How Aladdin Changed Animation (by Screwing Over Robin Williams)

Lindsay Ellis
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"After all, you've lied to everyone else, I was starting to feel left out."

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May 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Kayla Daly
Kayla Daly Year ago
thank you Lindsay for confirming the true timeline. There is only Pre-Shrek and Post-Shrek
Eric Haddick
Eric Haddick 4 days ago
Kimya Ness
Kimya Ness Month ago
PreSh & PoSh
José Dirks
José Dirks 3 months ago
Lets make a calander around this... 😂
Natalie Panaro Stack
I'd say before the lion king and after. That movie was enormous & was the first animated movie to be nominated for best actor.
Apimpnamedslickback 4 months ago
Post shrek sucks
John J
John J Hour ago
I would have had to say....WHAT DID YOU EXPECT....Robin!?!
Oliver Wilcock
Oliver Wilcock 2 hours ago
Did... did she just shade Angela Lansbury?
Snowshowslow 2 hours ago
Interesting... Growing up with the Disney movies dubbed the A-list voice actor obviously had no meaning to me or adults I tried to drag to see a movie. And actually, a lot of the performances where there is a star voicing the English version for marketing reasons are the ones I liked better in translation. Whereas the genie of of course much more genious in its original language and Williams rendition.
B. Duello
B. Duello 15 hours ago
Robin williams was and probably will remain the most honest and sincere person to ever work in Hollywood.
Fred Jacobsen
Fred Jacobsen 23 hours ago
“Even though you're bigger than me, you can't win, 'cause you're bad, and the good always wins over the bad.” Robin's Popeye to Bluto (Disney?)
Fred Jacobsen
Fred Jacobsen 23 hours ago
Robin, no matter what anyone says, you will always be a prince to me.
Tom Williams Productions
Antz went well. Bugs Life won that battle imo
Controlled Chaos
"none of these issues are ever about money." That's rich.
Oliver Lardner
I legit bought genie merch at Disneyland in '95... I loved it!
Isaac Ferguson
Isaac Ferguson 2 days ago
Ok I get your point by showing Maui but The Rock has actual Polynesian heritage and I dare you to find someone who could play Maui better I dare you.
Mia Smith
Mia Smith 2 days ago
Kurt Russell and John Hurt aren't A listers???
Jean Person
Jean Person 2 days ago
the celebrity in the anime never had any weight in seeing a movie, nor has any for my kids or those that I know,... tho we most of the time listen to dubbed version maybe that's an issue but even for Anime in my language I don't care about who make the voice even worst... when I know or notice that's a voice I know it just bother me more.
Daniel Cardenas
Daniel Cardenas 2 days ago
who's cutting onions?
GizmoFromPizmo 2 days ago
And after all this time I still don't want to see Aladdin.
Sabi Sgambi
Sabi Sgambi 3 days ago
a h thanks I didn’t want to cry today but for Robin... I will.
Valerie 4 days ago
I liked Return of Jafar, it reminded me of the Aladdin TV Series!
Valerie 4 days ago
I always thought Antz was a rip off of Bugs Life. Bugs Life was a way better movie!
A 2nd Opynyn
A 2nd Opynyn 4 days ago
This popped up in my suggestions and the title intrigued me, so I gave it a shot. What a wonderfully well produced, informative and professional quality video! Robin's death still breaks my heart, and this was a bit of history I didn't know (but didn't surprise me, either, knowing how *Mouse Inc.* operates like I do). Now I need to scare up a copy of his Aladdin to watch again - and also check out Fern Gully, which I've never seen. I look forward to checking out the rest of your channel.
Ian Kerr
Ian Kerr 4 days ago
Both Michael Eisner and Jeffery Katzenberg are the kind of people I wouldn't trust as far as I would throw. Those are the biggest two bit crooks I've heard about. Eisner had the balls to tell veteran animators that 2D was dead. I'd like to see those two get a taste of the medicine they fed over the years.
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson 4 days ago
Robin Williams was completely unique and an inspiring performer. I used to perform his stand-up routines for my friends while doing gymnastics on playground equipment. I loved his energy and soul, even if a lot of the jokes went over my head because I was a kid. And his performance as the Genie and Batty were staples of my childhood. Re-watched them over and over. Dammit, I miss him so much.
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson 4 days ago
Robin Williams was completely unique and an inspiring performer. I used to perform his stand-up routines for my friends while doing gymnastics on playground equipment. I loved his energy and soul, even if a lot of the jokes went over my head because I was a kid. And his performance as the Genie and Batty were staples of my childhood. Re-watched them over and over. Dammit, I miss him so much.
Austin Patterson
Austin Patterson 4 days ago
Robin Williams was completely unique and an inspiring performer. I used to perform his stand-up routines for my friends while doing gymnastics on playground equipment. I loved his energy and soul, even if a lot of the jokes went over my head because I was a kid. And his performance as the Genie and Batty were staples of my childhood. Re-watched them over and over. Dammit, I miss him so much.
