How A Jet Engine Starts

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What's it take to get a jet engine up and running? There are a few ways to do it, and we'll show each one.
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Nov 11, 2016




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Comments 80
Deep Dave
Deep Dave 2 days ago
finally mystery solved..
mulder2400 6 days ago
The Airbus 380 is claimed to carry about 82,000 thousand gallons of "Jet A" or JP5 fuel, (manufacturer specs.) This Jet A is weighing in at 6.8 lbs. per gallon, that's 557,600 pounds of fuel divided over 10 fuel tanks. The 10 fuel tanks must carry 55,760 lbs. a piece (tail tank smaller)! If each wing has at least 4 tanks full, that's about 223,040 lbs. of fuel alone, inside each wing (ya sure) with no Center Tanks at all. When you try to calculate how many Airline Flights are occurring each day, from any International Airport, you'll realize there is no local "Fuel Tank Farm" that's being constantly resupplied by a fleet of Fuel Tanker Trucks trying to get into the "Fuel Farms" here is an example of the size of these Fuel Farms www.flystl.com/newsroom/stl-n..., you can do the math, lol. skymarkrefuelers.com/products/ their biggest Airline Tanker is only 10,000 gallons! So it would take 8 of this type of Tanker to fill the A380 just once! LOL ... Commercial Airlines and Military Jets are started by the (APU) Auxiliary Power Unit (Aircraft Engine Starting-Wiki) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraf... and run on compressed Air, it's Viktor Schauberger Turbine Technology www.antigravitytechnology.net/... but this is a Trade Secret and they'll never admit it. People would feel cheated, and demand refunds and we'd start asking questions about the 9/11 Event fireballs etc.
Angelo Gabriel
Angelo Gabriel 15 days ago
Best explanation I've seen.
Groom Lake
Groom Lake 23 days ago
Who knew jet engines are 4 strokes🤣🤣
PavePusher 23 days ago
The engine bleed air system uses air from the compressor 10th stage, not bypass air or 14th stage. At least on TF-34 type engines.... Only error I caught on first viewing.
Boxz 29 days ago
The APU is usually turned off before taxi in most checklists
Mark M
Mark M 29 days ago
Home come pilots are allowed to be obese? That shit ain't right for this job.
Cyruscz Month ago
now I know how a jet engine starts
James Scheidt
James Scheidt Month ago
Excellent explanation. I pretty much understood what takes place after start but I always wondered how it got to that stage. Thanks
Gary Stump
Gary Stump Month ago
Nice job on the way a jet turbine works but, I have a small problem, starting at the front of the engine. First the fan/single stage with air going down the low bypass duct/cold stream duct (can have other names). The fan is also connected to the N1/low pressure compressor connected by a long turbine shaft and connected to the low speed turbine (3 turbine wheels/disks). The forward part of the engine or core has an inlet just like the front of the inlet of the engine. The core inlet normally called the cold section houses N1/low speed compressor which is connected to low pressure turbine, alone with the N2 compressor that is connected to the high speed turbine (2 wheels/disks). The Hot combustion section is next with combustion can or cans, spark ignitors, fuel nozzles then out the exhaust vanes and turbine wheels. many types of jets, turbojets, turbofans turboprops and all have other names for the same parts / RR GE PW As an old pilot with 30 plus engines and 20 plus A/C.
Indrajith Suji
Indrajith Suji Month ago
Super video.👌👌✌️✌️
Donald Shaffer
Donald Shaffer Month ago
Try again some of its correct and some of it’s wrong
Robert L. Woods Jr.
That Captain is a well fed fat pig.
Daniel L
Daniel L Month ago
never knew they were called "turbans"
scott sanger
scott sanger Month ago
craigslistrr O
craigslistrr O Month ago
I think these guys like the sound of their own voice.
David Armstrong
David Armstrong Month ago
Yes, its all fake. The pilot should lose some weight first!
Maysam Mirzakhalili
Good morning 🌞 thank you very much. ✌🏻🌟👌🏻
Max Month ago
Sir... you are starring
bezy29 Month ago
jungle jet
Cam Month ago
How do you not have more subsribers. This is A+ quality
Tan Meyers
Tan Meyers Month ago
No God
No God Month ago
How not to blink while starting a jet engine.
Ellexis Month ago
I get it but the question I have is “Dude, do you ever blink??” I think you’d win any stare down contest!
Ryan Month ago
Ellexis he’s not human. He is a robot built by the Mormons to trick young pilots into working at expressjet for shitty pay!
