Honest Trailers | Game of Thrones Vol 3 (Seasons 6-8)

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They're going off an outline and boy does it feel that way - it's Honest Trailers Vol 3 (seasons 6-8)
Honest Trailers | Game of Thrones Vol 3
Title Design by Robert Holtby
Epic Voice Guy: Jon Bailey
Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, & Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Edited by Kevin Williamsen


Published on


Jul 9, 2019




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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies 7 months ago
Will you watch the Game Of Thrones spin-off? *Honest Trailers Commentary is moving to the Screen Junkies channel this week! Watch us react to the most recent trailer every Wednesday at 10AM Pacific. Why Wednesday? So we have time to react to your reaction to the trailer which was our initial reaction to the movie/TV show. Capiche? Hit us up below with any questions.* POOL RULES One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: Don’t go looking for fights. Four: “Be nice.” - Dalton from Roadhouse
shmoopywoopy 2 months ago
Life's too short to waste any more time on this show or anything associated with it. I'll just read the books and curse the show runners of GOT forever.
Juan Ignacio Ordoqui
The only good spinoffs would be about Dance of the Dragons or The Blackfyre Rebellions.
F 5 months ago
@Barry Goodwin You are toxic. If you can't accept people has different opinions from yours, you are the problem in here, not the fanbase.
Shuayb Februarie
Shuayb Februarie 6 months ago
Hell no
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 6 months ago
Reylos Kru
Reylos Kru 12 hours ago
Game of thrones was amazing....the whole show basically.....except the most boring character ever ( bran 😂) being king.
Phil Brockwell
Do we need more men? Do we??
zero hour
zero hour 4 days ago
This was a garbage show
aditya rahman
aditya rahman 4 days ago
laught a lot atthat firesword
Radim Son
Radim Son 4 days ago
Say please, Toss a coin to your Witcher Oh, valley of plenty Oh, valley of plenty, ooooh
Jules Lovett
Jules Lovett 5 days ago
Ugh. This is so painful. The amount I loved this show, and books, and the disappointment that filled me... it’s like I can’t even comprehend it
Kķn_D :
Kķn_D : 6 days ago
😝 i find this trailer rushed.. Covering whole episodes from season 6-8, this trailer should've atleast around 20 min 😂 it finished quickly.
Rosie Nicolson
Rosie Nicolson 6 days ago
I cosplayed Dany at London comic con last October and I made a sign that said "I didn't even get to sit on the iron throne" and I had so many people come up to me and say "you deserved so much better" 🤣
cullermann2 6 days ago
At least we can settle the debate now : Breaking Bad is the best TV show created yet
Goge Jaja
Goge Jaja 7 days ago
Miraculous Ladybug!!
greeshma b
greeshma b 9 days ago
Didn't have to see that ending only if hodor didn't hold the door
Wesley Brehm
Wesley Brehm 9 days ago
Seasons 7 & 8: Cliffnotes versions of George R.R. Martin novels.
Joshua Hoover
Joshua Hoover 10 days ago
:25. I swear I lose it every time.
Jeremy Hayes
Jeremy Hayes 10 days ago
I can't express how happy I am that that show's over!
sbn025 10 days ago
08:08 i dont remember that part
sagar chowdhary
sagar chowdhary 11 days ago
Poor euron
Republic Of Texas
Republic Of Texas 11 days ago
It's all true. It's all so bad.
Balerion The Black Dread
With bad writing/without the books Littlefinger,Varys and Tyrion lost half of their IQs
André Pereira
André Pereira 14 days ago
do Vikings pls
suthiratt limchaiyawat
D&D are egoistic idiots
Chris Grey
Chris Grey 21 day ago
last two seasons are complete turn it down. Plus Arya Stark is my Bae. Also sometime in the near future there are going to be two more books.
Eni Tesoro
Eni Tesoro 21 day ago
