[HOONIGAN] Ken Block's GYMKHANA NINE: Raw Industrial Playground

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Hoonigan and Forza Horizon 3 proudly present Ken Block's Gymkhana NINE: Raw Industrial Playground
A VR/360 Experience of Gymkhana NINE - Coming Soon: ruvid.net/video/video-TAsh3kQMe6s.html
Forza Horizon 3 demo for Xbox One available now: tinyurl.com/z5x8tjs
Hoonigan Racing X Felipe Pantone Collection: www.hoonigan.com/gymkhananine.html
More info and photos: blog.hoonigan.com/?p=2312&preview=true

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Sep 13, 2016




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markus vinicius
markus vinicius 12 hours ago
Era vc. Faz graca emm
Tommy Carrizal
Tommy Carrizal 17 hours ago
How to escape the cops 101
TM Feldman
TM Feldman 17 hours ago
Mom asked me what a Hoonigan is, I said Ken Block, she said who dat? 😆
Austin Dixon
Austin Dixon 18 hours ago
And I thought fast and furious was good lol
Ulas Erdovan
Ulas Erdovan 23 hours ago
Coming here from the GYMKHANA 10 series ? +1
Gypsy king Return of the Mack The Mac life
Can’t believe Ken blocks contract with FORD has expired........ a wonder we’re he will go next????? I reckon either VW or HYUNDAI. We will soon see but it means the end of the escort cosworth 😢😢😭😭. When I am out and about in mine I will drive for Ken 💯💯👍👍
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar 2 days ago
Love you sir you are my dream
-Матвей- `
-Матвей- ` 3 days ago
Русские есть?
Andy Keeno
Andy Keeno 3 days ago
Thats some crazy torque.
Kev Dlpln
Kev Dlpln 3 days ago
Wonder why they don't make movie about him I know they cant find a driver like him. He's a living legend 🤩
kAo_ NiK
kAo_ NiK 4 days ago
He should've been the bad guy in one of the fast and the furious movies
Tokubah 4 days ago
Beast driving skills.
Christian MacCready
What a badass. God damn that was cool
British Rally Media
A UK version featuring a Ford Escort Mk2 ruvid.net/video/video--odDQ15yeAw.html
Njegos Radonjic
Njegos Radonjic 5 days ago
Šta me zezaš Nela dođem tamo i pre košarku
Njegos Radonjic
Njegos Radonjic 5 days ago
Jem Baluyut
Jem Baluyut 6 days ago
Frederick sakalam
Hamedine 6 days ago
Damn This guy is fucking crazy🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Cecilia Alfonso
Cecilia Alfonso 7 days ago
I thought its RC car😂😅
DHANUSH 46 7 days ago
Arganata Setia Wardana
so cool
-メAjax 8 days ago
I think nfs is inspired by him
Shofala Bevano
Shofala Bevano 8 days ago
Who's here after Ken and Ford part ways? 💔
Kunal Singhal
Kunal Singhal 8 days ago
I think you play with rc car😂😂😂
Robert Crc
Robert Crc 8 days ago
Con la super palanca hasta mi abuelo.
Whipzyy 8 days ago
This is in my opinion the best gymkhana
Rachael Sanchez
Rachael Sanchez 8 days ago
Deshaun Watson
azael Rumbo
azael Rumbo 8 days ago
I got this car in forza horizon 4
KRAL YT 8 days ago
bu ne lan
Chaudhari Jay
Chaudhari Jay 9 days ago
SUR. okTV 9 days ago
Дрифт на жиге, *ПОСМОТРИТЕ* ruvid.net/video/video-LVYBxn7k1yM.html
George a233
George a233 9 days ago
This is the best thing
Car Race
Car Race 9 days ago
Hi my RUvid chanel super cars. Come ruvid.net/video/video-I-H45go1pkw.html
Ashik Anes
Ashik Anes 10 days ago
napem moses
napem moses 10 days ago
Yo Ken Block! I'm better than you on gta 5! With my skyline
Dorchadas 12 days ago
If there were ever a perfect launch, that was it. That thing looks like so much fun to drive
Nagaraj Nagaraj
Nagaraj Nagaraj 12 days ago
Karl Burn
Karl Burn 12 days ago
Tried this on rally 2.0 not easy as it looks hahaha
nila gazi
nila gazi 12 days ago
shijan zia
shijan zia 12 days ago
savage driving once again!!
wosuf vai
wosuf vai 12 days ago
nice cars
CONG RADIO 13 days ago
why not try to rob a bank and play with the police
padre pio
padre pio 14 days ago
Ayo this is real?
Big Bollocks
Big Bollocks 15 days ago
Please consider boycotting red bull until they hand over the murderer to face Thai justice. Thank you.
Nibras Jovan14
Nibras Jovan14 15 days ago
2:24 that's Awesome
Virza Hafiz
Virza Hafiz 15 days ago
Mr:x 47
Mr:x 47 15 days ago
