How a Legendary Chef Runs One of the World's Most Iconic Restaurants - Mise En Place

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On this episode of Mise En Place, we follow chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten through the kitchen at Jean-Georges, New York to see how he and his team painstakingly create and perfect dishes like yellowfin tuna noodles, sea urchin crostini, egg toast with caviar, perfectly cooked squab, and more.
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Jan 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Adi Isma
Adi Isma 4 hours ago
Это был Бородинский хлебушек с икрой морского ежа ? 🤨
Collins Johnson
Collins Johnson 5 hours ago
What’s your favorite food to put on a potato roll?
sfdfsa fsdf
sfdfsa fsdf 7 hours ago
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Dr. Choobie
Dr. Choobie 7 hours ago
Seeing the process of creating a new dish is incredible.
i-Here Free
i-Here Free 7 hours ago
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Michael Kresic
Michael Kresic 8 hours ago
so cool
Wapakwanis mihko
Wapakwanis mihko 8 hours ago
He'll give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money
Brave Sp1r1t
Brave Sp1r1t 13 hours ago
So they pretty much serve uncooked fancy decorated food and charge 50х?
McProseph Gaming
McProseph Gaming 14 hours ago
Gordon Ramsey's reaction: ruvid.net/video/video-hr5QDF7WFdE.html&t
Jonathan Duncan
Jonathan Duncan 15 hours ago
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还有一个“卖国贼”凶手,要特别说一下。脑控狗说的,它们诬陷我家是卖国贼,有人,也就是凶手也跟着这么说。还有的人,也是凶手,是觉得我家移民到国外,所以卖国。 关于卖国,法律有规定,可以参照法律。我家的情况是:窦鹏:国内,土木工程师,省级交通规划设计院,3年左右工作经历。澳大利亚,土木设计绘图员,徐英:一直在家带小孩,孩子大些打了大半年工,在餐馆,然后听到声音在家。窦艺嘉:小孩,一直在家或上学,窦艺轩:小孩,一直在家或上学。 脑控狗制造的声音说:诬陷我家是卖国贼,为了孤立,隔绝我家,把我家黑下来,它们可以任意sha,利用!
정승훈 17 hours ago
Is this where the Ratatouille movie got the character? the tall guy looked like Linguini.
Popy Moly
Popy Moly 18 hours ago
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danny peet
danny peet 19 hours ago
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Nghia Tran the
Nghia Tran the 20 hours ago
Ho Gian
Ho Gian 21 hour ago
Derby25 21 hour ago
I et here more than 2 times. It was spicy food!
Chris M
Chris M Day ago
When I was in NYC, Jean-Georges was one of the places I ate at (along with Per Se, Daniel, etc.). It was VERY GOOD! One of the best restaurants I've ever been to! Their attention to detail is top-notch! I also got to meet Jean George himself! It was a wonderful experience!
Oscar Aaccosta
Yes, the thought of something that it killed in the morning and flies 3000 miles to be served in the evening is absolutely scrumptious... #madness
no one
no one Day ago
Yeah it is 😍
Ezequiel Soto
Why do I keep re-watching these videos again😅😅... i swear I do it once every other week
Vu Cong
Vu Cong Day ago
nice talking chefs, not a Ramzy Fk me
David Li
David Li Day ago
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Crystal Phillips
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Ban Han
Ban Han 2 days ago
Ngodat Giaphu
Ngodat Giaphu 2 days ago
Love you.
Snorri Ö.K.
Snorri Ö.K. 2 days ago
Weird to be so indoctrinated by Gordon Ramsay and then seeing a master chef who isn't screaming profanities at his staff. Very refreshing, if a bit dull though but he has my respect, even though I will never eat at his restaurants.
Mehrab Khan
Mehrab Khan 2 days ago
Smelliest fish eggs uncooked raw meat 🍖 in older days people throw it but in modern days ! It looks good thats why it is legendary
Hồng lương TV
Vickie Morris
Vickie Morris 3 days ago
Holy crap, his accent sounds so expensive
Qiwei Liu
Qiwei Liu 3 days ago
There is one in Shanghai, China and I've been there several times in the last 4 years. It opened the door for me about how incredibly tasty french cuisine' foods are. However, Jean-Georges's menu is deeply influenced by molecular gastronomy (which I hate most) nowadays. I really hope their food could go back to the original taste.
