How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

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Many were disappointed with the ending of Game of Thrones so I took the time to rewrite an alternate, new ending the way I would have liked to see. New plots for the Night King and several other characters.
Jump to my alternate ending: 4:43
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May 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Think Story
Think Story Year ago
Well, at least we still have fan fic!
RazAlguise Month ago
Think Story your version is so much better than what the show did
Svanticki 6 months ago
Think Story yes
Saad Zahid
Saad Zahid 7 months ago
Holy shit !! You should have been a writer somewhere. Had season 8 followed this storyline, it could have the potential of becoming the Best Season ever and also a very conclusive end to the Game of Thrones. Just one correction: Arya couldn't use Jamie's face with Jamie all alive
WYX 8 months ago
Michael Price Well actually, she’s not the villain. As for all the kinda bad things she did, any king or queen would’ve done. Execute traitors? Of course. Be pissed that her Friend and dragon died? Anyone would’ve been. The part where she burns the city down is just a lame excuse where she turns mad.
Libel TouRe
Libel TouRe 9 months ago
lisas44 45 minutes ago
I like it. Breaks my heart for Jon, but I don't know how many times he was surrounded and almost died (or did die). Also, Jaime and Brianne could live happily ever after.
House Targaryen
Now That's what I Call An Ending
Infinity 2 hours ago
they didnt have constraints tho hbo offered more time for more episodes
Cédric Demets
Cédric Demets 3 hours ago
How would Arya Stark be able to use Jamie's face if Jamie is still alive?
Denis Robert
Denis Robert 5 hours ago
I strongly disagree about Jamie. His story is about never being able to get away from Cersei’s hold, no matter how much he tried to free himself. The fact that he failed is what I liked most about his arc. It would have been nothing but a stereotype if he had completed his arc the way the fanboyz wanted.
aaron cummings
aaron cummings 6 hours ago
The funny thing is is that the writers weren't on a 6 episode restraint. HBO for both season 7 and 8 were offered 10 episodes, but D&D decided to go with shorter episodes, probably because their tiny little brains couldn't handle writing 10 episodes at 1 time
Jamie Southeard
Jamie Southeard 8 hours ago
Brilliant a year on from the final season and i was finally getting over it now ive watched this and im absolutely fuming once again ffs
Kenna Blair
Kenna Blair 10 hours ago
There is one thing I don't agree with when Arya uses Jamie face the would make Jamie have to be dead so your whole scene with Cersei would not make since.
Hayley Bullock
Hayley Bullock 10 hours ago
I wish they could redo it like this. So good. 🙏👍
Zdravko Trolic
Zdravko Trolic 12 hours ago
While I watched your video and thought it was dumb, I came to point where you actually said that it would be a better story and character arc to have best trained assassin in the world accidentally die to a powerless non-trained chained in dungeon whore is better idea than original?
Neat Cool
Neat Cool 13 hours ago
Dude, I thought about a rewrite when it happened and you can't skip ep1 and ep2 if you really know military tactics, Benioff and Weiss don't know much about military tactics and strategy, you have to do a few things different before ep3. When you skipped to ep3 I stopped the video and left this comment and took off.
Brawl Bros Inc.
Brawl Bros Inc. 16 hours ago
How could Jaime still be alive if Arya took his face, fix the plotholes man.
bogdan cata
bogdan cata 17 hours ago
To be perfectly honest, it's extremely hard to come up with anything worse than the original. They outdone themselves in that regard... Too bad!
Alpha Paladin
Alpha Paladin 17 hours ago
I get that the Nightking is strong but I mean he shouldn't be able to pierce a sword straight through a chest plate with ease. In a real scenario, he wouldn't be able to go straight through.
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt 17 hours ago
This video gave me the proper closure I needed. I can now finally calm down, for a little bit.
