How Aladdin Changed Animation (by Screwing Over Robin Williams)

Lindsay Ellis
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"After all, you've lied to everyone else, I was starting to feel left out."

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May 20, 2019




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Comments 13 217
Kayla Daly
Kayla Daly 3 months ago
thank you Lindsay for confirming the true timeline. There is only Pre-Shrek and Post-Shrek
Drunken Pixels
Drunken Pixels 29 days ago
She got it all wrong
Simba Lion
Simba Lion 2 months ago
Are animations made better by not using "established" acting talent? I think I like more animated films these days than I did from the 1970s/1980s. Good actors tend to be in good films. If you have the skill and professionalism necessary to carry a starring role in a Disney film I think there's a solid chance you've already got an established career in entertainment.
Björn Hallström
Björn Hallström 2 months ago
@Lainey It's been 18 years?! Holy fuck.
Alloy Cipher
Alloy Cipher 2 months ago
The Pre-Shrekratics
dapperfan44 2 months ago
@Compucles I disagree. The movies I was thinking of when I wrote that comment did not include Pixar's movies. I probably should have said "except Pixar, in my opinion animated movies don't really challenge you anymore like they used to when I was a kid, pre-Shrek."
LRGonzales 26 minutes ago
Gee, I wonder what Lindsay thinks of Jeffrey Katzenberg 🤔
LRGonzales 54 minutes ago
"I'm Popeye, the sailor I'm Popeye, the sailor I'm Popeye, the sailor" Clearly Lin-Manuel Miranda's finest work to this day 💋
Alejandro Cabrera
I have other things to say. Beggining with: 1: 9:25 What is that little laugh suposed to mean? After all aside of the genie Disney hasn't overmarketed a character so your “little giggle" doesn't make much sense. 2: I feel like I should add that both mushu and donkey were voiced by Eugenio Derbez in the latín spanish versión of the movies they appear in. 3: You say “cheap genie knockoff" like if that, on itself, makes them bad characters (wich clearly they are not (at least the mayority)).
Jan-Willem van Dijk
The Dutch dubbed genie is pretty good imo. Similar frantic voice and the translation is very good. Interesting how the trend of promoting famous voice actors was pretty much in step in the Netherlands. I have no idea who did the voices in say the Jungle Book cartoon, but I "had" to see Robots cause Chris Zegers is doing the main character (he has the most monotonous voice ever).
Kenneth Carnie
Kenneth Carnie 19 hours ago
He never knew who I was.. But I miss him..
TheOminousbeanbag 19 hours ago
LMAO the dude who directed The Star put out a movie in high school about hell where the only food was plain hot dogs with no buns and the only song on the radio was don't worry be happy. It was really good, stuck with me for the last 15 years.
I actually liked Popeye. Also, why do I have a crush on Lindsay Ellis?
x 23
x 23 Day ago
Petty asshole t shirts 🤔
Matt Furnell
Matt Furnell Day ago
Wow so many animated classics I'd never heard of! That Lord of the rings animation! Never new it existed! Haha thanks
Amaw Nga Opaw
were walt disney and thomas edison relatives?
theshepard22 Day ago
This was great! Your wrap up at the end was fantastic, bringing it all together.
Barry Lambson
Barry Lambson 2 days ago
I'm 40. I cried. Good job. In all seriousness, you are fast becoming my go to critic. Amazing writing, good humor and research out the wazoo. Hats off to you sir!
CptWindwalker82 2 days ago
23:03 goddammit :(
Gliscor Glider
Gliscor Glider 5 days ago
*hOw AladDiN iNsPiReD oThEr MoViE's tO mAkE lIvE aCtIoN vErSiOn Of ThEiR oWn MoViE's*
Greg Keras
Greg Keras 6 days ago
Lindsay, I found your channel after catching up on some Folding Ideas, and I'm rather glad that happened. I've been in a bit of a creative rut regarding, well, a lot of busy life noise, and your channel has been a wonderfully educational distraction, not to mention really witty and entertaining. Just wanted to say, "Hello," and "Thanks for being awesome." -Greg
Sarah Nikolajsen
Sarah Nikolajsen 6 days ago
But .. I'm pretty sure Peggy Lee was the first one to be used as celebrity bait in Lady and the Tramp - she wrote and performed most of the song and even had a character look like her.
