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Finally the house tour!!! It's not your typical showroom home but you guys wanted to see it :) We live on the Gold Coast in Australia, walking distance to the beach. Featuring our little wild lorikeet and our beloved bengal cat Zeus.
Comment below if there's any items you want me to link for you and ill put them in the description :)
- Lounge room
Couch - Hendrix Sofa
Armchair - www.ikea.com/au/en/p/havsten-easy-chair-in-outdoor-beige-s19251932/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2PP1BRCiARIsAEqv-pT1Ip3LrzHuhhp3SY0TYF7895Cq5l3fNIzUWdCP-LF33cgwlXInsLAaAkahEALw_wcB
Mirror - Salt n Steel byron bay
Coffee table - www.westelm.com.au/carved-wood-coffee-table-g414
Bed - Koala
Morroccan Rug - www.nomadlifeandstyle.com/
Pillows - Maison and Mason in burleigh heads
- Nursery
Shelves - magnolialane.biz/collections/display-cabinet-stand/products/lombok-six-tier-shelf
Cot - Incy interiors

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May 14, 2020




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Comments 69
Dzifa Adamaley
i clicked on the video and i could not stop looking at the cute baby omg i might just subscribe because of the kid
Leila Guimarães
Leila Guimarães 6 days ago
CHAIR and SOFÁ! Beautiful Design!
Leila Guimarães
Leila Guimarães 6 days ago
First : Beautiful FAMILY! !!!!!!BLESS! And Home, too! Brasil!
Charming life
Charming life 8 days ago
Happy family😍😍😍love from India...❤
Audrey and Nonye
Audrey and Nonye 16 days ago
My favourite couples😍
Michael Rance
Michael Rance 18 days ago
Great vlog. Awesome style👍
pragati gogia
pragati gogia 20 days ago
Beautiful home , beautiful interior
Jaymes Hooper
Jaymes Hooper 25 days ago
For your next house that you buy, HIGHLY recommend to get a "Tyent Water Ionizer Machine" installed in the kitchen or a "Kangen Enagic Water Machine"
Jaymes Hooper
Jaymes Hooper 25 days ago
Kayno is 31 but lookin' like a 21 year old! how.......
Daria Wanderlust
Daria Wanderlust 27 days ago
Love the video!You are so much fun!Your house is very cozy,nicely decorated and not cluttered with things. I imagine that when you have a baby or small children it becomes very difficult to maintain the house in order. To all those criticizing where the baby sleeps it’s parents choice and a matter of convenience for them and baby. I don’t think Wyld sleeps with washer running or anything else that would put him in danger.
Kate Newton
Kate Newton 27 days ago
Where is your jumper from? ❤️
Ismatjahan Lubna
Ismatjahan Lubna 28 days ago
Such a beautiful house. dream house 😍.
mohamed asik
mohamed asik 28 days ago
your baby is so cute same kayne i like you kayne guys ,my channel( akon guys)
Janet Roberson
Janet Roberson 28 days ago
New to your channel, live in the US. Beautiful home.
Sommai Niamsiri
Sommai Niamsiri 29 days ago
Daring Danielle
Daring Danielle 29 days ago
Such a lovely home! Love the couch
Nut Rjsjdj
Nut Rjsjdj Month ago
Love. Home
Валентина Тодорова
The nursery is in the laundry room? This is riduculous and unhealthy! I suggest you switch rooms with the baby and sleep with the washing machine running, then tell everyone how it feels. Second option, move you "precious" indian cupboard in the laundry room and put the crib in it's place. Oh wait, the "precious" might get mold from the excesive humidity in the laundry, better leave the baby there with the washing powder, the smell and the noise.
Cedie Praxie
Cedie Praxie Month ago
The Baby, Cat and the round Coffee Table they are so cute.
Carla Gomes
Carla Gomes Month ago
andre Gregorio
andre Gregorio Month ago
Happy family . Beautiful 👏👏👏fan Brazil 🇧🇷
Lucy Kate Makeup
Who do you get your alkaline water delivered from and do you think it’s worth it ? Xx
scovia odek
scovia odek Month ago
The cutest couple ever 😍
Jacki Plitt
Jacki Plitt Month ago
I love your style......you look like such a neat couple.....your baby is precious....... I
L L Month ago
Room for clothes plus a spare room but the baby’s in the laundry....
Happy Place
Happy Place Month ago
The constant background music is soooooo typical it was like hell to my ears
Linda Chan
Linda Chan Month ago
Nice n cosy home with a beautiful backyard😍
rian triana
rian triana Month ago
My dream house 😍😍😍
Marilyn Jenkins
Marilyn Jenkins Month ago
Hot couple!, 😍😍😍
Jennifer Anderson
Great video 👍 much love from Bermuda 💓
Querencia.tv Month ago
Wow beautiful. Thanks for uploading 😊
Liza Baby
Liza Baby Month ago
Wow lovely home ,I need this kind of life...this video really inspire me❤❤❤❤❤ ruvid.net/video/video-vEaMDS793o4.html
Madison Wood
Madison Wood Month ago
Nice work on the channel, really enjoyed the video!! Did you ever think about using followsm [.] com!!? You should use it to help get your videos higher in the search results.
Tai J
Tai J Month ago
I saw the baby nd kitty nd had to press glad I did :)
Aman Janjua
Aman Janjua Month ago
So beautiful
Danni Rix
Danni Rix Month ago
Where is the sound machine / diffuser in the nursery from? 😊
Sandi Mason
Sandi Mason Month ago
When you leave that house, let me know! My dream 😂😍😍😍
Nico Eeek.