Matt Waldman
Matt Waldman 3 days ago
After the 10 course meal... Me: you want to hit up Mc Donald? I'm not full yet.
Elin Felicia
Elin Felicia 3 days ago
“Egg toast” I only see crumbs.
Ah, Yes Memm
Ah, Yes Memm 3 days ago
How to make an expensive dish : Caviar
Micaela Royo
Micaela Royo 3 days ago
Honestly, the egg yolk sandwich is a surprisingly good idea, I want to try to make it one day (but without the caviar lol!)
Sherrie Reid
Sherrie Reid 3 days ago
Im a C0rekid for lyfe
Paul Jessy
Paul Jessy 3 days ago
He a good leader getting on the floor making sure the men and women who are working for him are on point and are all good.
Corey Dubz
Corey Dubz 4 days ago
The guy taste testing the caviar just ate more $$ than I will this week ;D
Vickie Morris
Vickie Morris 4 days ago
Is this where the Ratatouille movie got the character? the tall guy looked like Linguini.
SidThePlayer 3 days ago
lol yeah
inox127 4 days ago
Put truffle on cabbage is such a waste
Li Chua
Li Chua 4 days ago
Rupa Eva
Rupa Eva 4 days ago
Notice how even though that guy said hes probs made close to a million egg toast when the Jean Georges asked him he mastered it he still said "trying to chef"
Пан Богдан
Друже, тут под белую линейку резали!
Azin Aripin
Azin Aripin 4 days ago
Is this where the Ratatouille movie got the character? the tall guy looked like Linguini.
SidThePlayer 3 days ago
wildlife india
wildlife india 4 days ago
People are struggling for one meal a day n many hifi people around the world wants to eat evn in styl mankind race is shameless
alisa lisa
alisa lisa 4 days ago
А почему девушек нет на кухне.
BiTu phukan
BiTu phukan 4 days ago
What's its call dinner 🙄🧐
Rahul Waddader
Rahul Waddader 4 days ago
Wondering what Vegans will go through after watching this
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally 4 days ago
I made one of my biggest business deals at his Waldorf Astoria restaurant in Beverly Hills. My client was so impressed by his restaurant!
P. 5 hours ago
@Viv K nailed it
Morozow Vlad
Morozow Vlad 4 days ago
@Viv K you donut
Viv K
Viv K 4 days ago
good, but my restaurant is better
David Celermajer
David Celermajer 4 days ago
3:57 that guy just eat 200 euro
Misha Rasputin
Misha Rasputin 5 days ago
Я одна после видео Обломова?
Gyrgan 5 days ago
I'm sorry to inform you but one of your employees is eating the food before it leaves the kitchen. Please do better :)
Not a muffin
Not a muffin 5 days ago
“A little bit off butter” *Proceeds to put in a cows worth of butter*
A IP 5 days ago
Is black truffle a delicacy in the US?! It's not that high end. Also it has an overpowering taste which makes everything taste the same...
A IP 4 days ago
@ISledgehammerI White truffle is a delicacy everywhere. Black truffle is ok with some things but if what you are cooking is quality it tends to ruin anything you put it on. Its good for Arabs in Dubai who don't know anything about food and love it on their pizza or in their burgers. But its not used in continental Europe as much as Anglo "foodies" think, even though its not that expensive....
ISledgehammerI 4 days ago
Its a delicacy everywhere
Aasher Naeem
Aasher Naeem 6 days ago
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СМАЗКА FF 6 days ago
Пришел посмотреть что пытался приготовить друже))
Roy_Vzla 6 days ago
Executive Chef Mark Lapico looks just like Vincent Cassel
Than Tao
Than Tao 6 days ago
UFC 247
UFC 247 6 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .
Abu Talal
Abu Talal 6 days ago
silly and noisy music
Isaac 6 days ago
What if you wanted to go to Heaven, but God said: The dill is not hydrated enough.
lmao 6 days ago
Heaven's Kitchen
Vominh Doanh
Vominh Doanh 7 days ago
0:11 xx
Ryu Tanada
Ryu Tanada 7 days ago
Truffle dealing looks like drug dealing 😭😂
Kendal Meldrum
Kendal Meldrum 7 days ago
Imagine a customer pointing out that the dill is not hydrated enough
Tim Jungeblodt
Tim Jungeblodt 7 days ago
He's filleing the fish better than Gordon.
