How ELECTRICITY works - working principle

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In this video we learn how electricity works starting from the basics of the free electron in the atom, through conductors, voltage, current, resistors, led, to capacitors and transformers.
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Oct 18, 2017




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The Engineering Mindset
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Connor M
Connor M Month ago
HI I'm just wondering what happens when two eletrons bump into each other when the power is off and it's all moving randomly?🍻
Marc P
Marc P 2 months ago
Can you please do an episode on fuel cells and their use in commercial buildings?
dAngel MRN
dAngel MRN 2 months ago
hi guys, the greatest success that ive ever had was by using the Gregs Electro Blog (just google it) definately the most useful course that I've followed.
Wolf Reicherter
Wolf Reicherter 2 months ago
@Choco Cat you re still seeing ads?
Landon Jacobs
Landon Jacobs 3 months ago
Jeson Etorma
Jeson Etorma 2 days ago
Your videos are amazing, could I use your videos and website as Learning Resources Mr. Paul? It would be a great help
Tamil magal
Tamil magal 2 days ago
Speak louder
RTS 3 days ago
So are the electrons flowing in a circuit actually the electrons from the atoms of the conductor and not electrons flowing from the battery? When electricy is said to flow through a person( being electrocuted) is it the electrons from the conductor they came into contact with flowing through them, or electrons from the atoms that they are made up of ( skin,bone,blood,etc) being induced to move?
jhemzV tv
jhemzV tv 3 days ago
Hello Master.. Please send me a Hug.. Im Electrician too.. Thanks....
Eddie vargas
Eddie vargas 6 days ago
I’ve seen a very similar examples of that atom diagram on videos but that was the first time seeing the copper one and that was cool
TheMuddyMusic 7 days ago
thank you!
Thein Naing Soe
Thein Naing Soe 9 days ago
can i download your teaching video because i want to share to my students.
A R 9 days ago
one good please add one video on magnate contactor working
ABDI SHAKUR 10 days ago
A short video worth hundreds of lectures
bauster01 11 days ago
Thank you for making this. I got an electric car and realized I don't know anything about electricity.
Arsal 's
Arsal 's 12 days ago
4th year in electrical engineering now. Still come back to these. Always good to refresh the basics 👍🏽
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson 12 days ago
I have an "uhhh, actually" for you that you may want to ignore. You discuss current and electron flow as if they're the same with electrons moving from a battery's positive terminal, throughout the circuit to ultimately flow TOWARD the negative terminal. But you're mistakenly conflating CURRENT direction with electron flow direction. But since elections are negatively charged, they travel from the negative towards the positive. So current and electron flow go in OPPOSITE directions.
The Engineering Mindset
Current explained ruvid.net/video/video-kcL2_D33k3o.html
Andrei 12 days ago
Aside from this brilliant presentation this video also reminds me how shit my school days were. -explanation without images -too much writing -too much comunism thinking -too much boredom
darker Demon
darker Demon 14 days ago
after 2 weeks of searching I finally found this
Ashutosh Kumar
Ashutosh Kumar 14 days ago
Hy , The Engineering Mindset I am from India and I watch most of the video. And then i think you are great teacher.
Matt Logue
Matt Logue 16 days ago
One thing irked me... The magnetic fields didn't correlate with bar magnet as shown. They are rotated 90deg.
Matt Logue
Matt Logue 16 days ago
Hold on, do you need neutral with 3 phases? I've seen power lines with 4 wires, one is neutral, but it's only in one residential area.
Rajat Jain
Rajat Jain 18 days ago
Very good 100/100 👍👍👍
DeadpoolMDF 19 days ago
Man you're awesome and more power to you, you saved me from my 1st grade self that didn't study, thnaks!!!
asdfasdfsafdsfasdf 20 days ago
at 2:23 why is the flow of electrons shown to be going from positive to negative?
HelloImBane 21 day ago
dave cao
dave cao 21 day ago
One of the best videos I've seen on electricity. I learned more from this 10 minute video than I did going to 13 years of school or in my 26 years of my life.
Arthur Fricchione
Arthur Fricchione 22 days ago
Paul another excellent video. Thanks again for sharing Artie. 😊😊😊
Tom tran
Tom tran 22 days ago
7:07 just say and this will create a tramformer
glenn putra
glenn putra 23 days ago
Nice video
Mike Ulrich Sr
Mike Ulrich Sr 24 days ago
I was wondering how electricity works
Sloth 24 days ago
I just plug it in. If it works, good. If not, there's no electricity. You kinda over-complicated it.
