How coronavirus (Covid-19) spread day by day

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From the first reports connected to a market in Wuhan to cases across the globe, we chart the first month of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, that has now infected more than 40,000 people. The death toll in China is now more than 1,000.
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This video traces the outbreak day by day from the end of 2019 through to February 2020, following its path from patient zero to cases in the UK, France and the USA - and what might happen next.
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Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 80
W Thomas
W Thomas Day ago
MMS Works! DR Jim Humble
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel Day ago
Till USA did a pro gamer move
Reshendra Namdeo
Reshendra Namdeo 4 days ago
You are showing the wrong map of my country (🇮🇳INDIA )..
Burning Table
Burning Table 8 days ago
Damn China
Blush 12 days ago
Coronavirus needs to stop ònó
michaelgamer60 .DLC.
It's like all of this was all planned by a evil scientist knowing Chinese new year
Cheryl de Boissiere
Patient Zero China is preceded by the Seattle NotFlu of November 2019 and the US Vaping Pneumonia that occurred from March to September 2019 ruvid.net/video/video-5q-NwhbORio.html
how2die 15 days ago
Should we tell USA that this isn’t a race
victor 003
victor 003 16 days ago
All the freaking diseases come from China
GreaterGood510 16 days ago
Different strains worldwide
Sue aldridge
Sue aldridge 16 days ago
Most of this is untrue China’s figures untrue. Wet market source untrue? How can it of spread world wide Chinese don’t earn enough to travel globally doesn’t add up to me? WHO waste of space abolish
Rizonzzz 16 days ago
This comment is idiotic this isn’t 1970 , there’s 100s of billionaires in China and millions of people who make more than you sue, the Chinese are normal people they have planes They have cars they have trains , you have obviously never been to China stop parroting Facebook posts
General Eric
General Eric 17 days ago
The closing and disinfecting of the Wuhan market was a distraction PR stunt to show the world the Chinese government were dealing with a hygiene problem and not a possible viral leak from a laboratory by the time it was announced it was a pandemic i had already returned to the UK and spent all December recovering from the virus i contracted in Vietnam in November .
truthbetold 20 days ago
There is no evidence at all this so-called virus came from a bat from the wet market of Wuhan. This so-called virus never satisfied Koch's Postulates: Koch's Postulates to Identify the Causative Agent of an Infectious Disease Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include: 1)the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease 2)The pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture 3)The pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when inoculated into a healthy, susceptible laboratory animal 4)The pathogen must be reisolated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen. Also if epicenter was Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen would've been ravaged by it faster than Italy and Spain.
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 22 days ago
France found patient diagnosed as flu was actually a COVID 19. US Beveville mayor diagnosed as flu in November 2019, tested positive for COVID 19 antibodies. So this crappy time line is totally wrong. COVID 19 originated from USA spread around the world
Jacaerys 21 day ago
Source? Oh yeah there isn’t one. You’re chatting nonsense
Corona Virus
Corona Virus 22 days ago
Is that me?
Alexnite Dragon
Alexnite Dragon 22 days ago
Why china want to visit all the world? There is coronavirus bruh
Rizonzzz 16 days ago
Alexnite Dragon it’s actually more people from other countries like if someone from China infects an American and a Japanese person you know
Chua Meng Kim
Chua Meng Kim 22 days ago
No death outside CHINA ? What about in USA deaths already prevailed in 2019 only identified only as normal flu ? Even the USA health minister under interrogation had admitted that coronavirus has been considered as normal flu. Please confirm and find out the truth .
Dr.Solomon 23 days ago
Swiss Made products are on next level swissprotect.life
Anuj Negi
Anuj Negi 23 days ago
chinese new year was on 25 jan 2020. so how the virus spread before it? it is mention in video that on 13 and 15 thailand and japan reported there first case how is that possible?