King George
King George 4 days ago
I loved antz!
Rian Voogt
Rian Voogt 4 days ago
Thank you for this.
Heather Fitzgerald
Forgot to mention Judy garland, red buttons and Robert Goulet in the animated cartoon gay purr eye.
Hallie Geary
Hallie Geary 5 days ago
I remember watching Fern Gully and being terrified, I was around four though so I’ll have to rewatch it. I mean I’ve avoided the inevitable for about ten years and Robin Williams is in it.
Ruined Waffle
Ruined Waffle 5 days ago
I actually like Petty asshole's movies more than most disney movies
Paul Weddle
Paul Weddle 5 days ago
Warner Brothers cartoon in Disney drag. 😂
Vivian 6 days ago
This is a good video. wow.
gran Ganador
gran Ganador 6 days ago
sounds like melinda
Varian Schirmer
Varian Schirmer 6 days ago
Anyone else reflexively chuckle with Shrek running gag?
JustSavie 6 days ago
Rip Robin
Trent Davis
Trent Davis 6 days ago
I treat up everytime i see the end of Aladdin where Aladdin says ill miss you genie.
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez 6 days ago
I do see the fact that Robin and the geenie character where really well thought of each other, and he made an over commitment to put himself as the moving soul of the geenie. To bad corporate disney did not respected that to a degree, but milked it to the very laugh. That shatters morale after realizing it, R. I. P mem. you were one in a million and a million in one.
Undraiks 6 days ago
Aladdin translated to Spanish is one of the most hilarious movies I got to watch when I was a kid and I don't even know who the voice actor is... I watched the original version when I was older and found it a little dull.
Ryan McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin 7 days ago
Lol this is hilarious. Bob Newhart is a "b" actor? Robin Williams was a nobody until Good Morning Vietnam??? Rofl. This video is ridiculous. Is the creator/narrator 12 years old?
Frangipani Dee
Frangipani Dee 7 days ago
Hmmm...even as a kid in the 60s and 70s watching Lady & the Tramp, Robin Hood and Jungle Book I knew that there were some big stars playing some of the parts. Peggy Lee, Peter Ustinov, Terry Thomas, Louis Prima, Roger Miller and Brian Bedford were not exactly B grade stars of their time.
Brinniebee 7 days ago
You had me until you ripped Anastasia. That’s just a fantastic movie. As a kid, it ignited my and my brother’s interest in the Russian Revolution. That movie transfixed us. It was excellent.
75ur15 7 days ago
Didn't like Anastasia? I think Bartok was a better bat than batty coda.
Direbear Coat
Direbear Coat 7 days ago
Thanks for that documentary. I felt sad when I heard about Robbin's end, but watching this made me realize what a genuinely nice guy he was. He loved to laugh and make others laugh. But then Disney....
Antonio Tambornino
Robin Williams teamed up with Disney again for live action Flubber. Is your issue that Disney is trying to get people to forget about that movie?
Michael Sessums
Michael Sessums 8 days ago
The video was fun at first, but then narrator running down the actors who voiced the characters was a real turnoff.
Nico Tineman
Nico Tineman 8 days ago
One massive problem with tying a celebrity to a franchise is when the celebrity goes and does something bad - such as commit suicide. I wonder how many young people committed suicide by following Robin's example.
Buddy Hackett cracked me up! I liked “Fern Gully”...and I really I miss Robin Wiiliams. We need more laughter in this word. 😢💔.
Alposchannel 8 days ago
But Robin, that's all Disney does is sell shit.
Matthew Ware
Matthew Ware 8 days ago
This was a great video. Loved the ending
This Zombie Bites Everything
Well when I was a kid,I seen Aladdin but only because he was in it. I like it when I know who is doing the voice. I also watch after cartoons as a kid too,but this is the first one I wanted to watch because Robin was in it...and to me,at that age...he was a big star... who ever thinks that he wasn’t a big star back them...well,they are just blind.
Lukas Hartman
Lukas Hartman 8 days ago
good video... we need to talk about your Shrek slander though...
Kyle Hooper
Kyle Hooper 9 days ago
100% agree. Thank you. Kind of funny, tho... Gilbert Gottfried was sort of on the other side of that coin - so to speak? I mean before he got black listed, he was also used to market that film.
