How ELECTRICITY works - working principle

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In this video we learn how electricity works starting from the basics of the free electron in the atom, through conductors, voltage, current, resistors, led, to capacitors and transformers.
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Oct 18, 2017




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The Engineering Mindset
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G M 15 days ago
Yikes I have lived 67 years yet had no idea what all this meant so thanks for the education. I am watching this over and over to truly understand what the hell is going on with electrons. 6,242 x 10 to yhe 15th electrons per sec traveling at near the speed of light for 1 amp. How did anybody figure
Taunter Atwill
Taunter Atwill 17 days ago
@rendra ramadhan Are you feeling alright? :-))
joshua hicks
joshua hicks 17 days ago
Hey I am searching for a desktop power supply I can do pwm testing. I don't know what to exactly search for but I need dc current and exact control of frequency and duty cycles. Can you help.
Chickennugget boidude
I have discovered another science channel. My life is complete.
Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere
alitlweird 43 minutes ago
This guy sounds like his job is to blow the doors off in bank heists. 😎
salinagrrrl69 2 days ago
Amps do not kill you. Voltage does.
Clovis Cormier-Tardif
What is your qualification?
Redstone: HAHAHaa IM SO CONFUSING! Real electricity: Hold my energy...
John Jacobs
John Jacobs 4 days ago
Electrons actually move very slowly through a wire connected to some voltage source. What really happens is the electric field sloshes the electrons in the direction we call the direction of current flow and the electric field propagates very close to the speed of light. Slightly less since it's not a vacuum.
Frederik 126
Frederik 126 5 days ago
Electric Circle
Electric Circle 6 days ago
Good for share about Electric
Regork Sr.
Regork Sr. 6 days ago
I don’t remember the last time i had a transformer feed directly hooked up to a light??
FirstNoob 7 days ago
i feel sorry for myself that i missed this subject in school.
Animental Products
In 4:55, the diagram explains that if we drop down the temperature of the circuit than the resistance increases. Well I think the resistance of the circuit only increases when the temperature is also increased. It has a direct proportionality relation.
OgWittaTec9 8 days ago
you spelled valence wrong...
Radin Z
Radin Z 12 days ago
my 8 year old brain rn i just wished that coulombs had 700000000000000 more electrons per second😏
Ivan Meouch
Ivan Meouch 12 days ago
I'm pretty sure it should say 1 Amp = 1 Coulomb *Per second* And 1 Coulomb is simply the charge, not per second
Honey da Pizzainator
Teacher: *explains this and doesnt manage to make me understand anything in 4 years worth of time* Me: watches these videos and understands triple the amount of stuff Teacher: "You werent supposed to do that"
Mark Delgado
Mark Delgado Day ago
Always look for knowledge. Some were meant to teach. Some just want money and status and just follow a syllabus.
Aniruddh sawant
Aniruddh sawant 16 days ago
Hi, your videos helped a lot ! Many Thanks !!, is it possible to touchbase on topics of switchgears, circuitbreakers, busbars..? your explanation for sure will clear all our basic doubts :-)
Baker Mclendon
Baker Mclendon 17 days ago
@ 1:24. Shouldn't the number of neutrons be 34? The atomic number is 29. The mass is 63.
Sam Hobbs
Sam Hobbs 19 days ago
So you’re telling me that if we just have a very large coil of copper wire and strong magnetic, we can generate electrical current to power stuff???
Clit Commander
Clit Commander 21 day ago
Someone answer me! Do electricians make alot of money?! By alot i mean can i buy a house and have a GT-R and a corvette?!
Natasha G
Natasha G 23 days ago
Excellent videos! I'm a big fan. Some of us watching these are not guys though. ;)
Mr. Grey Sky
Mr. Grey Sky 23 days ago
It blew my mind when I found out that electrons flow from the negative terminal :o
Spinks 23 days ago
we haven't even began...but we'd have mix the Elements...its actually negative referenced voltage that scaresss me...this stuff excites atoms and electrons. we'd be able to create massive power but you'd have atoms moving at high velocity and thats not good thats where nuclear stuff can happen fission/fusion.
NoisyBadAss 23 days ago
I just found your channel and already subscribed. Coffee coins sent and thank you for your time and effort Sir to teaching us. Keep up the good work. ☝🏻☺️✌🏻
The Engineering Mindset
Thank you, glad you've enjoyed the content I really appreciate your investment to help us grow the channel
Sterlingjob 24 days ago
Why don’t you get a shock from the negative in an ac circuit?!
Sterlingjob 24 days ago
The Engineering Mindset Your video shows that the current changes direction so does current flow for half a cycle through the negative? I always thought it only flowed through the positive as a sine wave !
The Engineering Mindset
It's grounded so its potential is zero but you can still get a shock so shouldn't touch it
Mathew Ostovich
Mathew Ostovich 25 days ago
Physics claims that electrons flow in both directions at the same time.
Mathew Ostovich
Mathew Ostovich 25 days ago
Vibration not flow
Mathew Ostovich
Mathew Ostovich 25 days ago
Resistors can also be used to creat an illusion of higher ohm counts.
Mathew Ostovich
Mathew Ostovich 25 days ago
Sulfer free gold is very inert material. White gold.useless for audio.
Mathew Ostovich
Mathew Ostovich 25 days ago
Gold is powerful because the sulfur content pushes the electrons and ads momentum through the use of free moving electrons that have better continuity.
