Horizon Forbidden West - Announcement Trailer | PS5

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Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s story as she moves west to a far-future America to brave a majestic, but dangerous frontier where she’ll face awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats. Coming to PlayStation 5.


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Jun 11, 2020




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Slaven Arkaimovski
Slaven Arkaimovski 19 minutes ago
What has gamer sed to the game?Come out and plaay.
Rishab Iyer
Rishab Iyer 7 hours ago
Imagine by the time the game is out, nobody can play it due to scalpers.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 13 hours ago
Playstation fans: Mira este juego es hiperealista!! Also: Una mujer que sobrevive en un mundo post apocalíptico cazando bestias que pedan 15 veces lo que ella, ya ya seguro jajaja 🤣
Super Astral Health
Super Astral Health 17 hours ago
thiaoouba will rule the world the next months
Brown crewmate
Brown crewmate 19 hours ago
This game hasn't even released yet it already has 10 million views
Ahmed Qais
Ahmed Qais 20 hours ago
So hades is back?
Kamil Cichociemny
when we can play this game?
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed Day ago
I seriously can't wait for this game
LeBron James
LeBron James Day ago
i love Horizon but i’m sure going to miss Killzone😓
The Guy
The Guy Day ago
Hey sony can i get free ps plus pls?
XRavenHunt 2 days ago
Can't wait to play this on RUvid.
Айрат Ахмаев
Че опять 5 лет ждать пока она на ПК выйдет?(((
M’aiq The Liar
M’aiq The Liar 2 days ago
Zero dawn sucked imo
Anthony A
Anthony A 17 hours ago
The accolades say different
Eddie 3 days ago
“But whatever comes, I will be ready for this game to be on my hand!”
BOT PLAYS 123 3 days ago
Copy of avatar movie
adam ghallab
adam ghallab 3 days ago
i want to know will horizon be a sd or in playstion store
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer 2 days ago
Horizon Forbidden West will have both a PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 physical release & a digital one
SUPERNOVA 3 days ago
She sounds ... old what happened
Max Linn
Max Linn 3 days ago
I hope this has customizations for Aloy
ghg123 1
ghg123 1 3 days ago
Ps4 please
David Dunmer
David Dunmer 3 days ago
Will this come on ps4 too?
Alejo Zamora
Alejo Zamora 2 days ago
Yes man, they said it will be.
RogueSpartan 285
RogueSpartan 285 4 days ago
I like this and all, but coining the phrase "Play has no limits" feel ironic coming from the company who has a knack for exclusives. And exclusives limits players' choices to play a video game
Timelymirror78 4 days ago
It's 2021 and for sure it will release with no delays
Dalek Renegade
Wish we get some news soon.
Mehmet Emin Akın
We want Turkish subtitles!
Nugnug Caveman
Nugnug Caveman 4 days ago
At least four new machines: snapping turtle, boar, mûmak and quetzalcoatlus. The third one makes me wonder if, in addition to extant and prehistoric animals, we'll see machines based on fantasy creatures. I mean, there's no reason we can't. Robot dragon, let's go!
Nobody Have it Now
Forbidden West is whole new level of New Game+ mode
grey09wolf666 5 days ago
3:03 "That still only count as one!"
Dalek Renegade
Is that some sort of Lord of the rings reference or something?
Buntu Bekwa
Buntu Bekwa 5 days ago
Please let us mount the stormbird
Juani Fogolin
Juani Fogolin 5 days ago
A thousand years ago?
Juani Fogolin
Juani Fogolin 4 days ago
@AgariBeast if I remember correctly didn’t life come back to earth after 60 years if human extinction?
AgariBeast 4 days ago
Yep this takes place in 3065+
ملك المنا
What about the people who lift the planet
THESTORMWOLF9 5 days ago
Hey Can you guys reboot Tenchu Stealth Assasains for the PS5, i think it would do well.
Ibrahim Saba
Ibrahim Saba 5 days ago
Please let this game be as fast as possible on pc like I wished about uncharted 4
Lieuhuyen Thuthao
0:22 my love video :X.
Donal Cotter
Donal Cotter 6 days ago
I hope we can mount the teradactyls as a means of flight!!
sprite cranberry
sprite cranberry 6 days ago
I’m so dang exited for this awesome game it looks so cool and the new machines! I bet there are gonna be more!
Bart Beyens
Bart Beyens 6 days ago
I just finished the game and im already looking for a nother one😄😂
Chris Walton
Chris Walton 6 days ago
Hope we can ride the biggest machines
EdEddNEddy4Ever 6 days ago
Still waiting on my giant mechanical snakes. Robotic titanaboa please
Johto Legend
Johto Legend 7 days ago
1:20 A wild Torterra appeared! It's the Grass and Steel type regional variant.
LazR 7 days ago
Please release this to PC eventually down the road. I just grinded out HZD on PC in 2 weeks.
Aieshwhuut ll
Aieshwhuut ll 7 days ago
Now is 2021 so when it will be released tho?
Morning Star
Morning Star 7 days ago
No worries, in 2023 when this game comes out as a launch title, everyone will have a Ps5.