Nico Eeek. Month ago
You are so damn beautiful, it is refreshing to see someone that is actually a natural beauty ( Christy Turlington in her younger years HELL I would kill to look like her now! ) compared to the duck lip instagram filler cheeks and chin of influencers
prakoso Jenko
prakoso Jenko Month ago
Chanel Kayne & Jamie the video that you present is pretty decent to be more stable you Kayne and Jamie Make a spesial film video dokument Romsntic Nudies Wich se otomatically help you to Subscribe
Kittycat Month ago
talks about being eco friendly etc but has a cow rug ok
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
due to covid-19 cafes dont allow us to bring our own keep cups :( So yeah thats why
Louise Tee
Louise Tee Month ago
Single use coffee cup in first 5 seconds... 😑
orangebanana Month ago
lol yeah she also has no idea that biodegradeable diapers still take more than 2 years to break down LOL also they "love" their cat but butcher other animals? freaks....but I mean hey most ppl today air heads lol
Ε. E.
Ε. E. Month ago
So cosy 🥰
Maddy Butterworth
Where are the cushions on your bed from ? X
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
From Maison and Maison in Burleigh heads ❤️
Cj Osborne
Cj Osborne Month ago
New to the channel, what breed is your cat ❤️ that's amazing and I'm not even a cat person
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
He’s a bengal 🐆 Kayne was never a cat person but he is now 🥰
M Neu
M Neu Month ago
Sooo cute and lovely 😍☺️ wish you guys the best 👋🏽☺️🌺
Carolina Rivera
Carolina Rivera Month ago
Beautiful home❤️
Larissa Pratt
Larissa Pratt Month ago
You have a room for your clothes but your child sleeps in the laundry?
Jaymes Hooper
Jaymes Hooper 25 days ago
@Kayne & Jamie which suburb in Brisbane/GoldCoast/Byron/Kingscliffe you plan to buy a place in, soon? New build or established - single storey or double storey?
Валентина Тодорова
I was shocked too!
Sanja Etoile
Sanja Etoile Month ago
This made me so sad, I had this coworker and she used to put their baby to sleep in the bathroom, very sad :(
BT Shanyce
BT Shanyce Month ago
Wanting ur baby close is no excuse especially since your "closet" is right next to ur room. What about ppl that live in a split layout home or ppl with their masters downstairs. And u have an entire empty room? The scents of the detergent is gonna accumulate in the room over time if it already hasn't. Is that ok for the child? Would have made more sense to make that laundry your closet. I agree with whoever said in the comment section that you're shallow
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
It’s a small room off ours, he’s nice and close to us that’s why he’s in there ❤️ We have a spare room as well so he’d be in there if we didn’t have him next to us.
Angeli M.
Angeli M. Month ago
Absolutely love your style! Such good taste 😍 Hope you and the fam are doing well & staying safe 💕
Rhianon Grosser
Rhianon Grosser Month ago
Where is Wyld’s lounge chair from hon
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
It’s from Hip kids 😊
Ebony Micallef
Ebony Micallef Month ago
Hey guys! Where’s Wyld’s little lounge chair from? X
Rhianon Grosser
Rhianon Grosser Month ago
I’ve just had a look online and looks like it’s from hipkids. But they are sold out in all colours except black
Jessica Cassell
Jessica Cassell Month ago
Where’s bubbys lil couch from ? X
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
Hip kids xx
See Thao
See Thao Month ago
Wyld and Kane are carbon copies🥰🌸
Sarah-lynn Pauleus
Love it 😍
Rachita Samal
Rachita Samal Month ago
Home is decorated very good order.carry on with your new baby in your happy conjugal life.God bless.😊
Bel Simpson
Bel Simpson Month ago
Love the vid! What a beautiful home! What are those feathery things called in your lounge room in the antique vases you said would likes? I’ve been wanting to find some but noooo idea what to type into google 😂🥴
kareema elchalakani
@Kayne & Jamie please let me know where you found pampas grass, been looking everywhere ;(
Kayne & Jamie
Kayne & Jamie Month ago
Thank you!! They are pampas grass 😘
Bethan Arthur
Bethan Arthur Month ago
it's pampas grass I think!
Shana Ayers
Shana Ayers Month ago
I like all the light it has very nice
Dee Dee Doll
Dee Dee Doll Month ago
Lovely home. Love your dried flowers and taste. Kayne has a funny lovable laugh. Lovely family Thanx for sharing xx💗😷🍀🍀🍸
Rachelle Taylor
Rachelle Taylor Month ago
Beautiful decor and beautiful family xx
Rosi Fernandez
Rosi Fernandez Month ago
Beautiful home and you guys are so cute
Rebecca Siebert
Rebecca Siebert Month ago
Highlight of the video at 15:55 😂🙌🏼❤️
Holly Dean
Holly Dean Month ago
Love the house and decor. How much approx is a place like that to rent? I’m looking at moving to the Gold Coast this year and would love to get an idea. Thanks!
Razeel Rz11
Razeel Rz11 Month ago
Laura Wambach
Laura Wambach Month ago
Beautiful home, beautiful family!
Kayne Lawton
Kayne Lawton Month ago
My head looks like the last lettuce in Coles
Jaymes Hooper
Jaymes Hooper 25 days ago
@Nico Eeek. @Kayne Lawton - which suburb in Brisbane/GoldCoast/Byron/Kingscliffe you plan to buy a place in? New build or established - single storey or double storey?
Nico Eeek.
Nico Eeek. Month ago
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Month ago
Beautiful couple!! 😍😍
Bena alba official TV
my favs
Alliah Nicole Papua
Happy Family!❤️✨
Phyllis Zi
Phyllis Zi Month ago
Such a beautiful home! 😍 Love the furniture and all the decorations. Nice done :)
Panday Kartik
Panday Kartik Month ago
Panday Kartik
Panday Kartik Month ago
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