How Fast Anime Characters be Building Friendships

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How come every time someone makes a friend in anime they're instantly down? I swear friendships are built x3000 faster than real life 😂
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Oct 22, 2020




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RDCworld1 Month ago
Can’t wait till y’all see anime House 5 and hood avatar they boxing I PROMISE!
Somerset Belenof
Somerset Belenof 5 days ago
Nigga I dnt know you though 😂😂😂😂😂 this BS was soo boring until that minute to be honest
Meet The Inmans
Meet The Inmans 5 days ago
AmaKur 7 days ago
let’s gooo
JP theGR8
JP theGR8 22 days ago
This is one of the funniest and on point videos I’ve seen in a long time. Wicked good.
MJ Allen
MJ Allen 23 days ago
Got any release dates for us
Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway 11 minutes ago
The little sad music when they were dying is from AOT if I'm right. When Reiner, Eren, Armin and Bertolt went to that view in the beginning and looked at the lake
ASL 3 hours ago
Lirio2u 4 hours ago
Omg you guys are what we need
cellophanezebra 4 hours ago
He was too strong... Says the man that is the most OP character
KC 6 hours ago
omg beautiful
LangkahKanan 9 hours ago
niga sacrifice himself bcs he doesn't want to pay child support
Malcolm GB
Malcolm GB 10 hours ago
I love the face he makes after he remembers him from earlier, that face is the best shit ever it’s so perfect for that situation
Plucky 10 hours ago
Desmond is one of the best antagonist prove me wrong
Filthy Flames
Filthy Flames 10 hours ago
why does that dude look like kevin hart anyone else notice that
777LEGEND777 11 hours ago
Fucking killed me when Ben popped back up
RangeFour 12 hours ago
Attack on titan music xd
Anime dude 74 v2 74
Anime dude 74 v2 74 13 hours ago
If only I asked what’s up to my teacher... maybe she wouldn’t let me suffer during exams
Anime dude 74 v2 74
Anime dude 74 v2 74 13 hours ago
0:52 looks like a piece of paper
Rodrigue Nakigane
Rodrigue Nakigane 14 hours ago
Mann this N***a pulled up to the park with a sword, acts catuall, and say "yo, can I sit hear?" LMAO! Yall funny as hell!
Scotty 17 hours ago
Watch this Movie FREE RUvid Wants to Have it REMOVED!! ruvid.net/video/video-86eXSq-LXZc.html
Brow Ming
Brow Ming 18 hours ago
2:03 "no, babe..."
Matt hew
Matt hew 23 hours ago
Spoilers- Basically the plot of the New demon slayer movie -_-
What_is_my_name_again? Oh_its_Mal!
"You're my best friend" "Nigga I don't know you tho"
Jon Vich
Jon Vich Day ago
At the end I thought he was gonna look up and tell the grim reaper that he was his best friend 😂
l0vely ·
l0vely · Day ago
"you were always so kind to me" *"W H O A R E Y O U"*
Taher Patrawala
Literally the character of Naruto in a nutshell
Unrinxs Day ago
I can't keep a straight face with the amount of cringe
OmegaJoeXD Day ago
*coughs* Gon and killua
Slingshot Day ago
sometimes you don't know how far a smile can go...
mr bot the 1st 1
Bruh this so True
Chris From Discord
Kera Kay
Kera Kay Day ago
I can see y'all in a movie frfr 🎥🍿acting on point👌🏿
Travis Matchett
Ok anyone noticed that jacked hairline on both of them 😂😂
Cj Bass
Cj Bass Day ago
You were always so kind to me. WHO ARE YOU!?!? LMAO
Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma Day ago
Khalid Elmi
Khalid Elmi Day ago
Snake the Adversary
Darkness blade from darkness island xD
jmsnails12 Day ago
alternative ending Des has a change of heart becomes Marks friend after hearing how kind he was to his friends. Lol
vlyses bandz
vlyses bandz Day ago
protect my cousin lmfaoooo
Aethelia4 Day ago
They don't point it out, but of course the bad guy just stands back doing and saying nothing for an entire minute as hero and extra #1 talk.
Dunken Bagles
Normal People: "Hi" "Hey" "you from around here" "yes" "You?" "no." Alcoholics: "Hi" "Hey" "you from around here" "yes" "You?" "no." Alcoholic 1: "wanna get drinks?" Alcoholic 2: Let's do it."
Couchflop Day ago
... 🤣
Tyler Santana
"Let's do it." "Let's do it."
Aelita Balcrut
On point lol
Damien Solomon
U got a kid and u did this 😂😂😂😂
mrs.hatake Day ago
Jeremy Ulofoshio
2 words Jojo part 1
Kim Jung Un
Kim Jung Un Day ago
THIS is quality content!