Bhanwar Kumawat
Bhanwar Kumawat 20 hours ago
Way Much better than dumb and dumber edition
chris gomez
chris gomez 20 hours ago
I disagree, Jon should have been King with Danni as queen. He needed to Marry her and Jon learning of Danni's pregnancy would be made to protect his wife and child from all the other families craving the throne, including Sansa and the only way to achieve this is to be King. Jon would also Slay the Night King with Long Claw, I would have a battle between them and Danni trying to attack the Night King and in the distraction Jon would throw Long Claw and have it piece the Knight Kings head coming out of his mouth. Then the white walkers army would fall. At this point the golden army would regroup, then attack the survivors. Jon anticipating this would send Arya to kill Cercie as Jamie would be a nice touch. At which point she would throw Cercies head onto the battle field by the golden army commander stopping the battle. Then Tyrion would announce Jon as King. Jamie would marry Breane and raise a family. Sansa would be Queen of the North and Bran would be Maester to all the other Maesters. The wildlings would return to the North. A pregnant Danni would ride Rhaegal to Essos and relieve the bank of their power after learning of who's been trying to kill them all and funded the double cross. Can you say dracarys?! Then Tyrion would be appointed as the new Hand of the King again. They would own the bank so no more coup d' tats could be funded. From this day forward all people shall be free, declares Danni and Jon. Arya would still go her own way, but Gendry would go with her. And return to his lands and status with a pregnant Arya as his bride.
isaiah jelinek
Should have put Rhaegars first son AEGON as the leader of the golden company weilding blaclfyre like he does in the books
Chris Reynolds
wow your version is way better
Chika Farhani
why did i found the video just now, a year after i watched the ending?! from now on i will engrave in my mind that this is the real beautiful ending of GOT
Ajai R
Ajai R Day ago
This... This plot is just amazing. Yeah I am not ok with Jon's death. But Dany carries his son. And the end of Night King, Queenslayer, Everything is perfect! Hats off to the thought!
Timothy Mukansi
This was beautiful and cathartic. Thank you.
MajinHico Day ago
So skip the season 8 and watch this instead?
ein 3248
ein 3248 Day ago
Two major problems - dumb and dumber
ein 3248
ein 3248 Day ago
First, it should not have ended for at least another season. Second, fuck dumb and dumber.
Niharika Gayakwad
Jamie and Cersie belong together, something that show has established already, several times. Jamie returning to the love of his life, was fitting. Brienne honestly didn't stand a chance.
magliadoro Day ago
One flaw in your story - for a Faceless Man to use someone's face, they have to kill them first. So that wouldn't work.
magliadoro Hour ago
@MrKriselt I'm willing to overlook it in light of how f'ing awful the original season 8 was. Hey they say everyone has a double in our world, why not in Westeros? :)
MrKriselt 2 hours ago
Indeed. One flaw. Compared to countless in the "original" lol. It doesnt have to be that face exactly (even though story wise it fits the best), but not using Arya's skills while killing the 7 season build up is just trash.
magliadoro Day ago
Your version is way better.
Chris Binder
Chris Binder Day ago
I wish they had been true to the book(s) which suggested that Jamie Lanister was illegitimate and not actually Cersei's brother
Andrew Edwards
Missed a big plot hole, Dany would die because she wouldn't have the magic keeping her immune from fire
G Cav
G Cav Day ago
FUCK YA!! I've been saying That for years. Your Ending is much better...
mordikes Day ago
Wow! I absolutely love it. This is how GOT should have ended. Good job.
Tom Keating
Tom Keating Day ago
well, good for you but, well you are just some one in room who cares !!!!! they worked for it
Samuel Tichenor
Much better ending. Seperatly, I Still don’t know why they even added euron if they weren’t going to use any of his amazing story.
If arya have to pretend to be jamie, first she would have to kill jamie first for the face..... And what about Aegon Targaryan....?
D.F.S. Studios
I would have had Jamie kill cerci by saying, “the things I did for love” and then push her out the window
Bikas Dixit
Bikas Dixit Day ago
Great climax...
David Ashley
David Ashley Day ago
Well, that was just about perfect. Very satisfying. Honestly I feel like the show runners need to go work along side Rian Johnson at Burger King after screwing the pooch on what should have been an easy enough ending to write. Definitely like your rewrite better.
magnomus Zar
magnomus Zar Day ago
I would of prefered John and Daneris surviving in the end and everyone else dying lol
magnomus Zar
magnomus Zar Day ago
that was pretty good much better than the shit we got I'll never watch anything those guys made
This doesn't work aria only gets Jamie's face by killing him.
Mayirosi Maseko
Guys its official this is how GOT ended and I am happy.....season 8 was great thanks
Lee Andrada
Lee Andrada Day ago
If Prison Break can re-do an ending then Game Of Thrones can do it.
