How Did HP Fail This Hard?

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On paper the new HP Spectre x360 2019 should be the ultrabook to rule them all, but in practice... things aren't quite so simple.
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Mar 19, 2019




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Comments 3 472
Jagaran Neupane
Jagaran Neupane 12 hours ago
De Evolve
De Evolve 14 hours ago
You talked me out of it ... what should I then get for a 13 inch 2in1?
Jayblue873 15 hours ago
Me when I’m shopping laptops. Me: OOOOOOHHHH GTX 1050 13 LAPTOP! Me:I’m gonna buy thi- (Sees no Sim Card slot) Me:NO IM NOT BUYING THIS Millions of laptops with no SIM card. Me:PLEASE HELP ME FIND VERY GOOD LAPTOPS THAT HAVE SIM CARD SLOT AND 14 INCHES OR LESS PLEASE. (I’m serious)
Ashton Grist
Ashton Grist 2 days ago
I want a cinemawide oled ultrabook!! Help me find one!!
Nomadic Lizard
Nomadic Lizard 2 days ago
Those keycaps though. it's like someone just kept saying 'BIGGER!!!!' to every mock up until they ended up with those
HTC Ultra
HTC Ultra 2 days ago
Lenovo C930 is 10 times better. The pen is in the laptop Learn HP
Dikran Poladian
Dikran Poladian 3 days ago
HP consumer products are trash and never fail to disappoint.
Joseph Maza
Joseph Maza 3 days ago
I wonder about the fingerprint reader... If it were on the power button, where does the fingerprint information get stored? I've seen that when the fingerprint reader isn't on the power button, the fingerprint information is stored on a different chip. I'm thinking it's not on the power button, Linus, is because of security.
yash hedaoo
yash hedaoo 3 days ago
Give review of hp envy x360
BlackMan 3 days ago
Hp is pretty bad. They made a big batch of faulty computers and still sold them knowing they were bad. They were pretty bad I forget the name of it but if you see a hp on face book or Craigslist and it's a 15 inch with a8 or a9 cpu the. It's probably the one that is junk. These were also pretty recent laptops. I've seen like 5 last time I look at random stuff on FB market.
Legalneeds 4 days ago
This guy gotta have the WORST voice ever on the web!!!
Mike Mecklenborg
Mike Mecklenborg 4 days ago
Good information but most of these complaints are coming from computer geeks who spend all their time on computers which is a small part of society. Some of these complaints are so unimportant that the average consumer could care less. HP understands that keeping the price reasonable and having a variety of computers will sell more computers. To do this they can't put the top of the line equipment in a less expensive computer and these are the ones that sell the most. I imagine that computers over $1000 do not sell as many as ones around $500. I spend a good bit of time on computers since my job requires about 75 percent of my time at work on it but when it comes to buying a new one for personal use I have never spent a $1000 dollars for a computer and it maybe be years before I do if ever.
fatih nararya
fatih nararya 4 days ago
Is no one going to comment about 11:38?
Crispy_Tuna 4 days ago
I’m so dumb I got the previous 2017 model of the x360 (13 inch) when I could’ve went for the 15 inch model which would have a graphics card with it too... ugh 😑
Crispy_Tuna Day ago
Patrick suck Zquidword nozel well I knew absolutely nothing about computers or anything at the time because all I did was play on my PlayStation 4. And tbh the only thing I cared about what my laptop was was the colour of it.
Patrick suck Zquidword nozel
That sucks
Flame 4 days ago
Ok trackpad I’d understand but ur critisizing too much man
Dnl 4 days ago
just use the hp pavillion (laptop) thats what i use it is a 15 inch display and it is perfect for gaming, typing, and video watching (plays in 4k) also it is only around $500
iReckoning 4 days ago
6:58..... The entire video.
ReNi C
ReNi C 5 days ago
lenovo yoga 720 have the same specs with this is 2017 laptop
Oktay Acikalin
Oktay Acikalin 5 days ago
Looks like the designers had small hands. Otherwise they wouldn't settle with such a small touchpad :-/
Parviz Bagirov
Parviz Bagirov 6 days ago
Been using this 13 inch laptop for some time now. 1) Power button - reach fine, use fine. No problem at all 2) Trackpad - yes Synaptics drivers are not good but i changed them to Windows precision and since then they been working like a charm, no problem at all. Even with synaptics drivers installed I had no problem described here with “deadzones” one the trackpad. As I said though, changed to windows precision and trackpad no problem at all. 3) as for pen, you can attach it to the sleeve case that comes with the laptop, there is a special place for that.
