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Hong Kong is in turmoil. For months now thousands of people have been taking to the streets to protest against the increasing influence of China. Demonstrators and police have clashed repeatedly.
In this video diary five eye witnesses give their account of the protests over the last few months. The bloggers filmed the majority of the video footage themselves, chronicling the unrest in the semi-autonomous territory in an unusual and arrestingly direct fashion.
In February 2019 the Hong Kong government announced draft legislation that would have allowed the extradition of its residents to mainland China. Critics feared it would open the backdoor to Beijing. Hong Kong may be part of China, but it enjoys special rights like freedom of speech and assembly under the one country, two systems policy. These proposed changes to the extradition laws sparked an ongoing wave of protests, which have repeatedly turned violent.
After demonstrators stormed the Hong Kong’s legislature and the escalation of protests at Hong Kong airport, chief executive Carrie Lam announced in early September that she was scrapping the controversial extradition bill. But, by then, the protests had already become about far more than that. The demonstrators had started calling for free elections and an independent Hong Kong. On October 4, Lam invoked emergency powers in a bid to impose a ban on wearing masks, sparking further unrest. An end of the conflict is still not in sight.
The video diary ‘My Hong Kong’ contains five very personal accounts of the turbulent events in Hong Kong over the last few months. The eye witnesses describe their fears of a Chinese takeover and the mood in a city state in turmoil.
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Comments 80
KAREN TIGER 2 months ago
Beijing can just give Hong Kong what they want and there won’t be any protest. Unless the government want violence to be a issue
Xx Galaxiangaming xX
I wonder if the Hong kong would be an independent nation, if that happens I wonder how the Chinese Government would react.
Xx Galaxiangaming xX
@W M Thanks for the information.
W M 2 months ago
As you wish, they will admit HK as a country, admit South China sea as HK territory, admit Cantonese (or Hongkonese) as a foreign language, admit HK's local national defence force, admit HK to substitute China as a permanent member of the UN.
Brandon Atwood
Brandon Atwood 3 months ago
0:43 best quote 2019! Blessings to the protesters and I hope your voice and action is heard and acknowledged
HaveTrollen 3 months ago
a slide of lemon you hold in your mouth remove the effect of teargas..
AbbY🅱️ 3 months ago
Why there are some protesters rising british flag?!!? Why western ( NATO ) & US bushing it aginst China?
Kam Lee
Kam Lee 3 months ago
Hail! Carrie Lam and Hong Kong Police for upholding rules not law in Hong Kong. These rioters must be sent to jail for disrupting my peaceful City!
NPC16329532807 1
NPC16329532807 1 3 months ago
Better dead than red
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 3 months ago
Please, Help us.... We are HongKongers suffering in a deteriorating legal system, not listening to people's voice, but only obeying to the commands of CCP. Our freedom is restricting and the true democracy promised by the Sino-British Joint Declaration during the hangover of HK back to China is completely lost. Teenagers are keep missing and we all know are sent to China or get murdered by the police. Please, help us, with our deep sincere voice. We have no way back now. SOSHK
Barry Wang
Barry Wang 3 months ago
shit of u
Emperios Zyrandios
Emperios Zyrandios 3 months ago
Of course they would shelter you and help you when you’re in trouble. You’re white and they want white people to acknowledge them. If it’s chinese looking person who’s speaking Mandarin they would have been beaten half to death. That’s why chinese from Malaysia and Singapore is afraid of Hong Kong people. They used language as a weapon
周鸿光 3 months ago
Hong Kong beautiful lovable lively city. Hongkongers very unfortunate to have Useless Shameless Dumb chief executive
Laurence Co
Laurence Co 3 months ago
Hundreds of Millions of USDollars & Euros are being spend to finance these rioters from the NED, Billionaire Elites, Taiwan & other Anti-China source.
Mona Mohamed
Mona Mohamed 3 months ago
Now this is a protest😭
LEONIDAS 3 months ago
why DW Documentary / DW is against DONALD TRUMP
No Name
No Name 4 months ago
This is what we need to do in America
Luke Roetling
Luke Roetling 4 months ago
China needs to go down for this. They are completely out of control and require military confrontation. China's leader is more of a sithlord than a leader.
R J 4 months ago
Doesn't matter. Have you ever seen China lost any territory since 1949? It's the beauty of having nuclear weapons and being a permanent member of UN security council and a winner of WWII. You Germans will never understand.