A&ITWINS 26 days ago
i am supost to be in 3rd grade but this is more intresting thank's paul
Y R 27 days ago
Sir your explanation is great
hendrix daemon
hendrix daemon 28 days ago
Anyone here can answer? From what i understand in this video you are saying that energy in the form of electrons came from a conductor such as copper. The electrons detached or flowed through the circuit because of voltage or the pushing force from the battery. Am i right? Then now i have a question. If this energy (electrons) which came from the conductor is continously consumed by a load such as bulb, why is it that the conductor never run out of electrons? or theoretically it will eventually?
Shashank Gowda
Shashank Gowda Month ago
Super I can understand perfectly u r teaching is amazing
Barry Branton
Barry Branton Month ago
So, why did Tesla, Heaviside, JC Maxwell, and CP Steinmetz all say that electrons don't exist (in terms of electrons flowing through wires)?
The Engineering Mindset
No one actually knows how electricity works. It's all just theories. But you can see electrons flowing through a cathode Ray tube. We know they are electrons flowing, because that's how they were discovered and then named electrons at the same time
Christopher Claudio Skierka
Hi, why is the flow of electrons shown going from the positive terminal to the LED then back to the battery to the negative terminal? 5.10. I though it left the negative terminal? thanks
Bryant A
Bryant A Month ago
I really wish we'd get away from these primitive diagrams of an atom. An atom is much more complex than tiny dots spinning around each other. An electron should technically be a spherical field.
Richard Clark
Richard Clark Month ago
But How may l ask ,are you going to draw in eleven dimentions?
could someone explain why and how short circut happen?
xJayx Month ago
We are here because your teacher assigned this to you to watch.
Lanisha Anusri
Lanisha Anusri Month ago
this really helped! thank you SO much it has cleared all my doubts and struggles.
Javier Villegas
Javier Villegas Month ago
I would love a video like this explaining how 5VDC bus communication works.
MAK Jehadi
MAK Jehadi Month ago
Excellent video with great animation to explain electricity! Nice work!! I love it !!!
Postal268 Month ago
This has answered so many questions I have had for a long time. I even became an electrician apprentice at one point cause I figured I would learn something about this, sadly not a single electrician there even knew the electricity was the flow of electrons... They knew nothing about the science just how to wire a house, which was also useful knowledge I am glad I learned.
raj jai
raj jai Month ago
Can you explain dielectrics
The Engineering Mindset
Please check our capacitor video
ANYTHING ' Month ago
Is it weird that iam wacthing this as a 12 year old and understanding this while iam shit at studies
Shital Nandlaskar
Excellent video. Very well explained , best graphical presentation, language is very simple, voice quality is very good. Best wishes , continue with the good work.
David Ellis
David Ellis Month ago
I actually understood all of this. Thank you!
Kumikuler Month ago
Man i am studying to be a electrotechnician and i just gott the defenitions remembered but the teachers make it look 50 times harder but you explain it so good and you deserved the like
Psychodfunk Month ago
Trippy reality we live in.
shuk rock
shuk rock Month ago
dude humans are made of cells not atoms right?
KrisPi Month ago
All good, except atoms look nothing like a solar system, there are no electron orbits etc. Just an approx model at max
pratik naik
pratik naik Month ago
Bt sir dnt ....mind pliz ..dilels between othee well sir...tnks
Zahir Hussain
Zahir Hussain Month ago
Nicely briefed.
Me : wait you study atomic level TheEngineeringMindset.com: I'm in multi courses
a queer catholic girl
i feel bad that i graduated electrical engineering and still ddnt know what inductance meant...
WatzOne Watson
WatzOne Watson 2 months ago
EXCELLENT video. A great tool for anyone who has an interest in how electricity works....🏆🏆🏆
Meeka 2 months ago
1:03 actually, electrons travel at a speed less than 1% the speed of light. light: 299,792km/s electrons: 2,200km/s Although the speed is nothing compared to light, it is still enough to travel once around the earth in 18 seconds!
Michael Payton
Michael Payton 11 days ago
so if I can ping a computer in Israel in 250 milliseconds… does that mean my electricity is faster than yours?
Eagles S
Eagles S 16 days ago
@Matt Logue Speed itself is too slow.
Matt Logue
Matt Logue 16 days ago
Light speed is too slow...
