How Do You Ruin Pizza? - Eat It Or Yeet It #11

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Today, Garrett ruins pizza for us for 15 minutes straight. This round of Eat It Or Yeet It just may be our *LEAST* favorite pizza place.
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Comments 80
Astral theGravin
Astral theGravin 11 hours ago
force joven to go through this......... I mean kind of hard to with corona but meh
Shplackskepticeye plus
I don't understand how one could not like pineapple on pizza
AudriAnn Guzman
AudriAnn Guzman 13 hours ago
Keith: hold on there's no twist? Garret: THE TWIST IS ITS BIG!!! IS THAT NOT ENOUGH?!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joseph Cuesta
Joseph Cuesta 14 hours ago
I love pineapple pizza lol
Willem Jewell
Willem Jewell 18 hours ago
Does anyone else get so pissed off at Keith in these videos? Also, the lie detector videos he was being dumb too.
Willem Jewell
Willem Jewell 18 hours ago
Does anyone else get so pissed off at Keith in these videos? Also, the lie detector videos he was being dumb too.
Sarah ruined it! Should have respected him and brought him the bell 🛎
Riya Ahmed
Riya Ahmed Day ago
I think it’d be cool like if they did a thing where; the dish/drink whatever is covered and you don’t get to see it but someone has to to sing the bell. And if you wish to see it then you must take like more bites/sips of the thing whether it’s bad or good..idk mystery is exciting heh
Shadow darkness23
Huh there using demon slayer effects awsome
Sam Tripp
Sam Tripp Day ago
You’d think, with everyone having ate so many hot chocolates, that they’d know better than to drink water.
Kimberly Jimenez
When Matt put his head through the box, he should've said "Here's Johnny!!!!"
Paulie C.
Paulie C. Day ago
Oh no you sons of bitches! - Matt Raub you are my hero.
Max Crawford
Max Crawford Day ago
Imagine Gordan Ramsey on this
Faith P
Faith P Day ago
So what I'm hearing is we need a revenge episode part 2 including Courtney?
The MouseVoice
Matt is toxic
Wildflower Rose
Wildflower Rose 2 days ago
But I love pineapple on pizza so I have to die now God damnit
Quien Dice?
Quien Dice? 2 days ago
Keith is just a big child :v
BankableGiant 73
BankableGiant 73 2 days ago
Garret cam more like satan cam
August Morgan
August Morgan 2 days ago
Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves 2 days ago
When your told your mother should die cuz she likes pineapple on pizza (T_T)
Mr G
Mr G 2 days ago
Courtney should be in the next eat it or yeet it episode
KkCrazy Squad
KkCrazy Squad 2 days ago
I love pineapple pizza
Cristina Russo
Cristina Russo 3 days ago
4:14 I think I wanna marry him
Lachlan Fitzgibbon
As an Aussie I reckonized it at Vegemite pizza from the get go!
Daring Dog
Daring Dog 3 days ago
11:35 “it’s got pig stomach” Damien nods and shrugs, taking another bite and looks at outraged Garrett like he’s dumb
Moose uchiha of the bloody mist
Who ever likes pineapple pizza is a uncoltred swine
Somiaz 3 days ago
Matt: You can't ruin pizza for me. Later on Matt: Whoever likes pineapple on pizza should die! Later later on Matt: The crust?! Are you insane?!!!
Ilayda Yeni
Ilayda Yeni 3 days ago
I dont think i laughed so hard in my enitire life!!!!
Maria Del Pilar Dejesus
Courtney:” what do you mean” Also Courtney: “ iTs fInE- “. **proceeds to burn like hell**
That One YouTube Weeb
ima pert ma sawse on eet maek it betta
Blue Chicken
Blue Chicken 3 days ago
Alexis Noullett
Alexis Noullett 3 days ago
50% of comments: quoting the video 30% of comments: saying they like pineapple 10% of comments: want Courtney to be the eater it yeeter 1% me: HaMbURgeR WitH mEaT oN iT?! -Shayne Topp 2020
skunkanater 03
skunkanater 03 3 days ago
I love pineapple pizza and how dare you
Uwugav 4 days ago
I love pineapple on pizza
Armel Zeus Masangcay
Try asian food
Kai Cook-Daniels
Kai Cook-Daniels 4 days ago
Return by death?
Grace Widman
Grace Widman 4 days ago
I feel like courtney should try being the one who eats the dish-
Helloimmushroom 1416
Courtney- your a pizza folder Me In my head-I’m from NYC bitch that’s the only way to do it
Nicole Davies
Nicole Davies 5 days ago
As an Aussie watching it, the vegimite pizza looks so yummy 🤷‍♀️
Kwispy 5 days ago
Courtney is more manlier then all of them combined
Challenge tyme !