Curry Muncher
Curry Muncher 2 months ago
intrudR 4 months ago
Would love a part 2 of how it escalated even further now.
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo 4 months ago
I have to admit , HK protest is very creative.
our rights first
our rights first 4 months ago
Beijing are just waiting for the perfect time to steamroll you!
Wayne Garden
Wayne Garden 4 months ago
It is a bit sad the public and ppl around the world are not inform of events that lead up to the legislation being purposed and also the details of the legislation. Suffice to say not all are subjected to legislation only certain crimes and also have to be past by hk before extradition is permitted. I think this is one sided and irresponsible journalism. Hk legal and legislative system is first class and should not be undermined. The mis-trust of hk system and lack of knowledge by the younger population could lead to the down fall of hk. Business could be forced to move to neighbouring Chinese cities hence having the opposite effect younger generations of hk are striving for. The wave has started let’s see where the dominos fall.
Man Chun Siu
Man Chun Siu 4 months ago
Thank you for doing the documentary. However, it's ashamed that the documentary spoke about police's excessive force, but did not show any footage of it (despite such video footages being widely available on the internet, particularly regarding 21 July 2019 incident and 31 August 2019 incident - commonly referred to as "7.21, 8.31"). Had it not been these two key events (and the subsequent shootings, sexual violence including rapes against protesters and deaths), the protest movement would not have gone on as long as it did. You can't talk about HK's police misconduct without talking about 7.21, 8.31, protesters' dead bodies in the sea, protesters dead bodies being dropped from buildings. They're all interlinked. Finally, stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom. Five demands, not one less.
Laurence Co
Laurence Co 4 months ago
YOUR TRUE ENEMIES ARE THE WEALTHY REAL ESTATE TYCOON (Like the Racoons & the Goons HIDING IN THE WOODS and pretending to be good & righteous) who made billions with the British friends from the poor and middle class people of Hong Kong. To suppress them economically for their own good. These are the Demons of Capitalism, GREEDY & BRUTAL; THE UGLY PART OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY. AND IT IS STARTING TO AFFECT THE PEOPLE OF MAINLAND CHINA. THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD ACT ON THIS CRITICAL PROBLEM BEFORE ITS TOO LATE WHEN IT SUDDENLY EXPLODE IN THEIR FACE. WHAT WE NEED IS ANOTHER CULTURAL REVOLUTION TO GET RID OF THE CORRUPT LAND OWNERS LIKE IN THE 60's. Every now and then the country needs to clean house.
Camilo Delgado
Camilo Delgado 4 months ago
Hong Kongers live in 2074.
G L 4 months ago
It's justified to attack travelers at the airport or bystanders opposing your action? Insane. When you're physically in the moment, you'll be emotionally triggered to the protestors' emotions. I'm not saying that it's good or bad. I'm saying that if you assess the entire situation, the police is bound by law to keep peace, order and safety to all citizens and property. If there should be a sudden violent unrest, which sounds like there were a few of these mini incidences, then it would be a bit disastrous and late to try to contain million plus people at that time. From the law enforcement's perspective, dispersing or containing the crowd was how they were handling the situation. It may not be the best in HKers' minds, but if anyone is involved in a mass protest, s/he should be aware that tear gas or similar tactical effects could be used by the police.
Zheng Zhang
Zheng Zhang 4 months ago
Shameless one-sided reporting and blatant lies. These terrorists are claiming themselves to be justifiable??? Joke.
ERIC SANG 4 months ago
This a shame…I thought you HK students are educated…Has not history show you where China stand? 1989 Tiananmen Square protests? There is no question China will be taking back HK when that time comes. Its inevitable. If you believe all this protest, damages & violence used will have an effect or believe or hope other countries will intervene than you must be naïve and not know how this world runs. It’s all about economics & money. There is not one major country in the world who does have a deficit with China. Who would dare speak up or intervene without affecting their own countries economy? These protests have become more violent & damaging. It hurting the HK citizens the most. HK is known to have the most expensive real estate in the world. Many businesses big & small, restaurants, mom & pop stores, cab drivers are forced to close at nights & weekend due to these riots. If these businesses can’t do business how are these businesses are to survive? Then you will have businesses going out of business laying people off and so on. It has a domino affect that the protesters don’t realize. I find many of these protestors’ hypocrites hiding behind masks and have to go to work to make a living than come back out on weekends or at nights. If this keeps up there will be no jobs to back to. Resorting to violence and damaging property is only hurting the HK citizens and their daily way of life…Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, & even Wei Jingsheng, & Wang Dan did not hide behind masks. Any other country, with this kind of violence the countries govt would been suppressed already by more force…Wake up already & stop hurting HK
ERIC SANG 4 months ago
@Acha0 Does it really make a difference? Its inevitable when China reclaims HK and do away 1-country 2-system. Has tinamen square show where China stands & did oher country in the world intervene? 20-yrs later China is the most wealthiest & powerful country in the world. Every who produces a product want China's market. Like I state again its all about economics. This law US passes is just another dog & pony show & appease the world that US govt supposedly cares. But in the sametime, they want a trade deal with China
Acha0 4 months ago
Dont you want to have an unfettered voice in choosing who writes your laws?