Mr.CrewPoster 8 days ago
I feel like they copied the elephant machine thing from lord is the rings, lol
MtLeMorne 3 days ago
Didn't know LOTR invented elephants/mammoths.....
Happy Crab
Happy Crab 7 days ago
It ain’t a copy, it’s a reference
NoO3B 216R5
NoO3B 216R5 8 days ago
at 2:48 im betting aloy is standing roughly where downtown sf is
VIKAS KAGE 8 days ago
Please allow us to ride flying machines like in middle Earth shadow of war
lerbronk 1
lerbronk 1 8 days ago
Im no english professor but i dont think the word 'playstation exclusive' and 'play has no limits' can go together
kai usumaki
kai usumaki 9 days ago
Did the change the voice actor?
Tom Hussey
Tom Hussey Day ago
Nope! Still Ashly Burch
Barteq1203 8 days ago
lalaman0303 9 days ago
What is Zavala doing in Horizon Forbidden West?
Noctis Ffxv
Noctis Ffxv 9 days ago
Finally we can explore the place that rost explored b4
Veronix 9 days ago
is it available for PS4 , coz i didnt have PS5 yet 🙃
AgariBeast 4 days ago
Will be on PS4
Barteq1203 8 days ago
It will be on PS4 too ;)
Mr. Conservatarian
I hope it come out on PC too
AgariBeast 4 days ago
Not for a while
Mr. Conservatarian
@Barteq1203 😭
Ulises Solís
Ulises Solís 8 days ago
As a PS fan I hope so to :D
Barteq1203 8 days ago
AJusino 9 days ago
3:03 that still counts as one
Mackstax 9 days ago
Would most people consider these two games console sellers? Probably not Would I? *ABSOLUTELY*
kxmode 10 days ago
PLAYSTATION EXCLUSIVE _pc gamer proceeds to cry_ 😥
Nintendo: Looks like you horizon: the forbidden west and us the legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 Are (Soulmates ) Guerilla Games: why thank you i love the breath of fresh air mother nature calm before the storm.
DK Choi
DK Choi 10 days ago
How these stupid arrows and the stick pierce the metal only with human arms.... Please THINK
Bobby Toddy
Bobby Toddy 9 days ago
Because its a video game and its only meant to be fun
D0nB0t 10 days ago
Zavala is back, er i mean cylens
Dewro -47
Dewro -47 10 days ago
I soo hyped of this Game
Александр Копцевич
столько лет играл на xbox, но вот купил ps4 pro и понял : что потерял уйму времени
João Pedro Araújo
João Pedro Araújo
Dave Nico
Dave Nico 11 days ago
I just finish the previous game and it was 🔥🔥🔥 can't wait for this one
RISHABH SHARMA 11 days ago
Horizon Zero Down blew all wildest imagination of game creations of all time. What level of thought process and creativity must gone by the creators and conceptualizes is beyond words. It is undoubtedly the best game (I feel) to come out on PS4 Can't wait for this one....but it will be a mammoth task for them to up the level.
Dark Crowned
Dark Crowned 11 days ago
I will be ready with my PS4. PS : it's PS5 exclusive Me: Thanks
Barteq1203 8 days ago
@Dark Crowned Yes ;)
Dark Crowned
Dark Crowned 8 days ago
@Barteq1203 are you sure?
Barteq1203 8 days ago
It comes to PS4 too
ᄋᄋ 11 days ago
한국인 없나? 물고기랑 게 ㄹㅇ 실사네 ㄷㄷㄷ
GameRoid 11 days ago
Just finished HZD and can't wait for the next part
Magnus the Red
Magnus the Red 11 days ago
I only ask for one thing: please let us ride every machine, even the big ones. Not being able to do that is the only thing that disappointed me in H:ZD, because I wanted a Thunderjaw mount.
Jamal Rashad
Jamal Rashad 12 days ago
Now this is interesting I can't wait till it comes out I'm going to play it all night long
Igorot Cordillera Country
Now i am torn between buying a Ps5 or building a PC.
UCON 12 days ago
I feel like its Tomb raider mixed with zoids
forevergreen4 12 days ago
Aloy's going to restore GAIA in this game, either throughout play, or by the end. Her and Sylens talked about rebooting GAIA in the original. I'm presuming that might be one of the ways she attains flight - since GAIA can build anything.
Thomas Alejandro Vasquez Moscoso
joder quiero horizon 2
Ulises Solís
Ulises Solís 8 days ago
Yo también lo quiero, el 1 es un juegazo
Hulk Vermelho
Hulk Vermelho 12 days ago
Nossa gráfico bonito
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva 12 days ago
Can't hardly wait!
