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Honest Trailers | Joker
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, & Max Dionne
Edited by: Randy Whitlock & Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Production Coordinator: Ryan O"Toole

Published on


Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 100
klimmr3021 Day ago
5:41 Oh, how I missed the "Stairs" music.
Gmk Smm
Gmk Smm Day ago
Only stairs
JJJade2468 Day ago
Stairs was actually my favorite character in this movie!
Classic case of blame everyone for your problems so that you can justify be a piece of shit. I would snap that twigs back if he came up on me like that. What does he weigh? 90lbs.
BD Boricua
BD Boricua 2 days ago
This movie sucked
Suleiman Boutzamat
I feel I'm the only one who doesn't like this movie..
Doctor Speedweed
Doctor Speedweed 2 days ago
I agree 100% that the broker bullies in the subway knowing the lyrics to Send in the Clowns is absolut BS.
Aakash Gupta
Aakash Gupta 3 days ago
"mom get in the tub?" that some GOT incest and Alabama level dialogue😂😂
Sid P
Sid P 3 days ago
Perfectly described
ghost rider
ghost rider 3 days ago
After the 3rd minute of the vid I never stopped laughing
JudaMan 4evr
JudaMan 4evr 4 days ago
This movie was famous only because they used DC comics
Unknown Secret
Unknown Secret 4 days ago
The *stares* part killed me 😂
DDRUTOU 6 days ago
I probably should have skipped this movie....Oh my goodness. It was cringe from beginning to end
Christopher Cirino
From the studio that brought you the most boring super villain movie in cinematic history.
Official Weeb
Official Weeb 7 days ago
Joker-Another reason why the Marvel movies are better
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin 8 days ago
no "Even more stairs" ?
I'm Batman
I'm Batman 9 days ago
Deadpool: Deadpool is the highest grossing R rated film of all time Joker:Am I a joke to you
Eduard Kung
Eduard Kung Day ago
You wanna why?
pennywise dancing clown
Wanna hear a joke deadpool?
GiantsFan1734 13 days ago
Can we get a sopranos honest trailer?
Niranjan M Dinesh
Niranjan M Dinesh 13 days ago
Lil wayne got me😂😂
0:13 What's the movie?
Aussie Man
Aussie Man 15 days ago
There’s a lot of kicking in this movie
Zombolic Studios
Zombolic Studios 16 days ago
One of the best movies i've watched in some time. Original and daring, and it hits close to home for many
Eric Dean
Eric Dean 16 days ago
Would you do a video on EXIT this movie is a disappointment
Hafeez Akbar
Hafeez Akbar 17 days ago
lol this movie has no rewatch value, not good at all.
Fastest Man Alive
Fastest Man Alive 17 days ago
Twilight: We got stares Joker: We got stairs
Nicholas Kcin
Nicholas Kcin 17 days ago
I know Gotham is scumcity... but come on everybody punches him for no reason and he becomes evil... that is basically the whole plot 🤦🏻‍♂️
Matt Ferrin
Matt Ferrin 18 days ago
When are we going to get the Honest Trailer for Lucifer?!
Lauryn R.
Lauryn R. 19 days ago
Thiss was one of the best honest movie trailers 🤣. “Instead pf writing damaged on his forehead. He actually damages his forehead”
Manik Kaushal
Manik Kaushal 21 day ago
Can someone please tell me about the music that starts at 5:30??
abdullah salman
abdullah salman 25 days ago
Joker without the r rating is a joke And joke without the k is joe Jo mama
Pales Taamu
Pales Taamu 25 days ago
Nice touch with the stairs part.
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia 26 days ago
Do lost, do it, do it now
Rohit Tripathy
Rohit Tripathy 26 days ago
The *JOKER* trailer ~ by *BATMAN*
Dave Gurrobat
Dave Gurrobat 29 days ago
for sure this movie made Leftist people so inspired today.......
Bran Coan
Bran Coan 29 days ago
Was Tod Scott wrong with "Woke culture is killing Comedy Movies" though? Wasn't the exact reason why many hot takes was wrong, because people just band-wagoned the hate train without actually checking what they are hating on. You know, like the woke cancel culture usually do?
Kds Cool
Kds Cool 28 days ago
Todd wasn't wrong, Screen Junkies are just woke.
Priyanshu Sur
Priyanshu Sur Month ago
Please " 365 Days"
jaden Varghese
jaden Varghese Month ago
I just thought it was overrated. ..like it was good but....but like people were hyping it up like it was a revolutionary
Sab Ali
Sab Ali Month ago
Can you do honest trailer of the crow?
tom cool
tom cool Month ago
DC and Joker just barely cheap marketing strategy slapped to a crap that showed everyone life of 5 in 10 guys in Metropolitan cities including me, *this movie only cause rage to tycoon of media*
Abhijeet Holambe
We live in a society
Jake Dragon
Jake Dragon Month ago
Horrible thing to do to the Joker
Lime Green
Lime Green Month ago
This movies horrible. Honestly
absolutless Month ago
Zingy elise
Zingy elise Month ago
lil wayne. that got me
J Mr .
J Mr . Month ago
I'm still thinking joker (2019) is better movie than parasite
LegoBuilder1203 Month ago
Do an honest trailer for DC Fandome!
K.Ashutosh Baitharu
We need honest trailer for Money Heist
Bjoerninger Month ago
well, thx for the trailer, prob solved, don't have to watch that crap now ;)
Zuzka Mikulova
Zuzka Mikulova Month ago
Oh my God! I haven't laughed that much, since I remember 💜 thank you so much! Oh and btw, I just wanted to say that this movie was incredible! Again I really can't remember, when was the last time some movie gave me so much emotions. I was laughing, crying, terrified, sad, everything! I will never be able to see it again, but still, was maybe one of the best movies I ever seen in a cinema! Amazing Todd Phillips and incredible Joaquin Phenix!!!!