Philip Ting
Philip Ting 4 months ago
But, but, but...
z 4 months ago
Hi 61
Hi 61 4 months ago
the police in hong kong are just a bunch of bullies and nazis!!!!!...they do not care about the hk people!
PStar 007
PStar 007 3 months ago
Barbati Liberi in Romania
Tear gas grenades can be stoped by submerging them in water ! Good luck Hong Kong ! You have the guts to do what some contries do not !
JoeYassnuts 4 months ago
This is released on DW German Gouverment official Channel the same Gouverment who is so stupid to buy all its 5g infrastructure from china We in germany have for sure some of the most stupid decitionmakers in the world. so we can be perfectly controlled when china has become more powerfull and finished the new silk road project . While pragging about how stupid the us president is who ( is actually doing something about china ). Its a pathetic joke.
S S 4 months ago
Listen to the following which outlines the reasons and facts why HK police dogs which can easily stop or even prevent the destruction from happening but choose giving a blind eye just like the JUL 1 breaking into Legco that is so obviously a set up of the dogs. Police dogs' outrageous deeds are turning all HKers completely pissed off. @
Meltdown 4 months ago
S S 4 months ago
The 2-3 guys smashing the Legco window glass on Jul 1 obviously are not students nor protesters but hired triads or commies hired by police dogs and commie puppets who disappeared right away after the glass is smashed. Police dogs inside the Legco did nothing to stop but also disappeared and let protesters enter into Legco through the broken glass. Everything so obviously a set up!!
S S 4 months ago
June 12, 1st round of fatal tear gas and rubber bullets aimed at heads and faces of peaceful protesters who are merely blockly Legco entrance to stop the evil extradiction bill from submitting to Legco. The protesters succeeded but in the next few months thousands got killed tortured raped kidnapped disappeared done by commie police crazy dogs!!
S S 4 months ago
PLA Hong Kong garisson excuses themselves by "voluntarily" helping to clear roadblock to get around the Hong Kong Basic Law and Garrison Law which state clearly PLA shall not interfere in local affairs. 原文 - 解放軍「自發」清潔:違法違憲的憲制危機 解放軍「自發」清潔:違法違憲的憲制危機 唔好笑呀!唔好以為好好玩! 解放軍聲稱自發清理路障,並且進入浸會大學範圍,你知唔知幾大件事,係憲制危機! !已經同時違反基本法以及駐軍法! 基本法 第十四條 中......
Chen Max
Chen Max 4 months ago
You really need a doctor. No, a shrink actually.
oliver rong
oliver rong 4 months ago
Why there are only riots expressing their opinions, how about the government or police force "? Are you really not bias. Obviously you are not. You just treat audiences as stupid. You are not objective at all. You just a dog of America and other west governments
S S 4 months ago
Today another 30 year old female corpse found in the sea. Hundreds corpses either dumped in the sea or thrown off high rise after murdered. Commie police wild dogs kidnapping tons of pretty young girls daily gang rape them in police stations. Female corpses are dumped in the sea to wash off the dogs' DNA. HK is now facing one of the worst inhumanity crises ever. Liberate HK off china criminal party, world's largest and most evil mafia thuggish nation. Today HK, Tomorrow World!