'Emo Pringles Guy' made me die laughing
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan 22 days ago
Wait a minute Christian Bale was in Games Of Thrones?
Cadence Wallace
Cadence Wallace 22 days ago
Hear me out good people: Let’s watch the Targaryen prequel because we get to see TONS OF DRAGONS.
Roxes Sanders
Roxes Sanders 23 days ago
Mortal stick fight!!!!!🤣🤣🤣
Fabrício Britö-Salmons
Can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of this narrator? Whatta voice! He could easily convince me to eat my own toes by just whispering in my ear! That voice 🤤
Marvin Schmidt
Marvin Schmidt 23 days ago
please do Snakes on a plane!
TOMPLE 23 days ago
I missed that scene before arya take off her pants. What is it?
MotorOutlaw 24 days ago
It wasn’t that bad guys come on
more tune
more tune 24 days ago
AngryIndianCritic 25 days ago
Don't worry GOT fans you can come to us (Witcher fans) we are happy to take you guys in.
JRC 26 days ago
Season 6 is the best, 7 was good but should've been longer, last season was bullshite
Dylan Yilmaz
Dylan Yilmaz 27 days ago
Wawasjohn 27 days ago
Was a let down for me. Loved it,
avinash pal
avinash pal 28 days ago
lot of effort
flabuloza 28 days ago
When Arya stabs the Night King is the same HISHE stabbing Shredder
Kevin Yannutz
Kevin Yannutz 29 days ago
At least Ramsay had a fitting death. Also, it was still a pretty cool show
Teodora Db
Teodora Db Month ago
Tbh it wasn't thaaaat bad
1SaG Month ago
From what I've gathered through osmosis, GoT went out with a whimper and a wet little girl-fart. I haven't even watched season 8 and I don't think I will. S1-7 BRDs are on my shelf and will get re-watched (well... 1-4 will for sure, the rest... meh). I guess it goes to show that GRRM only really wanted to write three books and then decided to expand the story even further. And I guess it's no wonder that it has taken him forever to finish the later books and that he's *still* not done with Winds of Winter. How could a TV-show with a fixed release date hope to do a better writing job in much less time? Especially since they had to throw a whole bunch of superfluous crap and characters from the later books out the window?
Siddhartha Pathak
I feel betrayed for watching Game of thrones now.
ioannou alexander
Do watchmen, don't be cowards now
Ale Minetti
Ale Minetti Month ago
4:16 the wizard's last rhyme
Sultan Sikandar Khan
Toss a coin to your Witcher.
John Elmar Tagbago
*"I WANT THOSE ELEPHANTS."* - Cersei 2019 😂😂😂
LL Armstrong
LL Armstrong Month ago
Admit it: this ending is worse than Losts and Dexter's combined
Vichrae V.
Vichrae V. Month ago
Thanks for this...I was very hesitant to watch the last seasons and now I know to stay far, far away!
radhenitsri Month ago
GOT got so hyped that it meant to fail miserably
Connie Hoffman
Connie Hoffman Month ago
Should have been Tyrion
Connie Hoffman
Connie Hoffman Month ago
I hate what they did to Brienne. That did her SO dirty 😠
Pranav Raj Malawat
How come you didn't address lyana mormont, she was a better dragon queen without dragons.
Frank Mueller
Frank Mueller Month ago
Hot Pie should have been made King.
Ann Marie Nabitosi
Shippers!? Oh you mean those
James Clune
James Clune Month ago
Please someone tell me the song that starts at 4:17. I’ve been searching for years and I really need it. Please someone must know it!
Dark Seeker
Dark Seeker Month ago
Like the season finale this trailer was also a huge let down.
Luisa Szymborski
Nobody talking about the scene where the one guy said -stay away from him he has blue eyes!- and then the other one -i‘Ve AlWaYs HaD bLuE eYeS?!-
iforgot87872 Month ago
The compilation talking about numbers of men , lmao. Words stopped meaning anything by the end of that.
iforgot87872 Month ago
I think season 6 is actually the best one, with 1 and 4 behind it.
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