Honda Type-R vs Peugeot 406 Coupe 3.0 Drag From Turkey

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Honda Type-R vs Peugeot 406 3.0 Coupe Drag From Turkey URFALI

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Oct 15, 2006




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Comments 12
orta direk
orta direk 8 years ago
atla eşek yarışmış gibi..
Fuzion180 8 years ago
@kockar88 agreed
gyimre79 8 years ago
Peugeot or Honda? watch?v=vcX90R13u9M
kockar88 10 years ago
honda will be allways eat peugeot and comparing v6 3.0 vs 4cyl 2.0 VTEC still be honda faster from 0 to 100km/h japanese tehnology :D
Maksimov1337 10 years ago
My point exactly. You could hear the supercharger whine from miles away on that honda...
S.Özcan 10 years ago
bende 406 nerde die bakıorum normal olan yerdeymiş en az 5 boy fark atmış type_R
serhatsahin77 10 years ago
hey folks listen up this 34 HAN 59 black type_R 282 hp but now it's dump !! if watch this video ; woow what a modify and what a type_R... watch?v=SJfBEmaQnzc&feature=related watch?v=SJfBEmaQnzc&feature=related
Pavel Lukš
Pavel Lukš 11 years ago
406 coupe is BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Renhelvetet 11 years ago
Yeah, the Peugeot has the bigger engine, but that isnt the whole truth. The 406 Coupé is weighing 1500kg whille the ciciv type R is weighing cirkus 1280kgs, so thats a big difference. If the Peuegot 406 is a -98 model, then it only delivers 194bhp and from -99b its 207bhp. So its a no brainer that the Type R with its 200bhp and light weight of 1280kg is faster in lower speeds. Top end speed is another story though.
kamakamilek 11 years ago
You are the shit. This Honda have more biggest engine than this Peugeot. PEUGEOT RULEZ.
Serkan kopal
Serkan kopal 12 years ago
canını yerim civic ! öttürmüş yine
Bayindir Gülay
Bayindir Gülay 13 years ago
Abi peugeot ne amacla kalkmıs ki type R yanında :) fransız japonu gecicek oylemi :)
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