Lasse Versland
Lasse Versland Month ago
Why tf do you never blink
D Mor
D Mor Month ago
When an aircraft is parked, the power generation is given by an external cable connected to the airport, which is kinda obvious. You can see it while boarding the plane, it is connected below the cockpit area. but just wanted to give this little hint about the movement inside the cockpit. you can actually see when the crew disconnects the external power and becomes independent from the airport. watch the lights blink inside the cabin, just once. The APU is now the main power source. This is a sign that we're rolling in a few minutes (if you're not flying Ryanair, our very own bus with wings) anyways, i have a lot of time on my hands
Chandler Month ago
Umm I always thought the external compress air is use to start up the APU and the APU bleed air is use to start the main engine, but what do I know.
John BENNETT Month ago
Cat fishing
cphaza Month ago
Echo a couple of points made here, great viewing while on lockdown! but also bravo to the narrator who was clear, concise and brought it down to a level for beginners to understand. An interesting video well made.
Carmen R
Carmen R Month ago
So now it's running, how is it stationary? Is there a transmission like a car, or is it just running slowly? I wanted to know how you got the thing off the ground, more or less.
andrew cohen
andrew cohen Month ago
turbin? isn't that something you wear on your head? TurbINE with an E...is that what you meant?
Joel Sweet
Joel Sweet Month ago
@ 8:35 so wait is an engine running with passengers "disembarking" in the 91/135 environment not a hazard? Lol.... Expressjet. Gotta love 'em!
Daniel R
Daniel R Month ago
It looks a lot different than starting a car
Tiger Woodz
Tiger Woodz Month ago
You should not be Youtubing airline ops. I wouldn't be doing that if I were you.
Trevor Blythe
Trevor Blythe Month ago
Fantastically interesting.Thanks.
lee edwards
lee edwards Month ago
why do the talk like that
Christopher Cunningham
Where is the next video sequel to this one??
Artist Manthan Yagnik
Damn ... thts lot of science and maths going on in there
Anhedonian Epiphany
And here I was thinking that 'turbans' were a kind of Indian and/or near/middle eastern headwear! When I received my various degrees in the sciences turbojet engines, and their derivatives, employed a system of *_turbines_* to control and maintain the various pressure zones. I'm truly fascinated to discover the principles behind this alternative 'turban technology'.
suzan Elliot
suzan Elliot Month ago
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DJ Tech12zz
DJ Tech12zz Month ago
Excellent video. Spot on
C S Month ago
It would also be good to know the basics just Incase your pilots become in capable for some reason
Helena Franzén
Helena Franzén Month ago
Interesting! One of these things you will never do yourself but always wondered about.
poo man
poo man Month ago
Suck Squeeze Bang Blow
Simon Adams
Simon Adams Month ago
Billie Tyree
Billie Tyree Month ago
Bill Lear was getting ready to take off at Southern Illinois University's airfield years ago. But the ignitor wouldn't work on one of his engines. So he lit it off by tossing a burning handkerchief into its tailpipe. Much less complex. And he didn't say "aww", not even once.
insideHARDWARE Month ago
Can you power up jet engine while in flight? Can you cover different scenarios?
Jetlink172 E
Jetlink172 E Month ago
I miss working on those jets
Lee CambsUK
Lee CambsUK Month ago
The process by which The CCP delivered the coronavirus to Western Democracies. I hope we use a similiar process to China that obliterates the CCP and the blight which is 75% of the planets population
tremper tremper
tremper tremper Month ago
I always though that a jet engine started when the Captain told me..."Let's start 'em up Mike"
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh Month ago
Starting up a jet is fun but it seems more scary then starting up a car !
Jonthan Ulfeng
Jonthan Ulfeng Month ago
Wish I could get this excited starting something like my car.
elliot330 Month ago
Here I am, in house isolation and now I know how to start the turbine. Thank you. I notice you didn't mention exhaust gas temp, or is that in the next vid
Life Walker
Life Walker Month ago
Me: F8 not working for safe mode booting on lenovo RUvid: learn about how jet engine starts
AVS Month ago
FairNut Month ago
Life Walker lol, no jokes?
D Filice
D Filice Month ago
Many other RUvid presenters should watch this to learn how to give clear and precise information. There are too many RUvidrs who can’t talk their way out of a paper bag.
PatricK WithaKay
Hi DF Yes, you are right there. No BS. no annoying music and crystal clear content makes for a good watch. Greetings from the UK John. Take care DF.
ginger elvira
ginger elvira Month ago
say whut?
zane hussein
zane hussein Month ago
Huffer cart. I haven't heard that term since I was a ramp agent 14 years ago.