Parviz Bagirov
Parviz Bagirov 2 days ago
the pen is quite nice and smooth to use, i heard that HP tilt pen is better though. Didnt test it yet
Nicholas Chau
Nicholas Chau 2 days ago
I am thinking about this laptop too, is the pen smooth to use? i'm thinking of drawing with it. Thank you!
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 6 days ago
*laughs in surface book*
NDK0 7 days ago
Every single HP laptop I have ever seen has been a complete shitbrick... Even worse than most Macs
Grey Lawson
Grey Lawson 7 days ago
Geez, I know Linus isn’t a fan of the MacBook Pro, but at least Apple has real palm rejection on their trackpads as opposed to rigging up some sketchy solution where they just kill off part of the trackpad and hope your palm never lands in the working area of the trackpad.
NC 13582247
NC 13582247 7 days ago
Dude looks like Syndicate lol
3X3CU710N3R 7 days ago
Can you review huawei matebook x pro. Curious to hear what you guys think about it.
Kabir Basu
Kabir Basu 9 days ago
Am I being ignorant or can't this issue be easily solved by just installing windows precision driver?
Parviz Bagirov
Parviz Bagirov 6 days ago
Axelle Patri Adi there are many, just google man. It is a very easy process
Axelle Patri Adi
Axelle Patri Adi 6 days ago
Parviz Bagirov any video guides?
Parviz Bagirov
Parviz Bagirov 6 days ago
exactly. Did the same thing and works like a charm.
Axelle Patri Adi
Axelle Patri Adi 7 days ago
Dean K do you have a guide? Planning on buying one later this week but idk how to change the drivers
Dean K
Dean K 7 days ago
you aren't, i installed the precision driver my 13" model and it instantly made it leagues better
LALOMAN 9 days ago
Like always, Linus is NOT an IT Tech Professional hence why he doesn't know that in our industry, HP stands for = "Horrible Product"... We always avoid this brands like a plague and recommend our costumers to avoid it as well.... Dell, well they are up there with HP.... both horrible products! These both are what you call "retail brands".... the shit you would find at a Walmart/Tarshit stores! lol...
shahariar mishu
shahariar mishu 9 days ago
I think this time HP didn't pay this guy
Zackary Rethati
Zackary Rethati 9 days ago
1:27 nice Acer Predator monitor :^)
CyberDude274CD24 9 days ago
3:40 like his dell 400 laptop video but now saying Stawp
Benjamin Farlow
Benjamin Farlow 10 days ago
I bought the 2018 x360 for about 1400 USD, and some of those issues arent apparent in the 2018 version. They did a bit of a redesign for the 2019. If you're in the market, look for the 2018 version. Mine has these specs i7 8550U 16gb DDR4 (not sure the speed, probably 2400 or 2666) Nvidia MX150 500gb SSD 4k Touch Screen
thesonicgirl1000 10 days ago
I just got this laptop but the touchpad doesn't work at all
NuggetStyleGaming 10 days ago
First world problems The power button isn't a problem for me The fingerprint reader is in a great spot The rubber by the arrow and ctrl key are no problem, I don't any problems with the flex, the screen never wobbles for me There isn't any mouse lag for me I just put the pen in my pocket with the rest of my pens
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai 10 days ago
Colby Meyer
Colby Meyer 11 days ago
Why can’t you get the i7-8750h w/ 1050TIMax Q in Canada?
Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design 11 days ago
Troll channel
videokingrsyd 12 days ago
Is there is a perfect product!
Warlord StarCraft
Warlord StarCraft 12 days ago
can we please get a review of the huawei matebook x pro 2019
Biak Hui
Biak Hui 12 days ago
Who the fuck is this fucking wanker !? Who's watching this asshole without puking !? Jesus Christ ! Where's this vermin comming from ?!
Biak Hui
Biak Hui 12 days ago
Who the fuck is this fucking wanker !? Who's watching this asshole without puking !? Jesus Christ ! Where's this vermin comming from ?!
