Hosts of The Real On Why Tamar Braxton Really Left The Show, Girl Chat + More

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Oct 12, 2018




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Comments 7 472
Symone Black
Symone Black 10 days ago
You watch the whole thing Left 📴 0:33 1:26 8:56-9:52 13:02 17:02-19:30 19:27-19:33 23:40-24:42 24:36 24:57-25:05 25:08-25:13 25:22 25:38 25:51 26:44-26:47-26:50
username719 21 day ago
Adrienne always with the PR instigation
Cyborg Pug 👽
Cyborg Pug 👽 Month ago
Jeannie a Capricorn I am too I'm looking at her facial expressions to know the truth.
A'Lexuz M
A'Lexuz M Month ago
Watching this 2021 well yall lied and yall not friends and now half of yall Stan tamar
HausHill Entertainment
Charlemange is a fool! “Vince standing behind the scenes with his mouth open” LMFAOOOOO Jennie wanted to gag!!!!
HausHill Entertainment
Who said Capricorns was loyal?! Lmfaooo
its crazy when Tamara mole is covered she looks exactly like Tia
sithabile dlamini
sithabile dlamini 2 months ago
Loni is now talking on behalf of the other ladies but when management takes a decision to fire someone, they approach the hosts individually to ask them how they feel about a certain team member.
Ukiah Stone
Ukiah Stone 2 months ago
Dang, Lonnie is a chatterbox. Ugh.
Jamie Smit
Jamie Smit 2 months ago
Loni you are big . Bye
SSboooy 4 months ago
Charlamagne is too much this episode 😂
ifrqxsone 4 months ago
I'm dead at Adrienne suddenly moaning at 24:36!! She did it again! And look at Loni's expression I just can't loll
Sabes Que
Sabes Que 4 months ago
@25:01 the shade 😎
Sabes Que
Sabes Que 4 months ago
@21:19 had them shook especially Jeannie and Tamera.
iKETOURAGE 3 months ago
You can tell Adrienne has been media trained to deal with girl/women drama. She showed no emotion and said NOTHING😂
Kanay Monae
Kanay Monae 5 months ago
Lonni is so beautiful
Cameron Geer
Cameron Geer 5 months ago
Let’s go Tamera support your husband👏🏾👏🏾
Crystal Dating Coach
Well...our #jeanniemai got the LAST laugh. Before the ink was dry on the Divorce papers...Jeannie's ex husband got another woman PREGNANT! WELL.. She's now happily married to a Man #jeezy who adores her. Ladies...don't cry over your EX...your destiny has bigger plans.
grah55 6 months ago
Team Brittany
Team Brittany 6 months ago
Loni lied I’m over her big ass 😤
Nahova 316
Nahova 316 6 days ago
Tameka Johns
Tameka Johns 6 months ago
So wait nobody knows why she got Fired🙄yeah😒
Jessica Cereceres
Jessica Cereceres 7 months ago
i really believe Vince is responsible for Tamar being let go from The Real….looking back at their business relationship she was always the last to know things and it was always a fight for him to let her in on what was going on with her ongoing projects.
MarquesTheProducer 4 months ago
I agree. People blame Tamar and while I can't necessarily blame them, they also have to understand the network tried to give Tamar a warning but Vince said something and quit so they also fired Tamar. I would assume out of being over-emotional, she believed the gossip that occurred behind the scenes and blamed Loni. He was a horrible manager and has a bad reputation 🤦🏽‍♂️
noa ma’ukoloa
noa ma’ukoloa 8 months ago
“dont nobody want adam but her” 😭😭😭
Awene Tiro
Awene Tiro 8 months ago
why does she always want to make it the jeannie show
MiguelAngel Pacheco
MiguelAngel Pacheco 8 months ago
Tamera all baked like a potato 😢😅🙈😂
L D 9 months ago
Loni is hilarious
Tim L
Tim L 9 months ago
Jeannie mai is awesome 🥰🥰
lil jay stays flossin'
When you think your so called friend puts you on blast ..... Damn
Joseph Lenehan
Joseph Lenehan 10 months ago
Joseph and toady 🇮🇪☀️
MONICA x 10 months ago
I love these girls
lifeisrosyyy 10 months ago
Adrienne’s face looks so different here
Chrissyxo 823
Chrissyxo 823 8 months ago
They said they were still drunk from the night before so that could be why 😂😂
daniel diaz
daniel diaz 11 months ago
Why the big girl talking so much
Aaliyah Ofori
Aaliyah Ofori 11 months ago
He should have said BIG ass UGLY Lani
J 11 months ago
SOUL FAN 11 months ago
Loni: Don’t nobody want Adam but her 😂
Damn let tamara talk damn !!!
