How Far Can You SPLIT CHALLENGE! w/ Sofie Dossi

Stokes Twins
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We challenged our friends to see who could split the farthest on the split machine! Let's try to get this video to 100k likes!
Check out the video we did with Sofie Dossi! ruvid.net/video/video-YFLBDdPO6Fw.html
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Jul 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins Month ago
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Kristine Jose
Kristine Jose 15 days ago
Stokes Twins uriah
Xx Emma
Xx Emma 19 days ago
Stokes Twins done
Maryam Bashir
Maryam Bashir 19 days ago
Kdog Tanner
Kdog Tanner 21 day ago
Hui Nevin
Hui Nevin 24 days ago
iiPanda Plays
iiPanda Plays 2 minutes ago
Alen: ut oh you about to get elimaneted🤪 Me: uh no she is to flexibel Sofie in her head: easy peasy 🤣 Me: you about get eleminatedddd XD 😂😂🤣🤣
Simge Simge
Simge Simge 46 minutes ago
5:44 sophie: what this is easy that i can hold it for 100 sec or Something
Simge Simge
Simge Simge 47 minutes ago
5:24 what?!?!? 31 easy
Simge Simge
Simge Simge 50 minutes ago
Sophie Like: wth this is Soooo easy im extra flexible
Teerath 556
Teerath 556 Hour ago
I'm pretty sure that before it started every one knew who's gonna win.
Lightskin Baby
Lightskin Baby 3 hours ago
Lin Chen
Lin Chen 4 hours ago
Ugh mmmmmm
Jazzy Carter
Jazzy Carter 4 hours ago
Ok but we all knew slofie was going to win
Courtney Garcia
Courtney Garcia 4 hours ago
babyJ4de S3abon
babyJ4de S3abon 4 hours ago
Kate was not doing the splits
Heather Schaalma
Heather Schaalma 4 hours ago
watching people scream in pain just not my thing.....
KamInn 4 hours ago
Hi from Russia🥰
Kylie Schmidt
Kylie Schmidt 6 hours ago
Someone is going to break there hip
Landzky Scorpion
Landzky Scorpion 7 hours ago
How sofie
nich1957 7 hours ago
Did anyone’ Pants rip
FF MATEO 7 hours ago
Zzzzozebra girl
Zzzzozebra girl 8 hours ago
frank byrne
frank byrne 9 hours ago
You know how to get it because we're the best we know how to get it because cos we are we are better now
sophakosneath dor
sophakosneath dor 9 hours ago
everyone: 😓 Sofie: 😙🙄😑 me: 🤣
Trinita Muutu
Trinita Muutu 9 hours ago
who was expecting sofie wouldnt win🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Tayla Green
Tayla Green 9 hours ago
Alex love your socks I love dragon ball and goku
Sui Sarum
Sui Sarum 9 hours ago
You are so cool Sophi
Alyssa Hart
Alyssa Hart 10 hours ago
Who Do You Think The Best Person In The World Is? (Hint: it's the third word😊)
Sunehri Heikham
Sunehri Heikham 11 hours ago
Omg i want this machine😂
Bananataekook 15 hours ago
They forgot sofi is flexible 😂
Isabella Love Garcia
stoke twins: ohhhh sofie gonna get elimaneted sofie:ohh me: does the stoke twins know she is so flexible
S T 15 hours ago
5:26 bruh dis is SOFFIE DOSSIE how can she not-
Kinsey Allen
Kinsey Allen 16 hours ago
5:26. Do you even KNOW SOFIE DOSSI?!
Brenda Rossow-Kimball
I do this every day I mean it’s my life that show me and the boys are just like I am not your friend help me
Brenda Rossow-Kimball
I love how all of the boys Struggle and Sophie just is like this is my life
Alex Jaksich
Alex Jaksich 17 hours ago
Them:31 ooohhhhh she’s about to get eliminated me :have you even met Sofie Dossi?
LUKE LI 17 hours ago
The winner is going to get 1,000$ Sofie:So i im going to buy
moesha Cunningham
moesha Cunningham 17 hours ago
U guys are so evil to yourselves
R-Dog Navarro
R-Dog Navarro 18 hours ago
Username amp password
Audrey Moore
Audrey Moore 20 hours ago
Literally Sofie is the best🤩
icesk8er 21 hour ago
12:30 it hurt just watching her it felt like 4,000000000000 needles went up my back that’s scary
foxy wing
foxy wing 23 hours ago
I think it’s double jointed is leg maybe?
