Hoobastank - The Reason (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Hoobastank performing The Reason. (C) 2003 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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Oct 7, 2009




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Comments 100
ricardo jose lopez silva
Recuerdo haber escuchado esta canción hace años y hoy por fin mis oidos vuelven a escuchar esta dulce melodia
What now
What now 11 minutes ago
My 100th time watching this
Flor Tanta
Flor Tanta 46 minutes ago
デスThaKidd Hour ago
I've known this song my whole life but I'm only finding out the title now lol
Michael santos tv
Michael santos tv 2 hours ago
2021 alguém
Stephanie Castellanos
One of the best songs to describe what an amazing friend is going threw.. rip
Ra Loa
Ra Loa 5 hours ago
Ricca Donaire
Ricca Donaire 5 hours ago
Good old song moment rn
Ita Amelia
Ita Amelia 7 hours ago
I hear this song when i was waiting fpr train after college class, dont know the name of it but i like it
Sfiso Mthemba
Sfiso Mthemba 7 hours ago
I heard this song on #ThatWasEpic RUvid channel and i searched the song, i love it
Saer Or Tafree With Fatima Ali
2021 some 10 years later back
Alejandra Alemán
Alejandra Alemán 7 hours ago
I feel bad for the man. I hope he had his diamond back. :'(
Camila Dos Santos Nogueira
Saudades dessa época lembranças boas que vai ficar na memória, escutando em 2021 lembranças que não vai se apagar .
Luis Felipe
Luis Felipe 11 hours ago
Ih, outro br aqui
Daniel Passos
Daniel Passos 12 hours ago
17.01.2021 brazil 🤘🏼🍺🇧🇷🏴‍☠️🇦🇱
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey 14 hours ago
I wonder how many times this song caused a woman to get slapped again? 🤷‍♂️ because this song slaps!!!
Kerry 14 hours ago
I used to love this song when was younger and now i still love it. Such a tune x
Mat Phillips
Mat Phillips 17 hours ago
Great vocals .... here as a friend asked me to learn this ... very difficult range and pitch...
Mohannad M
Mohannad M 19 hours ago
I found a reason to show a side of me you didn't know
Prasad PS
Prasad PS 20 hours ago
TUFFY 77 23 hours ago
I am high af and I love this ❤️🔥
Rio Putra
Rio Putra 23 hours ago
Indonesia, yogyakarta 16 january 2021 🇮🇩
Lua Siqueira
Lua Siqueira Day ago
Alguém em 2021?
Derlene Martino
2004 my favourite song until now 2021
Aniket Patrikar
Sorry but I love AIB version more😃
Siman Sunuwar
I have got a unforgettable memory with this song in my teenage
Those days when a music videos had a whole storyline.
Lara Broughton
yy Chua
yy Chua Day ago
16th Jan 2021. I don't know why but I'm here for this song.
yemkong chuba
Such a nostalgic video, especially that girl so incredible looks 😘😘
Fanuel Villanueva
Hits Person with car, starts to sing.
Putri D Anggiani
Indonesia mana suaranya???? Yang jaman SMA nya nungguin MTV buat nonton video ini ❤️
Vince Day ago
This is song is for you my dog Barney.
Muhammad Fitry My Yusub Md Yusub
Christina Cepero
Perfect Person!!! It's Ebaitable, isn't it???!!! ⚓🤳
rick jams
rick jams Day ago
Rojan Kc
Rojan Kc Day ago
Zurtle Bojangles
D Mac
D Mac Day ago
Man I remember when this came out on MTV Hits. I used to watch MTV Hits with my girlfriend every day after school for hours.
Vince Day ago
90s kid ?
EtErNaL LivEs MaTtEr!
This song was my lifeline....until by faith Jesus saved me....now he is the reason.
lésbica bucetuda
Alguém em 2021?
Abel Garcia
Abel Garcia Day ago
To you Samantha Manning.. I was the worst, I never deserved you, you told me then I had changed your life well here I am baby doll 2021, 18 years later, I still love you, I miss you, wish I could talk to you and say I'm sorry.
i remember when this was on the radio waves on every station & in all the stores at the mall or out getting groceries or at the pharmacy it was everywhere you couldn't escape it
eNeVe Family
eNeVe Family Day ago
This makes me feel supa dupa old.
Salvador Ramirez
This song brings me closer to got when I'm feeling down. Pray for me!
Nomusa Moloi
Nomusa Moloi Day ago
Takes me back to primary school😥,time flies ...
Nguyenduy Thaisang
0:09 so sexy moment
No Tra
No Tra Day ago
Ruby Johnson
Ruby Johnson Day ago
I totally forgot about this song until I came across a Nostalgia playlist. And I’m glad I came across that Nostalgia playlist.
Ruth Bauser
Ruth Bauser Day ago
Boulevard's Song💔✨
Sarah L
Sarah L Day ago
It's been about 17 years or more since I first heard this. 31 now. Still hits the same.
Armin Rasooli
A good song for the Donald!
John Lendon
John Lendon Day ago
Still the best song ever
canciones para desahogarte por diferentes motivos
te la dedicaría a vos todos los días, mamá...
I remember when my neighbor played this at his funeral. Now, this is one of my favorite song even though this song existed way back 2009.