Mathew Ostovich
Mathew Ostovich 25 days ago
This is simple. Internal combustion motors are essentially electric air pumps with petroleum used as a motivating force.
TheGuy 26 days ago
Why cant we keep an led running forever if the power goes back into the battery is it lost as heat when the bulbs are warm? Also is hz on a household appliance example 120v 60hz the frequency in which the magnets move side to side like the frequency in which the current flips??? Have to admit never really thought how interesting electicity is
That inventor 2:01
That inventor 2:01 29 days ago
I'm glad I found this at 14 instead of 40
Waldemar Ożóg
Waldemar Ożóg Month ago
Were neutrino?? Is elektron a 2 fotons??
Temesgen Hagos
Temesgen Hagos Month ago
Amazing explanation
Trends Now!
Trends Now! Month ago
Why everyone is being humourous in this serious educational video😢😢
Ron Quin
Ron Quin Month ago
It is the flow of charge that really does the work. The flow of electrons is very slow. All in all I really have using hydro dynamic as analogy
Nice video ^^ 천천히 구경하고갈께요
Lee Pearce
Lee Pearce Month ago
Great video thank you very much. Just a few things that don’t understand but I don’t know anything about electricity anyway. Thank you great video.
The PineApple
The PineApple Month ago
In a 10 minute video you elegantly sum up 6 weeks of teaching in a first year engineering paper
Frederick Electrick
@ 4:32 It's six quintillion two hundred forty quadrillion 6,240,000,000,000,000,000
Max Clakr
Max Clakr Month ago
If one amp is one coulomb, why measure currents in amps? Why not just measure in coulombs?
Shahid Mian
Shahid Mian Month ago
Alas! I should have watch it earlier 😭
Jovet Month ago
3:49 I winced at the "LED Light Bulb" bit.
Raj Month ago
And how do we generate the magnetic field around coil to induce current
Sabit Ullah
Sabit Ullah Month ago
Please make a video about "What is Resistance?" Please 🙏 Or please provide me a source from where I can learn about Resistance 🙏
Turtle Squirt
Turtle Squirt Month ago
Orbital shells arent flight paths, they are fundamentally just probability rings of where to locate an electron in the "cloud" only after measured 1:05
Nathaniel Cushman
Why was wattage not mentioned?
Justice Hussein
Justice Hussein Month ago
Thank you very much.
Вася Month ago
Im sure this would be easier to understand if i havent smoked pot past 15 years
ComProgExpert Month ago
Mohamed EL-SHAMY
Which reference do u recommend to get such knowledge about electricity?
Prasath V
Prasath V Month ago
hello sir there is any autocad tutorial from yours
Hillside AnimalYT
Good stuff very clear and useful
James Solomon
James Solomon Month ago
Bro lost me at protons neutrons
James A
James A 2 months ago
ALL “The Engineering Mindset “ videos are super easy to help teach and bring understanding! I recommend subscription to anyone who wants to expand knowledge.
andrew paul
andrew paul 2 months ago
This is cute but as we all know by now there are really 4 poles that make up electricity!
Lambder 2 months ago
4:09 You explained correctly the definition of Amps but the image shows different :D
Somagarn Yo
Somagarn Yo 2 months ago
@1.09 Electron travel at less than 1% of the speed of light not almost the speed of light as stated.
Abdullah Aghazadah
Abdullah Aghazadah 2 months ago
*summary:* - the electrons in the valence shell (outter shell) of some atoms can flow from one atom to a neighboring one - if you create an *electric potential* (aka *voltage*) difference across a *conducting* wire, the electrons will flow in one direction through that wire - if you cut out a small piece of the conducting wire, and replace it with a *resisting* wire, the resisting wire will get hot as electrons flow through it - you can use this concept to create things live electric stoves, heaters, etc - there are certain resisting material, that when heated up, will produce a lot of bright light, you can use this to create electric light bulbs *units:* - *voltage* is a measure of electric potential difference between 2 points in a conducting wire - the unit of voltage is *Volt* - a Volt is the number of joules of energy given of as 1 coulomb of electrons flows from one point to the other - a *coulomb* is just a really large number - *current* is a measure of how many electrons are flowing through the wire per second - the unit for current is *Amps* - 1 Amp is 1 coulomb of electrons lowing past a certain point in your wire per second *briefly covered stuff:* - an *inducer* is a coil of wire, that generates a magnetic field in response to current going through the wire - the magnetic field creates a voltage in the opposite direction as the current - this is how AC (alternating current) is produce - *AC* is when you move electrons in one direction in the wire, then in the opposite direction, then in the original direction, then in the opposite, and repeat - *DC* (direct current) is when electrons move in the same direction the whole time - a *capacitor* builds up charges as current flows through it (when current stops flowing, the charge dissipates) Thanks for this video! Extremely well made!
Abdullah Aghazadah
@Tashi Tsenkyap Haha :P, thanks man
Tashi Tsenkyap
Tashi Tsenkyap Month ago
Abdullah Aghazadah Man U deserved the MVP on comment section
Hiren Patel
Hiren Patel 2 months ago
Thanks you. Please do a vid on mosfet and diodes and how those work. Thanks in advance.
The Engineering Mindset
Here you go ruvid.net/video/video-Fwj_d3uO5g8.html
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