Hong Kong police face off with protesters as airport protests erupt in chaos

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Violent clashes broke out at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday evening as riot police arrived to disperse anti-extradition protesters.
Hong Kong airport protests took a violent turn when police showed up to disperse the crowds blocking the international airport terminals. Demonstrators initially appeared to force the airport staff outside, later barricading the airport road with baggage carts and throwing plastic bottles at police vehicles when scuffles broke out.
One police officer was beaten by demonstrators and fell to the floor before being helped to their feet by fellow officers. The officer in question pulled out a gun during the skirmish and pointed it at the protesters but no shots were fired.

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Comments 80
Mason Billie
Mason Billie 6 days ago
I love the way they beat the cops cars and make way for the ambulance 😂😂😂
Jef Je
Jef Je 6 days ago
Arruaceiros, esquerdopatas
Deiva Akram
Deiva Akram 6 days ago
Can someone explain to me what happen? Please.
Kent Edgar
Kent Edgar 14 days ago
With the amount of people there i am very shocked the cops even got the upper hand. If all of them stood together the cops wouldnt have a chance they would be the ones getting beat down like dogs in the street
jkl 14 days ago
Hong Kong police SUCK
Riceotron 27 days ago
Everybody gangsta until police draws guns
COC Maniac
COC Maniac 27 days ago
If I was one of those drivers; Me: Gatta Go Fast...
Maggie Month ago
No future for HK...I’m proud to be Chinese and at least I identify myself as what I really am
PIG EAT FEET Month ago
Then they hit them the Carona virus
Ariel Malsi Real
“Power Is Inflicting Pain And Humiliation. Power Is In Tearing Human Minds To Pieces And Putting Them Together Again In New Shapes Of Your Own Choosing. Do You Begin To See, Then, What Kind Of World We Are Creating? It Is The Exact Opposite Of The Stupid Hedonistic Utopias That The Old Reformers Imagined A World Of Fear And Treachery And Torment, A World Of Trampling And Being Trampled Upon, A World Which Will Grow Not Less But More Merciless As It Refines Itself. Progress In Our World Will Be Progress Towards More Pain. The Old Civilizations Claimed That They We’re Founded On Love Or Justice. Our Is Founded Upon Hatred. In Our World There Will Be No Emotions Except Fear, Rage, Triumph, And Self-Abasement. Everything Else We Shall Destroy, Everything. Already We Are Breaking Down The Habits Of Thought Which Have Survived From Before The Revolution. We Have Cut The Links Between Child And Parent, And Between Man And Man, And Between Man And Woman. No One Dares Trust A Wife Or A Child Or A Friend Any Longer. But In The Future There Will Be No Wives And No Friends. Children Will Be Taken From Their Mothers At Birth, As One Takes Eggs From A Hen. The Sex Instinct Will Be Eradicated. Procreation Will Be An Annual Formality Like The Renewal Of Ration Card. We Shall Abolish Orgasm. Our Neurologists Are At Work Upon It Now. There Will Be No Loyalty, Except Loyalty Towards The Party. There Will Be No Love, Except Love Of Big Brother. There Will Be No Laughter, Except The Laugh Of Triumph Over A Defeated Enemy. There Will Be No Art, No Literature, No Science. When We Are Omnipotent We Shall Have No More Need Of Science. There Will Be No Distinction Between Beauty And Ugliness. There Will Be No Curiosity, No Enjoyment Of The Process Of Life. All Competing Pleasures Will Be Destroyed. But Always-Do Not Forget This, Winston-Always There Will Be The Intoxication Of Power, Constantly Increasing And Constantly Growing Subtler. Always, At Every Moment, There Will Be The Thrill Of Victory, The Sensation Of Trampling On An Enemy Who Is Helpless. If You Want A Picture Of The Future, Imagine A Boot Stamping A Human Face-Forever.” ~ O’Brien George Orwell, “1984”
kênh giải trí
They fail because they no leader
muslim ican
muslim ican Month ago
do it fast and fight !!!! for the Chinese people ... wake up ... !! .. for small armies all over the world. in China or outside China, have to fight !!!! . in the title of the fight ... free the country and people of China from the communist party
echo3299 Month ago
Those cops needs some training from our "celerini" 😂😂😂
Muscle Peanut
Muscle Peanut 2 months ago
Damn China you scary!! Hahahah
Baba Shah
Baba Shah 2 months ago
Shame on Hong Kong protesters why you always slaves to westerns Wolfgang
Baba Shah
Baba Shah 2 months ago
Don't destroy the hong kong please the westerns laugh on you now 😆😆😆😆😆
S K 2 months ago
Literally the same things happening in America, no one cares, China beats protestors - COMMUNIST NAZI DICTATORSGIP
cedric celino
cedric celino 2 months ago
Can someone do me a huge favor and explain to me why they are protesting
Jwalker gaming master
The power of BTS
ahmad fahrul
ahmad fahrul 2 months ago
Kill all this rubbish
Đừng nhìn Tôi bằng ánh mắt đó
Việt Nam ủng hộ nước bạn
Trung Huynh
Trung Huynh 2 months ago
Biểu tình là yêu dân chủ nhân quyền.