Sterling Sundby
Sterling Sundby 9 days ago
It’s amazing how cringe Williams’ children’s movies were before Aladdin and how anyone thought this was gonna work
Neartmhor 9 days ago
One thing- I’d put Anastasia up against any of the Renaissance Disney films... and for me at least, it would win. Well, against all but Mulan and The Lion King. It’s mostly because of how awesome Aunt Sophie is, I think. And Hank Azaria is good in his role- because he is at least, a proper voice actor. And Christopher Lloyd was decent, and I don’t even mind Meg Ryan. But Bernadette Peters as Aunt Sophie totally killed it. I just love Aunt Sophie. I’m also pretty sure that was the first time I ever saw a fat woman being presented as pretty and confident and fun and seductive, without ever mocking them for their weight. And she was portrayed as seductive, and sensual and fun and attractive. Actually attractive! And confident in her attractiveness, without that being a joke. That is still so incredibly rare, and Anastasia was the first time I ever saw it. And as a fat woman, that means a lot to me personally. So I will defend Anastasia to the very end. This is my hill. Also, Bartok is adorable, and I loved the little movie that he has for himself. It was cute. And it was where I was exposed to the Baba Yaga myth. So yes to Anastasia. All the way. And Once Upon a December is just as good a “Disney” main movie song as any from the Disney Renaissance. Like I said, this is my hill. And I will die upon it.
Aidean 9 days ago
damn that shit made me cry, still cant believe robin is gone
Aidean 9 days ago
im losin to a bird!
enzmondo 9 days ago
Maybe this is why Onward didn’t do as well.
The Patriarch F
The Patriarch F 9 days ago
So John Candy doing a voice on Heavey Metal never happened? Or John Ritter, James Earl Jones, and Harry Morgan in Flight of Dragons...? I dont want to diminish my Favorite comic of all time, but really. Of the 5 people just mentioned, only one of them is still breathing (I hope) to be able to defend this misinformation. Then there's Transformers: the movie which included Leonard Nimoy, Orson Welles, and Eric Idle. 2. 2 people I've mentioned are still alive. Not dead yet. That's 2 people out of 8..
Mickey Knox
Mickey Knox 9 days ago
The problem with you is your living in a generational bubble. All those people you claim weren't a list stars were huge in their time. Bob Newhart, buddy jacket, vincent price, etc... Wake up girl!
Grace Martin
Grace Martin 9 days ago
Don't even hate on Shrek. Don't even try.
Paul Vanukoff
Paul Vanukoff 10 days ago
Wait... wait... a giant corporation acting like a-holes, so they can maximize profits? Unheard of.
MD 11 days ago
Is anybody else annoyed how literally every reviewer after introducing a character states who voiced them (Like "Then there is X who is voiced by Y")?
Drew Roberts
Drew Roberts 11 days ago
you should do one on patch adams, another robin williams movie with contraversy
rockets push off air
That was interesting.
Jonny Boy
Jonny Boy 11 days ago
Lol. You literally managed to put my ENTIRE childhood in one show.
Bean 11 days ago
Fun fact about that Popeye movie- it was filmed in Malta, and Williams is pretty beloved there. He and Altman paid the Maltese gov to help fund the upkeep and conversion of the set into a theme park and it's still running and in great condition. (Bonus Malta film fact- the first season of Game of Thrones was filmed there too but after they caused a fucking ecological disaster by throwing rocks and sand on a cliff for the Dothraki wedding the crew was told to never come back. Whoopsie)
P4OUR 11 days ago
I've got something to say about Popeye… I loved that movie. I watched it 100 times… twice!
random 12 days ago
That's interesting, as a french canadian, Aladdin was actually a big thing cause it was one of the first to get dub in "french canadian" instead of us getting the usual France dub (including the songs, just go down in the comments of one of the french version of "a whole new world" and it's total chaos, yay the internet). But it also means, I didnt know it was Robin Williams and the voice actor of the genie was still the same for the sequel so I missed all that, even tho I knew Robin Williams for his live action films. Here in Quebec city, you need to be quick to see the original english version of a movie in the theater, cause they will often only keep the dubbed version of the movie longer, but for kids movie you often don't even have the english version, since kids usually don't speak a second language (most of the people seeing the english movie goes to see the original version, but are still french speakers). So I feel it's wasted, since all the non english kids will not see ANYTHING about the original voice actor in a animated movie, to base all marketing and creative decision on something that a great part of your audience wont even know about, is... a waste.
Don Master
Don Master 12 days ago
You could do the voice of a pissed off dissatisfied grunger!