foxy wing
foxy wing 23 hours ago
Griselda Sebastian
Can twins feel each other's pain
Ruby Armagost
If Sofi would keep her feet turned out instead if cheating
Rp Queen
Rp Queen Day ago
Sophie’s o s gonna win
After sofie did the spilts she was just chillin bc after you do the spilts you’re just putting your legs together but at the back not an over spilt, lol #logic
Lily and Jerrame
Lilo Draws
Lilo Draws Day ago
Whoever wins wins $1000! Everyone else acting excited. Sofie: *silently thinking they don't stand a chance
Ramdinmawia Dindina
Alex thinking he is better than Sophia lollll not happening
Goudy Raffat
Goudy Raffat Day ago
No one can!t beat sofi 😅😅😅 Iam her biggest fan
Fiennie Skead
Did eny one like saw the green thing flash it was a middle finger
un known
un known Day ago
where has Andrew gone
qixuan ang
qixuan ang Day ago
When I saw soffi dossi I was like oh ggs
Nancy Campbell
How can Sophie do you do that
Scarlett O'Hara
At 12:15 she wasn’t even doing a middle split anymore it was just a seal stretch with the legs more apart anyone can do that. Amateurs.
Cute Kittypie
Yasmin Atiabou
5:16 haha Alex
Reina Day ago
Sophia: gets 40 EZ others: barley do 20
frial s fimily
Joel Martinez
Hi I’m going back and forth to my parents and I just wanted you to join my group and we will be there in the next two days I have 🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷👼🏿
Joel Martinez
Joel Martinez
I’m going back home 🏡 was the night and you were doing something like that I wanna is the night we had a good
Alexa Aguilar
Stoke twins: let’s make a splits challenge with Sophie When Sophie hears about the challenge:😏
Dâmaris Estevam
Ela virou o quadril, assim fica mais fácil
no one no one
Shany Ser
Shany Ser Day ago
from the start we all knew sofie would win
Belkis Acosta
Thought the $1,000 thing was a joke😂😂
Seapei Bogatsu
This is how sofie dossi became a contortionist
mikynlee archer
I thot the Twins Were tough!!!!
Signe Wolff Landberg
itsbøbateacakes pancakes
You shouldn't watch sofi dossi
Bigfan1 Rose2
Bigfan1 Rose2 2 days ago
You guys would know she was going to win 😂🤣
martha thuku
martha thuku 2 days ago
😉😉😍wooo that's afantastic challenge
AC 2 days ago
i only skip to Sofie’s part not the others
Elizabeth Reid
Elizabeth Reid 2 days ago
;) :) :]
Lynet Obwogi
Lynet Obwogi 2 days ago
Mary Macias
Mary Macias 2 days ago
Carona vires 😂
Justine Campbell
Justine Campbell 2 days ago
They probably knew sofie was gonna win she is the most flexible person I ever known
MissMaris 2 days ago
It’s true we all knew softie would win and knew the outcome but still chose to sit here and watch everyone else struggle.😂👏
Maria 2 days ago
Because Shof can do it she’s a Jimness
Blaire Plays
Blaire Plays 2 days ago
Jaylynn Martinez
Jaylynn Martinez 2 days ago
Bro I was watching this at night and I was laughing my freakin hear out for some reason I'm a laugher😂
Vivien Pascual
Vivien Pascual 2 days ago
Vivien Pascual
Vivien Pascual 2 days ago
That’s hard to do that
Thea Dalal
Thea Dalal 2 days ago
How could sofie dossi did it
Tricia Parolo
Tricia Parolo 2 days ago
2:18 10, 9, 8, 7, 3-2,1 ????????????????????????
Janelle Magana
Janelle Magana 2 days ago
I just love this kind of vids
Hlawn Cer
Hlawn Cer 2 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is ....... um crazy
Hlawn Cer
Hlawn Cer 2 days ago
Omg this is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
منوعات wee
منوعات wee 2 days ago
شو حلوى ام البلوزة الوردية
Claire 2 days ago
I don't think they realize in the end her hips like shifted so she wasn't in a slit anymore she was doing like a cobra or whatever you wanna call it
HypeLiam YEET
HypeLiam YEET 2 days ago
R.i.p all men watching this video, we already know the pain ;-;
?????? 2 days ago
tamador Telfah
tamador Telfah 3 days ago
Done i love your videos
SophieSide 3 days ago
Y’all need to stretch, I can do the spits
Ariell Bell
Ariell Bell 3 days ago
Maebh Fox
Maebh Fox 3 days ago
Done ❤️
Isabella Ortiz
Isabella Ortiz 3 days ago
Ben Williamson
Ben Williamson 3 days ago
I'm tried
I'm tried 3 days ago
Hi I love all of you done
Jessica Sedam
Jessica Sedam 3 days ago
can i talk on zoom
Alexandra Rita
Alexandra Rita 3 days ago
I should get one of those
2029-Stella Van Every
Who else new the obvious winner before this started
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