Eagles S
Eagles S Month ago
How quickly can you shut up?
Sam Scarborough
Sam Scarborough Month ago
Imagine the G’s
Maksim Drobysevskij
Maksim Drobysevskij 2 months ago
All this information I’ve been taught at school but it was helpful to revise it
Jengmeng lee
Jengmeng lee 2 months ago
Who mother fucker gave dislike at this well explain video.
Dan the-Man
Dan the-Man 2 months ago
4:24 just say 6.242 *quintillion* electrons per second. Billion-million-billion is...confusing.
Gerydome Month ago
Reminded me of South African president counting numbers
水Waters 2 months ago
What an amazing video! Nothing is unnecessarily over complicated... just flows
H G Tannhaus
H G Tannhaus 2 months ago
This 10 minute video made me understand things that i haven't understood from years of study in School
Kelechi TN
Kelechi TN 2 months ago
Can you make the video a bit slower. But very helpful video to improve one's basic electrical as an upcoming engineer. School teaches the theory but the practical display does more better to understanding
Kelechi TN
Kelechi TN 2 months ago
Because you wrote and edited some info which need to be read along with the video not pausing and rewinding to read each part. Hahahaa
PvlCZ 2 months ago
My friend made an amazing explanation on voltage and current.Voltage is like speed of cars on a road and current is like the number of cars.
Shubham Jadoon
Shubham Jadoon 2 months ago
Now my knowledge is (electronics)^10...😏😏
Evx Eevvxx
Evx Eevvxx 2 months ago
I just wondered all the time what is voltage meaning. I got answer from your video. Pluse I got ton of information in simple way and explained ever part. OH... And why DC won't electronic shock human because it's move one direction and need thiker cable. Correct me if I goes wrong. Thanks (like+ sub) Please keep it up more detailed and deep about electronic.
pickle '_'
pickle '_' 2 months ago
When someone says "electrons have a negative charge" It really bothers me off because I really don't get how can they have negative charge? is it just a naming to describe their behavior? And why elctrons don't stick to the nuclei Is it because their enormous speed? If so what causes them to move in such a high speed and since there's an attraction force acting upon them doesn't that mean at some point they will lose energy to the point when they collapse?
Rin 10 days ago
They actually do stick to the nuclei. Their wave function typically overlaps. The trick is that Electrons aren't like tiny balls that orbit. They are closer to blobs of waves that jiggle. Sometimes they get pulled into the nuclei completely in a process called electron capture, but that takes a certain interaction to happen.
Urano 16 days ago
I'm just spitballing, but..... the conventional terminology of positive and negative could be replaced with red and blue. But it makes it easier mathematically since you can represent a negative number, but not a blue number. As far as the other 2 questions, I'm gonna have to look them up cause I'm curious as well. Good questions.
om3r benbrahim
om3r benbrahim 2 months ago
Coulomb is not a group of electron coulomb is the quanta charge of an electron it is the charge that are in an electron
Anonymous TECH Guy
Anonymous TECH Guy 2 months ago
Thank you for adding many languages as captions
John Marco
John Marco 2 months ago
Wow this helped me understand sm thank you
Nicolas Verroye
Nicolas Verroye 2 months ago
There is a mistake at 04:00. 1 amp = 1 Coulomb PER SECOND. And 1 Coulomb is just 6,241 506 × 10^18 electrons and NOT per second. You say it correctly though so I think it’s a typo :)
Laeek Ahmed
Laeek Ahmed 2 months ago
Shlok Shankar
Shlok Shankar 2 months ago
Can you explain why connecting cells in series adds up the voltage based on the actual electron flow inside the cell and the chemical composition of the cell (it would be really good if you also explain in terms of redox potential) ?Please explain with the example of a zinc carbon cell(or any primary cell).
The Engineering Mindset
Check this out, how a battery works: ruvid.net/video/video-PXNKkcB0pI4.html
The Engineering Mindset
We have a very detailed battery video almost ready, I'll tag you
Pinesnake 2 months ago
There is a video circulating in various conspiracy fields and I cant quite figure the physics of it. They have an experiment set up which is a combination of the final 2 images you have on this video. Where you have a magnet through the coils in AC, they don't have that. Where you have a battery in the DC they don't have that. They have a coil of wire (no information on material), at the end of the coil they have an insulator/plate and then a button magnet. When they place a LED or small motor across the battery to the opposite end of the coil, they have a current which operates the LED or coil. They also have a voltmeter reading ~2.6v. I know its an induced EMF, but im sure im missing something, can you help?
