How Do 90% of Americans Have Jobs? - Daniel Tosh

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Daniel Tosh wonders why Americans still think they live in the greatest country in the world and tries to understand how so many people are employed. (Contains strong language.)
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Published on


Oct 5, 2019




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Comments 99
CipherBytes Day ago
Well they do give celebrities jobs so.........ya they're not very bright.
Osh at Large
Osh at Large Day ago
"We're the only country with Diversity" - seems like he hasn't travelled much
Mateo Duarte
Mateo Duarte 3 days ago
Really i cant escape you if you are here good show god bless you
Mateo Duarte
Mateo Duarte 3 days ago
One hour thirtyfive minutes until
Mateo Duarte
Mateo Duarte 3 days ago
Francisco's arte fame i like the name were here for you
W Gaston
W Gaston 3 days ago
To all y'all who think America is so awful - why in tarnation are y'all still even living here? Why don't you do us all a favor, and pack up and move elsewhere! We really don't need or want you!
Kameron Bryant
Kameron Bryant 4 days ago
The answer: We don't hahahahah *starts sobbing*
HK 6 days ago
had to like this video twice at 0:10
Tiny T.W.I.M
Tiny T.W.I.M 6 days ago
This dude doesn’t give a CRAP. I need more.
James Laiola
James Laiola 7 days ago
He's absolutely right.
James Laiola
James Laiola 7 days ago
Mercy rule😆😆😆
LamaKING21 7 days ago
Sadly comedy is now cancelled. Thanks lefties
David Esccoo
David Esccoo 7 days ago
Genious thanks im smiling now
Ish The Face
Ish The Face 8 days ago
When he said "blacks are better at everthing" I fully expected the punch line to be "OFC we're gonna let them do everything!"
E C 8 days ago
Sometimes I watch comic's old stand up routines just to see how dumb and asinine they sound in retrospect.
TonberryGames 9 days ago
Tried to get a job at an Amazon Warehouse. My background check has an ancient felony but they said No, and instead hired dozens of immigrants that needed interpreters. Another American's job stolen.
R C 9 days ago
When comedians are more truthful than all news stations combined Nationwide..welcome to the last 30 years in America
thegyrfalcon65 9 days ago
One pet peeve i have with what he said in the beggining and ill shut up. Go live in another country for a year or two. Go to Fiji and live there! Go to Greece! Then come back and appreciate what the US is. I am a first gen American from Europe. Normal people do not go around killing others. False flag are called false flags for a reason. Also, just cause the news channels here report all negative news doesnt mean there are no good news. Ah but decency doesnt sell right? The mainstream media here is truly trash. Fear-mongering, always chasing for that tragedy and catastrophy and now a days openly and actively inciting racism and violence. Gaslighing our own citizens, dividing the country. Openly using propaganda. Operation Mocking bird in full effect. You do not think bad things happen in other countries? LOL. Just cause they dont shout their dirty from the rooftops doesnt mean it is not there. Millions of people are trying to come to the US because it is a bad country...right? It will be if people are un-researched and un-appreciative of how damn good they have it here. It should be a requirement for every US citizen to live in another country for a few years before becoming elligible to vote.
Kevin Kane
Kevin Kane 9 days ago
Just because places look nicer don’t mean they’re better than america. We’re number 1 baby
Bobby Ramirez
Bobby Ramirez 9 days ago
LMAO 😂😂😂😂 dudes right on all this
Luis 10 days ago
this guy was never funny
Sister Numpsie
Sister Numpsie 10 days ago
um, tosh, i've got bad news for you about women's thoughts. :|
Mohamed Mubarak
Mohamed Mubarak 10 days ago
Answering the title: Now they don't.
Cash Davenport
Cash Davenport 10 days ago
This guy gives Gary Busey looks
lynn9015 w
lynn9015 w 11 days ago
❤ love you
Howie Feltersnatch
Howie Feltersnatch 11 days ago
Those laughs are pumped in. He seems pretty racist.
Frank Anon
Frank Anon 11 days ago
@Howie Feltersnatch It's sad that people like you have changed the meanings of words like racism to fit your narrative of "white man bad"
Howie Feltersnatch
Howie Feltersnatch 11 days ago
@Frank Anon Yeah, if you are white. Everything is racist that comes out of your mouth.
Frank Anon
Frank Anon 11 days ago
@Howie he had a go at everyone. It's comedy. It's an art soon to be lost to people that think everything is racist anymore.
Jordy Pie
Jordy Pie 11 days ago
I like Dennis Reynolds and all but Charlie is way funnier.
Ari Lehtiniemi
Ari Lehtiniemi 11 days ago
China is dystopia, trying to spread dystopia. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Gary Stillwell
Gary Stillwell 11 days ago
I hope he does more stand up now that his show is over
Satevo 12 days ago
If i had Tosh's money i could still have my hair. :(
M J 12 days ago
What the frank did I just watch?! I'm at work and almost pissed in the chair from laughing so hard.
v10moped 12 days ago
Another comedian going poilitcal.