Challenge tyme ! 5 days ago
You should do a eat it or yeet it where Shane and Courtney switch places so Courtney eats and Shane is the judge😁
Sam Reitich
Sam Reitich 5 days ago
13:31 that was so painful it was so much louder than any other sound my ears are dead please don’t do that again
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 5 days ago
Bruh, it kills me everytime they use the Sims 3 music 😂
Holy Demon
Holy Demon 5 days ago
Actually pig stomach sounds good . P.S. Just know I have eaten cow tounge tacos
Anime Talku
Anime Talku 6 days ago
Love the demon slayer music for the spice
I heard demon slayer when Courtney tasted the spicy pizza roll...
Awesome Girls
Awesome Girls 6 days ago
Garrett should make a dish with vanilla ice cream, tomato sauce and grated tasty cheese
Shelby's Siren Cove
The sims music in the background I can’t
Madison fry
Madison fry 6 days ago
I loved how Keith kept ringing the bell lmao
Brett Scrima
Brett Scrima 6 days ago
These commercials have the worst timing
Pastel Black
Pastel Black 6 days ago
Idea: cover marshmello fluff with cold hot fudge mixed in graham cracker chunks
DarrickTV 6 days ago
Damien is pasty white Rami Malek.
Axis O'Depeople
Axis O'Depeople 6 days ago
I need more Joe in my life
Axis O'Depeople
Axis O'Depeople 6 days ago
@The Valleyfolk hi Joe hows life
The Valleyfolk
The Valleyfolk 6 days ago
.... um, hi! From, Joe (at The Valleyfolk)
No Sanctuary
No Sanctuary 7 days ago
"This one has put stomach." *Damien takes a bite.* 11:34
Jonathan Maclean
Jonathan Maclean 7 days ago
Vegemite pizza sounds dope, but Im Australian soooo
GamerKat'71 7 days ago
Looking at Matt I have a hard time believing he ever turns down pizza, pineapple or not.
L is for Loser
L is for Loser 7 days ago
dude there is very few episodes that i enjoy keith on and this.....isnt one of them
Par_Los Gaming
Par_Los Gaming 7 days ago
I work at a pizza place so this if in to watch
Dallin Schiffman
Dallin Schiffman 7 days ago
Y'all should get Gordon Ramsey to prepare some stuff for this. I feel like he would be able to hide nasty stuff while making it look fantastic haha
Jeroen Garuda
Jeroen Garuda 7 days ago
They really should get rid of the fat guy.. he is really annoying..
GamerKat'71 7 days ago
He's just one of those "My opinion is the only one that matters" types.
Kiera Blue
Kiera Blue 7 days ago
And I like my fries with cockatiel sauce and ketchup mixed.
Kiera Blue
Kiera Blue 7 days ago
FYI I eat pizza with pepperoni pickles and pineapple. Sometimes I add tomatoes.
Kevin V
Kevin V 7 days ago
The day MattRaub transformed into SadRaub...
Noah Deibler
Noah Deibler 8 days ago
“IS IT THE SAUCE O-**HHHHH** *gibberish*
Joshua Nyquist
Joshua Nyquist 8 days ago
Fat dude really acting like he gonna pass on pizza if it has pineapple on it, lol
Daniel Mungavin
Daniel Mungavin 8 days ago
Why was Keith legitimately being annoying
TheJege12 8 days ago
Matt, Keith.... NO
The AppMaker
The AppMaker 8 days ago
Garrett is getting nicer... I'm nervous.
TravisJzSz 8 days ago
th bell was on the floor
Fruitytacos Beans
Court I love ya but no, pizza folding is perfectly fine. Some slices are very big so you have to fold it and It becomes a habit
Chris Iverson
Chris Iverson 9 days ago
@ 3:38 , @ 6:11 - Keith is the worst smosh member for eat it or yeet it. Damien should be in every episode
Djeriz Bonfim
Djeriz Bonfim 9 days ago
When is the episode where Courtney plays and Courtney Freaking Miller hosts coming? Saw a coment for this in one of the videos and it would be THE BOMB! Make it happen, Smosh!
Emerald Does stuff
I’m so hungry now
taekookies 9 days ago
People who put pineapple on their pizza should get their brains circumcised
Kasia Singleton
Kasia Singleton 9 days ago
Pineapple is good on pizza so everyone who agrees like
Lemon Head
Lemon Head 9 days ago
Did u know hawaiian pizza is from canada
Mrsmustachio25 9 days ago
Damien looks especially attractive in this episode - love the blue hair with the snapback
aiixa PR
aiixa PR 9 days ago
I love Damien. Nothing else.
Sami Clark
Sami Clark 9 days ago
aye where's all my pineapple on pizza lovers at?
Jade Williams
Jade Williams 9 days ago
I thought he actually broke the table
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