How ELECTRICITY works - working principle

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In this video we learn how electricity works starting from the basics of the free electron in the atom, through conductors, voltage, current, resistors, led, to capacitors and transformers.
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Oct 18, 2017




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The Engineering Mindset
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Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere
WaterBoyz1140 Month ago
I really really really wish I could but I don't have a credit card nor a PayPal, I love engineering so much so I'm just going to say thank you very much.
geo mod
geo mod Month ago
Coffee money incoming! Thanks for the excellent videos!
Dennis Diamond B. Belvis
Thank you very much, sir. I needed the information. 1x
Dennis Diamond B. Belvis
Thank you very much, sir. 1x
Chris Golding
Chris Golding 22 hours ago
Wow your videos are amazing really explained thoroughly for everyone thankyou I'm definitely subscribing =)
Ben Walsh
Ben Walsh 2 days ago
Looks like there's more than meets the eye when it comes to transformers.
pakistan means Chutiyapa
Everything about ur teaching skills including video and animation is besttt
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 4 days ago
It's amazing if someone slows things down and puts it in lamemans terms. 😂😂😉 All of these videos are interesting as I took every thing apart as a child to see how things worked. Pretty knowledgeable now and know how to make something happen just don't know proper names/terms. Been piddleinng and playing with FIRE for 35 years now and LOVE making things work. Sad I don't have a job repairing things or doing things I love.😢😢 Can fix ANYTHING....except a woman. No hope in relationships..they are from Venus men are from Mars. 🤔😕😉
Janibek Ashirbayev
Please provide information about Multi split! Please tell us about Multi split!
S Raaj K
S Raaj K 8 days ago
0:26 nah dawg I think I'm made up of cells
Others; Love Engineering Me; so what color exactly is Protons and Neutrons 😂🤣
Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere
Humaira Begum
Humaira Begum 11 days ago
vDarkness Falls
vDarkness Falls 13 days ago
I'm just here to see if he mentions electricity being a hybrid of the dielectric and magnetism. But don't listen to Steinmetz, Faraday, maxwell and Nikola Tesla. They're only literally responsible for 100 percent of our current electric grid. I think you people need to see what a magnet looks like under a Ferocell. The vortices at the center, is beautiful, and never been seen before.
Alex25 15 days ago
i love your vidoes, thank you so much! I've learned so much watching them
FOR YOU 15 days ago
شكرا وصلوا الى الامام
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 15 days ago
still dont know the difference between amps n volts
Valor 10 days ago
like a waterfall the amount of water before the waterfall is voltage and the water flowing downwards is amps
Valor 10 days ago
you can imagine volt as potential energy and amps as kinetic energy
user name taken
user name taken 10 days ago
Eric Amperage. Voltage and amperage are two measures of electrical current or flow of electrons. Voltage is a measure of the pressure that allows electrons to flow, while amperage is a measure of the volume of electrons
fadop3zzz 19 days ago
I learned more about electricity by watching your videos, than by going to school for 12 years
Cosmin 20 days ago
But how batteries stock electricity? Anyone know any video. Thanks, this was helpful 😁👍
Julianos entheus
Julianos entheus 21 day ago
There is no need to call the Joules. Just call them Volts.
Julianos entheus
Julianos entheus 19 days ago
@S H same thing.
Mo Mans
Mo Mans 22 days ago
wonderfull work guys.
d p
d p 22 days ago
Any other EEs watching videos like these because they're just fun to watch?
GodpraiserNOW 24 days ago
Why does electricity want to go to the ground?
d p
d p 22 days ago
That's a great question! Think of elections as lazy bums; they always want to be at their lowest potential or lowest energy level. So they will go to anything that is more positive than them. That would be the Earth, if a path to it is available. If not, then a human body will do nicely lol
Lone Ech.
Lone Ech. Month ago
I took a Circuit Analysis class and it was so painful to grasp the concepts of how electricity works. Great professor, but the content was hard to pin down. This was a great video for clearing up misconceptions that I've been having for the longest time, thank you.
Draw with Isaak
Draw with Isaak Month ago
GodpraiserNOW Month ago
5:39 Is the wire copper wire?
blud work
blud work Month ago
This video is missing some crucial information at 2:30. What causes the electrons to flow, well the battery but why?
Edward Acton
Edward Acton Month ago
Are you sure you want to know actually anyways the source I always have and now I do amen
Killzzzh Shadows
this is 2 weeks of class time into 1 10m long video ty this will make me pass my test :v)
Confushon Month ago
thank you for this video.
Vinh P
Vinh P Month ago
Aren't volts the electrical diffrence and stuff.
J Howard
J Howard Month ago
Awesome! The atomic level really helps my understanding. Nobody has ever tried to explain electricity to me at the atomic level. I love how resistance is described as the "number of electron collisions with other atoms". That is much easier to understand than the text book definition "measure of its opposition to the flow of electric current". Thanks!
The Teen Engineer
i love this, thanx
Papa will
Papa will Month ago
What is an Atom
geo mod
geo mod Month ago
Where have you been all of my life??!!
Aerox ⁣
Aerox ⁣ Month ago
Awesome channel! 😃👍 This channel is going to be my excuse for not going out for a drink with my friends this weekend xD (Who apparently still haven't realized I quit drinking over 10 years ago... 🙄🤦‍♂️)
Shivaraj Bhardwaj
Super video
Justin Jenkins
Justin Jenkins Month ago
Electromotive force = volts
Brian Month ago
Electrons don't actually orbit the nucleus like in a solar system.
Tate Scott
Tate Scott Month ago
What career opportunities can u have w an engineering degree
Wizard Wes
Wizard Wes Month ago
Wow how little do I know haha, thanks my man, I'm working g on my wizardry, couldnt do it without you
damen806 Mentier
thank you now I know so much more about electricity and currents
David Lloyd-Jones
Fun fact: the scale of the molecule is about that of a marble or a ping-pong ball in the middle of a large stadium, that's the nucleus, surrounded by a ver-ree thin cloud, that's the electrons, wafting around the whole of the stadium. Almost everything we consist of is "empty space," i.e. clouds of possibility, but nothing hard or "material."
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