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Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
Jump to my alternate ending: 4:43
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May 22, 2019

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Think Story
Think Story Month ago
Well, at least we still have fan fic!
MuSIc HeART 4 days ago
Hey man please please please make your own season Your just awesome ..
Your ending was soooooo much better but small plot home though I think. If Arya was to disguise herself as Jamie wouldn't he have to be dead for her to take his face?
The gamer 115
The gamer 115 4 days ago
You got my rewrite vote
David Klecker
David Klecker 4 days ago
@Michael Price Unless it was Martin's intent for Dany to always be the villain I still would say it's not a good ending to the character. Maybe if it happened in season 1 or 2. But the idea of a character arc is to see the change and to see the resolution. But if Dany is just going to go full circle it undermines her character development and all the times she curbed her temper and the times she didn't. It undermines her whole disgust at a fighting pit. Dany going nuts is possible, but to have it be her character's end place, is flat out asinine. :( Dany may not have been a hero at everything, but she is a hero, or was supposed to be. I can't watch the show anymore and take her seriously. It undermines the entire series. Call me being in denial, but that is the great thing about fiction. It can be rewritten and the fans will dictate canon. In my mind, this rewrite is canon. It's perfect. It's exactly what the series needed.
Katie Lindsay
Katie Lindsay 4 days ago
Think Story this is actually my theories from before the season started. Like exactly the same
JazzMan 6 minutes ago
Dany fan, aren't you? :)
winterfell bryan
winterfell bryan 20 minutes ago
So far , I genuinely think this would have been the best way to end the story , still giving GOT that twist that we’ve come to love. Wow ! Amazing
Trisha Brown
Trisha Brown 40 minutes ago
Only one issue: it seemed the faceless god ark involved using the faces of the dead as masks. The dead were washed, and their faces removed, placed in the chamber with all the masks. I would assume Aryah killed Jamie to get his face to deceive Cercea (sp?), and try to assassinate her. How would Aryah get Jamie's face without killing him first? You might want it to me someone else.
UltimatePancakeGeek 41 minute ago
I would have Jon’s death be a suprise (they didn’t think of the fact that Jon might die). I think that would make Jon’s death be more emotional.
eskhawk Hour ago
Much better...I hope GR Martin hears this and uses it for when he writes the actual books.
Bosun Mr Smee
Bosun Mr Smee Hour ago
Perfectly perfected perfect script.
Gianpaolo Puzo
Gianpaolo Puzo 2 hours ago
Yeah, you forgot only to add rainbows and lollipops
Lin Sylar
Lin Sylar 2 hours ago
HBO wanted more episodes, its those two guys that wanted it to be short. So there really is no this so called restrain.
radasinxD 2 hours ago
Sooooo much fukin better.... Txh for this, i really enjoyed it :D
Francesca Oteri
Francesca Oteri 3 hours ago
Hello yes how do I forget 8x 03-05 and remember this instead
anonymous anyone
anonymous anyone 4 hours ago
I swear I want a real season 8 redo with this story
BlackGymkhana 4 hours ago
There's a problem with your alternative ending. As far as i know, Arya can take the face of the dead people only... and in your alternative version, Jaimie is still alive when Ilaria stabs Arya.