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 25 days ago
Someone will make a film about this one day
Rydofire 26 days ago
Wow! It's weird watching this video months after, into the pandemic and reading the comments from people who had similar thoughts and conversations as me back then, and had no idea how this new virus would take over the world. I'm feel like I'm from the future (which i technically am). "Hi I'm from the future, everyone watching this as of February stop studying for exams cause you wont have any, prepare for worldwilde lockdown, but DON'T PANIC BUY, this also means cancel holidays as flights are banned and get refunds for your music festivals cause they'll be cancelled. Also for the Americans get rid of PD Trump, he's going to mess everything up and inject himself with bleach. And prepare for nuclear war cause Kim Jun Un has the virus and if he dies you know what his dying wish will be. BOOM. STAY HOME STAY SAFE.
Don Galbadage
Don Galbadage 26 days ago
Does COVID-19 Spread Through Droplets Alone? ruvid.net/video/video-tC23CCoboKw.html doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2020.00163
Digital Renaissance
Special Recipie as Wuhan ruvid.net/video/video-Tz-3RrLzrNo.html
TeacherMariel BG2020
you are so useless WHO!!! you already have info on ncov sars1, how did you not see, this was from a same family, similar strain, clearly you are not doing your job! At first patient you should have alerted all countries and ordered lockdown in Wuhan and all of China, as in NO ONE OUT!
Salman Lang
Salman Lang Month ago
Claude François Simard
The virus is spreading like wildfire Cuz the media is lying to us because the media are into their plan of reducing the world's population because the media's and the journalist or not doing their work telling us that they have mixed the AIDS virus with the SARS virus to create the covid-2 aka covid-19 dec 19th 2019 and that if we don't protect ourself we will all die. you guys are making jokes in the media creating debates but you are not telling us the truth you just keep showing us people with pins on the jacket representing the reduction of the world's population since the 19th of December 2019 the Chinese warn the world. donald john trump closed the doors. Thats the only news that's important. You guys don't have one journalist. you guys don't have one person that said the truth since November 2019 all the news are accomplice, they repeat what they are told they don't investigate they are no journalists in no establishment. Not one real journalist they just want to have their paycheck and they repeat what they are told to say they are dogmatic.*NO TESTING, NO VACCIN, NO PLAN BUT THEY WANT YOU TO GO BACK TO WORK, MONEY IS ALL THEY WANT, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE DEADS. www.sciencesetavenir.fr/sante/coronavirus-li-wenliang-medecin-qui-avait-tente-d-alerter-les-autorites-est-mort-du-2019-ncov_141298 The World Health Organization refuse to give the USA a sample of the virus and told them it wasn't contagious from Human to human from December 19th to the 11th of February 2020 they are guilty as Sin
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain Month ago
Map of India is not complete 🖕🏻
Rizonzzz 16 days ago
Yes.... it was
GSGExtreme44 Month ago
Dr. Li Wenliang was the whistle blower - Dr. Ai Fen gave him the whistle - Lest we forget...
Dan Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Fzcicxnli4s.html Do more research Channel 4 ... Don’t spread misinformation
Dan Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Fzcicxnli4s.html Do more research Channel 4 ... Don’t spread misinformation.
Dan Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KliCC1AESmw.html Channel 4 Tut tut tut , do more research before spreading your own narrative!!
Dan Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-KliCC1AESmw.html Channel 4 Tut tut tut , do more research before spreading your own narrative!!
Rizonzzz 16 days ago
This is a video from 3 months ago dan
Frederick Leodolter
Thanks, china. This is your fault.
