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HIt them with the ole zap hands - it's Honest Trailers for Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!
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Honest Trailers | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole

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Mar 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Mseandimitriusk 21 hour ago
Wait so. Rey= discount Luke Bb8= discount R2 Poe= discount Han Solo Maz kanata= discount Yoda Kylo ren= discount Vader And when discount Palps died (Snoke), they brought in the real Palps for the final film
老子 Day ago
"You took everything from me!" "I don't even know who you are."
Manly McStud
Manly McStud 3 days ago
ewoks suck
Manly McStud
Manly McStud 3 days ago
jeez, did rey steal luke's PIN# to his ATM while she was at it, too?
Julie Lemire
Julie Lemire 3 days ago
LOL!!! I loved that. I thought it was the best of the last three. But I kept thinking that I missed an episode in between or something. They just skip all over the place and assume you will know what they're talking about. Still, I liked it. But this was great, thanks.
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger 4 days ago
Force healing was invented in video games, but first seen in New Hope when Obi-Wan heals Luke's head.
Walter Kennedy
Walter Kennedy 5 days ago
I still have two paragraphs to write on an essay due in four hours. And I need to sleep.
Alpha960 5 days ago
Review Manalorian Season 2 or im unsubbing!!!
james mcclenahan
james mcclenahan 5 days ago
Bit late, but no comparison of the scene where all the galaxy shows up to help them to How to Train Your Dragon?
Conor L
Conor L 6 days ago
The sequels are so bad even their Lego’s suck
Matthew Grove-Jones
This movie gave me closure. I'd like to set a giant mouse trap at Disney Land.
Dregoth Dread
Dregoth Dread 7 days ago
Forget this trilogy exists and go watch Mandalorian.
Nobby Nobbs
Nobby Nobbs 7 days ago
3:02 Haha poor Finn
Herman Jones Jr.
Herman Jones Jr. 7 days ago
I was hoping for Rey's staaares.
Lilla Sked
Lilla Sked 7 days ago
-I am Iron Man -I am all Jedi
Patman Patmanson
Patman Patmanson 8 days ago
I tell you Disney did that on purpose!! I hate all conspiracy theories but this one is legit! Disney has all the money in the world, accsess to all the filmmakers in the world and to all the motherfacking resources in the entire known universe. - In short: They had one job. And did that. Can't be a coincidence. They did that on purpose or by letting it happen so they can sell their products like The Mandagayrien better.
Walenta 8 days ago
“Darth Sibelius” was fantastic
Ely Kalontar
Ely Kalontar 8 days ago
It was definitely crazy to see the Last Jedi be canceled by Rise of Skywalker every few scenes!!
Loke Poke
Loke Poke 8 days ago
Damn this reminded me how much I hated the new Disney "Star Wars" movies!!!
Zachary Tobias
Zachary Tobias 9 days ago
3:21 yup. Snap wexley had more character development than any of the main characters.
Hari Govind
Hari Govind 9 days ago
Dramatic reveal face😀😅😅🤣
Matthew Lynch
Matthew Lynch 10 days ago
I appreciate the Much Ado About Nothing reference at 5:55
Cian Davila-Flynn
Cian Davila-Flynn 10 days ago
I wish this trilogy began a year after it did, that way this movie could be delayed indefinitely.
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 11 days ago
I'm Rey Rey who? Reyd Shadow Legends
Wildman2012 11 days ago
"Will the Last Skywalker please turn out the light?"
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 11 days ago
This movie was so bad that it made me like the prequels...
Caleb Messinger
Caleb Messinger 12 days ago
Still better than the prequels. My one real gripe with the sequels is how after Ep 7 was released, Disney decided to sideline all the really good characters like Poe, Finn, and if we had more time, even Rose but instead we got movies that focused on the white people in the trilogy, instead of all the characters. Plus how they cut Don Monaghan's role, fu*king Merry from LOTR story down to a few lines to help make everything sound darker and more hopeless.
spidernellie 12 days ago
Thank you! The movie sucked but you made it art
•LittleLion• 13 days ago
Thank God for The Mandolorian:)
Samuel Ortega
Samuel Ortega 14 days ago
Ah yes the Jon favreau lookalike
Samuel Ortega
Samuel Ortega 14 days ago
Snoke pickle
Adnan Ali
Adnan Ali 15 days ago
This was so good u guys rule bro ❤️
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind 17 days ago
The Knights of Ren look like bad Dark Souls concept art made real.
make.upexperiments 18 days ago
I lost it at "you call yourself a star Wars fan...😋😝" well... there isn't the right emoji for that, but you get it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Coach Gabs
Coach Gabs 18 days ago
I wonder of any of the main actors ever get to see these?
fireman23 18 days ago
Girls und Panzer Honest Trailer?