WTF!!! Duniyawalo
WTF!!! Duniyawalo 4 hours ago
You should be the writer of S8!!! not dumb and Dumber
Marniehjggh Lamb
Marniehjggh Lamb 4 hours ago
If all the magic dies is bran still a three eyed raven
Natasu Rose
Natasu Rose 4 hours ago
Why didn’t bran control the dragons with his powers??? He totally was useless gosh
Michael Meyers
Michael Meyers 6 hours ago
The only ending to a series that was worse than game of thrones is lost
Callum Westwood
Callum Westwood 6 hours ago
Your version is so much better
Lee Almonte
Lee Almonte 6 hours ago
Fates for all our favorite characters, some more bittersweet than others: Bran, without his greensight, regains a bit of his lost humanity and resolves to go to the Citadel with Sam to help him record all of the knowledge he remembers having, before he forgets it all. Dany offers him the position of Master of Coin on the Small Council (being that he's a lord's son, he's at least more qualified than Bronn), and he admits he'll have much to study in preparation while in the Citadel. Arya could wake up home in Winterfell, hurt from the battle, and take a walk in the Gods Wood, where somehow she finds that Nymeria has returned with her pack (returned to acknowledge Arya as its missing member; the new alpha? Who knows? They venture off into the mists together, to parts unknown, but reunited at last). Sansa should be Wardeness of the North. Her being a queen is stupid. Tyrion serves as Hand of the King, and finds it in his heart to forgive Bronn - his drinking buddy once again - who agrees to the favor of becoming Captain of the City Watch again, because he kind of feels he owes Tyrion that much (with a pay raise that they joke about - 'cause he's a proper lord this time, after all). Not Master of Coin or Lord of the Reach, which were both dumb and terrible conclusions, regardless of how much we love the guy. Yara Greyjoy should be instated as the new Master of Ships. Does a smuggler know more about seacraft and naval strategy than a Greyjoy? Nope. It's implied that by her taking up office in the capital and having a greater hand in things, the Ironborn have given up their previous reaver lifestyle, though they are largely unhappy about it and struggling to adapt. Davos would make a wonderful Master of Laws instead. No one believes in firm justice and the good of the commonfolk more than Davos Seaworth... Tyrion can intimate to Sam that the Seat of Grandmaester is waiting for him on the Small Council once he's ready, while Sam sweetly insists that he's still got much to learn and is certain the Citadel can send someone with a full chain to hold it in the meantime (because this makes sense, and Sam is amazing). Greyworm is made Master of War... Dany gives him leave to visit Naath (with Missandei, if she's still alive in this version) on the way to return any of her followers back to Essos, who wish to return. Those Dothraki and Unsullied who wish to remain and are still living, are settled on Dragonstone, making up Dany's new household and people in her ancestral home. Varys is fine and is reinstated as Master of Whisperers, because FUCK HIM DYING, that was stupid af. Jorah Mormont (if he didn't die in the battle of Winterfell), Brienne, Pod, and Jaime are all made members of the Queensguard, with Jorah serving as Commander (if alive), or Jaime (if not). I love Brienne, but Jorah is Dany's main man, and Jaime technically has seniority (plus I feel like, unlike Robert, Dany would want to acknowledge his saving the people of KL and winning her Throne, even if the way he did it haunts him).
MrDavinciman 6 hours ago
wow im so pissed at what we got and what we could have had. great job
Lee Almonte
Lee Almonte 7 hours ago
This version is certainly better, and I applaud the amount of thought that obviously went into it, but I can't help but feel you've resolved some story problems while creating new ones... - Not sure why Cersei would allow Jaime to suddenly convince her to let Dany into KL under any circumstances, since this is the issue they fought on and he deserted her for at the end of Season 7. In her mind, isn't this the eventuality she's been expecting? That the NK would crush Dany's army and that she would deal with him only after? She seemed well into madness by this point. I could see her MAYBE taking in the refugees of Winterfell, but not Dany, or even Jon, really... Can't blame you for being unable to resolve that one satisfactorily though, since D&D really wrote themselves into a corner on that. - The Ellaria/Arya/Jaime twist was pointless. - How does the Night King return to the God's Tree in time to defend it? Viserion and Rhaegal both died so he has no transport that could beat Dany on Drogon. - If magic is destroyed, shouldn't Drogon also die? And if so, how does she make it back to KL in time to find Jon's body? (Maybe could be fixed by having Jon go WITH Dany to the Tree so that he can deliver the final death blow to the NK himself? That way he'll actually be with her in his final moments and the two can have their farewell against the fiery/icy backdrop of the Weirwood burning.) - The Dany pregnancy is contrived. Sorry, but contrived pregnancies are a personal pet peeve, especially when their only purpose is to add cheap drama. In this case, it doesn't even make sense since Dany IS barren, and making her able to conceive all of a sudden retroactively lessens the impact of Khal Drogo's death by removing its most lasting consequence. - In that vein, if Dany's moral dilemma of whether or not to destroy magic needs to be about more than just Jon, then have it be about Drogon too, who already kind of IS her child (her LAST and dearest). - Also, if that's the case, Jon's parentage doesn't need to be revealed. He was already a hero to the people, Dany already HAS the strongest claim with his death (so it doesn't need to be further substantiated by his child, whose paternity can't even be proved anyway), and the most important people in his life already knew. There's a tragic poetry in Jon dying as 'Jon Snow.' It's way more impactful than Tyrion just explaining to random extras onscreen what the audience already knows, anyway. And I get it. The final moment of Dany calling to her son, Jon, is sweet. And hey, maybe you could still have that be the end scene to throw the audience for a final loop (she was pregnant the whole time? Whaaa---?). That would feel a little less manufactured, at least. But I think that Dany's end SHOULD be more bitter than sweet. It's fitting. This is GoT. And having some of the other characters, whose stories you didn't have as much time to explore, find happier fates, can make up for it.
anders fälldin
anders fälldin 7 hours ago
Fuck yeah, someone with power plz make this happend!