S S 4 months ago
Astonishing herds of undercover cops dogs dressed as black shirts protesters after destructing places, setting fire bombs and beating up civilians were boarding a police van, the dogs shouting, tried to stop journalists from taking pictures in the following RUvid (copy paste and search in YT), 11月14日,有市民拍到一些假扮黑衣抗爭者的便衣,登上一輛警車。隨即引起市民質疑部份破壞行動是警方便衣所為。 採訪日期:2019年11月15日 責任編輯:Chris -大紀元時報 Today another 30 year old female corpse found in the sea. Hundreds corpses either dumped in the sea or thrown off high rise after murdered. Commie police wild dogs kidnapping tons of pretty young girls daily gang rape them in police stations. Female corpses are dumped in the sea to wash off the dogs' DNA. HK is now facing one of the worst inhumanity crises ever. Liberate HK off china criminal party, world's largest and most evil mafia thuggish nation. Today HK, Tomorrow World!
limbuhang1 4 months ago
When Gov go hard, We go hard! No compromise on Maximum Freedom, High Degree of Autonomy, Universal Suffrage & full Rights with the special Identity!
Leo Jara
Leo Jara 4 months ago
Re Irish lol , the one on fire was not pass by but he pretended he were police and theathen the people.
Sandy Yu
Sandy Yu 4 months ago
The Communist party in China feed on grass roots and grow up with fighting. You can only due with them with soft approach but not hard tactics. These rioters in Hong Kong feeded by their parents and grow up playing computer games. Soft approach means nothing to them. Time to give them hard medicine just like all western countries. 中國共產黨以草根為食,並在戰鬥中成長。 他們吃軟而不吃硬的。 這些在香港暴徒由父母餵養,玩電腦遊戲長大。 軟方法對他們沒有任何意義。 和所有西方國家一樣,是時候給他們吃硬的
Firefly 4 months ago
DW is trash and fake news spinner.
滿願 4 months ago
Hong Kong's rule of law and freedom of speech have been severely destroyed by the rioters.
Hailie Mai
Hailie Mai 4 months ago
Did I hear it right? The protesters singing “les Miserables”?
wc200709 3 months ago
yes it is.
Rose Balaun
Rose Balaun 3 months ago
@Diana Lee yeah. ...I love the times I've heard them singing and the meaning... There are serious threat to maintaining our Constitution here...and the isolation for some is used as abuse and coercion and false narrative often ...very brutal to be ignored and forced have something like their 5 demands so stonewalled...
Diana Lee
Diana Lee 3 months ago
They and we should all sing, Glory to Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Rose Balaun
Rose Balaun 3 months ago
@Shay C hey thanks. Hunger games catching fire I'll try to look it up...I can understand saying if we burn you burn....not for spite or that but for the protection of truth may be...like that...
Shay C
Shay C 3 months ago
When I heard them singing it, it broke my heart. One of their key slogans for their protest is “if we burn, you burn with us” it’s a quote from The Hunger Games Catching Fire when they were going through their revolution. These protests are NOT protests, this is a revolution.
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim 4 months ago
Bias documentary. Just peaceful protesting. Are you kidding me? Or you're too blind?
Kahn Warsah
Kahn Warsah 4 months ago
those are not protesters.. those are thugs and terrorist... i am glad that finally the hk police acted like all the police in the world especially US Police. Shot the criminals on the spot whenever thet threathen the safety of policeme....bravo HK Police
Iris lol
Iris lol 4 months ago
Masks Rioters, breaking roads, beating and burning passers-by citizen, destroying public property, burn MTR, shop sand banks, Rioters always throwing gas bombs.
Jonatan D
Jonatan D 4 months ago
@3214Mastercheese China is an authoritarian regime that has shown expansionistic tendencies. Knowing that it is trying to subvert Honk Kongs civil liberties requires little to no imagination.
3214Mastercheese 4 months ago
and they blame on China for destroying the freedom of hongkong with their stupid logic created by their imagination
TOSCHE 4 months ago
China can´t offer HK any improvements. China should join HK and not the other way around. Lots of support from Germany for HK! I feel lucky to see HK people fighting for their rights!
jherc 4 months ago
Never trust CCP / Mainland Chinese. Support HK independent, from Singapore.
jherc 4 months ago
HK was doing well until CCP took over.
Denise Bay
Denise Bay 4 months ago
Learn some history, kid
S S 4 months ago
A 17 year old female protester is gang raped by cops inside Tsuen Wan police station on Sept 27 night. She is now pregnant and hospitalized, according to sources from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, yet another inhumanity under the present brutal police state in HK all acting above the law!! Today HK, Tomorrow Whole World to be bullied, killed, tortured, kidnapped, disappeared, robbed, scammed, abused, shut up and take away everything by china criminal party, world's largest and most evil thuggish nation! HKers' Demands NOW: 1. Set up independent investigative committee; 2. Puppet Carrie Lam be kicked OUT; 3. Real Universal Suffrage; 4. Dissolve commie police dogs; 5. Stop labelling HK Movement a Riot and release so called rioters!!
