[HOONIGAN] Gymkhana 2020: Travis Pastrana Takeover; Ultimate Hometown Shred in an 862hp Subaru STI

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More than a decade-long rivalry between friends and rally drivers Travis Pastrana and Ken Block has culminated in a passing of the torch. Travis Pastrana is trying his hand at his own Gymkhana film, shot and edited by the same crew that makes all the Gymkhana films: Hoonigan Media Machine. Who’s the real winner here? You!

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Dec 8, 2020




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Comments 100
omran mofareej
omran mofareej 2 minutes ago
المعلم موسى علمك التشفيط صح بتمنى الرد بسرعة
Onur Aydın
Onur Aydın 8 minutes ago
İyisin be 😁
Ernesto Peroni
Ernesto Peroni 23 minutes ago
A_L_E_X 32 minutes ago
3:39... F.cking CRAZY!!!!
Денис Свистунов
Ken Block🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fluffy’s Vlog
Fluffy’s Vlog 2 hours ago
Didn’t know this dude till he started blowing up in Cleets Instagram. But damm he can drive can’t wait to see the freedom 500
No_feelingzz No_feelingzz
What the **** did I just watch 🤯🤯
ItsWIITOO 2 hours ago
The face says it all this shit is crazy
Alice Jenkins
Alice Jenkins 3 hours ago
miniurl.es/girlxxxgp7d7 Così come il rafforzamento e lo sviluppo della struttura interna crea la necessità di inserire nel piano di produzione una serie di misure straordinarie, tenendo conto del complesso della tempestiva attuazione del super task. In particolare, la comprensione dell'essenza delle tecnologie di risparmio delle risorse consente di valutare il valore delle nuove proposte.! 突然、活発に発展している第三世界の国々は、マーケティングと財政的前提の観点からのみ見ることができます!私たちが選んだ革新的な道が、緊急のニーズを満たす人材育成システムの定義と改良を必要とするのと同じように。 また、インタラクティブなプロトタイプは、一連の独立した調査の対象となります。そして、政治プロセスの要素が明らかにされたことは間違いありません。
Reneth Anoche
Reneth Anoche 3 hours ago
Now we know why cops chase us in video games. because that's how we drive
Александр Хворостов
Бедный двигатель постоянно на отсечки работает
El Hermano De La Piña Kawaii
Me on rocket league: *_double jump_*
TheAngrySeagull 5 hours ago
Me on GTA “I’ll just go for a normal drive” Me 30 seconds later .......
A A 5 hours ago
Not going to lie.. makes me want to buy a Subaru if money wasn't an issue.
Pharron Rhodes
Pharron Rhodes 5 hours ago
GODDAM! That was intense.
Volkan Aydin
Volkan Aydin 5 hours ago
Игорь Z
Игорь Z 5 hours ago
Парни, а есть кто русскоязычный? Чо люди в комментах-то пишут? У нас сосед-дядя Вася, когда выпьет, также на своём москвичонке стареньком отжигает. И орёт он у него также. Всем селом за ним потом гоняемся.
hidenari hobble
hidenari hobble 6 hours ago
dimon dimonovich
dimon dimonovich 6 hours ago
Henry N.
Henry N. 7 hours ago
3:41 Nice smith grind, I wanna see a boardslide next...
숫자 7 hours ago
게임이 아녔어?
CedBricK 7 hours ago
This child soo cute 🤣
Tony Gella
Tony Gella 7 hours ago
How can unlike this??? Insane job, pilot, filming, sound!! This made my day. Video full of adrenaline!!! 👀
d j
d j 8 hours ago
You should be able to do a 360 going on ramp and landing :)
Маленький Дальнобойщик
Увидел Субару- сразу лайк
Boris Mizzar
Boris Mizzar 9 hours ago
Yellow Backpack Guy
I saw this as a demo video halfway though at a Carrefour, I was thinking this car must be rocking almost 1000hp.
notmaaason 11 hours ago
I can hear him internally screaming the whole time 😅🤘😧
Nani Kurnia
Nani Kurnia 12 hours ago
Drever mental Dewa
Boom Boom
Boom Boom 13 hours ago
Лайк :) I from Россия. Hello friends
ZaneMain 16 hours ago
Travis fuckin LOOKS like he's driving a subaru at 150 mph in a 25! Face all geeked out it has to be so insane to see and react to things so quickly and with such finesse, even a slight wobble is catastrophic at high speeds and he's taking full jumps and slamming the gas. It takes a different type of person to commit that hard to something that difficult, the utmost respect!
Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose 17 hours ago
Wow,Travis was the chosen one for a reason. Next level focus and reaction times🤯
Donato Bencosme
Donato Bencosme 18 hours ago
1:53 someone who goes this fast has no time for a ticket
phantomEXE 19 hours ago
Was that Kirby Chambliss in 4:16?
Mbark67 21 hour ago
Waouw zd !!!🇩🇿🇩🇿
Mbark67 21 hour ago
Trop puissant !!!
Turbo German
Turbo German 22 hours ago
Наконец-то снова Субару, а не этот Форд
Vasea Rturi
Vasea Rturi 23 hours ago
Fahim Haider
Fahim Haider 23 hours ago
Sounds like insidious inside the car
john smith
john smith 23 hours ago
That look when he launches doing a buck 50.....
saka ujjjibchhxyre
saka ujjjibchhxyre 23 hours ago
wawo wawo very cod cod cod speiderman👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Adrian Zambrana