Dimache Sebastian
al queda should give a big like.
Pcwizard20ghz Month ago
Jan Girke
Jan Girke Month ago
I can't find the video about overheating or burning out a turbine. Where is it? 08:50
sailingsolar Month ago
Why does the presenter wiggling around while he's talking? He's head keeps tilting back and forth and his shoulders keep shifting around. The only time they stop is when his mouth stops. Weird to watch.
Elaine Bowes
Elaine Bowes Month ago
Janet ossebaard covering the cabal
Elaine Bowes
Elaine Bowes Month ago
Want to know about the future
3 name changes allowed every 90 days.
Flying these things is super easy. Only problem I have are mk2 opressors and hydras.
Jim Fahey
Jim Fahey Month ago
Simon Chant
Simon Chant Month ago
Funny enough I couldn't give a stuff. Why was this crap recommended to me?
Bob Rice
Bob Rice Month ago
So you show an auto start. It would be more informative to do a manual start. Crank the hp section with the start motor via the GEARBOX, watch for 25%N2, open the hp cock, which adds fuel and starts the igniters. Watch the EGT doesn’t overtake the N2 speed or you will get a hot start. That’s giving the wrong impression. And it’s an air start unit!
Mark T
Mark T Month ago
@Bob Rice LOL. Yea, I noticed the core identified as "hot section." Well, it's connected to the hot section. J79's were 15% if I recall correctly, but that was a turbojet.....not turbofan. F100 and F110 were 10%. I thought he was referring to the pilot when he mentioned "HP cock." LOL! We called them "Stick Actuators."
Bob Rice
Bob Rice Month ago
@MarkT There’s dumbing down and simplifying to the point of inaccuracy. Since when did the HP compressor become the hot section? The ignition coming in at 15% is rare and I must have missed them opening the fuel HP cock.
Mark T
Mark T Month ago
@Bob Rice I think he was just giving a "layman's" example of a motor start. You sound like a motor head, like me. We've started our fair share of jets. There's a lot more to it than what he's saying. A lot can go wrong if not properly trained.
Bob Rice
Bob Rice Month ago
Oh and you also have to monitor oil pressure, N1, and time to reach idle.
AARO LEV Month ago
5:07 why is the inside of the door so grungy?
John O'Gara
John O'Gara Month ago
Now that's fancy
Hyp3rR4lph Month ago
press ctrl+e easy
Pete is never wrong
Who based those engines on Arabic headgear? Turbans??
agontop1 Month ago
he doesn’t blink. he is freaking me out!!
Mark Pavinich
Mark Pavinich Month ago
Can someone post the link to his next video about burning up the engines ..... Wonder if it will be like burning up the house.
Joshua Apperson
Joshua Apperson Month ago
Those 140/145s have the loudest apu's in the world
Rod Graff
Rod Graff Month ago
We started the Pratt Whitney FT4A jet engines on our ship hydraulically. We called it they hydrostart system. I believe at flank speed we burned over 20 gallons a minute on each engine.
midi510 Month ago
If you keep adding fuel to a turbine engine, it will keep running faster and faster until it blows itself up.
kuruption1983 Month ago
Awesome video.... I was wondering what to learn next... How a jet plane flies.
StevieWonder737 Month ago
Turbine engine sequence ... suck, squeeze, bang and blow
steve lewis
steve lewis Month ago
Why do commercial pilots always go ERRRRRRR after every second or third word. " Good morning, this is ERRRRRRRRR your Captain speaking ERRRRRR, the weather outside is ERRRRRRR" ............The wings have ERRRRRRR come off and if, ERRRRRRRR, you would like to ERRRRRRR panic, follow me ERRRRRRRR"
Marvin Gerald
Marvin Gerald Month ago
They simply have lot to remember and stay on top of, while still trying to be polite to other people they interact with. They’re always having to be debriefed with the latest occupational hardware/software updates. So yea I’m pretty convinced it’s a practical reason for what it is they do while in the cockpit.
Great video!
Dean Munro
Dean Munro Month ago
Pronounced tur-Byne. Not tur-bin. Turbins are what some people from Indian wear on their heads.
Pete is never wrong
Americans. "Erbs", instead of herbs, "sodder", instead of solder, and "Anarca" instead of Antarctica. And my favourite, Astuter is "Astooter", but computer is not "compooter". English can be problematic for some.
3.141 59
3.141 59 Month ago
Actually the Fan and Compressor sections are called the cold section where the combustor and turbine (along with augmentor and nozzle) sections are called the hot section.
paulanderson79 Month ago
It's a turBINE, not a turBIN. Thank you.
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