[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | RUNNING9 Fan Meeting : Members Group Dance STAGE! (ENG SUB)

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"RUNNINGMAN" which is aired in Korea On SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2019. EP. 469-2
RUNNINGMAN RUNNING9 Fan Meeting in Korea !!
RUNNINGMAN Members Group Dance STAGE Performances : "Boom & Just Blow"
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Sep 23, 2019




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Comments 80
Chayanika Ganguli
Chayanika Ganguli 5 hours ago
This just deserves respect!
Muhammad Faiz
Muhammad Faiz 22 hours ago
wow, even after 10 years, jihyo still the prettiest actress ever to grace running man.
April Thias
April Thias Day ago
Aaaaaaahhh i'm going to cry
NeH Hgs
NeH Hgs Day ago
NeH Hgs
NeH Hgs Day ago
Oh my Yu Jae suk always got my 👀
NeH Hgs
NeH Hgs Day ago
I feel like I'm on profit here😀
naanaas Day ago
I've watch this so many times and yet , still crying everytime I watch it .
Nor Halimah
Nor Halimah Day ago
Waw emezing
Mira Afriani
Mira Afriani Day ago
Amazing jihyo
Lucy Debs
Lucy Debs Day ago
Wowww.. They were great... I repeat again and again and they are still amazed me..
bhadra raghunath
That was so cool👍👍
Danamond Dana
ji ho so sexy
SJ 012
SJ 012 Day ago
I love Running Man I Love Members 💙💙💜❤️
OerbaVanille 2 days ago
woah kwang soo have amazing abs
Lyn CB
Lyn CB 2 days ago
This was cool omg
Annie Tamayo
Annie Tamayo 2 days ago
I love Ji hyo ❤❤❤
Lp 13
Lp 13 3 days ago
Lia Kim’s reaction really made me cry .... she’s so sweet and just wanted them to do well
Emjay Malto
Emjay Malto 3 days ago
Jihyo really can seduce through her expression. Wow. Just wow. ❤️❤️
Nadhwah 3 days ago
im still mad that somin didnt do her hair. this kind of dance have to have really good hairspray or tied up hairstyle. she looked messy during supposed most beautiful part. im so sad and so mad!! but damn jihyo eonnie never failed to be gorgeous
Christine Morelos
I watched it again right now because I am so excited in Running Man in Manila ❤️
lanya hemn
lanya hemn 3 days ago
keibro 3 days ago
so min was cute, but jihyo, jihyo was SEXY
tri thuc phan
tri thuc phan 3 days ago
Jihyo. She very cute
Nheslyn Ermita
Nheslyn Ermita 3 days ago
i cried 😢
Nayli Batrisya
Nayli Batrisya 4 days ago
Ohmygod lia kim cried they did greattt
Isma Sukmari
Isma Sukmari 4 days ago
Kwang soo hahaha
fuss 4 days ago
Pema bhutia
Pema bhutia 4 days ago
Lisa Oppa
Lisa Oppa 4 days ago
This is for anyone who say they really cant dance. You can do it as long as you work very hard!! I mean if you compare their previous dancing to this, its just amazing!! Props to Lia Kim by the way!! Shes a amazing teacher
K- Inf Trash
K- Inf Trash 4 days ago
running man members are the only performers that don't need fancy clothes to look cool
Am Hyuk Dean
Am Hyuk Dean 5 days ago
Group position Main dancer haha Visual ji hyo
rowena deo
rowena deo 5 days ago
Hanissya Putri
Hanissya Putri 5 days ago
I don't know why i'm tearing up when rewatching this ep. They deserve more😭 i'm choke up to know how many sweats and effort they given when performed this. I'm thankful for them to give their hardwork and time to practice and make the wonderful performance. And i'm more grateful to Lia Kim as our choreographer. Thank you for making the coolest choreo for our RM members. You guys are amazing!!
Aystro Not
Aystro Not 6 days ago
This was sooooo unexpectedly good! They are so cool i really appreciate thia cast
Sabiha Fatima
Sabiha Fatima 6 days ago
Aineariff RC
Aineariff RC 6 days ago
Wow they are incredible
J One
J One 6 days ago
Woahhhh daebak!!!
Edwin Zaofery
Edwin Zaofery 6 days ago
what the heck!!! so freakin cool!!!!!
little panda
little panda 6 days ago
I love jihyo part the most when they did the wave chain
veleriana indah lestari rahayaan
Ji Hyo 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Attiqah Fittriah
Attiqah Fittriah 6 days ago
I am still crying watching this even its almost been a year..running man is a part of my life since 2010. I love them so much. Love from Malaysia
Anderia Ema
Anderia Ema 6 days ago
Jong kook and somin hug at 13:42 put me in an “awe” 😍♥️
Soshi Sone
Soshi Sone 6 days ago
Can't take my eyes off JIHYO💘
Hannah Luna
Hannah Luna 7 days ago
Jihyo is so charismatic!!