Nicola Rossetti
Nicola Rossetti 7 hours ago
so much better than the original!
Joost van Grieken
Joost van Grieken 7 hours ago
This story would have been so much more pleasing than the current one!
Zicari Sims
Zicari Sims 7 hours ago
That was the perfect ending, it should've ended like that. I feel more satisfied with the alternative then the original.
George Chris
George Chris 7 hours ago
OK ... so you throw out the entire book story line, which is the rise of House Stark and the fall of other houses? GRRM has gone to great lengths to document Daenarys's road into a homicidal maniac like the rest of her family, and you throw that out too? She kills anyone who doesn't kneel, but all of a sudden she is a benevolent queen? A+ for effort at the least
Sydney French
Sydney French 8 hours ago
I am allowing this to replace my memory of watching the original season 8. Thank you.
Dennisha Sinay
Dennisha Sinay 8 hours ago
I like this ending better
aroh p
aroh p 9 hours ago
If destroying the weirwood tree, destroys all magic. Wouldn't Dany die to the fire? After all. Immunity to fire is pretty magical. Also. This rewrite suffers from location teleporting. Dany goes from Winterfell to Kings Landing, then back to the tree. In one episode? Still a better story then what we got originally.
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby 9 hours ago
overall good plot, but a few main problems. if magic is destroyed as the tree burns, what’s keeping daenarys from burning? her magic fireproof abilities would no longer exist and she would burn up. second, her dragon would also die as he burns the tree, because dragons are creatures of magic. and third, arya would no longer be able to face swap, since that ability is based in some sort of magical practice.
Mariyam Shaikh
Mariyam Shaikh 9 hours ago
Dumb and dumber's list of points they won't use in season 8: 1) bran's warging powers 2) arya's masks 3) Jon's sword fighting abilities 4) dany's resistance against fire, i.e being the unburnt 5) varys's wisdom 6) tyrion's wit 7) night king's strength 8) yara greyjoy's fleet 9) dany's brain and also her council's ( dany kinda forgot about the iron fleet) 10) magic of westeros 11) common sense Anyone has any other points to add? Pls feel free
Chris MCMLXXXII 10 hours ago
I am fairly sure the Night King was not created at the God's Eye. We see the same tree covered with snow and the surrounding standing stones. The tree is beyond the Wall. Makes no sense to have the tree South of the Wall as the source of his power.
Alexander Shirmohammadi
What if it’s not over? What IF wen GRRM finally finishes the books we get like an Epilogue season or episode or MOVIE (HBO like doing they’re Movies) they gives us what happened with drogon and Danny’s body. (Red priestess resurrection) and a sort of respawn for the Nights King with a actually final showdown and closure with Jon Snow ? One can HOPE!
Adam Cyr
Adam Cyr 10 hours ago
jamie cant be alive if aria has his face
Hammer 10 hours ago
I feel as though by destroying the last tree and jon dying so should bran! hes linked to it as much as any magic!
Flight Recorder
Flight Recorder 11 hours ago
Small problem. Arya uses the real face of the persons she has killed to do her disguise thing. So having Arya pretend to be Jamie Lannister would mean that Jamie was dead, and then you couldn't have your bit about Jamie killing Cersei
Ken Devine
Ken Devine 11 hours ago
Love this! Very bittersweet to watch though as you realize all the missed opportunities. I think the only correction you could restate is that Jon's dragonglass dagger doesn’t kill the Night King (but his Valyrian Steel "sword" could, as we saw in "Hardhome."
Berghan Mark
Berghan Mark 11 hours ago
I like it, but still think there needs to be more totally self-centred, manipulative yet ultimately self-destructive betrayal. We lost so many of the really nasty characters over the previous seasons without introducing any replacements.
Juan Pablo García del Yerro
Doesn´t Jaime has to be death for Arya to use his face? Also, Arya was one of the best characters of the series, she deserves a better part on the final battle. I did like this story very much I would just change that.
Andres Dueñas
Andres Dueñas 11 hours ago
HBO: And when do you start working?
Elena Goodson
Elena Goodson 12 hours ago
Can you pleeeassee be the guy that rewrites the show??