L R 12 days ago
1:27 Wait a minute, that's actually the solution LOL
R Hit
R Hit 12 days ago
Daniel: who the f..k is hiring you morons Me: other morons most probably
Jacob Gee
Jacob Gee 13 days ago
1/10 get their fame please let me roll the dice I know the'ir loaded
Joseph Greco
Joseph Greco 13 days ago
He made the jokes months prior to this video which is months before the controversial issues 🤣 I have yet to see a cop black support black lives matter they approach same as white people but Blm is more so a joke and racist than they care about black lives. The ones willing to see beyond the few situations and look at the bigger picture are the realist.
Al Marcel
Al Marcel 13 days ago
"the greatest country in the world.......if you haven't travelled a lot" 🤭
shadrock99 13 days ago
This reeks of stereotypical coastal America haters
Solo Lay
Solo Lay 13 days ago
Look China's here. Do we take off our Shoes?
Joe Cash
Joe Cash 13 days ago
Remember when the unemployment rate was 6%
Joe Cash
Joe Cash 13 days ago
The way he said ITS GREAT TO BE HERE IN AMERICA was so sarcastic lol
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia 13 days ago
i must be be in a parallel universe because tosh stand ups are not funny believe me. i speak from experience from being a big fan of his when he first started and his bits were god awful, one time i asked god to forgive tosh for his bad comedy soon after a lightning bolt struck my house. but this was immaculate (for lack of a better word) hats off to you tosh, hats off.
Nick Chungo
Nick Chungo 13 days ago
Agreed. No way in hell 9 out of every 10 people are employed. Lies.
Boris Anisimov
Boris Anisimov 13 days ago
This comedian is Gold.
Engineering Dept.
Engineering Dept. 14 days ago
China is here, they deserve our country, now take off your shoes.... this is not a joke.. it's a public service announcement... 2020.
Chasny 14 days ago
This was incredibly unfunny
Swadian Knight
Swadian Knight 14 days ago
Speaking of people that shouldn't have jobs: RUvid DEVs. Yah, that commercial 10 seconds before the end of the video was really necessary.
DJ Revolver
DJ Revolver 14 days ago
Well he use to be funny
Purpleoceangnome 14 days ago
I like being alone and am very sensitive about this topic. I don't know why. Probably cause I know what he's saying is true.
Purpleoceangnome 14 days ago
Those jobs are low paying minimum wage jobs working for millionaires. You own a Mcdonald's your a millionaire. They pay 8 to ten. Qualify for food stamps. The government is kind enough to pay their food so the owners can pocket the profit
Toad Cozart #Toad squad
Lmao yoo im dead🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abasi Steele
Abasi Steele 14 days ago
“You better get a Harlem in China.” 😂
ivomonroemiller 15 days ago
China WINS.
Chayden Hackett
Chayden Hackett 15 days ago
Love how he gives absolutely zero fucks, man is a younger George Carlin😂
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 15 days ago
project veritas ruvid.net/video/video-ZWK56l2VaLY.html ruvid.net/show-UC02uVb8fhmoFaIaOjMTxj3w bill cooper RUvid channel ruvid.net/show-UCmMlHa3hvDbJlGSvvJGaGZw general shepherd RUvid channel behold a pale horse ruvid.net/video/video-d14VqXB18PI.html Banned.video or 2020electioncenter.com,.
Matt D
Matt D 15 days ago
Friggan love this guy.
Michael Bambrick
Michael Bambrick 15 days ago
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis 15 days ago
I think that joke Tosh made that got him cancelled was pretty funny.
City Girl
City Girl 15 days ago
Love it. Thank you! Hey, how are you feeling? Are you broke? Our healthcare system is a massive cartel supported by TV and other media, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies. Billions of dollars to be made. Media wants the billions of dollars they make by selling commercial space, who wouldn't? We pay the price via our insurance costs, spending thousands of dollars per person per year. That's a lot of cash. Think that will change? It has in many other countries (aka Universal Healthcare), but we are too afraid, too intimidated by the American Healthcare Cartel. We are broke and we are sick. Thank you for reading.
JMcPheron67 15 days ago
StabbyMacStabStab 16 days ago
I like his Tobirama Senju-esque solution to police brutality.
EUROPOL Intl. S. 16 days ago
Haven't seen this asshole in a while. That's all.
Scott Chen
Scott Chen 16 days ago
Thats sum up what really going, thank God we have our President Now!
walter 16 days ago
this was uploaded a year ago today
Tyrel McAllister
Tyrel McAllister 16 days ago
Woohoo! Fiji shoutout!
Joe Walkowicz
Joe Walkowicz 16 days ago
Usually somebody is correct every now and then "accidently" but this bozo is wrong 100%. I so wanted to find humor , but unfortunately he is not funny at all. Someone pays him? Real humor needs an element of truth to be funny. Back to the drawing board.
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 15 days ago
Joe, you stand alone.