Kate100294764 4 months ago
like most of the world, i support the hong kong protesters.
Kuriko Weiber
Kuriko Weiber 4 months ago
there are simply too many bias and irrational points....lost my attention. learn how to put a documentary together. amateur work guys...
No Signal
No Signal 4 months ago
Kuriko Weiber oh really?! Amateur work? I dont see you putting a better documentary. Dont you just hate it when assholes keep farting onions? Whoes throwing smoke up this guys ass😂
Jimsy 4 months ago
That's not how it started though, is it? Why leave out the actual starting point? That a young, pregnant HK girl was murdered by her HK boyfriend in Taiwan. He ran back to HK, and because no tri-partisan extradition treaty exists, got away with murder. That's why the extradition treaty bill came into being - to prevent that situation happening ever again.
jarla naudic
jarla naudic 4 months ago
Hong Kong continue fighting. China is a prison.
Gerry Li
Gerry Li 4 months ago
For more information please check how bbc, cnn, dw report 39 people dyed in UK, how the western mainstream media working. Shame you DW.😂
Gerry Li
Gerry Li 4 months ago
Hong Kong is hopeless, young people destroy their city, journalist are blind, western media like DW are using them to against China,. If you are smart check what they report about China in the last 10years. If you are Chinese, if you think your country have something need to improve, improve it, not against it. British or western country only using you, wake up kids.
Ragas 4 months ago
I'm awestruck at how people can organize themselves with such sophistication. Hong Kongers are truly great. I wish there to be peace for such a great people. This is truly a revolution of our time.
李超 4 months ago
Hong Kong has been China's territory since ancient times. The sad thing is that it was colonized by the British in modern times, you know. So there are these problems, you go to see what is the development of the UK now, and then look at China look at Hong Kong! I don't want to discuss the superiority of the system, but I just want to say that it is the most important thing for people to live a better life. I am very proud of this. You americans and europeans, if you think China is bad, please come to China and have a look. You will know who is right and who is wrong.
Middle Age Mom
Middle Age Mom 4 months ago
why you cover your face
Lu Yao
Lu Yao 5 months ago
The mobs shattered and destroyed the subway burning banks and beat ordinary people. The legal system in Hong Kong was destroyed. Support Hong Kong Police
John Doe
John Doe 5 months ago
No biased media means no violent mob means no police action....
Doogie Chen
Doogie Chen 5 months ago
Calling people who support democratic system stand up against CCP China Nazi bully on your country...Stand with Hong Kong.
John Doe
John Doe 5 months ago
These rioters and terrorists do not fight for Hong Kong right or freedom, but only their own selfish interest. They are afraid to compete with their peers in Mainland after having fallen behind in recent years and are simply jealous of the success of others. The real issue here is they lack the opportunities and competitiveness when compared to their counterparts in a global economy and market. When you can't beat the opposition, the easiest and fastest way is to literally engage a thug to break the leg of your competition....a simple case of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.
Noukz 5 months ago
:-'( Don't give up Hongkongers! The world already knew how sh***y Chinese government is (Carrie Lam too, being their puppet) but this will never be forgotten!
Gaming with Music
Gaming with Music 4 months ago
Lul many people are already awakened about this so called peaceful rioters who killed an old man with a hammer 😂
JD l
JD l 5 months ago
I just returned from a 2 week trip to Hong Kong and I did find myself present in several of these mass demonstrations. As such, I was able to bear witness to the events that took place and give you my personal account. For one, many of these demonstrators are very peaceful and in fact so much so they even yell to people, including myself to watch out for traffic. Yes, really, traffic! They're very concerned for everyone's safety and well being. As a bystander, I felt absolute no fear from the demonstrators and they generally just assemble to yell chants and voice their grievance, and those chants BTW are very synchronized. The only real fear I got was when all of a sudden, there will be some very chaotic running from these people from out of the blue and you have no other choice but run along because I think that means the police is chasing them. Another time I freak out was when people were running towards my direction and then I realize that was because the tear gas was shot in our way and although I was very far from the site where they threw it, the winds blew it all over the air making it very difficult to breath. My first experience with tear gas and it is horrible so stay away. So in all, I would say I'm actually more afraid of the police action then the demonstrators. Also, people are so coordinated. At one point, there were masses of people running and some girl shouted for them to run faster. I was puzzled not knowing why she said that but now I realize it was to evade the police and letting them know where police are heading and stationed next. Wow, I really do admire their bravery and realize they have a very difficult fight ahead of them and it would not be easy at all. Makes me realize people should not take freedom for granted and remember these brave determined souls fighting. I really wish them the best but achieving their freedom, and I hope they do, will not be easy considering who they're fighting against.