Nitra Lewis
Nitra Lewis Year ago
Loni telling straight facts I believe her
Edna Jay
Edna Jay Year ago
Adrienne @ the girl chat question: it wouldn't bother me, my husband's just not into porn Charlamagne: He better not be, he's a pastor 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Arthur Crawford
Please will anyone the Real purchase the book Long Poems and Short Stories by Arthur Crawford, Thanks.
Joella Green
Joella Green Year ago
shorturl.ca/sekscamm0delxxx817 නාභිගත කිරීමඑම රේඛාවේ මැද දුර කෙරෙහි එහි අවධානය විශාල කිරීම
KeAmber Love
KeAmber Love Year ago
i dont like how lonnie keeps throwing shade & seems uninterested when it came to tamera & her husband
Loni is so racist she stay saying white people this white people that. I know she wouldn't like it if people refer to her as black person this black that ughh that's so hypocritical
Michele Fearon
You are so right Amanda
Leslie Boozer
Leslie Boozer Year ago
I pray Adam never hurts Tamera
N Year ago
Never gets old!
Lori Wolfcat
Lori Wolfcat Year ago
13:51 is why you’re here.
Ajay Alexander
Someone turn 20:05 - 20-06 to a meme !!! Btw I like how loni says google Lmaoaoao how many times did she say google ! 🤣
soshi stars
soshi stars Year ago
13:52 talks about tamar
Why is loni quiet when the girl is talking about her husband?
Raul Beggs
Raul Beggs Year ago
11:51 23:55 25:43
Stoney Roberts
I love you guys ❤️💙
Shanelle Warren
“ and we gotta hear about it all the damn time, I was in Afghanistan... okay...” lmao I love Lani !
Eileen Velazquez
I feel Vince wanted a lot of money for Tamar being in the show and the show was making baby steps.....
Fared Sharudden
Loni was so shady i am not surprised that one of the girls just quits the show.
Ale 01
Ale 01 Year ago
if I had a dollar for every time Tamera said my husband..."don't nobody want Adam but her" lmfaoo factsss
Baby Hamisi
Baby Hamisi Year ago
Money and EGO
Coco T
Coco T Year ago
Jeannie and Loni are the fakest of all. That's why those 2 bump heads and they are always trying to act hard and unbothered. Notice they get into the most....the other ladies are grounded and solid in their lives. Stop lying with the not doing math part. Everyone that's been cheated on tries to formalize the timelines as to when the affair started. That's that fake unfazed BS I'm talking about. You see adrian and tamar were like we did the math blah blah and here comes fake 2 jumping in "WE aren't gonna talk about that".
Piyush Wagh
Piyush Wagh Year ago
Off topic! But the guy behind Dj Envy is fine🔥🤭
Lady DaVinci
Lady DaVinci Year ago
He's right about how someone didn't like Tamar. It was none of these ladies...It was Vince. The moment that Loni said that Vince was calling them out on Braxton Family Values, Jeannie's words echoed in my ears "You never really know someone until they do not get what they want".
cche16 Year ago
her husband said trayvon martin caused his own death and deserved to be shot. i wish they asked that. answer that question tamara. her husband is a republican nut who supported the nra until his niece was sadly murdered in a shooting.
Kammy Channel
Kammy Channel Year ago
Table full of hosts. I love it 💯
Jada Buchanan
Jada Buchanan Year ago
Why didn't the Real producers just admit that it was their decision?
Kaya Caskey
Kaya Caskey Year ago
18:11 why do they have to drink water like that haha
johanna medrano
Adrienne and Tamera are sooooooo naiveee abou their husbands 🙄 they don’t like strippers or porn LIESSSSSSSS
Elizabeth Masushita
Loni is so well spoken!! 🙌🏻💖 I love them girls
Joann Madden
Joann Madden Year ago
I hope this show reads a nurse blowing the whistle a nurse being disturbed with poor care for some. It can be seen on You Tube. It is disturbing but do listen.
Life Alkimista
The way Jeannie turned her head 💀🤣 19:32
Ms Becky
Ms Becky Year ago
I finally decided to watch this interview and I'm sorry, Adrienne and Tam looked so sad when they was talking about Freddy to Jeannie. But Loni lil smirks and facials expression is too much.. She the type that will go behind ur back to know ur business and not for your own good but for hers, to be nosy
Ms Becky
Ms Becky Year ago
@Eriss R. You really believe they're close? I hear what you're saying though. So friends can be that way when it comes to emotional things. But those friends would never sit and smirk. If you know Loni before the real then you know how when she has Information, she smirked and watch the drama unfolds. She'll do a fast glimpse and side eye. Then after she speaks up and make it seems she defending someone. 😂
timhoward5 Year ago
*"I don't have to do it to myself no more"* 🙂
vane eileen
vane eileen Year ago
24:07 loni needs to stop 😂😂
Six Empress
Six Empress Year ago
Love the way Tamara defends her man.. go off girl 😏
Six Empress
Six Empress Year ago
This convo turned me off... like y’all need to let each other speak. 🙄
Dristin Year ago
20:04 When everyone knows you are full of shit.