pauline lam
pauline lam 3 months ago
Many of these rioters have never lived abroad. If they do this in Europe, America, UK, Australia, they would be beaten/subdued/shot by the police.
michael garbett
michael garbett 3 months ago
No matter what the protest attacking police and rioting is not the way so why do people side with them .Everything these rioters do is wrong the police have showed remarkable restraint as they do carry guns .Its almost as if they want the police to open fire so they can be martyrs and further there cause .
caw lah
caw lah 3 months ago
lempar menggunakan tutup busi baru eksekusi
smellyREE 3 months ago
bro sent some aks shotguns and tactical nukes to my friend in hong knog have fun u guys beat them for me
廖宇 3 months ago
Shimada Takamuku
Shimada Takamuku 3 months ago
In case you didn't know, the police only arrived after the rioters took 2 Chinese tourists hostage, tied and beaten them up and took off their clothes for many hours.
khiem ma
khiem ma 3 months ago
look like they aren't on protector, they look like terrorism group create by America in middle east, America should take them to America train them then send them to over the world
提摩 3 months ago
That's pathetic! The comments which favoured the police were definitely brainwashed by China. Only few people did research why Hongkonger are doing such a thing. They are fighting for their rights! Their freedom! Although the reporters seemed to do nothing but take videos, they actually conveyed what happened in HK. If you don't try to understand the cause and the effect, of course you will consider the people were irrational. Please, think.
dendy hafizhan
dendy hafizhan 3 months ago
It's nice when they give the way to ambulance. If it in my country they still will trow anything to them
andy72101 4 months ago
這才是真相,我從不相信台灣新聞台撥放的 都是暴民 欠殺
提摩 3 months ago
ishii yulian
ishii yulian 4 months ago
take off your MASKS first
samjj x
samjj x 4 months ago
Bin ich froh das ich nicht da lebe
Aaron Moy
Aaron Moy 4 months ago
Resisting arrest, gets a beating.........lol
This is sad Had a great time last year Christmas there and now i see all this violence Way to go people Way to go scaring the world and ruining a perfectly good thing
Nikhil jamwal Nikhil jamwal
Hong Kong people routine = eat sleep, protest
Lee Thiongpeng
Lee Thiongpeng 4 months ago
I didn't know hk people's so brainless, soon either in jail or sewage
曹刚 4 months ago
傑克森唬爛 4 months ago
1:39 有白癡 用腳踹行進的車輛 ...
Miguel Antonio
Miguel Antonio 4 months ago
In China there are a band of youngers whit lasers points and umbrellas. In U.S.A if government abuse there are a band of people whit ar-15 assault rifle that pierce government armoury like butter. You see why they atactk the second amend its not becouse people safety its for government control!
Just sayin
Just sayin 4 months ago
In the comments section of this videos, you can see two kinds of people.Those who saw things in this video, and those who experience the things in this video. i wonder who would i trust?