Alex bro
Alex bro 12 hours ago
4:50 where it starts
Kyle King
Kyle King 13 hours ago
Burning the tree removes all magic from the world, but then you have multiple magical things happen (Dany doesn't burn; Arya is still a Faceless Man). Plus, The Mountain would die just like Jon would. A lot of plot holes to plug, but I like the direction. With Dany plunging the dagger into the Night King, she essentially fulfills the Azor Ahai prophecy too (just as Jon did in the original).
elwren75 13 hours ago
Could you put it in a fanfic? This is awesome! Thank you!
Django Cole
Django Cole 13 hours ago
This is a much better ending, but i would think that the Night King wouldn't go alone to the weirwood, or at least take the undead rheagal with him, potentially adding a full scale dragon fight that we could actually see.
Silverlight Snow
Silverlight Snow 13 hours ago
The actual version was awful. This version is worse
bend1951 14 hours ago
Everyone! Let’s pitch in $100 so Think Story can get a studio to do a CGI movie of his version of GOT!
Roger Balcer
Roger Balcer 14 hours ago
My take : Dany should have died in a deagon crash during battle leaving Jon Snow as king of the 7 kingdoms not Bran. Jon Snow should have been the one to kill the knight king. Bran should have remained at Winterfell with Sansa ! The black watch was no longer needed as the wildlings could man the wall the army of the dead being defeated and gone. Jamie should have died in battle and Arya should have cut Cersei's throat. The Hound should have killed the Mountain in one on one combat and slicing off his head, serving his remaining years as head of Jon's royal military. Arya should have married Gentry. the rest of the cast should have lived out their roles ! D&D's storyline almost ruined the whole series, what a couple of twats !
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell 14 hours ago
That would be awesome if they rewrote season 8 and used this story line. Fingers crossed
Brady Lawrence
Brady Lawrence 15 hours ago
This is so much better than what actually happened.
Dylan Holmes
Dylan Holmes 15 hours ago
Did you pay attention throughout the series? Though I agree with most of these Dany's buildup showed her becoming the main bad guy since the beginning of the series.
Thomas Jose
Thomas Jose 15 hours ago
This was awesome
Josh Alvarado
Josh Alvarado 16 hours ago
Theparadoxd7 16 hours ago
One other problem is if Dany destroys the tree and all the magic, would also mean she would not survive the fire.
Kenabi San
Kenabi San 17 hours ago
I like dany named her son „john“
rohith reddy
rohith reddy 17 hours ago
I think several people should get their creativity together to make it an epic ending.I liked that winterfell lost the battle as it suits its name and shows that madking is powerful. The series lost its plot after mad kings death.
Jolly Jack
Jolly Jack 17 hours ago
"white walkers are so much more important than [all the palace intrigues]" in fact I always thought all the scuttling about who'll end up on the throne is precisely about who will end up facing the ice king in the end, ending up either defeating him or being defeated, depending on the outcome of ... the game of thrones!
Micko666 Milanovic
Micko666 Milanovic 17 hours ago
Im not quite sure but i think that the weirwood you were talking about was cut down like others in the south.
Telser1 18 hours ago
Please write these scripts!!! This is what should have happened!!
Steven Peck
Steven Peck 18 hours ago
U just shit all over dumb and dumber twice, that would have been so fucking epic. Well done, sadly. lol
victoria zhu
victoria zhu 18 hours ago
This ending is much more sophisticated than the show ending
TKZMAX 19 hours ago
Come along aegon
Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez 19 hours ago
Me ha gustado mucho la trama que propones para el Rey de la Noche (el símil que pones con Sauron de el Señor de los anillos es muy bueno) y para John y Daenerys, aunque me gusta más la idea de que después de la masacre el trono de hierro fuera destruido (tal como el original) pero esta vez fuera la propia Dany la que lo destruyera y acabase con la rueda como era su propósito.
Jauron Dam
Jauron Dam 19 hours ago
for me this now is the real ending Tanks alot !
Ratish Sekhar
Ratish Sekhar 20 hours ago
Thank you. Now I feel fulfilled. You are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joel Amon
Joel Amon 20 hours ago
Arya would have to had killed Jaime for his face
Gigii Rodrigues
Gigii Rodrigues 20 hours ago
In my opinion, no ending is good unless Jon lives 😭 I love him to death, by far my favourite character. Season 8 was alright, the way that Danaerys turned into the mad queen and continued this psychotic ending that her ancestors had made sense because it was foreshadowed many times throughout the series, like this one time I think in season 3/4 she said she was going to “burn cities to the ground”. I still do believe many things could have been fixed, as there were so many gaps left.