WyrdNet 7 days ago
THE JUNGLE BOOK had an all-star voice cast. Not a star vehicle for anyone, but the voices were at least as well known then as Robin Williams, and were used to market the film.
Erich Keser
Erich Keser 7 days ago
A beautiful tribute to a truly great actor, and human being!
Bebe 8 days ago
BABY'S DAD??? I think you mean the old ass detective (rest his soul), from the old ass original Law & Order!
moss pally
moss pally 8 days ago
John Hurt was A list!
Youtoo Brr
Youtoo Brr 8 days ago
M. Kull
M. Kull 10 days ago
Was this video made in response to anything particular? It kinda feels like both a social commentary on modern entertainment culture and a historical tribute to the legacy of Robin Williams.
Alice Darhk
Alice Darhk 11 days ago
Robin Williams... Has earned even more of My respect. May he be at peace
Jordan Storz
Jordan Storz 12 days ago
The Prince of Egypt is a terrific movie. The animation, story, and music are really incredible and have aged well!
Kelsey Curles
Kelsey Curles 12 days ago
Nowadays they’re more focused on hiring A-list actors instead of the actual performance.
TheZeroJoker 13 days ago
I object to Hoodwinked being lumped in as a knockoff when it's quite funny and original.
Jimmy L
Jimmy L 13 days ago
20:41 My parents when I was born
Lord Goose
Lord Goose 15 days ago
I was in till you threw stones at my Oger.
Andrew Trayford
Andrew Trayford 16 days ago
damn this video blew up
Demonsplaining 16 days ago
The fact that Disney technically owns The Simpsons and Family Guy now is so surreal to me.
Luke Cash
Luke Cash 19 days ago
There's another story underlying all of this in the history of art production and consumption which ties in neatly with the cynicism, pettiness, and unchecked commercialism that you so often harp on in your videos: Art simply wasn't as available to the general public in the past. Yes, it was around, and the average person could maybe see some art, but it was more often than not designed by and catered to the elite. Peasants weren't commissioning Bach or Vivaldi to write them a concerto and they certainly weren't patrons for painters, sculptors, etc. Now things like art and recreational activities are marketed to the masses, not out of the kindness of anyone's heart but because of the way things have always worked. Without a doubt there are very decent people in all classes of society, people who mean well and do well, but the brute fact of the matter is that we're all cogs in a machine, a machine that may be run by people but one that doesn't really have a mind of its own, it just rumbles along with its gravity. If you're not an elite, so far as society is concerned at least, you are a cud chewer, another grass fed cow and a little bread and circus will do if you profit the people who actually matter. And news flash, very few people actually matter.
Ella Collins
Ella Collins 19 days ago
The animation for the hug was so sweet what....
Altar360 19 days ago
Catsenburg really is a petty asshole...
Kevin Croake
Kevin Croake 19 days ago
Think you will ever do a video on cars 2 and how wtf it is?
nrsrymj 19 days ago
Fuck I miss him
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 20 days ago
Disney is famous for backstabbing.
Sayward Lewis
Sayward Lewis 20 days ago
1982 “The World According to Garp” Robin Williams was incredible. Unusual movie, not a favorite of mine, but showcased his range for future dramatic works. A rare talent that could easily shift between comedy and drama. RIP
The Wolf Princess
The Wolf Princess 20 days ago
I knew I had heard the voice of the genie from the return of Jafar from somewhere. When you said Homer it clicked. I could never place where I had heard the voice.
The Wolf Princess
The Wolf Princess 20 days ago
I love the Prince of Egypt.