Justin M
Justin M Day ago
Sansa should not have become queen of anything
chillin killin
chillin killin 2 days ago
I'm going to come out and say it. No ending for game of thrones would be good. Im not defending the canon ending. Im not criticizing your ending. Im just saying that no matter what happened, not everyone was going to be happy. And I hate that everyone is vilifying the writers for failing at something that was literally impossible. Making everyone happy in the end. It's simply not possible. I will critique your ending a little bit. Even if all the events ended up as they did in your version, why would sansa bend the knee to Daenerys? To me, that makes no sense. Where the hell did Elliria come from? At that point she would have been dead for weeks. Also your ending is more like that of a fantasy novel. If that was what it was supposed to replace, sure it would be a good ending. But game of thrones has what it is in the title. A game of thrones. I wouldn't be suprised if this is how george ends the books, but the show is different. The show isn't a fantasy show. It's a suspense drama with fantasy elements. The main story isnt about the white walkers. It's why they are barely mentioned for the first couple of seasons. They are there as a big bad to get all the protagonist who hate each other or who cant trust each other together. They are not the overarching antagonist of the series. That title belongs to the iron throne. Most of the problems throughout the series is entirely based off who sits on the thing. Ned is killed and robb goes to war because Joffrey isnt supposed to be king. The war of the five kings is fought over who sits on it. Jon wouldn't have gone to the wall if king robert didnt want to kill all targaryens. Arya is trying to run from the ones who sit on the throne. Everything we see in essos is based on Daenerys and her journey to get the throne. There are only 2 problems in Westeros that had nothing to do with the throne or who sat on it, and that was the white walkers and the wildlings, and even they wouldn't have been that much of a problem if everyone would forget about the throne and band together. Keeping that all in mind, then it makes sense that the climax of the series isnt about the white walkers. At that point in the series and with season 7 ending as it did, then there was no more time for alliances and fighting over who would sit on the throne. Lines in the sand had been drawn, those who were worthy of sitting on the throne (who went to save humanity) against those who only cared about their personal power (those who didnt leave kings landing). Also, I might be the only one who understands why jamie did what he did. I may not have liked that he left brianne, but what do we want him to do? Stay in winterfell while is unborn child is killed, literally his last chance to do something right by his family? I know he could have stayed with brianne and had a family of his own, but Cersei is still the mother of his children. If we remember, right before marcella dies in his arms, he decides that he's going to try and be a father to his 2 remaining children (who both died before he could try). He already knows the pain of losing children who he was supposed to protect. Why would he just stay and let his last one die? Maybe he could try and save Cersei and tell her to run and then he could go back to brianne, but then again (like I said at the start of this very long comment) no ending would make everyone happy. Jamie choosing Cersei over the rest of Westeros also gives what jon did (killing Danny) more meaning to the honor that jon has, so I think that was actually good writing. I think that I'm actually happy that the series ended that way and not some blanket everything is right with the world way. It ends how all war should end. With no one being happy with how it ended, and a little bit ashamed that it had to have happened in the first place. This is not a story about epic battles and kick ass dragons and awesome undead armys. That's why all the major battles are in the middle of the season. It's a story that tries to tell everyone that not everything is black and white. Jamie did not deserve to live. Sure, he overcame a lot of character flaws since the first episode, but he still did a lot of terrible things that he did not regret doing. Daenerys was made out to be this paragon of virtue and good, but everyone has a dark side. She started out as an abused little girl with no power, and ended as a person who had finally gotten all the power in the world and went mad. I will end this (extremely) long comment with a quote from Ramsey Bolton. "If you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention"
Leo Drayton
Leo Drayton 2 days ago
That is so much better than the original
Shay Cooney
Shay Cooney 2 days ago
The Arya thing wouldnt work because she would have had to kill Jamie to use his face and also you removed all magic from the world so it wouldnt work anyway
Parv Sharma
Parv Sharma 2 days ago
This was a would have been a much better ending
Fernando Abrantes
What about the ending on the books? Is it written yet? IS it close to the series or with this fan history? (what i really liked).
MeowOfA.R.M.Y 2 days ago
Arya has to kill Jamie in order to use his face
Jade Amelia Walsh
I was really hoping that they would have Arya wearing Jamie’s face during this season, when they didn’t (and didn’t even mention her skills) It felt like there was no point to most of her story! Wish they had done even half your ideas for the ending
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson 2 days ago
The main thing I would do is TURN ON THE LIGHTS during the fight scenes.
Phil Hood
Phil Hood 2 days ago
If the tree is burned and all magic ceases to exist (thus Jon dying), would Arya still be able to do her face swapping?
