Hot Ones is The Real Deal! Ask MKBHD V29!

Marques Brownlee
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Special Edition 6 colors: goo.gl/hdtQf8
The Logo tee: goo.gl/13i7Vu
MKBHD on Hot Ones: ruvid.net/video/video-3DuCWM671Ds.html
OVERWERK: soundcloud.com/overwerk
Commercial with Steph Curry: ruvid.net/video/video-TWt1FcU0OzM.html
All MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
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Jun 25, 2018




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Comments 3 436
TheAngelo55 5 days ago
Crap, i didn't notice that you did hot ones. Dope.
Valdas V
Valdas V 2 months ago
Looks like some pride month merch
TheTarantuRoach 3 months ago
Marques can I say the N Word?
Xx rich king xx
Xx rich king xx 4 months ago
He sounds like swoozie
tangorekt 7 months ago
"Thank you, Robert" lol his name was Robin 😂😂😂
Matt Bielawski
Matt Bielawski 8 months ago
'thank you robert' - his name was robin 😂😂😂 i just thought it was funny
Senpai Chris
Senpai Chris 9 months ago
Poor Robin.
Gjonny Ross
Gjonny Ross 10 months ago
Was that intro a mix of the I wanna be tracer song? Don't do me like this.
dylan Hay
dylan Hay 10 months ago
Overwerk - daybreak
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
How often does Elon watch RUvid?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
And what is his favorite videos to watch?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
What technological barriers were the hardest to overcome in all his companies and how were they solved?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
What phone does Elon use?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
What does Elon think about the simulation theory (it is a theory that says we live inside a simulation)? And how soon will humans become the host of their own simulations that are this powerful?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
How does Elon come up with all his ideas?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
How soon will we all have robot assistants in 50% of households?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
What is Elon's mentality on politics?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
How much does Elon sleep at night?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
Can Elon describe a day in his life (or week)?
Carlos Alberto Leyva
Carlos Alberto Leyva 10 months ago
How would Elon describe his own personality?
Daniela Nauffal
Daniela Nauffal 10 months ago
I know RUvid rewind sucked but I actually found your channel because of rewind...so maybe it wasn’t all bad
GRAMLON TRICKLE 10 months ago
the imac pro was the home pod lmaooo
Dia Ash
Dia Ash 10 months ago
Theres something about this guy
Cameron D
Cameron D 10 months ago
I would definitely listen to a mkbhd podcast no doubt
Asher Ekstein
Asher Ekstein 10 months ago
Podcast please
PBM 10 months ago
Apple can’t sue you because they don’t use that logo anymore
Pamela Gonzalez
Pamela Gonzalez 10 months ago
I would definitely be present for the podcasts. Sometimes, when I was dishes I'd have the phone behind me listening to a review. So yes! Hope there will be a series of podcasts soon.
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael 11 months ago
Actually a podcast with you and the crew who we see very little of would be great!
Thabiso Ngwenya
Thabiso Ngwenya 11 months ago
Louis Ryan
Louis Ryan 11 months ago
Filming and viewing in landscape isn't exactly arbitrary. We see in a landscape aspect ratio and we only have a horizontal plane of movement. Horizontal is just the intuitive way to view content.
Bryan Hoppet
Bryan Hoppet 11 months ago
Yea you do look like oladipo
Chrisquila 11 months ago
thanks robert bin
The goat Pear
The goat Pear Year ago
What’s your middle name
Kofi Jiles
Kofi Jiles Year ago
Invite Martin Lawrence.
Henrietta Year ago
Your podcast would be outstanding. The way you talk alone is enough to make it so. I mean both your voice / intonation and your choice of words+fluency. Too many people still have stuff like "Hey guys... So... I don't really know how to start..." And then "What else could I tell you about it... Hmm...I forgot..." Even when they have the chance to prepare things they want to say, do retakes, do edits, they still have a mess in their videos. Yours are 110% great. To me, mostly because of the audio layer. (Though I fully appreciate the visual layer too.) You'd be a phenomenal podcaster. Do consider it!
Knoles CoolStuff
The are 4 gaming phones in China. Razor, ROG, Red Magic and Black Shark so far.
AKAJK Year ago
Connor K
Connor K Year ago
Heck yeah! I’d totally listen to an MKBHD podcast!
Would love to see a behind the scenes of hot ones.
Daniel Jackson
Video and Audio for sure
Ariel Halpern
Ariel Halpern Year ago
DO A PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silverdk Year ago
The reason why i hate vertical video is that i consume around 95% of videoes longer than 10 sec on my laptop, the only time i ever watch videos on my phone is when i am away on a trip or something important happens.
Faux Hound
Faux Hound Year ago
"while it's young; we are figuring out what to do with it" -MKBHD
Faux Hound
Faux Hound Year ago
You couldn't iron that T-shirt at least?
eon001 Year ago
8:53 Actually yea you do look like that guy.
Khaled Elbalal
MKBHD six color shirt: *Exists* Apple: It is court time boi
Matthew Tranter
For Elon: When is he going on the H3 podcast?
Cesar Mendez
Cesar Mendez Year ago
Didn't know the iPad Pro had a new look
Snuifduif Year ago
*Game at **7:30**??*
Ross Miller
Ross Miller Year ago
9:03 good points on content creator skill sets. Not worth having someone who is so good at making visually interesting content spending time on an audio dependent format imo.
Terry Rodbourn
VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) :)
Tiago Azevedo
Tiago Azevedo Year ago
I had never noticed it but yeah, MKBHD and Oladipo look alike.
Mitchell Bowser
do a podcast!
James Grayson
James Grayson Year ago
On the podcast...yes
Gregg R
Gregg R Year ago
Yes to a MKBHD podcast!
Rahul M. Prathap
Ask Elon Musk. " Do you have plans to hack this matrix ? "
I would ask Elon why he was such a dickhead to his ex-wife.
Bud Anderson
Bud Anderson Year ago
I would actually like to see a MKBHD podcast.
Ryan Z
Ryan Z Year ago
Ryan Z
Ryan Z Year ago
Marques, are you a fan of Karma Fields - Skyline?
Alvan Year ago
watching after exactly one month
Wyatt Smullen
Wyatt Smullen Year ago
Haha you said STALE
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