Isaac Pena
Isaac Pena Year ago
You can just see Adrienne looking around the room most of the time😂
karin fludd
karin fludd Year ago
21:20 the faces and quietness 😂😂😂
conishkee Year ago
04-09-2020: Between yesterday and today, I completely watched ALL of the Braxton Family Values shows in their entirety on Netflix and, while most of the shows were entertaining, to keep it 100, the one thing I can express is that I CAN'T STAND TAMAR! She was WAAAAY too much and over-the-top in MANY instances and spoiled rotten!! Her behavior filled me with anxiety. She ALWAYS has to be the center of attention and has to ALWAYS be right. Good grief, there was no winning with her. Even though the sisters love her, as they should, because they're sisters, they sure put up with a hell of a lot. It makes me wonder, though, why she and Vince divorced and why she was fired from The Real. I have to admit that I started viewing The Real a lot more AFTER she was gone, because I can only take someone like her in small doses, especially when you can’t get a word in edgewise. She talks all over you…just saying!!
natasha abigail
who’s here after that cookie interview??? loni you got a lot of explaining to do girl🤢 lyin ass
Dee M
Dee M Year ago
This interview is gold 😂
Sea Blue
Sea Blue Year ago
Poor Tamera was getting frustrated everyone started talking over her when she started talking. She didn’t interrupt anyone else when they had their own time to talk
Denise Jones
Denise Jones Year ago
Got Damn! Do you see all the alcohol in the background
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Year ago
omg loni def got tamar fired... you can see her thin splicing through the entire 'reasonable story' she pieced together (to fabricate plausible deniability and increase bias toward The Real) to see if The Breakfast Club folks were buying it... the guilt seeps straight out- the camera does not lie Loni Love. BUT also, do we care? Ok, yes. But do IIIIIIIIIiiiiiiii care? Absolutely not. Tamar was is will always be [barring the traumatic brain injury from Amy Schumer's Trainwreck] annoying- and people get other people fired all the time in corporate America~ it's not hs. If she wanted to keep that job, she would have become less annoying like everyone else has to #AllTAllShade
Angelo Carter
Angelo Carter Year ago
I believe Loni 🤷🏽‍♂️
D3vion Year ago
Tamera is fried 😂💨 . Silent af
Rafael Reyes
Rafael Reyes Year ago
Loni's face while everyone is talking about porn is everythiiing! hahaha
Foreverme Year ago
I peeped the shadeee
Foreverme Year ago
I hope yall getting what they really talking about
Geilla Broffenz
Why is loni giving side eyes to tamera when giving her story
Rae Baylor
Rae Baylor Year ago
13:11 😂🤣😂haha noone thought Loni won lol kmichelle is undefeated lol she’s a clap back queen Shhhheeshhh , the lies 🙄16:05 she literally is taking known things and trying to talk about them as if they are groundbreaking info . Also , Wendy doesn’t tape on Friday . Therefore you had to shoot it on weds or Thursday for it to air on fri. And you said she was let go on Monday but you had learned about it on Saturday? 🤔 ok
Rae Baylor
Rae Baylor Year ago
🤣😂🤣😂😂second time watching this lol Charla : was he cheatin ? Tamera : 08:58
Jackie & Safoa
Adrienne I came here for you b😂😂❤
Cesar Muñoz
Cesar Muñoz Year ago
Loni is not funny for a “comedian”
Atiya TheUnicorn
@11:30 why they hired Amanda.. The whole president speech
Automatik Year ago
24:59 "don't nobody want Adam but her" with her facial expression was hilarious, lol.
Bee Dotz
Bee Dotz Year ago
LOL!!! I burst out laughing!
BrendanAU Dight
God tamar forgive these ladies , they,ve done nothing wrong
Madena knight
Madena knight Year ago
6:38🍵 Ade sipped mighty long..Tam face acting cluesless again..Loni picking clothes picking/ hair flip to shut Jeannie up
Rebirth Maya
Rebirth Maya Year ago
Total non answer
Kimberly Terrell
Yeah Loni is guilty AF
Me Llamo Eliza
I’m here to see Ade sip her water for one hour. #lush
Trish Year ago
Does "my husband" not have a name?
Trish Year ago
"Did he cheat?" Loni's face GAVE👏🏼 IT👏🏼 A-WAY👏🏼!
Hafsahh A
Hafsahh A Year ago
Lol Adrienne always biting her inner cheeks to make her face narrow 😂😂
SirClinton Year ago
Jeanie ❤