M and f Games
M and f Games 13 days ago
Jasmine Wonder
Jasmine Wonder 13 days ago
Pls give us the release date, I can’t wait anymoree ):
Barteq1203 8 days ago
Autumn 2021
This brought a tear to my eye! HZD was iconic, and truly unique. I dare say Alloy will be the new era Lara Croft! This studio gave us an absolute masterpiece and I feel this will follow the same footsteps. Bravo, and thank you!
troll face
troll face 13 days ago
This is your only chance to get money from me, but it HAS to be on the PS4. Otherwise you'll just get scammed in return to the scam you pulled on me >:]
Scair Hoop
Scair Hoop 14 days ago
Go of the ps4
Equinoqs 14 days ago
Skipped the PS5 so far, since the only interesting game for me is one I played on PS3 ("Demon's Souls")...but I will own one before this game releases. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" was the best game of its generation, and this sequel is looking to be completely able to say the same.
Jordan Ward
Jordan Ward 14 days ago
3:01 is my laptop wallpaper now that’s such a BADASS SHOT DUDEEEE
Jeffsaw Messinaldo
Jeffsaw Messinaldo 11 days ago
Yeah, 3:10 too
Diego Zamudio Montes
Simplemente impresionante
Lalo Gabriel Peña
Lalo Gabriel Peña 14 days ago
like si te encanto el juego anterior de horizon
Brady Ward
Brady Ward 14 days ago
If they just take Zero Dawn, expand what was great about that game, and tighten up the areas that weren't so great...basically a perfect game
Prabhakar Dhar
Prabhakar Dhar 14 days ago
wow, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ when a game beats reality and movies
『Darkantus』 14 days ago
And ps4?
Barteq1203 8 days ago
zainayy XD
zainayy XD 15 days ago
THE GOLDEN GAMER 15 days ago
Release date???
Happy Crab
Happy Crab 7 days ago
@Barteq1203 are you really sure?
Barteq1203 8 days ago
Autumn 2021
Jonny 1996
Jonny 1996 14 days ago
some time this year
Akamalanta 15 days ago
I want to feel subnautica vibes underneath the water in new game
Corona virus
Corona virus 15 days ago
Flim name
Corona virus
Corona virus 15 days ago
@Berger fon Koenig dude i was just joking
Berger fon Koenig
Berger fon Koenig 15 days ago
@ Corona virus. "Horison Forbidden West" (!). But it is Not the film (!). This is The new Game by PS 5 (!!!). Simply here is the cinema graphycs, that pretty imaginates so !!!... BfK. ☑❗❗❗☝ 🎯🆗👍🎬🎮🎶💯🆒😘
Unreasonable Bastards
Imagine what an unbelievable game this would be if it wasn't a PS5 exclusive :'D
Unreasonable Bastards
@Jack M That's not how you spell 'PC' :'(
Jack M
Jack M 14 days ago
It's on ps4.
Sir Ushno
Sir Ushno 16 days ago
I don't have a PS4. I am playing Horizon zero dawn on PC right now. This is easily one of the best games I have ever played. I hope to be able to buy a PS5 in 2022 only to play this Sequel.
Sir Ushno
Sir Ushno 14 days ago
@Jack M Yeah I know. But it will be better to buy Ps5 in 2022 than PS4.
Jack M
Jack M 14 days ago
It's on ps4 too.
ThenamesRJ -
ThenamesRJ - 16 days ago
Does anybody know what the threat is this time, is it Hades or like something else
Gratefulpotato 15 days ago
I am not completely sure, but it might be Sylens controlling that corruption stuff that was on the fox. Maybe it’s hades again or maybe even a new threat.
Justin Jeffrey
Justin Jeffrey 16 days ago
Very excited for this. HZD and BOTW are my two favorite video games of all time.
Marco Villela
Marco Villela 15 days ago
Both great games getting great squeals and hopefully they don't go against each other
Khairi Shah
Khairi Shah 16 days ago
Will Erend be there?
Domagoj 16 days ago
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ALOY!!!
Li Jie
Li Jie 16 days ago
A million times better than the Zelda sequel lol
Marco Villela
Marco Villela 15 days ago
Well botw 2 only got one trailer and its mysterious af so who knows time will tell.
DrawsWithFist 16 days ago
I dont know what those flying things are... but i can tell i already will hate them
Jan Edward Aceveda
Jan Edward Aceveda 16 days ago
Will this be playable on ps4? 😊 Super Excited ❤️❤️❤️
Timelymirror78 4 days ago
@Berger fon Koenig it was originally a ps5 exclusive but now it's on ps4 and ps5
Berger fon Koenig
Berger fon Koenig 15 days ago
@Dia Are you sured In this (???...). 'Cause This is The Exclusive for the PS 5 (!!!)???... But.., if it's Truely.., so I'm glad so much for all the keepers of the PS 4 (!)... BfK. 👍🙋🆗😘
Dia 15 days ago
Артём 17 days ago
Игру ждали с 2014... А ничего нового не случилось
Berger fon Koenig
Berger fon Koenig 15 days ago
@ Артём. Ну.., как.., - "ничего нового" (???...). Вот, - Случилось (!!!), (наконец-то (!)). Вот, она выходит (!!!)... BfK. ☑❗❗❗☝ 🆗🎮🆒
Andy toronto
Andy toronto 17 days ago
forbidden west?? gameplay?? ill.. and.. my store.. t@andy2toronto
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