Peter Remlalfaka Fanai
Awang Alif
Awang Alif 2 days ago
listened to this since I was 10 till now.... and I'm 20 now
Yakeline Ponce romero
mis viejos tiempos como los extraño
Mark Comision
Mark Comision 2 days ago
XMan Esports
XMan Esports 2 days ago
723rd million viewer in 2021
JAMES VLOGS 2 days ago
ishfaque ahmed khan
If ur watching this in 2150 u r not even born now and i am most probably dead by then 😁 peace😇
Ooopsy poopsy
Ooopsy poopsy 2 days ago
in 2020 and 2021 this song will be banned..... why? Because there is an Asian involved in a traffic accident. . . . . . and yet there is this stereotype about Asian drivers. Goodbye Hoobastank.... thank you for almost 20 years of memories
Nguyenminh Anhkiet
I need boy friend
Zyncathe Zhang
Zyncathe Zhang 2 days ago
Can't believe this song got over 700mil views XD
bobbyoty 2 days ago
their best song.
Manisha Sunar
Manisha Sunar 2 days ago
Yes I'm the legend
Emily Cristiny
Emily Cristiny 2 days ago
Nunca houve música tão boa quanto essa
vini 53br
vini 53br 2 days ago
Muita nostalgia
Ivan Ortiz
Ivan Ortiz 2 days ago
Una de las mejores 😔
x.gxvin1 2 days ago
we need to celebrate if this song his 1 billion views! so close...
Luisi Rex727
Luisi Rex727 2 days ago
I remember hearing this song when i was 4 years old on my uncle's car radio :)
Luisi Rex727
Luisi Rex727 Day ago
That was on 2009
CCr 2 days ago
This song distracted me and stole my heart
Armani Washington
Love This Song!!!
I, Your Eyes!
I, Your Eyes! 2 days ago
One of best musics of all time.
Cathlene Romain
Cathlene Romain 2 days ago
Song still makes me want to cry😿
Bernd Gerlach
Bernd Gerlach 2 days ago
First to Eleven brought me here (They have done a great cover of this song)
roughchippy Day ago
.......its bugging me Bernd, cos i commented recently on one of their videos that this would make a great song for them to cover, First To Eleven,..... if they saw my comment i dont know, but yes, they did a fantastic cover, and the original will always be a special song too, all the best !!
Des Challenor
Des Challenor 2 days ago
Well love mem!I am watching.!!!!😗😗😗😗
Skylar Dayas Tokoto
This song is so cool! I figured it out because I heard it in the cafe
Camila Rodas
Camila Rodas 2 days ago
do you watching this in 2021? because I do 😌👊
Sleezy Buen
Sleezy Buen 2 days ago
Who's watching in 2021?
Jhonata Rodrigues
Brazil malhação 2004
ABYSMO KEY 2 days ago
One of the most beautiful songs of the world !
Kevin Davila
Kevin Davila 3 days ago
Alguien lo escucha en 2021 jueves 14 de enero
Yess 13 hours ago
Claro que sí bruh, 16 de enero del 2021
Paulina Lara
Paulina Lara 23 hours ago
The Disciple
The Disciple 2 days ago
Yoo jajaj
Andrew Bishop
Andrew Bishop 3 days ago
I am so old I loved this song when it first came out but I never saw the video until now
Ma. Consolacion S. Ylanan
I'm sorry too! My only friend and Chris Flores Bansal my friend
rommel rivera
rommel rivera 3 days ago
Siti Salasiyah
Siti Salasiyah 3 days ago
Yuri Matsui
Yuri Matsui 3 days ago
Zergio Piscoya
Zergio Piscoya 3 days ago
Cuando no existía RUvid y tenias que esperar por la tarde para ver los 10 + pedidos de MTV.. buenos tiempos aquellos..😎🖤🔥🎵🎶🇵🇪🤘🏻
Cristian Perilla
Cristian Perilla 2 days ago
mtv se volvio un pu to canal de novelas y realities estupi dos...
avenged gaming
avenged gaming 3 days ago
I love this music
avenged gaming
avenged gaming 3 days ago
Everyday am always see this video
Sancia Johnson
Sancia Johnson 3 days ago
Am sorry 🍍❤️
mark gates
mark gates 3 days ago
oh i miss bands like these
Saraibritvazq 3 days ago
Porque Hasley, tengo suficiente amor para los dos, aún cuando tu le des tu corazón a alguien más, yo te daré el mío, y con la sangre de él me pintaré una sonrisa solo para ti. .🥀. Pushi!
Caranchoa1!! Videos y más
Solo dire wow
Denise Saturday
Denise Saturday 3 days ago
Who wants to know. Just going through my play list
Leunice Reintegrado
Isaac Bustamante
Isaac Bustamante 3 days ago
quien escuchando este hit de siempre en el alo 2021
Cristian Perilla
Cristian Perilla 2 days ago
yo, y siempre sera el mejor....
polleria mery
polleria mery 3 days ago
Mi Kay
Mi Kay 3 days ago
Hello 2021
Erin B.
Erin B. 3 days ago
Omg... I used to listen to this song when i was 3 years old in the car with my mom and my dad, when they were still together... And i fond this song 11 years later, when i'm 14... Nostalgia hurt damn...
E P 10 hours ago
AshleyoOo. Day ago
Same < 3
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