The Wolf Princess
The Wolf Princess 20 days ago
I know it mentions Disney in the your channel description. But would you be interested in topics on movies from other studios?
The Wolf Princess
The Wolf Princess 20 days ago
I loved Robin Williams in Hook.
The Wolf Princess
The Wolf Princess 20 days ago
I loved Robin Williams in Hook.
The Wolf Princess
The Wolf Princess 20 days ago
I’m interested in some of your videos. Saved some to watch. One being the Pocahontas one. I love the film. I can’t lie. I know it is not historically accurate. But I love it for what it tries to tackle. I will listen to your points when I watch it. Then I’ll comment after.
Space Ghost
Space Ghost 20 days ago
I love Antz and Shrek, but they spawned the worst abominations in the history of 3D animation.
Chris Aplin
Chris Aplin 21 day ago
This is a freakishly good video.
Alexander Supertramp
Robin probably had the biggest big dick energy of any celebrity I’ve ever seen.
MaskOfIce 22 days ago
You know, the more I hear "I'm losing to a bird" in these Disney videos, the more I laugh at it. Which means that yes, I am laughing at the gargoyles from Hunchback. I have sinned
Mark N.
Mark N. 22 days ago
If anyone had the guts to do to Disney now what katzinberg did back then, we’d feel different.
Lunar Liam Productions
Yes because the hero and the villain for the great mouse deactivate can’t just two people who have different ideologies, moral values, and mental health. No, no, no, no, there just a bitter gay ex-couple.
Lunar Liam Productions
I’m just not as big of a fan of the joke, but that’s ok I respect your opinion.
KendylTV 5 days ago
Lunar Liam Productions I mean, I’ve seen it multiple times, but it’s funny because it kind of is similar to how gay couples used to be portrayed on TV in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Disney aren’t above queer coding, as we’ve seen from most of their renaissance era villains.
Lunar Liam Productions
Trust me, it’s pops up more on the internet than you think.
KendylTV 5 days ago
This is such an overreaction to one split second joke lol.
kollie79 22 days ago
Man Disney is so petty, especially considering fern gully is a god like movie, how dare they try and sabotage it
Albert Vilorio
Albert Vilorio 24 days ago
So Lindsay guess what Disney just did about marketing the genie, twice in one year.
basil !
basil ! 25 days ago
omg the comments keep saying how lindsay references tgmd a lot in her videos so now i wna watch all her vids to see if she actually does
basil !
basil ! 25 days ago
omg i screamed at the tgmd part
doktormusmatta 25 days ago
That look by Anthony Hopkins at 20:45
Remiel Pollard
Remiel Pollard 25 days ago
The world lost a huge piece of its soul when we lost this beautiful man.
D T 25 days ago
Anything Lindsay does is intelligent and entertain. Love her content!
Leonard Caplan
Leonard Caplan 25 days ago
This was a well-made mini-documentary about the situation between Robin Williams and Disney and about how the movie Aladdin gave rise to celebrity driven cartoon features. But your needless inclusion of de classe words like "shitty" and "petty asshole" only serves to downgrade your own work. Why?
Wild Zubat
Wild Zubat 25 days ago
Hey Lindsay, do you have any plans on reviewing the Live-Action Aladdin? (oh hot take, the new live actions are bad!) But more in the vein of how Disney more often stumbles upon feminist notes rather than actually intentionally builds them into characters? Akin to how Dark Phoenix took the trappings of a movie with a strong female character, but never gave her much agency?
JFrog 25 days ago
While I liked this video, it's probably the worst from this channel that I've seen. It's like a half right situation. Jerry Orbach, and Angela Lansbury were both Broadway legends, all those stars you named were super famous in their time, just because you're like 15 doesn't mean they weren't famous lol. Oh and Price of Egypt and Anastasia are good movies. Don Bluth worked at Disney, of course he had "Disney style" wtf.
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad 19 days ago
1. She's 35, so you're off by 20 years. 2. Being a Broadway star and A-list movie star are two very different status symbols even though each have their merits
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