Choice Izekor
HxH 😂 😂 😂
King Chris
King Chris Day ago
I’m weak bruh😂😂😂
Tashfiq khan
Tashfiq khan Day ago
This video is very legit
Hnnderv Day ago
Killua: “I’m Killua, what’s your name?” Gon: “my name is Gon! :)” *Killua and Gon proceed to be besties even though they just met*
Hinata's Left Ass Cheeck / Kageyama
*“You Are My Best Friend”* “Nigga I Don’t Know You-” Not Even Five Seconds Later “BRO I’M GOING THROUGH A TOUGH TIME”
Mwika Kalima
Mwika Kalima Day ago
Hamza Habrat
Hamza Habrat 2 days ago
Killua and Gon friendship in nutshell
Matt Van Emden
Matt Van Emden 2 days ago
‘Be building’? Build*
R1matthewr2 2 days ago
Wear a mask when out in public
Angel Arevalo
Angel Arevalo 2 days ago
Boy so true
adrian felipe
adrian felipe 2 days ago
*Akame soundtrack intensifies* Me: YessSS! *Attack on Titan soundtrack intensifies* Me: YEEESSSZZZ!
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 2 days ago
The blue sword is an sao sword the one that kirito got made to dual wield right?
Master Epps Returns
Gon: (looks at Killia) Killia: _”did we just become best friends??”_
Rohan Regmi
Rohan Regmi 2 days ago
2:26 *Priceless.*
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 2 days ago
How I do it Smart
Anybody else went back to check were they met at 2:34
big BOI
big BOI 2 days ago
josh chatman
josh chatman 2 days ago
Big Gucci69
Big Gucci69 2 days ago
Thought he was gonna say he got the darkness blade from Africa
Dylan Clendening
Dylan Clendening 2 days ago
Anyone know the ost at 2:25 ?
mandelbrodt 2 days ago
dandre2K 2 days ago
started crying lol
UwU Spacecat
UwU Spacecat 2 days ago
Joshua Kisb
Joshua Kisb 2 days ago
He decided to die instead of carrying on his best friends dreams. despicable
ParadoxBJJ 2 days ago
Lmao the yellow jacket guy
Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez 2 days ago
*Your son!!!* 😂😂😂
Menma 2 days ago
Is that an akame ga kill ost 😱😱😱
LirutheFoxgirl 2 days ago
I would of just said, 'Fuck this shit!' and than ran after the second guy got hit. Don't be needing crazy's kill me today ✊
Smrutishikha Rath
"Nigga what are you doing?" "You're my best friend" "I don't even know you"😂😂😂😂
iamnotwhatiam 2 days ago
zoro and luffy
Bryan Gilchrist
Bryan Gilchrist 2 days ago
Grim Sleeper
Grim Sleeper 2 days ago
Jeremy Berry
Jeremy Berry 2 days ago
Dog 😂🤣😂
Dominic C
Dominic C 2 days ago
episode 2 - kill episode 3 - best friend
Kalahari Gold
Kalahari Gold 2 days ago
😂😂😂 the rest is up to you!😂😂😂😂
Dragon Ball Joey
Dragon Ball Joey 3 days ago
This reminds me of my childhoodself back then I used to do these kind of things
Lord Grim
Lord Grim 3 days ago
2:04 *He didn't say no homo after he called him babe*
Chico Tarzan
Chico Tarzan 3 days ago
Legendary Dark Knight Sparda
Thats clearly not the main character, he didn't get an incredible power boost after his "friends" died
Salty Doge
Salty Doge 3 days ago
Hey that’s the sao sword Kirito to gets
Relaxing Death
Relaxing Death 3 days ago
This is LITERALLY what happend in black butler. The Guy with a pregnant wife, saved a kid he knew for one day. HIs Reason:......the kid is his best friend
Kamille Jackson
Kamille Jackson 3 days ago
This is almost how Izuku and Ururaka became friends kinda
Timrem 3 days ago
when you dont wanna kill the main character
Timrem 3 days ago
when you dont have a idea for a ending
Im Terrell
Im Terrell 3 days ago
Allen Can’t Cap
Gon and Kite 😂
Tony Electionfraud
"carry out my dreams... through you" the head turn had my howling
Joseph Greene
Joseph Greene 3 days ago
Gon and killua
Israel Gomez
Israel Gomez 3 days ago
Lmfaoooo yoo haha
Erica Agyemang
Erica Agyemang 3 days ago
This is would happen in real life but anime🤣🤣🤣🤣
"So you notcied" 😂 lmfao i died of that shit🗿
Jalen Fye
Jalen Fye 3 days ago
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MarbleVibes 3 days ago
It’s the “THE REST IS UP TO YOUUU” for me😭
Antonio soliz
Antonio soliz 3 days ago
Stains.shop told me this was a tough time please please ...
MarbleVibes 3 days ago
It’s the “THE REST IS UP TO YOUUUU” for me! 😂
Jaliyah Limehouse
Gon and killua vibes~
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