How a Legendary Chef Runs One of the World's Most Iconic Restaurants - Mise En Place

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On this episode of Mise En Place, we follow chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten through the kitchen at Jean-Georges, New York to see how he and his team painstakingly create and perfect dishes like yellowfin tuna noodles, sea urchin crostini, egg toast with caviar, perfectly cooked squab, and more.
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Jan 30, 2020




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Comments 80
Rahul Kattimani
Rahul Kattimani 2 hours ago
The name of the restaurant itself is very unique which means "pre-preparation" in English (mis en place -french word).
Mr.Cocoy Nut
Mr.Cocoy Nut 8 hours ago
That sandwich is out of this world, love to try that.
Snowy 11 hours ago
Broo they make fish look so good
Patrick Hansen
The music is way too loud and absolutetly horrible for this video.. My god it's horrible
mico caco
mico caco Day ago
5$ msdonalsds meal makes exactly yhe same
pzs abid
pzs abid Day ago
7:11 did he showed middle finger to that man?
pzs abid
pzs abid Day ago
By that proportion, how many people does it take to end all that food?
No Way
No Way Day ago
OMG! At 7:04 the executor simply cut the head of that poor chicken. No explanation has been given for the carnage, nobody knows neither what crime commit that poor chicken, nor if he had a fair trial prior being put to death ! Look at the unnecessary torture - the chicken body is cut in to pieces, salt and pepper is poured on the wounds. The body is further tied up and dropped in boiled oil. Simply awful ! I have first hand information that millions of chickens are prosecuted and killed every day around the world !
raphael brisset
yo hes really exaggerating his accent XD the guy lives in NYC half the time lol thats not possible to have such a bad accent :') must be part of the presentatio i guess but still, when you're french this is so cringe to hear haha
Eric Moreno
Eric Moreno Day ago
Looks and sounds like a great place to eat yummmm
lilbigbrow 2 days ago
Spend 500 dollars on a meal and still be hungry when you leave.
ben hagan
ben hagan 2 days ago
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear 2 days ago
That was awesome.
D P 2 days ago
Thankful to be able to have food as an experience
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 2 days ago
What’s the name of the symphony at 12:50 ?? I’d really love to know to learn how to play that on my violin!!
LikaV1996 2 days ago
I want a big mac
Kay Feng
Kay Feng 3 days ago
French people don't use their tongues when they talk
1111titan 3 days ago
The bloody pressure is insane especially for the kitchen cooks and the rest of the staff, camera crew/light crew/ and rest of the production people. $$$ must be good.
David McQuade
David McQuade 3 days ago
Watching this thinking my microwave Rustlers BBQ Rib needs more salt and caviar.
DoubleM55 3 days ago
I bet they are not as happy as me eating a whole pack of packaged mortadella with bread, followed by at least 0.5L of average white wine. My bill $4, their bill $4000. And worst of all, they have to get out of their bed :D
Gantar Ario
Gantar Ario 3 days ago
Working there might be a pain in the ass due to the chef wanting it all to be perfect, i get that it's art but food being that small, will that even satisfy people's hunger? (Note: im not offending anybody, it's just my personal opinion, not a hate comment.)
Why Should You Care?
"Canada is Okay"..wtf he does mean?hahaha..i knew french&italian were all the best chef comes from...but F that..lol
The dishes with yellow puree inside egg shell. Please help me the name of that dishes! Thank a lot.
Random Three michlien star: Wait a second that's my dealer
Steph 3 days ago
Personally ate here with my boyfriend on a whim one day. Boy was the food delicious and on a whole other level than anything I've ever tried. Our wallets were crying after though haha
raphael brisset
how much for a meal? (lets say no dessert)
Lucas Tonon
Lucas Tonon 3 days ago
Não troco o misto quente da minha vó por aquela merda de gema de ovo na torrada com caviar mas NEM FUDENDO!
sia m sia
sia m sia 4 days ago
eater... does this video, then later a story about white chefs profiting off asian cultures/food.... hypocrisy is profitable.
BlckPwr 007
BlckPwr 007 4 days ago
That caviar is like $400 a can
Michael S
Michael S 4 days ago
"It has been described as the world's greatest grilled cheese sandwich." *no cheese*
Simo Harjane
Simo Harjane 4 days ago
Food for the wealthy
Bob Michon
Bob Michon 4 days ago
do they add truffle in mineral water also ?
Captain Charisma
Captain Charisma 4 days ago
I want to open a restaurant named "Future Poop" 🤣
Giorgos And
Giorgos And 5 days ago
if the caviar is still golden he said like what exactly are you gonna do if the caviar is not gold coloured paint it? what stuck up pretendious idiots
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 5 days ago
For sure I would leave disappointed and get a kebab on the way home
1 word Mental :) (amazing guys wow crazy stuff going on )
Chipmunk 5 days ago
I invited my grandma here, I personally loved the fried apple, but the fish with saffrons is good too.
Suresh Gurung
Suresh Gurung 5 days ago
I wasa employee in one of his Best Restaurant in Middle East named Spice Market ♥️
anirban mondal
anirban mondal 5 days ago
I love how some human in other parts of world ( of the same species) is craving and fighting for minimal food twice a day, while some has the luxury to experiment with food.. pay ridiculous amount of money to buy food.. This video is exteemely irritating for me..