YoSAmm 16 days ago
A 4 PLAYJUNKIE 17 days ago
🖕 Tosh, leave! There is a reason you still live here, DOUCHEBAG
Zodiac 17 days ago
"You're never gonna be famous. Never. You have no chance." LOL!
Christopher Sebastian
Not funny.
Promethean Allegory
Frank Ferrandiz
Frank Ferrandiz 17 days ago
Raell 16 days ago
The only people who will vote Biden are people who watch MSM, in other words, willfully ignorant people. Trump 2020!
quinintheclouds 17 days ago
we don't anymore
Michael Bambrick
Michael Bambrick 17 days ago
Stand up America ruvid.net/video/video-piWF1uT8ang.html
Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson 17 days ago
DUDE this is UNIV£RSIALLY HILARIOUS 💯😂 hahhahahhaaaaaa.........and EVERYBODY should BE LaUGHING🤞.......
Matt Celis
Matt Celis 17 days ago
Is this guy supposed to be funny?
STEFEEZE 17 days ago
This is Hilarious LOL
Bernhard C. Verhoeven
Hasn't lost a step, he's a beast
B. Deville
B. Deville 17 days ago
Millions of Americans are fed up with leftist activists calling themselves entertainers while they're getting rich off of bashing the people and the nation that made them. I sincerely hope that the business never recovers unless we can get some performers in there who sell talent rather than Cultural Marxism. If that doesn't happen, the business deserves to die.
Orion's Ghost
Orion's Ghost 17 days ago
How does 100 percent of Daniel Tosh have a job?
Meade Music
Meade Music 18 days ago
America is the greatest country in the world.
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots 18 days ago
"Only black people should be cops..." Ive been saying that for years.
Brandon Wood
Brandon Wood 18 days ago
I see Daniel Tosh is still touting his fetish for black guys after all these years.
Money Zard
Money Zard 18 days ago
how does tosh still have a show is my question lol
Chuck 18 days ago
The USA isn’t even top 10 in so many areas. Top 10 shitholes though.
Movzhuru 18 days ago
he is sooooo handsome
JustusGregorius 18 days ago
How are fire fighters "out doorsy"? They sit inside the fire station.
JustusGregorius 17 days ago
@Jason Hmmm . . .
Jason 17 days ago
Have you ever heard of a forest fire?
Andrew Hickman
Andrew Hickman 17 days ago
@JustusGregorius he lives in cali. more often then not their fighting forest fires
JustusGregorius 17 days ago
@Sarah Meyers Those dudes also sit inside a fire station with a dalmatian dog playing cards drinking coffee.
Sarah Meyers
Sarah Meyers 17 days ago
Maybe he’s talking about the ones that work forests.
Trench 18 days ago
TRUTH is that 23% are unemployed and 40% make under 20k (shadow state). That is before 2020. The private sector jobs pay for most things in society even for the public sector jobs (30% about in real numbers) which get paid over 2x what they private sector makes thanks to taxing them more for doing the same job better. The irony. Also lets not forget private sector tax subsidies which get money from the public sector which usually are the big companies which the little guy gets hurt again.
Charl Herbst
Charl Herbst 18 days ago
Is this about Orange man bad America bad ect. I don’t feel like watching to find out
x01021 17 days ago
He doesn’t mention Trump at all but if that bothers you, you should probably grow thick skin and quit being a fragile snowflake bitch
John Arch
John Arch 18 days ago
Man I would laugh at the joke about Fiji except it looks beautiful but it’s run by a dictator ship which is why people were boycotting the water is not a good place
Cyn Y
Cyn Y 19 days ago
I don't think it's the greatest country. Wish to god I had left when I had the chance.
Albert Gallardo
Albert Gallardo 18 days ago
Mexico and canada aint too far
BlassReiter1100cc 19 days ago
Jesus Tosh, you're slippin man. Not even trying to setup a real joke at this point. You should get a RUvid channel. Maybe more success?
BigTexan7 19 days ago
I get the satire and sarcasm but the self loathing, racial pandering and China worship is not a good look. The divisive narrative and anti-American tone Tosh espoused is everything wrong with the left today and the ideology that drives the lawlessness and mayhem in our city streets. How can we unite as one nation and people under this kind of tribalism and self-hatred?
Gamma r0ck
Gamma r0ck 19 days ago
Waste of breath...
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen 19 days ago
Someone give this man a nobel piece prize..who's with me? Thumbs up!!!
Guido Guido
Guido Guido 19 days ago
Dude, soccer has THE CLEAREST rules for when it’s over. 90 minutes. Boom
Max Settings
Max Settings 18 days ago
Rocket wj
Rocket wj 19 days ago
The only comedian i still love...cause he doesnt care.
Gregory's art channel
when did Tosh become funny? This is the best thing I have ever heard from this guy. I never liked this dude,. And believe me I tried! But this was good.
MrLostform 19 days ago
like a confused clown vomitting xanax on the stage, nice gift buddy
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