Baldatun Thoyyiba
Baldatun Thoyyiba 4 months ago
People power is unavoidable..
Thoa Phuong
Thoa Phuong 4 months ago
Chỉ thấy một đất nước bạo loạn
adinda putri
adinda putri 4 months ago
RFP Great
RFP Great 4 months ago
People are correct . Only fighting is the option. Fight with police.
Arch117 4 months ago
Airport design for the future is probably riot proof
Khoa Vlog & Gaming
Khoa Vlog & Gaming 4 months ago
I would say this is The Next Cold War
Jose Zepeda
Jose Zepeda 4 months ago
Ada Aja
Ada Aja 4 months ago
Ada Aja
Ada Aja 4 months ago
tú công tử
tú công tử 4 months ago
จีนต้องจ่ายให้ฮ่องกงเพื่อแสวงหาลัทธิฟาสซิสต์เนื่องจากความคิดของ Thach เหมาเจ๋อตงเป็นคนที่ปล้นความคิดของ Thich และผลักเขาไปสู่เส้นทางแห่งความตาย
Lưu Ninh Bình TV
Lưu Ninh Bình TV 4 months ago
Dân hông kong làm trò cười cho bọn mỹ
Andrew Ngo
Andrew Ngo 4 months ago
Kick my car and I’ll run you over, facts
Bebek Balap
Bebek Balap 4 months ago
just shoot the anarchists..bang...bang..bang....
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo 4 months ago
Next video games idea, GTA Riots.
李富琳 4 months ago
Cyril 4 months ago
If it was in US ... oh wait they are too fat to protest 🤣 French yellow vest support Hong Kong 👊
blik 1923
blik 1923 4 months ago
these videos show the truths and no matter how western media try glorifying these terrorists, people in the world would never believe such violent acts are for the freedom of Hong Kong
Mana Maon
Mana Maon 4 months ago
Hong khong no brain thry make only eath ugly
puah jaiwai
puah jaiwai 4 months ago
When the police car came they throw bottle. And cart but when they saw the ambulance came they give a thumb up lol
Calvinsky Malbert
an ambulance is more respectable than police as they actually save lives
Ahmad Sodiq
Ahmad Sodiq 4 months ago
Sebenarnya apa yang kalian inginkan ? @indo
yeah ok
yeah ok 4 months ago
My condolences Hong Kong, I have no side but whoever should come out victorious I hope they do something good.
Amal Dev
Amal Dev 4 months ago
They attacked only police vehicles ,they give way to ambulance 2:45
Da Fon
Da Fon 4 months ago
Da Fon
Da Fon 4 months ago
Da Fon
Da Fon 4 months ago
ruta02 disprolacteos
. . ... 😮.? .
garyrockdastage 4 months ago
At least they didn’t block the ambulance...
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 4 months ago
Time for another nuclear bomb
Mgolt Hox
Mgolt Hox 4 months ago
Bruh I swear in every protest they let the ambulance pass
HÁT LÊN NÀO 4 months ago
Fighting For Freedom. Comunist is the devil
palo olap
palo olap 5 months ago
That's how our governments will treat us if we allow socialism, political correctness and feminism to take control of our lives.
808 boy
808 boy 5 months ago
I would of ran those mfs over
Christian González Muñóz
Es como una protesta de cuicos :O tirándole botellas de.plastico a los políticos jajajajaja
anything goes
anything goes 5 months ago
beat those suckers !
Ville Perdue
Ville Perdue 5 months ago
Frances Matthews
Frances Matthews 5 months ago
The young protectors destroy building, shops, restaurants and business districts coz they never build, contribute, go to school to complete their education so they have no understanding of the hardships of their ancestors, their parents who labour to build HK. Now the spoilt rioters just destroy in 20th weeks. If they were the one who labour and build HK, they won't be vandalised the places. I'm utterly loss words for these hooligan acts, sadden to watch. They needed to be arrested and cane so to feel the same pain of innocent HK residents have to go through.....
Sarah He
Sarah He 5 months ago
周广杰 5 months ago
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