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 20 hours ago
you weird sad man, write you're own fucking book, you're like mark fucking chapman, a loser who thinks he knows best, fuck you and what you want,sorry your dragon show didn't end the way you wanted it to, you fucking weird person. grow up
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 20 hours ago
fuck off nerd, become a writer, the last season was shit, but those guys are rich movie makers, and you're a nerd.
Liz 2184
Liz 2184 21 hour ago
I don’t know, I like stretching it out and raising the stakes on the night king, but the fix for Danni is too easy. She’s likable though out the series, but she always been a little bit of a bloodthirsty authoritarian. Her current ending is true to the character, and redeeming her should involve a lot of internal conflict and a high cost on her part. She wouldn’t just bend the knee to Cerci to get into the castle walls. John isn’t a character who seeks power and it still took him half a season to set aside a crown. The iron throne is Danni’s primary motivation, and it’s as much a part of her identity as her dragons. Letting go of that should be an earth shattering struggle for her.
Ran Wolf
Ran Wolf 21 hour ago
maybe I missed something in the show but wouldn't Arya have to kill Jamie and take his face?
Norbert Thomas
Norbert Thomas 22 hours ago
Daenerys would be problematic as the final ruler. I think the reason so many people rooted for her is that her vision for the world is the kind of socialist utopia that is popular on the left these days. She's kind of a Fidel Castro figure, coming in with military might to overthrow the previous regime, establishing a new 'better' world for everyone (at the end of a sword) and maintaining her rule by force. For some reason, this kind of authoritarianism is considered progressive these days.
Srimanthula Bhadra
Srimanthula Bhadra 22 hours ago
Danny surviving Dragon Fire doesn't make sense. If destroying the Tree, destroys all magic. how would she survive dragon fire? After all Danny's ability to withstand fire is magical right?
Roger Guevara
Roger Guevara 22 hours ago
I recreated all of that in my head. I'm a little less angry, but a little more upset seeing this sort of potential in story telling.
Andrew Woodward
Andrew Woodward 22 hours ago
Much more satisfying ending and great ideas, but Danny should not be able to be burnt by fire and survive if the source of all magic gets destroyed. Danny should of burnt the tree while Jon is fighting the Knight king and stabs him in the heart. That way we would finally see the reveal that John is a true Targaryen and is immune to fire before he dies, and more dramatic that Danny actually witnesses his death.
Mark Santora
Mark Santora 22 hours ago
Absolutely great!
himanshu meena
himanshu meena 23 hours ago
Ture Bitter sweet ending
LandonLP -
LandonLP - 23 hours ago
this is brilliant, i just finished the show and am so upset.
She-Wolf of Lorien
She-Wolf of Lorien 23 hours ago
YES!! GO ELLARIA!! I bow to you M'Lord-and,like others, your storyline has erased my disappointment!!😎💖
Jeremy Heartriter2.0
I really hoped they'd lose and retreat to King's Landing but they killed off the Night King in episode 3 . Disappointing indeed. I really enjoyed your video.
Nestor Cortes
Nestor Cortes 23 hours ago
Ahem. 4 flaws with this... 1. Does valyrian steel, aka dragon steel, not exist in this rewrite? Because thats what Jon's sword is made of, not dragonglass, aka obsedian. 2. How could Bran warg an undead dragon, who's only moving because it's under the magic of the night king? And even if he could (which would be a super reaching stretch), this wouldn't work since NK has proven to fuck up bran's warg connections with a look. 3. Magic connected to the weirwoods would not affect magic originated in essos (dragons or lord of light) so Jon's resurrection shouldn't be canceled out. At best based on the "magic destroyed theory" only magic originated in Westeros would be affected since thats the only place they exist still and were linked with the children of the forest. (White walkers, 3-eyed raven powers, and warging possibly) 4. The one most people noticed, the Arya wearing Jaime face cant happen if jaime is still alive.