Peter Piper
Peter Piper Month ago
the lil wayne part got a chuckle out of me and im kinda disappointed
Thanakrit Samrankamol
Did anyone else realize "Stairs" is an inside joke?
Jairus Williams
Jairus Williams Month ago
Don't you go running roun to rero
Xanther Blaze
Xanther Blaze Month ago
Flying purple people eater.
jackie97 Month ago
and stairs (stares)
Anna Lotus
Anna Lotus Month ago
*bathe the elderly*
Bilel Riahi
Bilel Riahi Month ago
"Lil Wayne" !!! Good one
Oh. You mean 'Taxi Driver".
Aaron Thomas Abraham
3:00 to 3:35.... that was cool in a creepy way
Kumar Rajgeet
Kumar Rajgeet Month ago
Even in Honest Trailers, the scene with Arthur laughing helplessly on stage still breaks my heart..
rozh996 Month ago
"And if marvel is known for making their heroes get ripped, DC will one up them by making their star get riiiiiibs" That is hilarious
C0Pz Month ago
this felt more like a review than a trailer
Jhonnynmortal Month ago
I lost whit "STAIRS" stuff.
Kevin Justice
Kevin Justice Month ago
barnoldwhv Month ago
"How is it possible that every hot take about this movie was wrong?" Maybe because the woke crowd freaks out and overreacts to everything?
Hilda Elson
Hilda Elson Month ago
The only Honest Trailer I can’t laugh. But still so brilliant.
Martin Wakeling
Martin Wakeling Month ago
Joker was an overwraught, overhyped, cynical money grab. A sensationalist psych drama veiled in the authenticity of Batman.
Clockwork Gnome
Clockwork Gnome Month ago
Make me do joker stuff. Mom get in the bath! Lol
Farshad Gh
Farshad Gh Month ago
This was really stupid movie
adajanetta1 Month ago
Would it be pretentious to draw attention to the "smile" reference to Lillian Gish's transcendent performance in Broken Blossoms?
Li’l wayne lmao! 🤣😂
Roasty Toasty
Roasty Toasty Month ago
with a duke nukem accent please say. i have no time to play with myself.
M.C.U fan 101
M.C.U fan 101 Month ago
0:09 More like: “From the studio who finally announced the Snyder cut.”
Sean McClure
Sean McClure Month ago
The media called Harley Quinn having an animal eat a man’s junk “empowering” and “liberating”. I am a Marvel guy but I will admit this movie was freaking amazing.
Pradyumna Srivastava
Those are not the same stairs.
Walter White
Walter White Month ago
This is way more “Dark Phoenix” than both Dark Phoenix’s X-Men movies!!!
Lotusflowerbomb Month ago
the way you pronounce every word is really annoying
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Month ago
Film blew me away so hard.
Jampack Gaming
Jampack Gaming Month ago
Jared Leto is still pissed he wasn’t cast in the movie 🤣
Irvin Salim
Irvin Salim Month ago
The music for STARES and STAIRS are the same😂
Dano Dandotha
Dano Dandotha Month ago
This is the only one which made me feel more sad about the movie instead of laughing 💔 I was very sad when I watched the movie for the first time Even I was laughing like him before I watch it because I had a depression Now thank god I am good again and normal I guess No more bad thoughts and feelings It is the worst thing could happen to anyone
Graham Pineo
Graham Pineo Month ago
He kind of looks like an older dax flame
Yaseen 2 months ago
"FROM THE STUDIO WHO WON'T RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT..." Omfgggggggg I laughed so hard Btw the Snyder cut is coming in 21🙌
babu dxb
babu dxb 2 months ago
Don' you go rounin' roun to re ro! Anybody got that? 😂😂😂
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan 2 months ago
I just came from Twilight Honest Trailer
ViaMirage 2 months ago
Wokeness really is killing comedy though. 👀🥶
Funke Adegbokiki
Funke Adegbokiki 2 months ago
Funke Adegbokiki
Funke Adegbokiki 2 months ago
SunburnAndDragon 2 months ago
And... staaaaairs 😆😆😆😆
Varun Pratap Singh
Varun Pratap Singh 2 months ago
If anyone doesn't understand what is so appreciated about the movie - You people are happy. Great for you
Tom 2 months ago
The laughing problem would have been easily solvable if he just carried a notepad around that said "sorry, it's a condition"
DaredevilZ 2 months ago
Or you did & I totally got whoooshed
DaredevilZ 2 months ago
You didn't watch the movie yet, did you?
gatopreto 1207
gatopreto 1207 2 months ago
Edge Lord the movie
Ana Scarlet
Ana Scarlet 2 months ago
'I wish movies turned you into the protagonist. I've been watching Iron Man for 12 years and I'm still a moron.' bro same
Sakazuki 2 months ago
This movies sucks.
East Watch
East Watch 2 months ago
Stefan Leo
Stefan Leo 2 months ago
For real tho, this movie isn't that good. Just like hanging around the average good.
AngelNClown 2 months ago
From 0:48 "Hey, I WISH movies turned you into the protagonist - I've been watching Iron Man for 12 years... and I'm still a moron." 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Kaustubh Sharma
Kaustubh Sharma 2 months ago
Can't believe the part I liked the most was the Twilight Honest Trailer reference.
Cloudy Bird
Cloudy Bird 2 months ago
Saif Shamesi
Saif Shamesi 2 months ago
Jerome 092
Jerome 092 2 months ago
Heath ledger will always be the best joker! Period.
Rahul Malik
Rahul Malik 2 months ago
Lil wayne.. 😂😂😂😂😂
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