Ksipsifsi Yihfrsi
I need boy friend
John Cena
John Cena 7 days ago
I love how the owner George isn’t micro managing everyone and trust everyone. He even takes order from others. That is a true leader
ISledgehammerI 5 days ago
You just copied one of the top comments, haha. This is lazy
Alu Hasbar
Alu Hasbar 7 days ago
he looks like the guy from Ratatouille
Im Veer
Im Veer 7 days ago
Qty they served... Lol
Gabriel Hauw
Gabriel Hauw 7 days ago
Normal sandwich: 50% bread 50% condiments/filling This Sanwich: 50% egg yolks 40% caviar 10% bread
simon wang
simon wang 7 days ago
me after watching this video then going to go make ramen noodles
Azaharuddin Biswas
Imagine 'GORDON RAMSEY' visiting his restraunt as a customer 😆
Azaharuddin Biswas
@Alu Hasbar yes i know..
Azaharuddin Biswas
@Alu Hasbar yes i know...
Alu Hasbar
Alu Hasbar 7 days ago
there's a prank video where he do it to test his chefs
one thing led to another
opens a packet of crisps everyone in the school: 3:02
D F 8 days ago
Imagine being sous chef in such an outstanding restaurant and being asked to cut bread from the $1 store with a ruler! 😂
aron pop
aron pop 8 days ago
this guy has 40 restaurants... does he ever stop?
Ashmi Ashmi
Ashmi Ashmi 8 days ago
Watch this special brinjal rostie👇 ruvid.net/video/video-BVryBse1W74.html
123 321
123 321 8 days ago
The land of perfectionism iam loving it
prk 7
prk 7 8 days ago
Chef's using Ruler effectively than Engg 😂😭😀
iGARD 5 days ago
then you have never seen a Engg do it.
Wonju LEe
Wonju LEe 8 days ago
Ground pork unnecessarily but seafood such as shrimp, mussels, clams, squid are a game changer
Pakistani Indian
Pakistani Indian 8 days ago
Why the hell are they so small thats like a snake sized meal
Cooking in Steven's Kitchen
woa! I just fall in love in cooking!
Joshua T
Joshua T 8 days ago
That egg toast looked delicious
LMAO62 Kizil
LMAO62 Kizil 9 days ago
I prefer a doner kebab
Kelsey Rendon
Kelsey Rendon 9 days ago
If there was Hell’s Kitchen, Is this Heaven’s Kitchen?
Kelsey Rendon
Kelsey Rendon 9 days ago
I like how the main chef is going on and on about the executive sous chef and how great he is with the eggs and then the owner comes over and says that “you’ve mastered that huh” and he was so humbled with I’m trying to chef. Literally gold.
Ladnerlad 8 days ago
You just stole this.... It was because the comment got 300 likes wasn't it
Sunil Subramanian
I was feelin it till he said salamander
Gjdjd Gzhdj
Gjdjd Gzhdj 9 days ago
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Into_The_Sun 9 days ago
Gordon: "It's Raw!!"
ionian talon
ionian talon 9 days ago
'' poor rich people , they don't eat delicious food "
Lorenzo Campagna
Lorenzo Campagna 9 days ago
I find crazy that he is using plastic spoons to taste every single caviar. Crazy waste while he could just use metal spoons and wash it every time. I really don't understand that in 2020
Blokey Cai
Blokey Cai 9 days ago
you dont use metal utensils to eat caviar, it impact the taste. Traditionally people use mother of pearl spoons for that because it have no taste but plastic work the same
George 9 days ago
I think Chefs are better than Doctors
falzar24 9 days ago
Everythings look really good but i really want a poutine right now
Aditya Pillai
Aditya Pillai 9 days ago
Overpriced expensive crap
Kumar Santosh _OP
Waste of money
Cordova Lark
Cordova Lark 10 days ago
The chicken is still pink inside... =/
Can ÖZLER 10 days ago
Guy decapitating the chicken Editors : Intense piano
Prasad Jagtap
Prasad Jagtap 10 days ago
I see lot of wastage only, in the price of one dish here in india we can make food for 2 family.
SS 10 days ago
Feeling bad for that oyster!
Josh YT
Josh YT 10 days ago
So thats why theyre so popular they have the guy from ratatouille
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