Ethen Allen
Ethen Allen 19 days ago
Every time someone gets a bad feeling in Star Wars, it turns out to be right.
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 20 days ago
Lol episode 7.5
Your Usurper
Your Usurper 20 days ago
What a dumb movie.
Valerie.221 20 days ago
That struggle when the movies are really not that good but Kylo Ren is also lowkey your favourite character....
Literally worst Star Wars movie of all time,even worse than Holiday Special xD
Ethen Allen
Ethen Allen 19 days ago
ridley scurry
ridley scurry 21 day ago
Those names for the characters at the end were HILARIOUS
Rey: I’m a Skywalker Sandy Cheeks: No you ain’t!
sarah elisabeth
sarah elisabeth 21 day ago
0:48 are you kidding me this was the only reason I liked this movie
khaidax 21 day ago
Why didn't you use the "Stares/Flares" music?!
Matthew Topping
Matthew Topping 22 days ago
I am ALL the Sith! I am INEVITABLE! And I...am all the Jedi And I...am...Ironman
silvio bentivoglio
silvio bentivoglio 22 days ago
force awakens saw three times in the theater.... the last Jedi saw it once in the theater...... rise of skywalk saw it once in the theater, Disney mistake makes this saga too fast to soon and with no real plan, hope marvel producer Kevin Feige makes star wars great again
Mika 23 days ago
Even the actors hated it
Eddy Eddy
Eddy Eddy 23 days ago
Close. Your. Mouth.
Caleb Scibbe
Caleb Scibbe 23 days ago
I thought I was the only one who saw all of the marvel rips. Also one you didn’t point out was “I am all the sith...I am all the Jedi” is a copy of “I am inevitable...and I am Iron Man” like come on y’all
diemusik 24 days ago
Disney is so powerful now, the "Starring" part of a Star Wars Hones Trailer is dominated by Marvel Puns. Well played.
ketamine1986 26 days ago
do a mandalorian season 2 honest trailer...
turgle 27 days ago
regardless of what you think of this one, Ian mcdiarmid gave it his all and that was the best part
Fabrizio Iparraguirre
For be honest I love the film
Paul The Cat
Paul The Cat 27 days ago
I was horribly disappointed with the knights of ten.
Daan Amelink
Daan Amelink 27 days ago
The Last Jedi was a good film and a bad star wars film. Rise of Skywalket is just plain fucking terrible
m Woodhouse
m Woodhouse 29 days ago
Worst 1 ever.....
Poppunator 29 days ago
This trilogy is such a shame...
Aritro Chattopadhyay
"You know what is cooler than captain phasma? Six captain phasmas"
Rachel Skysheild
....but one question remains: WHICH SKYWALKER RISES??? They're all dead by the end of the movie >:( edit: and no, Rey DOESN'T count, she's not genetically a skywalker (unless you squint rlly hard at the whole 'palpatine influenced the midiclorians to conceive anakin' thing)
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Month ago
Rey went all Queen Elsa in Frozen 2 riding up giant, scary waves, going into a cave to discover her destiny, finding out her grandfather was a douche.
Matt Pfarr
Matt Pfarr Month ago
The talented Mrs Ridley? lol
Sara Hewson
Sara Hewson Month ago
Gentle Ben 🥺 I love it 😭
stipi69 Month ago
they should learn when to stop 🤣🤣
perfectionbox Month ago
The suckage of this movie will echo throughout eternity
perfectionbox Month ago
@Podcast - SørenCast Z when you think of how many people watched episodes 4-7 multiple times, how much money disney left on the table.
Podcast - SørenCast Z
indeed. it sucks just watching reviews, I cant ever imagine paying for watching it
Sonal Shekhar Bhoi
SxAde: Lost Levels
You missed the "I'm Iron Man" / "I'm all the Jedi" scene at the end.
