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This episode is brought to you by the Amazon Original series The Boys, a revenge story about taking down corrupt superheroes. Premieres July 26 only on Amazon Prime Video.
Honest Trailers | Shazam
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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 4 193
Allen Song
Allen Song 9 hours ago
I watched Shazam on the plane, it helped me sleep.
the evil spaghetti bowl
Do frozen 2
Nicolas 2 days ago
Billy looks like male version of Arya Stark.
CatMom Of2
CatMom Of2 5 days ago
Aquaman punching The Nun in the face would rock so hard!
CatMom Of2
CatMom Of2 5 days ago
OMG that Shazam Chappelle moment killed me!
Michael Chua
Michael Chua 8 days ago
All credits go to the T-1000 for throwing Shazam through that store glass.
Michael Chua
Michael Chua 8 days ago
Chuck = Billy Handsome.
Rainbow Rocks
Rainbow Rocks 8 days ago
I got that amazing Marvel reference: He is an alien here to steal a necklace from a wizard
ARTMUSEUM1985 10 days ago
Warina Summers
Warina Summers 12 days ago
3:32 I understood that reference 😂
Mika Voss
Mika Voss 17 days ago
I died at the tyrone biggums part xD
Mira Chakravarthy
Mira Chakravarthy 19 days ago
Pls pls pls Frozen 2 when it's out
Oliver Rose88
Oliver Rose88 19 days ago
“Smash that like button! Shazam!”
Stickman23pq 22 days ago
Someone tell me why the kid at the beginning is Indian and then he turns white when he's an adult
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn 20 days ago
To quote Deadpool "Cultural appropriation"
Morgan Naviaux
Morgan Naviaux 27 days ago
I absolutely adore this movie, but the criticism of the Seven Deadly Sins is 100% justified. Even the most die-hard fans acknowledge that was a fumble.
cernol gluestick
chuck! you referenced chuck! that was his best superpower
Holy testicular cancer Batman!
"Lay your hands on m staff."😏
FBP Month ago
Aquaman vs The Nun is definitely something I'm down to waste some brain cells on
Connor Kubischta
Loved this movie
leander leo
leander leo Month ago
I thought he was Maisie Williams
MuscleSheriff Month ago
Yes a chuck reference!
Majin Vegeta
Majin Vegeta Month ago
The Boys sucked
Catfight Animations
It's like DC finally figured out how to make a good superman, but then had to wade through their heaps of unused characters that they have the rights to to find one with almost identical powers
sachinsurya007 Month ago
You missed out a chance to say *ALABAMA MOM*
Nasiim Mohammed
Nasiim Mohammed Month ago
Please do Supernatural!!!!❤❤❤❤
Valkyra Sonara
Valkyra Sonara Month ago
I love this movie 😍😂
姚澜 Month ago
A villain who's here to steal an eyeball from a wizard.... Doesn't that make him Barty Crouch Jr.?
姚澜 Month ago
DC does have mother issues...Thank G you guys left Martha out of the picture.
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry Month ago
I wonder if we borrow the staff to raid Area 51.
NinjaMagic Month ago
I'm kinda disappointed you didn't make a joke about the bad guy looking uncannily like and angry version of Sans from Undertale
John 2 months ago
Sad mom parade.
Cody Lanier
Cody Lanier 2 months ago
He made a Chuck reference. Subscribed.
sim guinto
sim guinto 2 months ago
Is this power rangers? Hahahahaahahaha
Nelldell Ppp
Nelldell Ppp 2 months ago
Say I'm batman as christian bale
MrBigT 2 months ago
i maybe alone in this, but i hated it. i used the exact words that its like Teen Titans Go with Ghost Buster monsters, targeted at 13 year olds. This honest trailer is more entertaining than the movie
Marijan Desin
Marijan Desin 2 months ago
The movie is great This review boring and unimaginative
Hunter Mabey
Hunter Mabey 2 months ago
Vive Les Histoires
Vive Les Histoires 2 months ago
When Batman realises that Shazam is actually a young orphan with the last name « Batson »... Batman: °____°
Berries 20
Berries 20 11 days ago
Batman: "Hmm I've never had an electric type Robin before"
Akul Jamwal
Akul Jamwal Month ago
When they all realize both real mom and dad of Aquaman are alive (=_=)
TheRantingBoy 2 months ago
Was the "never a good idea" kinda quoting Broken Arrow??
Magdelena Ellis
Magdelena Ellis 2 months ago
Do Spider-Man: Far From Home!!! PLZ!!!!
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