Denise Siddon
Denise Siddon Month ago
Since then uk are in lockdown nearly 20,000 gone
Julius Sonny
Julius Sonny Month ago
There was only 48 cases associated with that food market. The other 452 had nothing to do with that market. So why is the narrative based around that damn market. To hide where it really started of course
Jack Zimmerman
Jack Zimmerman Month ago
Julius Sonny The first 39 cases where from the market. It spread from there
age case docs
age case docs Month ago
Where was the day by day account, the 1st 2 months and the real info people want to hear. This is just some spin to spoon feed the sheep
Muhamad Danial Daelami
Unknown-Virus to the Biggest Virus cases in 21 centuries, quarantine make people confused in life, but unconsciously this makes the earth rest and cleanse itself from human pollution
It’z Zay
It’z Zay Month ago
*It all happened because some person in China interacted with bats. Bats had the virus. The virus was created from bats. It was a bit of China’s fault as they STILL let people travel while the virus was spreading. This is all kinda our faults..*
Craig McMahon
Craig McMahon Month ago
You fogot to mention around January 18, the Wuhan goverment held a 40,000 family banquet where they all shared meals. Addtionally, the govemrent handed out 200,000 free travel tickets to ensure the Wuhans left their home to travel. " Wuhan’s government was overly optimistic; the city held a potluck banquet to celebrate the looming New Year holiday, with more than 40,000 families attending, and issued 200,000 free travel tickets to the public, seeking to boost the tourism industry. " thediplomat.com/2020/01/wuhan-coronavirus-and-the-tacitus-trap/
enas alhawsawi
enas alhawsawi Month ago
Thanks to China there will no longer be: Traveling Shopping outside Restaurants Theme parks School Supermarket Birthday parties Sleepovers Field trips Beach Events Weddings Park Hand shaking Jogging Hanging out
Mummy Tengku Hazmin Hanum Tengku Hamzah
Thanks to China, in Malaysia, we're have to go back to school next year.
Eliyah Yeshua
Eliyah Yeshua Month ago
Tedros was a Marxist and sucks up to the Communist China Party.... Totalitarian shills..... #Agenda21
Mohammed Ismail
Mohammed Ismail Month ago
What if Ebola mutate and resurfaces with Corona like contagious nature???
Dave Annan
Dave Annan Month ago
All flights from China should have been immediately stopped. Only exceptions should have been made for those returning back to their own country who in turn should have been quaranteed on arrival. China also has a lot to answer for. Their culture of eating meat not fit for human consumption has to end now.
Care France
Care France Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-NjL-XADDP-0.html ces l’enfants remettant sa médaille au médecin, à l'infirmière et à tout le personnel de l'hôpital qui lutte contre le coronavirus
burns83 Month ago
Europe loves pandemics. Its like their own eugenics program but only an enemy to blame
Musa 098
Musa 098 Month ago
In april and the death toll has crossed 100000
Eqnzo Month ago
speak up
G S Month ago
This WHO Chief is the biggest idiot and should be put on trail. On Feb11th, he is stating how impressive he is on the containment of the disease at origination. He is f$%^ing moron.
worldwideugly Month ago
I got really sick in December, I was okay one day and then I was sick the next one. It was horrible, I had no strength to even go to take a shower.
J H Month ago
Thanks, China.
Insidious Sid
Insidious Sid Month ago
Only a communist country with a police state can manage the spread of a COVID-type virus.
Prince Arnold Zapata
China must take full reponsibility with their pandemic spread its origin from wuhan and they silence it for 1 month
Prince Arnold Zapata
China must take full reponsibility with their pandemic spread its origin from wuhan and they silence it for 1 month
kumar prashant
kumar prashant Month ago
Fully sponsored news and hiding the facts snd involvement of Chinese gov. And correct the geographic knowledge and the map of India.
sweiland75 Month ago
I would strongly recommend what we did after World War 2 by demanding reparations from Nazi Germany and do the same by having every country demanding reparations from China.
renge9909 Month ago
Yeah, it's not like Germany had much of a choice in these matters after it got annihilated by Soviet and Allied forces. China, on the other hand, will emerge as the world's factory still, in control of multiple nations' supply chains of crucial equipment and material. lol. Good luck. It's like Iraq asking America for reparations over it's unjustified invasion.