B Adventures Vlogs
B Adventures Vlogs 13 days ago
LTT roasting HP 😂✌️
Lt Dan
Lt Dan 13 days ago
I had an HP Omen before. Never buying HP again
Allen Frady
Allen Frady 13 days ago
Okay, here we go....The reason power button is not on edge is to avoid hitting by accident in tablet mode...duh. Wobbly screen is a part of being so light. Dont put a 4k on a 2 in 1 and expect it to game. The thick bezels are almost needed for tablet mode so you are not covering 1/3rd of your display when holding it....again duh. The Mac book you compared it to is not a 2 in 1 and the surface has a removable keyboard and is a totally different type of 2 in 1 so it is easier to hold with the slimmer bezels. By the way, that surface laptop you show at the end...same huge bezels. This is not a "complete redesign" of the x360, it is just a slightly different looking case with the buttons moved around a bit. The 13 is an "on the go" device for travel, airplanes and presentations, it isn't a concern that you have a bit less typing space. Also Lisa over at TR says these track pads are perfectly fine, what's up with that? Plus you know if you don't like the new button lay out you can get the previous version silver case with the I8550u, 16gb 512gb in 13 inch for about $250 to $300 original pricing so there is that also. Value for money it's solid.
Beaches 14 days ago
Thanks for the review bro, I'll keep my XPS 15. I love the XPS 15 I just despise the keyboard. Maybe I'll look at the X1 Extreme now that it is more reasonable.
Deren Bong
Deren Bong 14 days ago
For proper laptop review, go for Andrew Marc David or mobile tech review,
Deren Bong
Deren Bong 8 days ago
I do come back and watch his reviews hoping he would return to his humble self, 😅
Deren Bong
Deren Bong 8 days ago
I like his past reviews, since last year, his biases have bloated to a point I couldn’t swallow anymore
C A 8 days ago
Linus has been doing very good reviews for years... decades? Always good to check different reviews tho, but his review is great. The wobbly thing is hell annoying to me and nobody else mentioned it ej.
Deren Bong
Deren Bong 14 days ago
Linus, Laptop from China, Points out all the good things Laptop from US, Points out all its bad things
Goofball Gaming
Goofball Gaming 14 days ago
Very average build quality, with underwhelming hardware
Swords N'Daggers Squad
Lol I actually have the laptop that you said not to buy lol
Andrew D
Andrew D 14 days ago
You should have gone with the Elitebook x360
Owen Kittredge
Owen Kittredge 15 days ago
The problem with these type of laptops is that they are trying to stylish like an Mac. I do not what a fashion accessory I want something to get my work done and it will keep working, and over the years the Dell Latitudes and Precisions laptop fit the bill.
Oishik Sarkar
Oishik Sarkar 15 days ago
Do u know Linus that HP ProBook 440 G5, EliteBook 820 G4 comes with M2 SSD attached to a SATA converter and then plugged into the SATA Drive location. I really haven't got any clue why they did this on enterprise laptops by slowing down the performance from the actual hardware they put in. Please make a video on same.
frin 15 days ago
HP has always had the worst drivers, which made their laptops worthless, with components not functioning properly, losing connectivity or just plain crashing/not booting properly.
Floyd Bezos
Floyd Bezos 15 days ago
the keyboard looks pretty dated (old school) compared to macbook pro - MBP keyboards are so futuristic looking imo -
Floyd Bezos
Floyd Bezos 15 days ago
10:32 - damn, thats a BAD look for HP .. really not considering this as a purchase anymore, i saw on other vids about the trackpad issues too - has anyone found any luck with precision drivers ?
Floyd Bezos
Floyd Bezos 15 days ago
10:03 - damn that dead zone shit makes me appreciate my 2015 macbook - no issues - no dead zones - immediate response anywhere in the trackpad
TestUser472 15 days ago
i am not ready for this bezel-less future
Une Bolée d'Air
Une Bolée d'Air 15 days ago
I was pretty disappointed by this 2019 new version, I think the 2018 older version is far superior, in particular with the standard SD card reader, more intersting for photography / videography : ruvid.net/video/video-RI-Q_JaWsuI.html
spacetime 15 days ago
Trash laptop, hope they don't sell any
V 3214
V 3214 16 days ago
The colour correction is so... lifeless?
I Love the Nation of Israel!
Nick Fifis
Nick Fifis 16 days ago
Failing this hard is hard to watch :(
KingSzymonTv 17 days ago
System Error Message
dell quality good? my alienware burnt itself out while gaming far too many times, nothing to do with heat, just that it has poor board design for power distribution in relation to screen and CPU power use. lonovo thinkpad and dell vostro lines did offer privacy screens for years, HP will always be behind in every way, price, quality, heat, specs, design. I've always recommended against them for years even the desktop line
mjc0961 17 days ago
Because HP always sucks.
James K
James K 18 days ago
I wouldn't trust the Spectre line up after having owned the 2015 model and going through hell trying to get HP to replace a faulty motherboard(they never did and wanted to charge my $600 to replace it). It was a known issue that affected multiple products but HP wouldn't own up to their mistake.
