep holding on to Jon+Dany romance? And why would anyone write them an offspring as if it's sweet? Are you forgeting they are related?
Michal Zisman
Michal Zisman 2 days ago
@craigarnold1980 Like Cersei became queen after both her children died and there was no male heir, right? In any case, I prefer the original ending where the lords and ladies choose their new king/queen and Dany's dead :)
craigarnold1980 2 days ago
No, she is heir to the throne because she has the next best claim of all living people if Jon dies. Nothing to do with having his child.
Roopali Mishra
Roopali Mishra 4 days ago
now i feel content
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