Nestor Cortes
Nestor Cortes 23 hours ago
This being said i did enjoy some of the changes made in the video, especially for Dany and Jaime
Thomas Prettyman
My only issue with this is Jon’s death as a result of the destruction of the weirwood tree on God’s Eye. Jon was resurrected by purely eastern magic, as Melisandre learned her sorcery in the shadow lands of Asshai. In the books and the series, eastern and western forms of magic (as associated with the continents Essos and Westeros, respectively) are portrayed and described in distinctly different ways, and thus, appear unrelated. That’s why I think that burning the weirwood tree, a symbol of western magic, and having Jon die as a result is a little far-fetched. However, I think this was an excellent and far superior way of killing off the Night King rather than his untimely demise to Arya’s blade in episode 3. Another issue I noticed was that your new version fails to address the tension between Jon and Daenerys regarding the rightful claim to the throne. Maybe you could have written in a sort of amendment to Westerosi government that mirrored Dormish line of succession where women have an equal claim to the throne as men. Those were my two main complaints, but otherwise this was a creative and more satisfying ending to the series than HBO provided. Good job.
Clara G T
Clara G T Day ago
No way Elaria who's been held captive all this time is gonna be able to successfully attack Arya. But other than that this was perf.
Brandon Riott
Tyrion finds the bodies of his brother and sister, then hears a voice behind him say "Hello old friend"..he looks behind him and sees Bronn..Bronn instantly pulls out a dagger and stabs Tyrion..Bronn looks down at Tyrion with a smile and says "the Reynes send their regards"..As Tyrion lies in a pool of blood next to his siblings, Bronn walks away slowly whistling The Rains Of Castamere, revealing that he is actually the last remaining member of House Reyne who was just using the Lannisters to get gold and power while waiting for the right moment to wipe them out..House Reyne rules the seven kingdoms and is officially the wealthiest and most powerful house, which is what they always wanted.. the screen fades out to the credits with The Rains Of Castamere being sung by Serj Tankian..
Raj Karmakar
Raj Karmakar Day ago
HBO should hired you instead of those 2 D&Dikhead brothers
David Corrales
I definitely like your writing better!
Joe Kleca
Joe Kleca Day ago
This was so much better it's ridiculous
Tiana Howard
Tiana Howard Day ago
I’m just gonna imagine the ending happened like this and I didn’t watch that crap D&D produced
DabL Day ago
Man i miss lord of the rings
Adebayo Peter
i think i am taking this as the end..and not the bull crap they served us
The Dude
The Dude Day ago
this is what happened in an alternate universe. thank you.
sosayallofme Day ago
Could Bran warg with the dead? Technically Viscerian is dead.
jeremy smalls
Connor Wilkinson
All good except one thing in order for aria to have Jamie’s face Jamie must already be dead
ulhas agade
ulhas agade Day ago
I like your ending
KaptenBear 13
Number one; "It's lazy writing" (Yes, D&D is lazy and shitty writing.) But "I´ll have NIght King victorious" Why? He is the least interesting villain -ever-. I only ever found him annoying because he pulled shit out of his ass. Show me where, in the books, or where, in the movie where you saw a few dozen zombies walk around with chains INCASE they came across a dragon in a lake, and further more.. How did they attach the chains? Walkers can't swim, apparently. Number two; Sansa fight? No. She is only big and tough when there is literally no danger around her. And her character is dreadfully poorly written. Number three; I think this is the point where I think your version won't be much better. "Night King survives Dragon Fire like nothing" oh. ok. Why? How? Plot armour does not make things better. Number four; Please stop comparing Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings. I get so sad when people dare to compare George to Tolkien. Number five; Yes, the Golden Company did not get to do anything. Because they had a Dragon. Who finally did what a Dragon was supposed to do, rather than magically die because everyone who aims something at a Dragon magically gets 100% unhinched accuracy, on a flying Dragon. Number six; Why would burning a tree kill Jon who was granted ressurection by "The Lord of Light"? Correct me if I am wrong here, but he is not connected to the Old Gods. The Lord of Light, that is. Number seven; Night King's death in this version is probably even worse than the original. I'd rather have Bran do something useful for once rather than sit as and stare whilst being as uncharismatic as a turd. Number eight; Sansa gets to survive this version aswell. All in all, I think this is pretty good. But I had some things that I wanted to point out.
aman rahmani
aman rahmani Day ago
i feel like dany going insane would have been good if there was more set up
Zahir Suchit
Zahir Suchit Day ago
1,000,000 (one million) times better that what we got
Mark White
Mark White Day ago
Wow, incredible
Neha Jha
Neha Jha Day ago
Thank you so so so much finally i am satisfied after imagining this ending.. i was devastated by the original ending and i kind of hated the whole series as it was all for nothing.. but then you version is so so satisfying.. i had goosebumps while listening to you..thanks a tonne
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