O h
O h 5 days ago
I hope they do something with the leftover fish
Amiria Stirling
Amiria Stirling 5 days ago
What a waste of kina
traveling food
traveling food 5 days ago
Great. Why nobody watch my videos?
Thadikkaran Guru
Thadikkaran Guru 5 days ago
I just keep watching this video over and over again every 3 or 4 days. Something about this is so satisfying
Yonathan Asefaw
Yonathan Asefaw 5 days ago
I would for sure eat here if I had the chance. Anyone else?
Sebastian Ellegaard
11:19 LMAO he failed at using the chopsticks ahahhaha
Mike 99
Mike 99 6 days ago
That middle finger while holding the duck explains his cool leadership
Alex Montagne
Alex Montagne 6 days ago
2:02 well that's one way of using your expensive knife set
Asu Tepung
Asu Tepung 6 days ago
The only thing I learn from here is that in fine dining restaurants small sized food is plated in big plates for no apparent reason
꧁scott꧂ 6 days ago
TheRandomGamer 6 days ago
High class restaurant:the smaller the food the more you pay
Benson Fang
Benson Fang 7 days ago
Culinary director and the executive chef seem like bros
unicorns Are the best
Just don’t see how this is appetising. Give me a burger and chips any day.
Eric Spanyers
Eric Spanyers 7 days ago
He looks like a nice guy
shanaynayb 7 days ago
bit lame to say this but i rewatch this vid just to see the sandwich process- the most beautiful, perfect lil egg sammies I've ever seen.
ริค จอห์น
Mark Lapico is like the chef version of Benedict Cumberbatch.
Emmanuel Venusa
Emmanuel Venusa 7 days ago
I didn't know Linguini decided to work here after their restaurant closed down
Mythical FlameZ
Mythical FlameZ 7 days ago
This is too fancy for me. I’ll stick to a fat steak
Benson Fang
Benson Fang 8 days ago
10:30 when you are the owner and profits affect you directly
Andrew Balletto
Andrew Balletto 8 days ago
Ponsey crap
Bolerophon 8 days ago
So now you know why eating in such a restaurant is expensive, and worth every penny.
Christian Nuval
Christian Nuval 8 days ago
Seems like Chef Strange is doing well without Thanos around
Zandree Tresv
Zandree Tresv 8 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch's lost brother
Deni All
Deni All 8 days ago
14:45 she got fired for sure.
Protherium 8 days ago
Well, Pandemic Lockdown happened. Ain't no more "legendary chefs" and "world's most iconic restaurants", eh? Why? Many of them are closed and out of business because no rich mothertruckers pay for their services anymore. ... in all seriousness, chefs are just people preparing food! That's it!! All the fetish around "legendary chefs" is just BS in my humble opinion.
Lousey Entertainment
I feel like I just watched a movie
Sahil Iqbal
Sahil Iqbal 8 days ago
the women at 10:26 was like NOPE....
King Arturia
King Arturia 8 days ago
The level of the precision of this kitchen is insane.
Jurbyl Daipan
Jurbyl Daipan 8 days ago
300$ pear meal
EM Rebel
EM Rebel 9 days ago
I could watch a whole documentary on this. I'd love to see how different/similar the other restaurants would be
Faisal Jovanovich
Truffle dealer : u bring the money Chef : yeah, show me the stuff
Tjark Matthiesen
Tjark Matthiesen 10 days ago
I can so understand the idea of making sure a dish always tastes the same. I once had a meltdown, because my mom bought a different brand of mustard.
BeegBeegJoshi 10 days ago
I love this video. You can feel the pride they put into their work, and a sense of fun and joy from their interactions with each other and their distributors. Everyone knows exactly what they're doing and what they're talking about, down to the very chemistry of the ingredients. It starts off talking about Chef Jean-Georges but his staff's skills are showcased. There's no hustle involved, they value what they're making and they want you to feel that way too.
73BigMC 10 days ago
I think the reason people admire chefs, certainly why I do, is that you can't bluff your way to success, you can't wing it. Every one of the world's top chefs has put serious hours in.
73BigMC 10 days ago
Watching this when COVID-19 is bankrupting me and I can't get on a plane and go there anyway.
Kami Sama
Kami Sama 10 days ago
Wtf is this, is this a meal? I could gulp all that down in one bite
Grant Loperfido
Grant Loperfido 10 days ago
The two asians aren't mexicans or blacks and the whites I don't belittle are all here since it is ritzy. I wish it was that way at the value agencies too.
rahul bhattacharya
rahul bhattacharya 10 days ago
"world's best grilled cheese sandwich"......best cheese is no cheese
Ẩm Thực Bá Đạo
bạn là bếp trưởng à
ILL Musky Hunter
ILL Musky Hunter 10 days ago
Imagine being so boujee you say to yourself "I could really go for some roasted squab. Nothing hits the spot like a pigeon!"
Ryan Padilla
Ryan Padilla 10 days ago
7:10 this part though
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