BLNKT 16 days ago
I have a 2018 Spectre x360 which I've had for a year and a half. It started smoking through the charging port with regular charging. It is out of the 1 year warranty so if you call their support line for help they will tell you you're out of luck unless you pay hundreds of dollars for them to fix it. But I found out that if you post on the forums and get a mod to escalate your issue to a health and safety representative, they'll fix it for free one time. It's still a pretty bad experience and I've seen a lot of people who posted about their Spectre motherboards also smoking or burning up in my time trying to get help. I'll be going with a different brand next time I need a new laptop.
Nithilan Amudhan
Nithilan Amudhan 19 days ago
The pavilion series is amazing
Ved Shah
Ved Shah 19 days ago
hp put the power button around the corner so you wont accidentally hit it when you're holding the thing in tablet mode. jesus linus, expect better from ltt
Rodolfo Farinas
Rodolfo Farinas 19 days ago
Linus great review as always, but a couple things didn't add up were the criticism of the fingerprint reader location, i mean, i love that it is were it is, and if it was placed on the power button, that would have been annoying, having to reach all the way to the back corner to get the fingerprint scanned. And second, the screen bezels on the 13" version which is the one i own, are a little thicker than other contenders on the category, but they do become useful if we decide to use it in tablet mode. The two or three most annoying things of this laptop are: First the touch-pad, yes it sucks in every way, second the material finish is absolutely the most finger print and oil attracting finish I've ever seen on a laptop, even on shiny laptops, they resist fingerprints a lot better than this material. And third, every time i carry this unit, as small and light as it is, i'm always left with the sensation that i need to be extra careful cause the housing feel delicate and flimsy. I know it is aluminum, but it feel like it was very thin plastic.
Hi Im Cake
Hi Im Cake 19 days ago
I thought she was drawing pickle Rick around 7:12 ... now I'm sad.
Alan Gramont
Alan Gramont 20 days ago
Ugh. I have an XPS 15 that is approaching 4 years old. I was hoping to find something different, but the more I look, the more I think I will probably upgrade to this year's XPS 15 as long as Dell doesn't break it. After seeing the XPS 13 for this year, if they just match those upgrades they will be heard to beat.
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 20 days ago
180p squad anywhere?
Mark Adams
Mark Adams 20 days ago
Hp is shit. $650 laptop runs shitty compared to my PS4.
Taiitsukun F
Taiitsukun F 20 days ago
This laptop is actually good though. I got the 13”
Doctor 1O1
Doctor 1O1 21 day ago
Placement of power button opinion is rather petty !
Knot3D _
Knot3D _ 21 day ago
No Linus... your region simply appears to be a bit effed with barrel chargers on these HP models - no barrel chargers on Spectres in my country or many other reviewers' Spectre videos. Wobbly screen hinges ? Not on the in-store display models nor on the one I have here. Ghosting ? Not here. Fact ; the old Spectres are thermally challenged - these new models handle temps way better.
Teja Mallela
Teja Mallela 21 day ago
Try Lenovo c930
Galaxy Guy
Galaxy Guy 21 day ago
My dad bought a new hp laptop. It was Soo slow and I was unable to play fortnite in it. So my dad bought me my old laptop which I had for 7 years. I had to spend more money to make it work properly.
Rusty Wells
Rusty Wells 21 day ago
Why would HP or any company send this clown anything is beyond me!
Alan Gramont
Alan Gramont 20 days ago
Look at the view count.
MarsBar756 21 day ago
I feel like budget thinkpads would be a good video like the E585
Daniel Koo
Daniel Koo 21 day ago
I've known this for a while but Linus REALLY OVER EXAGGERATES
lyx 21 day ago
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 21 day ago
I feel like this is an over exagerated hate on HP. You are focusing and hating on minor issues like pen holder/bit sreen wobble instead of speaking about important stuff like THERMALS. Didnt you get sponsored for this vid Linus. Your vids are full of productplacements/ads.
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 19 days ago
+Muhammad Ammar Munir thanks for you insight!
Muhammad Ammar Munir
No, he's right. I own an HP Envy x360, and I'm surprised that even the latest Spectre x360 has the same issues! The screen wobbles, yes; it isn't as great as my Surface Pro 3, so it's better to either use it as a traditional laptop or a tablet only, as the screen would just wobble alot and adjust itself automatically to lie fully flat. And the trackpad. It's awful. It's so awful I actually use the touchscreen more, than the trackpad, if I have the option. Until unless there's quite an emergency. And not is the touch response of the trackpad awful, but it also has buttons equally difficult to press, so much that I have ended up learning a new gesture to stop using the right side button for right clicks. So, Linus is completely correct, though I won't agree with that screen lag part.