Sam 12 days ago
Julia Violet Jatobá
The good thing about being a foreigner is that all the famous roles went over my head
Diallo Riddle
Diallo Riddle 13 days ago
What works in Children's programming has SO MUCH TO DO with how old you are when it is released. I'm older than you; me and my friends LOVED Robin in Popeye. Knew every word to every song. Similarly, as it is the highest earning movie of Will Smith's career, there will be kids today who love his Aladdin more than the one millennials grew up with. A comedian once said "everyone thinks pop culture peaked when they were 19-20, not because it's true, but because they were 19-20." So you might love the SANDLOT (didn't grow up with it, I think it's ok) but I will tell you the GOONIES is far superior. It's very subjective what people like, especially with kids movies. Age matters
kev mils
kev mils 13 days ago
Your free genie 👈👏
Supergirly Sofia
Supergirly Sofia 13 days ago
Rest in Peace Robin, we miss your presence on this on this earth, and we love you
Whicker Friesian
Whicker Friesian 13 days ago
Call me overly sentimental if ya want. I remember as a child, born in '65, watching 'Disney' first on our 19" Zenith B/W TV, and of course, their major animated pictures shown in the movie theaters, as well as all their wonderful 'Trailers/mini-cartoons'. Visited Disneyland in Anaheim more times than I can count. Disney was what 'Dreams' were made of, and it seemed to cater to that concept (as well as, of course, making enough $$$ to continue doing so!). Disney did not come across as being heartless, soulless, money-grubbing beyond common sense. Boy, have things changed. I gave up on them, forever, after what they did to the Star Wars Universe. Knock-off movies "Han Solo/Rogue One", weren't bad, but anything with that 'D' on it? Extremely suspect, and I will not trust it blindly. So sad to see what was once THE giant of animation here in the States, turn rancid for their maligned political agenda(s) and compromise the stories that once made them/others so very famous.
Garrick 14 days ago
I couldn't watch the video the whole way through because Shrek walking out of the outhouse with Smashmouth playing got unbearable to watch after multiple times.
RumpledRegina 14 days ago
Besides your last point about the Genie and Williams which I agree with 100%, I've got to give credit to the creator of the characters and the animators. The work they put in to make a charater like Genie who was in the majority of the film, especially all these years ago is another factor that makes this role memorable.
John Phelan
John Phelan 14 days ago
Aladin had a Genie in a bottle, but Shrek was lightning in a bottle...definitely one of the best written animated movies of all time, with Mike Myers knocking it out of the park with his voice acting in that movie...along with a tremendous performance from Eddie Murphy, making Shrek on of the most impactful and memorable animated movies ever.
Chris Nealis
Chris Nealis 14 days ago
Dammit I miss Robin.
Vander Cecil
Vander Cecil 15 days ago
blktauna 15 days ago
Disney are money grubbing savages. People need to realize what they are and stop feeding them.
Shifra Baila
Shifra Baila 16 days ago
Robin Williams was an original. He is very much missed.
Hector Galaviz
Hector Galaviz 16 days ago
Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
Well joke is on them cause I don't remember names and now that I know a few actors I no longer have to watch Disney. Literally no one can make me any more 17:01 Never heard about any of those names as actors. Heard of Oprah tbf
Glyne Lewis
Glyne Lewis 17 days ago
Thanks for this video.
Glyne Lewis
Glyne Lewis 17 days ago
Rip Robin Williams 😞
gregjarnigan1 18 days ago
I liked 'Popeye.' Just sayin'...
Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class
I liked Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin, though.
rosebud040686 18 days ago
Agree about the genie knockoffs with ONE important exception. Jeremy Irons was born to voice Scar and it could have been nobody else! “Be prepared” is one of the best Disney songs ever
A. P. Heffel
A. P. Heffel 19 days ago
George C. Scott was one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. He was not a “B-lister”. Otherwise, interesting video.
ImmoralWombat 19 days ago
Hey! I liked Titan AE! >:[
Martian Pudding
Martian Pudding 19 days ago
This is very interesting to me as a non native English speaker because I grew up watching these movies dubbed and had no idea the english versions had big celebrities in them. I think the dubbed versions probably also had some celebrities as well (at least I know they did later) but nothing compared to American celebrities.
redrider954 easy e
redrider954 easy e 20 days ago
Whoa. Titan AE, treasure planet, and Aladdin and the king of thieves. I never thought I'd see all three referenced at once.
victoriansword 20 days ago
Does Toy Story fit into this with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen being the big names to market the film?
Mastermint 20 days ago
Ferngully is so, so good, and Robin Williams and Tim Curry made it quite memorable
Nik Alvarez
Nik Alvarez 20 days ago
And the film theory guy thinks HE ruins movie for people??
Aelfy Carcini
Aelfy Carcini 20 days ago
"Williams said 'don't merchandise my character'... to Disney... Oooh". That was epic. I had to replay it twice.
Bõ.õsBõ.õs 21 day ago
he was one and only
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 22 days ago
You had me til "Big Dick Energy".
RRW 22 days ago
Is nobody going to mention that Roddenberry went out of his way to keep the TOS cast in TAS nearly 20 years before Aladdin?
Trentytrent 22 days ago
Ferngully is a spectacular aussie movie every child should see it
ClarkeyBaby 24 days ago
As busted as it is that the role lead to such an awful betrayal, I feel really happy for that animator who got to show off his work to Robin Williams. That must have been an amazing moment for him.
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