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Joker (2019)
Scene: How about another joke, Murray?
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Storyline: In Gotham City, mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society. He then embarks on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime. This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Joker.
Director: Todd Phillips
Writers: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
Cast: Joaquin Phoenix (Arthur Fleck \ Joker), Robert De Niro (Murray Franklin), Zazie Beetz (Sophie Dumond), Frances Conroy (Penny Fleck), Brett Cullen (Thomas Wayne), Shea Whigham (Detective Burke), Bill Camp (Detective Garrity), Glenn Fleshler (Randall), Leigh Gill (Gary)
Production Companies:
BRON Studios (in association with) (as BRON Creative)
Creative Wealth Media Finance
DC Comics
DC Entertainment
Joint Effort
Village Roadshow Pictures (in association with)
Warner Bros.
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Dec 30, 2019




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Comments 100
Bun Tru
Bun Tru 14 minutes ago
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment
Kobe Rogers
Kobe Rogers 21 minute ago
Kobe Rogers
Kobe Rogers 21 minute ago
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Hour ago
KaiZen Cyrus
KaiZen Cyrus Hour ago
He may have not killed himself here, but in a way, Arthur Fleck died in this scene. And Joker came out.
Luca Bellucci
Luca Bellucci 2 hours ago
Best joker ever!
Mardany Rubiños
Mardany Rubiños 2 hours ago
This joker is too good for the batman series.
Jaycob Walker
Jaycob Walker 3 hours ago
Remember what you get when you cross a man like this kids
SolitudeAU 3 hours ago
god this movie sucks ass
Just a cacodemon with internet access
Excuse me? Oh you are talking about your life
Ethan Cradduck
Ethan Cradduck 3 hours ago
A lot of people like to give this movie crap because it wasn’t like how you’d expect a DC movie to be. But that’s the point of it, it’s not supposed to be all action packed and superhero like. This is showing a mentally ill man being changed into something else by society. Which is also why I hate it when people compare this Joker to others like Heath Ledger. Those versions of Joker are already Joker, this movie was his descent into darkness and how he became Joker
Liddy G
Liddy G 5 hours ago
Thats probably how it would happen they would bleep the F word but show the gunshot. At least in the 80s they would have done that.
AAG Xeon3
AAG Xeon3 5 hours ago
This was such a good movie
Ruther Santhana
Ruther Santhana 5 hours ago
Is this video a scene from the movie or not?
clara bonnet
clara bonnet 5 hours ago
holy fuck thats some acting
Time to rewatch this movie Again
Bajwa's Talk Show
Bajwa's Talk Show 5 hours ago
this is a taste of reality once a person realises the true nature of the system and realises what's actually happening in the world they are seen as crazy and a clown this scene portrayed it perfectly 1:45.
Neutron guy34
Neutron guy34 5 hours ago
This movie hits home to many people and other people deep down dislike it for the hard truths
Emilio Bello
Emilio Bello 6 hours ago
A big change after making The Hangover
SuperDsarmiento 6 hours ago
Emilio Bello
Emilio Bello 6 hours ago
SuperDsarmiento I know
Derek Wilson
Derek Wilson 6 hours ago
The acting is some of the best I’ve ever seen
PiolaMoments 7 hours ago
Todos en los comentarios hablando ingles sin saber que el canal es hispanohablante XD
Mini Khekhan
Mini Khekhan 7 hours ago
I will remember this movie n his acting all my life.
Sorin Ichim
Sorin Ichim 8 hours ago
His last joke kill him !😂
bisexual king
bisexual king 8 hours ago
I unfortunately am going to say this is meirl
Wolfdjn 8 hours ago
God damn
enter name
enter name 9 hours ago
is it real r not
Just a cacodemon with internet access
What do you mean like was it in the movie or did the guy die?
Олег Богатырёв
Даа...иногда хочется побыть ДЖОКЕРОМ...
hello world
hello world 9 hours ago
1:42 that was priceless 😂
Siddhesh Nisal
Siddhesh Nisal 10 hours ago
Class acting skill
Genesis Casupanan
Genesis Casupanan 10 hours ago
It would be funnier if the "APPLAUSE" sign was lit.
TheCarSection TheCarSection
This movie was corny glad I waited for dvd need a better joker DC better capitalize on marvel money problems.
Y F 10 hours ago
Fuck De Niro.
Y F 11 hours ago
ronald williams
ronald williams 11 hours ago
Seem this shit 1000 times and that other joke gets me every time 😂😂😂
H C 12 hours ago
Me pareció una mala actuación 🤡
Sadık Ahmet Çelebi
나도 남자라그런지 딱봉박이 검색해서봤는데 진짜 너무야해서 혼자있을때말곤 못보겠더라 ..