Kheiiju 7 days ago
i never bored watch this video.. DAMN!! EPICCC!!!
Jehoshebaism Arts
Tears flow from my eyes just watching them perform, each one of them did a great job. 😊🙆
Monique the Unique
How i wish Kang Gary was there too..He deserves to be there after all the hardships he got, i am so happy seeing them dancing and at the same time sad bcoz this is their first fan meeting for 9 years, and they're not complete, and i know Gary love to dance😟 i just wish Gary will guest in running man and bring his son Haoh😊😊 How i miss the 7012 family so much😟😟 i miss the old them,the never ending bickering,the name tag ripping,😟😟 but i know that its difficult bcoz of their age,😭
iel who
iel who 8 days ago
It has been almost 4yrs since Gary left but it would have been so much nice if he’s performing with them too. Gary loves to perform. He enjoys dancing especially when he’s with them. Plus Joong Ki and Lizzy!! Still hoping maybe one day he will come as a guest on Running Man or better yet come back on the the show now that RM is nearing its 10th year. - Kudos to Lia Kim and hear team behind this amazing performance. It wouldn’t be possible without you. Who would have thought that the Ace who’s only dancing to 4minute’s Hot Issue and Big Nosed brother who sings I swear can dance gracefully!!!💛💛💛
nurhusna azlan
nurhusna azlan 8 days ago
Rinio Nightcore
Rinio Nightcore 8 days ago
I LOVE IT!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️😍😂
Barth Leen
Barth Leen 8 days ago
Proud of them❤exspecially for suk jin and jihyo also jaesuk ❤
Barth Leen
Barth Leen 8 days ago
Proud of them❤exspecially for suk jin and jihyo also jaesuk ❤
Jalu Putra Sanjaya
Jihyo nona🥰🥰🥰
Craig Marteja
Craig Marteja 9 days ago
I watched this when the episode aired, but when I watched again here in RUvid, I cried. It really makes you emotional. The performance. You really know that they worked hard to perfect the dance, and with that thought, it makes you cry. Running Man deserves all the love.
Muhd Fitri
Muhd Fitri 9 days ago
What song in this video?
Salam Kalah
Salam Kalah 9 days ago
Jihyo butt dance 😥😥
Cookie Crisp
Cookie Crisp 9 days ago
its so cute how KJK pulled somin in a hug at the end. love the family relationship between the members
Hajrah ismaidi
Hajrah ismaidi 9 days ago
Soek jin dance very good more than me.. Proud of of soek jin..
SiMPLENG GaRAPAL 9 days ago
When it matters the most jihyo noona always shows why she is irreplaceable character❤️💕😘
Gracelyn F. Toar
Gracelyn F. Toar 9 days ago
Some sounds i heard familiar here because of tiktok😂😭
lenai tmp
lenai tmp 9 days ago
i literally cried
Eshayra Sharyana
Eshayra Sharyana 10 days ago
From all the runningman videos, this one are the best ever 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Shirrey Grozen
Shirrey Grozen 10 days ago
It's so damn bloody awesome!!!! Great job guys!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 10 days ago
Jihyo ❤❤❤ so beauty. I Love You ❤❤❤
Emil Lia
Emil Lia 10 days ago
Wooooo kereeeennnnn....
Sri Hndyni
Sri Hndyni 10 days ago
So pretty song ji Hyo
Jeremy Ruan
Jeremy Ruan 10 days ago
I think people often forget Jihyo is a professional actress for yearsssss and JK and Haha are veteran artists. This is the best performance !!!
Aeysha MY
Aeysha MY 10 days ago
Jihyo's expression is on another level, she nailed this show
Saiful Bahri
Saiful Bahri 10 days ago
Samudra TV
Samudra TV 11 days ago
Jihyooo s prettyyyy
Bayyinah Khan
Bayyinah Khan 11 days ago
Keren kali gila
Chidinma Oguamanam
Chidinma Oguamanam 11 days ago
I almost cried while smiling watching this👏👏👏👏👏
galaxlee79 11 days ago
I was hoping Gary and Song Joong Ki might make a surprise appearance.
Muhammad Saifiee Bin Roslee
Acik ko !
Lam Tran
Lam Tran 11 days ago
Đỉnh 🙂
Innes - Bandung Suci
Watch this so many times and still tearing up every single time
Elleyne Legi
Elleyne Legi 12 days ago
I'm so proud of them omg...
LAVANYA THAKRE 12 days ago
After watching this I'm sure that every south Korean can dance
Amalina Love
Amalina Love 12 days ago
I'm here.. 23/05/20
Fauxy Angel
Fauxy Angel 12 days ago
Watch this now and I remembering the tik tok song
Bích Thuận
Bích Thuận 12 days ago
i cried when saw this video.Love them !
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