Inês Ferreira
Inês Ferreira 2 days ago
I don't care, this is how it ended for me, no other opinions matter. This is great
6RingzDaLacKing 2 days ago
Darrell Snyman
Darrell Snyman 2 days ago
This is how it should have ended
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan 2 days ago
Arya can’t have Jamie’s face if Jamie is still alive my guy.
MattChat56 2 days ago
Yep...that would have been 1000% better.
sprite_the_remix 2 days ago
The beginning😆😆😆
Shah Arslan
Shah Arslan 2 days ago
This is so fucking better !!!
a boy is reunited with his wolf and go join his friends ,what is wrong what that ending
ya2an 2 days ago
The end was amazing cuz Jhon did the same as Jame and the queen did what her father didn't The people are mad cuz got is done I think it was the better end for GOT
Copenhagen 2 days ago
How do I tag George R R Martin in this? Infinitely better, just need a little work on why the Night King is unable to be killed by dragon glass, maybe link it to the Weirwood tree still, kind of like a Voldemort horcrux type thing (it contains his blood from his transformation sacrifice that sort of thinking). Another point is how does the Night King travel to the tree in pursuit of Dany with Viseron now dead? And finally was it established that Arya could use the faces of the living? Other than these loose ends, which are just my thoughts, this is an incredible rewrite my friend, particularly liked the inclusion of Ellaria, great work! I'd also like to see a bit added to the Hound's message to his brother when he said "You know who's coming for you, you've always know". We now know he's referring to himself but in hindsight this message seems to be worded a little strangely since they were face to face at the time, if he'd have concluded with "soon" or "but not yet/here", it would suggest the Hound was waiting for his moment possible when just the two of them are alone.
Alexandre Cayres
Alexandre Cayres 2 days ago
Loved it. Just don’t think the Arya/Ellaria part is needed, Ellaria is better off dead. Jon’s one of my favorites, but him dying would make more sense. Also, if your vision happened instead of D&D, I would probably not hate Daenerys like I do lol. And yes, the Night King should get the spotlight as the main villain, hope GRRMartin has time to write something better in the books (if he actually finishes both of them before passing away).
hey QT
hey QT 2 days ago
an ending with Dany alive is all i've ever wanted :'))
Sukanya Satapathy
okay, so this is the best ending, the ending that I wanted. my qyeen Daenerys should be rule the seven kingdom.. and that's happening here..it's the official ending... i'm removing previous one from my mind... thank you so much for bring danny back
Reanne Phille Lapac
Whoah. That was a better ending. Except Jon's death though. :/
mayaknife 2 days ago
I see one flaw in your version: Dany's ability to survive fire is magical so it too should go away when the wyrmwood tree burns.
rachellaaa 2 days ago
Many flaws too! Dragons shouldn't exist too, red priests would all die, etc.
jon smitt
jon smitt 2 days ago
Not everything has to be used. GOT had a reputation for building up characters only to obliterate them in shocking but very plausible ways. This left Westeros littered with relics of failed endeavors such as the Blackfish. Similar to LOTR the books uses references to previous heroes and relics to create a sense of a vast but unwritten world. However Dumb and Dumber started doing shit that made no sense just because it’s unexpected.
taha shrif
taha shrif 2 days ago
Man, you're even a worst writer than D&D
MrKriselt 2 hours ago
Well judging by the other comments around, I think most here will disagree with you, me included. This ending was 1000 times better than what we got.
Hircine 2 days ago
I swear, this would be x10000000 times better than the trash we got from D&D that is season 8
Radha Pyari
Radha Pyari 2 days ago
Yes its so true ....the endin is so dissappointing ...its so childish..after all the thrills
Moisés Barrios
Moisés Barrios 2 days ago
I liked your ending better.
Gcina Madonsela
Gcina Madonsela 2 days ago
They should have hired you when they were writing the 8th season
Salvatore VIVACQUA
To all you haters, this is how George R.R. Martin wanted it to end. Go ask him to write the books differently.
Luyolo Maswanganyi
I know a lot of people might not agree, but I secretly would’ve liked to see the Night King sit on the throne 🙊 and then see all the main characters kneel to him as they’re now part of his army. Imagine that. Everything Jon tried so hard to prevent actually happening...
Tainah de Paula
Tainah de Paula 3 days ago
You make in 15 minutes what the shownrunners don't make in 2 years.... I loved!
Russell Manweller
I thought they ended it amazingly. Other than knowing it rapped up quick, considering it could have gone on several more seasons. All good things have to come to an end.
Monotonie 3 days ago
Iam just gonna forget i saw season 7 and pretend this ist the ending....
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