Fisher Kieds
Fisher Kieds 13 hours ago
This movie was garbage
Willow Cundy
Willow Cundy 13 hours ago
Why is it when Arthur/Joker says "And remember that" then he's cut off, why do I hear Bruce Almighty saying "And that's the way the cookie crumbles"?
İLKE KILIÇ 14 hours ago
연예인급 외모가진애들이 막 벗고 섹시댄스추니까 미칠거같네 진짜 딱봉박이 레전드 ㅇㅈ
Gizemli Mutfağımız
ㅇㅇ레알임 ㅋㅋ 딱봉박이이 남자들의 성지인건 인정
Yiğit Kale
Yiğit Kale 14 hours ago
난요즘 유튜브 딱봉박이 만보면 집밖을 나가기가싫더라 ...사회적거리두기 ㄱㅇㄷ
HAÇE BABA 14 hours ago
유튜브 채널 딱봉박이!!
KORAY GÜLER 14 hours ago
비제이들 트월킹보고싶으면 딱봉박이 유튜브에 검색하셈ㅋ 지린다
Mustafa Güç
Mustafa Güç 14 hours ago
딱봉박이 어디다검색함? 좀 알려줘 나만모르냐
* Bullet
* Bullet 14 hours ago
그냥 유튜브에 치면 나옴 딱봉박이이라고 채널 들어가면됨
iErDeM - TR
iErDeM - TR 14 hours ago
남자들이 보기엔 딱봉박이이 좋긴한가보네 ㅋㅋㅋ 나도봐야지
Furkan Önalan
Furkan Önalan 14 hours ago
유튜브 딱봉박이 수위가 미친거같은데 ..조절좀 해야하는거아님?
Zahid Rosli
Zahid Rosli 15 hours ago
His acting makes me want to start smoking again
kool - guy0
kool - guy0 16 hours ago
How about another joke Murray? Yeah let's hear i- *BANG*
John Alred
John Alred 16 hours ago
Massive BIZ
Massive BIZ 16 hours ago
Byley 16 hours ago
God this performance is so fucking good Nothing else it’s just fantastic
Jose Morales
Jose Morales 17 hours ago
Starting spreading the neeeewwwss, I'm leaving today. I want to be a part of it, Go-tham, Goooo-thaaaammm!😎🇵🇷🇺🇸📽🗽🦂
Ded Pihto
Ded Pihto 17 hours ago
there is only one joker in my heart. and this one is just a clown
Omar Mateo
Omar Mateo 17 hours ago
"all it takes is one bad day" - Joker
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 17 hours ago
Tacitus e
Tacitus e 17 hours ago
"You're awful Murray." And Murray didn't get the hint...
UNKNOWN BLEACH 18 hours ago
The joke was so lit it blew Murray's brain off💃💃
crazy stupid ideas status
There is no batman or Superman in us... But deep inside there is a joker in every person......
Yellow Blueberry -YB
Arthur: Goodnight, and always remember, that’s..... My mind: LIFE!
Jonathan Mason
Jonathan Mason 18 hours ago
I wish they would pull the plug on the new DC movies all the DC movies and just start over from this film make a Batman movie and then work from there except keep the girl who played Harley Quinn because she's just too good just redo the Harley Quinn movie with the same actress because this could spawn some actually interesting DC movies
Jonathan Mason
Jonathan Mason 18 hours ago
I love how this like little hints to him becoming the comic book Joker Neva End of the movie like some of the humor like when you kiss the screen and it went off and when he was escaping the mental institution
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson 18 hours ago
Woker should at least hold those accountable. never mind holding society accountable, hole the government accountable. never mind talk show hosts.
Micah Garrett
Micah Garrett 19 hours ago
Gotta love the dance he does after he kills murray.
anuroop das
anuroop das 19 hours ago
The name of soundtrack from @4:25
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 19 hours ago
Wow, what a performance!!!
Valentina Esmera
Valentina Esmera 20 hours ago
RAW at its perfection.
Neeraj Agnihotri
Neeraj Agnihotri 20 hours ago
Lets vote who is best i know heath leadger or joquin phoneix both are legendary but we have to choose best my vote to health ledger if anyone wants to vote just reply
ChimiWimi 20 hours ago
but did he say HONKA HONKA
MrShadrack 20 hours ago
4:47 This really explains what’s wrong with censorship nowadays They censor a word but show somebody getting murdered with limited censorship to millions What even is the point of censoring the language of your going to show murder on live television?