Adrian Zambrana 23 hours ago
7:15 yo that dude landed straight on his head with the bike on the of him!!
olim aliev
olim aliev 23 hours ago
olim aliev
olim aliev 23 hours ago
VACIKO GIGA 23 hours ago
Beau Amoureux
😂 The look on his face is not fear, it’s focus, anxiety, and bracing for impact! Trav is almost 40, and he’s been doing this his entire life! Do y’all REALLY think driving a car scares him!? 🤷🏿‍♂️
Alex Nivelo
Alex Nivelo 3 hours ago
This facts
b 35 12th
b 35 12th Day ago
Wow that's the cat once I drawed in my sketch book🤔🤩✌️❣️ Thanks for 1k
Игорь Ru
Петя Васичкин
Круто!Ждём продолжения.
Omkar Ajetrao
No words
Dodi Kas
Dodi Kas Day ago
Whata hell??!! 5:38 literally the best thing in all gymhana history! Great skills on corners, but man... the straight full speed sends are the best thing i have seen so far
Tammy & shem
Tammy & shem Day ago
This man can drive asf
上手いし、速いし、 メチャクチャ楽しかったぁ~♪
Distortion Day ago
He makes such a face as if he himself doesn't understand what he is doing.
Дэвид Якубов
Это прекрасно , но на 4:11 окошко открыто, а в следующем кадре закрыто, и за видео такое не раз, я конечно же понимаю, что это монтажные склейки, но в глаза бросается
Rakesh Suman
Rakesh Suman Day ago
Vincenzo Day ago
Holly sh!t!!!! This is... I don't know how to say! My jaw is just on the floor:) Wow! Awesome perfomance!
Sektion OBC
Sektion OBC Day ago
Yeah but can he do it with m Honda Civic
Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon Day ago
the Phoenix
the Phoenix Day ago
Travis is all balls and skills he's a savage driver
Руслан Сабитов
Я так за хлебом на запорожце езжу.
Jean Bull
Jean Bull Day ago
I would show this uncle Where crayfish hibernate Unfortunately, there are more professional drivers who do not have the opportunity to buy such a car.
Roman Morgan
Roman Morgan Day ago
Drift Paradise - like this comment)
Claudio Ruiz
Claudio Ruiz Day ago
craziest video I've ever watched. and it just seems interesting and fun
Sp99d Hunt99r
Hi from Russia)
Rodrigo Valladolid
When my girlfriend says: im alone in my house! Jajaja
Cậu Xanh
Cậu Xanh Day ago
my brain was thrown out of my head @@
J Martir
J Martir Day ago
This video probably gave me the most anxiety I’ve ever had
MAX PARK Day ago
2:41 도랑타기를 여기서 볼줄이야..
GR 77
GR 77 Day ago
Адреналин вышел из чата!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uber Eats should make an ad outta this lol
Саша Патютка
Кен блок лучше
Ashton Hatfield
I have watched this video like 6 times. It's still awesome
Tyler Ipac
Tyler Ipac Day ago
Travis pastranas face on gymkhana : 😲😦😰😯😥😬 Ken blocks face on gymkhana: 😐😎
Tyler Ipac
Tyler Ipac Day ago
His facial expression when he did the jump was nervous but i respect that Imagine jumping on a boat ties above a river and landing across it Mad respect
Forza horizon be like
epikhaidr Day ago
jokes aside, this was actually insane.
Bruno DeFrancesco
Looked like he was in total fear the whole time. Those cars are brutal.
carlosizz89 Day ago
man I was sweating bullets when the tire was hanging over water and then that jump and landing just wow
MisziMasz Day ago
Tumu kto widzi ten komentarz życzę miłej niedzieli
Laccifer Day ago
“Welcome to the Forza Horizon Festival!”
Udit Anand Sharma
I can easily imagine Travis booking a full 2 day massage therapy after those jumps.
Udit Anand Sharma
The exhaust is divine lullaby for me.
Forgiven Because Of Grace
Wow, very impressed
Злой Путешественник
These guys are damn sick! But I love them!
FAHAD 333 Day ago
👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻 EXCELLENT!
iceicebuddy Day ago
This just keeps going, huh?
cuccuretteti tenore orune
Not many videos including movies out there like this, Congrats BoyZ
DaddyBigMad 2 days ago
someones been playing waaaay too much gta v lately...
Илья Хак
Илья Хак 2 days ago
Ярослав Акинфиев
Best video
Richard Pereira Meneses
Danilo Xavier
Danilo Xavier 2 days ago
Família na cidade em que moro foi decretado toque de recolher com isso acabei perdendo meu emprego temporário e a situação ficou ainda pior do que já estava ! Não desisto pois sei que é uma fase e tudo vai voltar logo ! Quem puder se inscrever para me ajudar 😭😭😭! Obrigado Família.
julian johnson
julian johnson 2 days ago
That's Friggin INSANE !!! I Love it!!!
DEG 2 days ago
Судя по его глазам он побаивался🤣
ALEX ツ BNR34 2 days ago
Надеюсь с его позвоночником всё в порядке.
Денис Свистунов
@Nova 😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍
Nova 20 hours ago
Кроме меня тебя тут никто не понял:)
H H 2 days ago
TAL COHEN 2 days ago
Travis Pastrana? More like Travis Posttrauma I'll show myself to the door thank you
Travis Pastrana Raises the Bar