2buxaslice 22 days ago
Went to renew my PIA subscription today and noticed that they jacked up their prices ever since Linus started sponsoring them. Great.
Babs Ogunrin
Babs Ogunrin 22 days ago
For someone who reviewed the earlier iteration of the Spectre, it's extremely hard not to come away with an impression either Linus is trying to over impress with this review or his reviews are really based on what side of the bed he woke up from on the day he video edits. Not good mate.
vhtriyok 22 days ago
Compaq, Gateway, Quantex, IBM Thinkpads, Sony VAIO. Fujitsu Lifebook, Toshiba Satellite. Sharp. All dead. Soon: HP will join them. Left Over Big Players: Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Apple, Boutique Laptops: Samsung, Asus, Acer, LG, MSI, Gigabyte, Razer, Main Gear. All small players.
Zain Sohail
Zain Sohail 22 days ago
I got the 13" model and it works so well. I changed the drivers to Precision which doesn't really take too much effort and all my touch are registered on the trackpad edges too. And the 13" doesn't have a power port like 15" so the power button is easy to reach. It's just a beautiful machine and I personally highly recommend it.
Zain Sohail
Zain Sohail 18 days ago
+G-Misc 59 I followed this guide. I think it's a altered synaptics driver www.windowscentral.com/how-enable-precision-touchpad-drivers
G-Misc 59
G-Misc 59 20 days ago
Which drivers did you use?
John Milton
John Milton 23 days ago
Keep making these honest reviews they are great. These companies charging us $1500+ for a laptop and just producing trash.
JZ 23 days ago
HP makes terrible computers.
Thomas L
Thomas L 23 days ago
I have the 2019 hp spectre x360 13" and I haven't really experienced the dead zone but the pad drivers do sometimes just basically crash meaning two fingers scroll doesn't work anymore and generally it will only work with one finger which is really annoying
Andrew Lim
Andrew Lim 21 day ago
+Thomas L No problem, i tried precision previously too, it didnt work out for mine though. Hope yours works
Thomas L
Thomas L 21 day ago
Andrew Lim thanks, I installed Windows precision drivers yesterday but if I have any troubles I'll definitely try the ones you're using
Andrew Lim
Andrew Lim 21 day ago
Uninstalled the original synaptic driver and downloaded a new version from below link. The touchpad works great since. support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Spectre-13-x360-Convertible-PC-Series/7527520/model/7791778
Diego Chavez
Diego Chavez 23 days ago
Thank god i didnt go ahead and get this because of the paper specs. that trackpad and display would drive me insane
Craig Burnett
Craig Burnett 23 days ago
No. If you want a 13" 2-in-1 that is cheaper, better build quality, a DELL AND NOT AN HP, has more ram, has more ports, and is A DELL AND NOT A FREAKING HP, either the Ryzen 7 or i7 of this is amazing. Also it has accessible power and volume buttons. www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-2-in-1-13-3-touch-screen-laptop-amd-ryzen-7-12gb-memory-amd-radeon-rx-vega-10-256gb-solid-state-drive-era-gray/6212813.p?skuId=6212813 Also, I'm not a Dell of Best Buy person, I just ended up liking this laptop a lot more than I thought I would.
Section 31 - Tech
Section 31 - Tech 23 days ago
Shan Swaich
Shan Swaich 23 days ago
if you factor in the screen i dont think its better than the surface laptop on paper at all
Andrei Razer
Andrei Razer 23 days ago
wow .... and when u think hp it was so good made it ,and now is just shit......
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez 24 days ago
you guys are savages at the end!!! but I love it!!lmfao
Hendrik Hoffmann
Hendrik Hoffmann 24 days ago
I bought an ENVY x360 some weeks ago and I will sell because of the Display. The viewing angles are so bad and i think ist is because of Sure View (of Course deactivated). I compared My Envy with a Envy without Sure view and the Display was so much better. So i wouldn´t recommed buying a HP device with Sure view.. Moreover it doesn´t work good you can see some numbers even when Sure View ist activated. I think i will buy a Surface Pro.
D Mac
D Mac 24 days ago
10 year old's hand on a grown man.
TheOddDiabetic 24 days ago
Could you guys clarify when you're using USD vs CAD? Sometimes you do but when you don't I just get confused
MuchFly Wow
MuchFly Wow 25 days ago
cz HP is fucking garbage and always has been
Mike R
Mike R 25 days ago
Hey.. I had a 90's Compaq Armada with that screen lag.
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