Robin Hood Was a Socialist
There was a little Spanish flea A record star he thought he'd be He heard of singers like Beatles And The Chipmunks he'd seen on TV Why not a little Spanish flea? And so he hid Inside a doggie from Madrid He arrived in the city Still singin his sweet harmony As proud as any flea could be He walked around As if he owned the town Humming his pint sized melody With his guitar he knew he'd be a star And in his own home town, how proud he'd be Then all at once he met a man Who said, "I'll help you if I can" He listened close to his song And then he sang right along for you see He loved that little Spanish flea
estrategacreativa 21 hour ago
What I love most about this joker is how bright, clever and deep he is, he is a natural philosopher, in addition to the dark and twist sense of humor he has ... Ledger's joker is Machiavellian... This one goes beyond
The Guy
The Guy 21 hour ago
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh 22 hours ago
Joker was sus!!!!! 😂😂😂
MysteryGamer Yt
MysteryGamer Yt 22 hours ago
Murray’s face when he said they was no punchline😅😅
john velez
john velez 22 hours ago
Hope is a disease to the soul. This world will wither and die!!!!!!
Hamtoons 23 hours ago
michael diaz
michael diaz 23 hours ago
FROM THAT DAY ON THE JOKER WAS BORN (.... not really, the joker in dc doesnt have any back story but......)
designerwaterbottle 23 hours ago
Good movie but a terrible joker story lol, knowing his backstory and who he was before he snapped kind of ruins the entire point of the joker.
@D Castillo The joker is meant to be a chaotic force, sprung from nowhere to wreak havoc. This movie is about a man who goes after everyone who he feels has wronged him. And eventually he breaks from reality, just another psychotic nut who can barely function. A far cry from the joker we all know and love.
D Castillo
D Castillo 3 hours ago
How does that ruin the point of Joker? Your opinion makes no sense.
Rando M Person
That last line is specifically for folks who thought Biden was going to make things better 😄
The Roman Network
The killing aside. He speaks the absolute truth. Society is filled with filthy and awful people.
Brotha on an Adventure
@designerwaterbottle it is not pessimistic when it is rooted in reality. It is just truthful. You said it yourself, "understandable considering the world we live in".
designerwaterbottle 18 hours ago
@The Roman Network a bit of a pessimistic view, but I guess it’s understandable given the world we live in lol
The Roman Network
The Roman Network 19 hours ago
@designerwaterbottle I agree that not everyone is crappy. But MOST of society is shitty.
designerwaterbottle 20 hours ago
@The Roman Network well I mean he’s not really accurate about society at large, murray was right in saying not everyone is awful. Of course the movie needs you to feel bad for him so he has comically bad luck but that doesn’t mean all of society sucks and everyone is terrible.
The Roman Network
The Roman Network 21 hour ago
@designerwaterbottle he was a good person. It was society’s fault for his actions. If you watched the movie, his colleague actually gave him a gun and snitched on him. He didn’t do anything or ask for that gun. And this random colleague purposefully got him fired. Everyone made fun of him. He was abused as a child. People made a fool out of him when he didn’t even want it. And I’m not defending his actions (the killings), but I’m just saying that he was speaking the truth.
Inersh Day ago
*The quiet kid in class* “No no, he’s got a point.”
Athena Nguyen
I saw another animated of this, I died laughing at both lmao
porgzs Day ago
2:59 have subtitles on
matthew .larsen
Idk it kinda sucks
Simon Chef
Simon Chef Day ago
Over hyped movie
W1774RD Day ago
sad sadif
sad sadif Day ago
I dont get it.
Dean Winchester
Best scene in any movie
mrcelada Day ago
I like much more Hedge ledger
Rei Ren
Rei Ren Day ago
Not 'Joker' but terrific acting. Legendary.
zac c
zac c Day ago
This is some g shit, I can't tell you why, it just is.
ILLUNA Day ago
Joker was always my favorite. Because he is the true justice.
Luca Bragoli
Luca Bragoli Day ago
Don’t call me stupid but all I read in the title was Murray and joker so I thought it was impractical jokers
Joker Arthur and Gaming Videos
Play that in 0.5 × speed....at 3.00
Joker Arthur and Gaming Videos
3.20 I know Murray is going to be dead after hearing the bgm 😎😂
Themistokles Theodosopoulos
I still feel like this scene didn't really happen and he is just imagining it in his head from the psychiatric facility they show him in after.
Pepop Day ago
Taxi driver is better
CL0UDZ 臆ゆ羽
this movie was fucking crazy
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