JD l
JD l 4 months ago
@curiouslysimple Yes. I heard about that boy and it's very unfortunate. I really hope he is doing better. Sad times.
curiouslysimple 5 months ago
😢 thanks for sharing the truth! Last weekend a year 2 university student was trying to escape tear gas that filled up the car park where he was and as you may know they are now using China made tg and it gives out a blindingly thick smoke and much stronger concoction...people said the boy couldn’t see clearly trying to get away from the smoke and fell one level, he is in a critical condition right now fighting for his life, after a few brain surgeries.. he is still hanging on to life. Volunteer medics and a few ambulance officers rushed to his aide by then he had already lost consciousness and bp was extremely low, they needed the ambulance vehicle fast but it was delayed for far too long because the police did not let the ambulance go.
Kinglong Cheng
Kinglong Cheng 5 months ago
Poor hongkong. You need the world's to against evil Chinese Communist.
иосиф квантов
to what freedom are the rebels marching? Did someone occupy Hong Kong?China looks on all of this and laughs-China not intends to in this to intervene, HK long already not interested in China...the Chinese have built their financial centers and trade with the West through their centers and exchanges. These stupid demonstrators don't understand that nobody needs them.. Do they take away their freedom? If China wanted to,it would simply turn off the supply of fresh water -and umbrellas would not be useful..
luka Wong
luka Wong 5 months ago
This is so funny all the westerners news media always says the same want to report what happens in Hong Kong a Chinese city unbiased but the pictures show totally biased one side story that make up the mind to said what they want to say just like the UK tragedy brainwashed to view negatively to Chinese all Chinese should stand up May peace come to upon us soon
China - A Hub Of Diseases
Uighur Muslims are victims of far more oppression and torture. Organ harvesting and detaining innocent Muslims and disappearing their bodies. Please save them from atrocities of China.
Avinash Agnihotri
Avinash Agnihotri 5 months ago
Free Hong Kong from Baluchistaan
Kitty Kibibble
Kitty Kibibble 5 months ago
As a citizen in HK, I can testify that the actual protests are more violent than you think. Rioters have been running around using violence against anyone who doesn't agree with them. They broke into shops, set fire to properties, beat up people with different views etc. The media is very misleading and has not been reflecting the real situation in HK. An old man was beaten up using a chair by the rioters. Just because he didn't agree with them.
tgghu kbhhgy
tgghu kbhhgy 5 months ago
-some white guy
Bullminator 5 months ago
I wonder how long will patience last. It wont take much to see some politicans hanging on street.
George Zhang
George Zhang 5 months ago
Hongkong Chinese are Chinese, they should be be alert on foreign intruders . Be aware of misleading and viciously inciting HK young people to pursue fake glory. Stupidity and insane without double check would led them to the dead end . Very simple, Nothing can separate HK from China . No more 18th British colonists, 19th Japanese Invaders and 20th anti China Terrorists. Intruder , out.
Timbuck Too
Timbuck Too 5 months ago
Freedom for Minnesota
Sherly Leticia Saleh 1967020
Halo kak, video nya bagus keep it up🥰
Liang Jiang
Liang Jiang 5 months ago
Using 5 year old girl as political tool, brilliant.
Chloe Lin
Chloe Lin 5 months ago
Not peaceful anymore. Those behind the unrest wanted a quick snatch of power, so all hell broke. It will be those idiotic youths get punishments. None of the invisible hands (vile KOLs, vile politicians and vile media) got arrested... they even got awards.
John Doe
John Doe 5 months ago
Yes, Free Hong Kong....... ....... from these paid rioters and sponsored terrorists.
Kiong Seet
Kiong Seet 5 months ago
what is this , stone age News? where is all the burning shop and beating all innocent people. where? where? where? . wahaha , Best News report of this year
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