Sila Salivatore
Sila Salivatore 2 months ago
2:33 so wait electrons are flowing inside the material itself not in the empty space inside the wire?
Sila Salivatore
Sila Salivatore 2 months ago
Okay I wrote this comment thinking a wire was like a pipe which is hollow from inside but actually a wire is just a *solid* metal. It's not like a pipe empty. I hope this helps and correct how you, just like me, used to imagine a wire
kavita chourasiya
kavita chourasiya 2 months ago
U r great sir.... Thanks A lot
Phyl Wilton
Phyl Wilton 2 months ago
Best background lesson I've ever had on my desk! Comprehensible, easy to listen to, very well illustrated. Thank you so much. I can't count the times I've backed up to confirm that I actually "get it" for the first time in ever!
3rd Dimension Media
3rd Dimension Media 2 months ago
Would it make more sense to call the 6 a Fivillion (five) so six fivillion electrons) and the 242 two hundred and forty-two Quadrillion? So that would be 1 Coloumb= Six fivillion, two hundred and forty-two quadrillion electrons per second?
3rd Dimension Media
3rd Dimension Media 2 months ago
Would the Definition of a Volt be the Joules of work, or heat, per coulomb?
Thank you! I need to understand this from the ground up! I am sick of being ripped off y electricians! So here I am learning the ABC! Thank you for providing the ABC.
Ali Akhlaghi
Ali Akhlaghi 2 months ago
hello thanks for the videos I'm an absolute beginner and my question is that will the voltage of batteries change? for example if a battery is 9V when it's full charged will it be like 2v when its capacity is some where about 20 percent?
The Engineering Mindset
Check this out, how a battery works: ruvid.net/video/video-PXNKkcB0pI4.html
skabbymuff111 2 months ago
Brilliant, this series is exactly what I need. Thanks!
JASMIN BAVISI 2 months ago
i don't understand for volt of j/c pls brief...
Santino Dellacroce
Santino Dellacroce 2 months ago
i love your vids and how you explain things but i cant agree with whole water pressure thing.... to me more pressure means restriction (like high blood pressure) which means less water flow not more.
Javed Akhtar
Javed Akhtar 2 months ago
Shalwar mein warshal ka holder.
omar pand
omar pand 2 months ago
يا اخي كسم التعليم في مصر
Oleg Pakhotin
Oleg Pakhotin 2 months ago
Yeah, i lasted 6 minutes and after that i was lost.
Michael Varma
Michael Varma 2 months ago
How is voltage generated? Is it from the battery? If it is, what would you change in the battery to modify the voltage?
The Engineering Mindset
Check this out, how a battery works: ruvid.net/video/video-PXNKkcB0pI4.html
Stutipriya Shadangi
Stutipriya Shadangi 3 months ago
Thank you for making such useful videos. Because of this video I understood so much on electricity and it's working. THANK YOU ONCE again....
Jarrod C
Jarrod C 3 months ago
@2:27 do you mean with no voltage applied?
DS5R23-REN Ka Wing [s]
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strange lee
strange lee 3 months ago
That was complicated! No wonder everyone takes gender studies these days. It's much simpler (If a man has 2 apples and he gives one apple away...how sexist is he?).
Hyper Saiyan
Hyper Saiyan 3 months ago
john mirbach
john mirbach 3 months ago
Motorcycle Maniac
Motorcycle Maniac 3 months ago
Electrons do not orbit the nucleus. That was Rutherdfords atom fromm1900. It’s actually an orbital cloud of probability
Michael b
Michael b 3 months ago
Best channel for learning engineering.
DerBauer 3 months ago
i still dont get it....
Corona Virus
Corona Virus 3 months ago
My mind is blown away
Logan Martin
Logan Martin 3 months ago
If you think of electricity as water, voltage is the pressure of the water, current is how much water you have or its flow.
Tyrese Lopez
Tyrese Lopez 3 months ago
I was so done with the thought of joining an engineering course. But thanks to you.. Am so in.. you teach incredibly so well.💯💯 A five stars to you.
The Engineering Mindset
You can do it!
Orlando is awesome
Orlando is awesome 3 months ago
Arvin Ayeah
Arvin Ayeah 3 months ago
jai bhagwan
jai bhagwan 2 months ago
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