Train scene was lit😍
NCJ 16 days ago
dude im gonna get an heart attack haha plz i wanna sit there with u when u drive COME TO SWEDEN I GOT AN BRILLIANT IDEA
Jeffrey Barkdull
Jeffrey Barkdull 16 days ago
Now that Kind of Driving could be helpful to get away from people who are chasing you
Shaun Mngomezulu-Tshandu
This is sick!
shivansh singh
shivansh singh 16 days ago
He is mindblowing🔥🔥🔥
Rajat Naik
Rajat Naik 16 days ago
Let's hire him for bank robbery 🏦😂
ΧΡΉΣΤΟΣ Φασουλιωτης
Beautiful car
Cody B
Cody B 17 days ago
3:04 2001 nastalgia
Cody B
Cody B 17 days ago
any1 else think his ford focus is a beter drifter then the hoonitruck? No... just me ? Ok..........
Dj Murat KRKY
Dj Murat KRKY 17 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-BHM_-gUEfEA.html Best music video
Bablu Sk Sk
Bablu Sk Sk 17 days ago
Great job bro
goosebumps 17 days ago
Cool. But have y'all seen polar express train driver? Lol
Лев TV
Лев TV 19 days ago
Dirt 2
Jacopo Guerrieri
Jacopo Guerrieri 19 days ago
Also my sister drift with his 4x4 car
Dinamita 19 days ago
Focus rs rx
Mar mar
Mar mar 19 days ago
Tamim Khan
Tamim Khan 19 days ago
so many cutscenes
Md shamim sikder
Md shamim sikder 19 days ago
Wow that's awesome ❤️
Рашид Арсланбеков
Я тоже так умею просто Россия одни камеры да менты
Harshvardhan Verma
Car goes brrrrr
Miranda Landsman
Miranda Landsman 23 days ago
My bf showed me this the other day. Now I'm gonna show my friend.
Pasha Aditama
Pasha Aditama 24 days ago
3:59 wow amazing
Josh 24 days ago
must be some job he's late for
Виталий Ершов
Saketh 007
Saketh 007 25 days ago
4:04 awesome
its nikhil kumar
its nikhil kumar 26 days ago
When she say nobody at home
martin prisc
martin prisc 26 days ago
You had me at the part where he kicked the door to close it.
elder cruz
elder cruz 26 days ago
El carro es 4x4 por qué para que arranque con al principio lo párese
DREYTER MOMOLE 26 days ago
Tiago Roberto
Tiago Roberto 26 days ago
eita doideira da porraaaaaaaa
Kayla Kayla
Kayla Kayla 27 days ago
Fun fact, people will read your whole comment if you say fun fact
Dmitry Ch
Dmitry Ch 27 days ago
Stock Focus)
david vandereecken
david vandereecken 27 days ago
le seul truc bien de cette vidéo truquée est repassée des centaines de fois jusqu'avoir la bonne prise est la musique de Motörhead à la fin !!!
Calmist Leon
Calmist Leon 27 days ago
If I saw this as a boy I would've found the purpose of my life. This is exhilarating. From my couch.
AYTEKİN OTOGAZ 27 days ago
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 27 days ago
An "inside the wheel well" camera?! Much props to the tech/media team
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 27 days ago
The engineering behind a detachable steering wheel is simply beautiful
Joshua Macas
Joshua Macas 27 days ago
The mushy vein ethnically scare because increase potentially join about a conscious guatemalan. uttermost, whole honey
RØHÎT Gbñ 27 days ago
insane driving skills
RAJNISH SINGH 28 days ago
wal bat
wal bat 28 days ago
Considering this is Ken Block driving it is dead boring. Just drifting. If that stunts driven by amateur then it's awesome. Time to raise the bar Ken!
ریدم تو کس چرب و چیلی و چرک فاطمه الزهرا و بیبی دو عالم زینب کبری
coreysteady 29 days ago
what kind of photo shop fuckery is going on in the thumbnail
João Vítor Marques Lima
Im see the video in 2018:) Nostalgic day:)
Ильзат Якупов
Ожидал более драматургическую концовку
lemon love
lemon love Month ago
red bull dame 1230 latas
lemon love
lemon love Month ago
PASA EN ROJO!!!! tas loco hermano-11!!!!1111!!!
Ultimate DeViL Gaming
No one Literally no one Me- trying to drift like this in game.
facon akter
facon akter Month ago
totally savage driving once again
YANKEN 7K fishing trip
sukses . . . . .mampir gaes
J G Month ago
Ken block has 3 legs🦵 🦵 🦵
Ricky Walters
Ricky Walters Month ago
I think the best part is, you can go anywhere in the world, point at these dumb spots to do a donut and say "I did a donut there"
misti misti
misti misti Month ago
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