Our World Visualised
Global heat map of Covid-19 ruvid.net/video/video-0LRwWeN1Zrs.html
Dean Depaolis Depaolis
May God be with you were done for
Dean Depaolis Depaolis
They did not no how she died in fucking real I talked to the doctor he said he thinks she had it and he can't test for it cause we already buried her in fucking real
Dean Depaolis Depaolis
The virus has been here since January cause my best friends mom was talking on the phone to me and she had to keep hanging up cause she could not breath then two days later she wanted to the bathroom she was in there bout ten mins then we heard a crash we kicked the door in she feel on her face dead they said they did not no how she died
Jeffrey Bouvier
Jeffrey Bouvier Month ago
Real news story is why it was spreading for this long without us shutting our borders or doing anything in January? Or why the WHO said it was a pandemic in march when I myself seen this news in January at a bar of all places, or also why our military intelligence that reported it in January was ignored? These are very important questions because the answers to them will show you how incompetent our government is.
Christian Petersen
"The greatest concern is that the virus spreads to countries with weaker healthcare systems that are not prepared to deal with it." - Turns out that this concern was warranted, only it wasn't Nigeria, and it wasn't Mexico or Turkey - it was EU and USA. Here's hoping that the countries that are next in line for the pandemic respect the first rule of pandemic: Don't be arrogant.
Ten Deepfake
Ten Deepfake Month ago
thank you. Perhaps this will shut some loud mouths claiming virus didn't spread anywhere else than WUHAN in china ruvid.net/video/video-Zl0V-OhZYk4.html
Yogi Jaiswal
Yogi Jaiswal Month ago
This video has INCORRECT depiction of International borders of India which is confirmed by UN. 👎 Thanks for the other info thought. 👍
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Month ago
that is more day by day ruvid.net/video/video-EsHMFvYY4do.html
Singgih Wisnubroto
hundreds deads..while billions lies..
McDonald Trump
McDonald Trump Month ago
I hate accents
Paul Month ago
And now it's everywhere. I hope you tell people how the herd immunity theory is killing people. This is Channel 4's chance to start telling the truth to people
tommy Month ago
Lin Griffiths
Lin Griffiths Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-TBpHayMlW0c.html 😱
Joseph Bearup
Joseph Bearup Month ago
I wrote a Last will and Testament last night and A letter to My daughter . I’m getting a Sore throat and My Chest is hurting Rn. I’m not even 40 yet but already fear I will Die from this Virus. Just hope our children can Learn from this and Always be prepared for this to happen again. If I Die I Die I’m ready to Go Home. If I make it Just as well then It happens again and Again . Life as We know it Will be changed forever
Nan Taylor
Nan Taylor Month ago
Joseph Bearup Don't make death your confession. Many overcome the virus but they don't report the numbers. Research and consider Zane Hellas Pure Oil of Oregano. I used to order from Greece but is now sold on Amazon. Also research consider Olive leaf extract & zinc. All 3 boost immune system and the first 2 are potent anti viral, antibiotic, anti inflammatory. May God be with you. Stay strong and believe for your healing. My prayers are with you. Good is bigger than covid19.
David Burgin
David Burgin Month ago
2:57 Packaging surgical masks with bare hands! XD
Taylor Swan
Taylor Swan Month ago
So the doctor who tried to out the Chinese government for not taking it seriously died from the virus...? Interesting...
Brandie Caldwell
Brandie Caldwell
He was a LIAR!
Namoth Month ago
''how did it spread so quickly''......ffs... its a VIRUS.. S.A.R.S .....Bird flue...spanish flue...black death ? ....BASIC FUCKING HYGINE AND UNDERSTANDING OF DESEASES explains how it spread in a world where we once more have global and extremely fast travle.. want to know what caused the death of true quite a few empires in the past ? ...pandemics...aka viruses ,that global trade suddenly gave the chance to change from local..to global.. Anyone that can say public health care = extra resources at good cost to handle pandemics... the dead cant work nor pay taxes after all.
Tushar Bhagat
Tushar Bhagat Month ago
very help full
Fox Month ago
On Jan 24th,2020, Lancet posted an article which suggest the origin of COVID 19 did not come from Wuhan wet market. Where did you get your fact?
morty Month ago
This video is not gonna age well
jy1 ch3n
jy1 ch3n Month ago
Bullshit, the wet market has been opened for hundreds of years, why did the virus just randomly appear in china. It's not just China that has a wet market.
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