Kafka 2020
Kafka 2020 Month ago
This trilogy was a disaster, f u Disny
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas Month ago
Javier Lozano Guiler
Yeah everything was downhill after the last Jedi. TROS was inevitable thanks to Rian Johnson
Niels van Heteren
Daisy Ridley's acting: just open your mouth and widen your eyes and it'll be fine
Brayden Watts
Brayden Watts Month ago
This shouldn't be Canon
Iordanne Month ago
episode 10 will be rey vs hundreds of palpatine clones
Bryson Christopher
Ngl 'pickled snoke' sounds like both a fancy and exotic dish
Mega Lungomare
Mega Lungomare Month ago
Man this movie sucked
Spider-Man Month ago
When you realized C-3PO is actually Luke and Leia's half brother.
Roland Laverty
Roland Laverty Month ago
I hate to break it to you honest trailers but R2D2 is also consistent across all nine films it doesn't matter if he's off for all of the last jedi
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson Month ago
We've waited long enough for a trailer for Netflix's Daredevil
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson Month ago
Netflix's Daredevil!!!
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson Month ago
Netflix's Daredevil!
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson Month ago
Netflix's Daredevil
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson Month ago
Netflix's Daredevil
R.W. Fields
R.W. Fields Month ago
Unfortunately, you still weren’t able to embody the true fecal nature of this film.
Isabell Wyld
Isabell Wyld Month ago
Nagranddan Month ago
This movie was basically a shitty adaption of the mmo's storyline - and that was considered crappy until Rise of Skywalker.
Richard Rondon
Richard Rondon Month ago
"made up names" jajajajajajajajaja.......................
IMP3TIGO Month ago
RoS sucks so bad that even its Honest Trailer sucks.
Awesome ,
Awesome , Month ago
You single handed ruined this for me
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
I actually liked this movie
Toomany Francis
Toomany Francis Month ago
Honestly, this movie did an amazing job of trying to fix everything broken by TLJ. The ST would have probably been fine if they just used Abrams screenplay for Ep8 instead of letting Johnson take over.
Toomany Francis
Toomany Francis Month ago
@Christian Schoff Abrams handed a physical copy of a screenplay for EP 8 to Rian Johnson. This is public information that you can search for if you'd like. JJ Abrams wrote an entire trilogy. Rian Johnson refused any advice he was given on how to handle EP 8.
Christian Schoff
Abrams didn't HAVE a screenplay! -_- He showed literally zero plans. So Rian Johnson was handed nothing and still did great.
Winter Now
Winter Now Month ago
Wait, so you dump on JJ for “Last Skywalker” after praising him for the 2009 Star Trek? You guys could do an Honest Trailer for JJ Abrams showing that these 2 movies are really the same. Strap in for this newest addition to a beloved sci-fi franchise, in which a hero will arise with already-off-the-charts skills [cut to Rey mind-tricking a storm trooper in “Force Awakens”, followed by Pike telling Kirk “Your aptitude tests are off the charts”], awesomely fly a spaceship on their first try, face a villain with the power to destroy a whole planet, somehow wind up on a remote planet to meet a legendary character [Old Spock & Old Luke Skywalker], team up with another character to sneak onto the enemy’s base or ship, and sabotage it from the inside, get schooled on using powers that are beyond them (Kirk: “the logical thing is to be unpredictable.”; Han Solo: “That’s not the way the force works!”) then end up in an emotional scene where another franchise legend character congratulates them. (PIKE: “Congratulations, Captain. Your father would be proud.” Leia: “Rey. May the Force be with you.”)
caleb f
caleb f Month ago
From just the movie, it feels like they just took some regular stormtroopers, slapped some cool armor and weapons on them, and called them the knights of ren.
caleb f
caleb f Month ago
It doesnt matter what trilogy you are a fan of. We can all agree this movie is the worst.
sHa DoW
sHa DoW Month ago
“Somehow, Palpatine returned”- Poe Dameron
Brooke Hines
Brooke Hines Month ago
The bizarre bucket concomitantly cheer because french contrarily sniff beyond a valuable promotion. delicious, quixotic narcissus
Kavya Sahgal Arch
What has R2D2 done to not be mentioned alongside C-3PO. XD
David Lim
David Lim Month ago
Batman & Robin is better than Rise of Skywalker. Just saying.
Christian Schoff
I agree.
suryakanthi. kailas
Were is og honest voice
ceelinny Month ago
joe rogan experience
Andrey Kusanagi
Andrey Kusanagi Month ago
and this is what happens when you fast-track production from 3 to 2 years, kids.
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