HomePod Unboxing & Review! Both Colors

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The HomePod Unboxing & Sound Review Has Arrived! This Thing Sounds Great But Is It Worth $349? + Stereo Pairing Demo.
Worlds Smallest iPhone: ruvid.net/video/video-rtiwIkQYUko.html

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Feb 9, 2018




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Comments 80
Adam White
Adam White Month ago
This guy is blind
Scott Manning
Scott Manning 3 months ago
Siri can hear you because your phone is connected and your phone is in your hand.
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1:45 You can take it out if you pull very hard but it’s not recommended over and over again.
Monty Gulati
Monty Gulati 6 months ago
Put the sticker on the top of the HOMEPOD
عزام الحربي
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 7 months ago
Silly video ....
TheTechChannel 1
TheTechChannel 1 9 months ago
I nust got mine today! Love the sound quality
Nathan Lillie
Nathan Lillie 9 months ago
Dude you have to turn up the volume on the speaker as well, it gets WAY louder. It’s like a bluetooth speaker, they each have a separate volume.
John Mongelli
John Mongelli 10 months ago
Because I’ll be looking at it at the Apple Store Black Friday Shopping
John Mongelli
John Mongelli 10 months ago
I really want homepods for Christmas this year
Shane Spagnola
Anyone else have an issue connecting to their WiFi from there phone? I had to use my iPad to connect my HomePod I just got.
You are crazy You are crazy
For its size extremely heavy
Adrian Anh Ky Dolejschka
Can u play music from Musi on a Homepod?
Supper Year ago
3:40 it said his name...
Asad Anwar
Asad Anwar Year ago
Nice speaker by Apple
it's gaming bro music and vlogsss
I am planning on getting a home pod
lucky baby
lucky baby Year ago
I just got mine. And I digg your place
Oliver B.
Oliver B. Year ago
Which colour HomePod do you think looks better, Space Grey or White? I can't decide! Plus, who is watching in Feb 2019! Everyone subscribe to EverthingApplePro!
Rayan Azzoug
Rayan Azzoug Year ago
When you said « hey siri » my iphone siri showed up 😂😂😂😂
erica luffingham
beautiful voice :)
WildKaden Year ago
You use the top to turn it up
WildKaden Year ago
Hi Filip now I know your name
WildKaden Year ago
I have it
Hey Siri get me a girl friend 😂
Aukai Schenk
Aukai Schenk Year ago
You have to tell her max volume
Emiliano Gutiérrez
Now you can paired them
Justin Abbasi
Justin Abbasi Year ago
Should have name of "ihomepod".
Steve Bondi
Steve Bondi Year ago
@EverythingApplePro, keep up the great work like this :) Do you think the HomePod will be able to control the Apple TV like the Siri remote (“Play Shameless on Netflix”) sometime soon or ever?
E.G.O. Tube
E.G.O. Tube Year ago
Bad song choices
Björgvin Máni
You should take every single Apple sticker you have/get and put in on a board or something
Intro Creator
Intro Creator Year ago
I wish apple will provide gold color of homepod
5T3V3N Year ago
Did you turn the volume up from the pod itself?
Jelly Yt
Jelly Yt Year ago
Narcos rules
amir78694 Year ago
Lorek 47
Lorek 47 Year ago
È cicciotto
JH Rec
JH Rec Year ago
That looks so premium and good audio quality would love to have one of those in my room.... one day hopefully i can get one ☝🏻:)
SimpleMan.45 2 years ago
I don’t like that you need a Cable to use it. You should have the option to charge it, and take it with you.
Rizziere Bellagamba
Hi, I remember in the presentation of the keynote that this speakers are designed to can listen music between you are talking with other ones, maybe the speaker have a setting to change the character of the volume to sound like it is a party, hope you can find the solution.
Jimmy Carver
Jimmy Carver 2 years ago
You turn my home pod on when you ask Siri what can you do lol
Arav Ambaram
Arav Ambaram 2 years ago
Why don’t get a Bose soundlink
Hai Guy
Hai Guy 2 years ago
1:18 you got that right
Christian Williams
Christian Williams 2 years ago
You just have to pull hard until you hear the click. At the end of the cable it’s just a plug 🔌 that plugs into the HomePod
Christian Williams
Christian Williams 2 years ago
The cable is retractable
Pauls_ Gaming
Pauls_ Gaming 2 years ago
That is not tiny, the amazon echo is a good size and this is bigger
Seth Bigsnake
Seth Bigsnake 2 years ago
You like that song Narcos and Notice me
Olivier 7P
Olivier 7P 2 years ago
You know what real music is 👏🏾
4real 2 years ago
I have hey Siri on my iPad but when you say hey Siri my Siri goos on! 🤣🤣🤣
Lex Lex
Lex Lex 2 years ago
The space grey one looks a lot different than on the box color wise🤔
V Shap
V Shap 2 years ago
I got the same music on sonos
Bryce Thomas
Bryce Thomas 2 years ago
Do you have to have WiFi to use it
Alex Vasiliu
Alex Vasiliu 2 years ago
Only two things against the Homepod are that its very expensive and that Siri isn’t very advanced
James 2 years ago
He fart
Mike Philips
Mike Philips 2 years ago
The Black one looks better
Nidhin Roy
Nidhin Roy 2 years ago
When u called Siri my Siri wake up......
InstrumentalPlug 2 years ago
Song: narcos by migos the beat song ive heard Cu
Kobi Manning
Kobi Manning 2 years ago
Did you know that the volume bit tens can make it even louder
Pablo StillGrounds
Pablo StillGrounds 2 years ago
The Macintosh was the heaviest
Dmitry Fomin
Dmitry Fomin 2 years ago
Hahaha you activated my Siri man. I was like ‘what’s going on?’ Hahahaha
Bermal 2 years ago
all apple fanboys thinking that its the best speaker ever to exist
Bubs Turner
Bubs Turner 2 years ago
If to quiet get iHome speakers
Ricky Palacios
Ricky Palacios 2 years ago
It would be awesome if you could do a review on the best things to buy for HomeKit that work with HomePod!
Jake Holman
Jake Holman 2 years ago
My question is, how much do these people even make? These bad boys are like almost $400.00 a piece! Then between all of the iPhones he has destroyed threw the years! All watch tests an scratch tests! Then of course all of these cases! I know RUvid pays you for your videos but do they really pay that much? Just saying... two of these bad boys alone added together are like 900 dollars after tax... must be nice to just drop $900.00 on speakers...
MusicHelp 2 years ago
My name is also Filip
M-style 2 years ago
in Morrisons were selling bluetooth speaker and charging adapter for 20 quid and it has the resonance of the 350 pound pod! i think it is not an item that is worth buying from apple simply because it`s a 100 percent scam .
Arne Willaert
Arne Willaert 2 years ago
Great review just one question what are the dimensions of the package?
Kush Voorakkara
Kush Voorakkara 2 years ago
Why are people copying amazon so much????????????????????????🙁
What Apple Watch case do you have?
glenn pryor
glenn pryor 2 years ago
Take a look at the discussion threads on the Apple Support Community. Countless complaints about the HomePod can't play or recognize Apple Music playlists.......how can they get that wrong? I own the HomePod bc its in the "ecosystem." Playlists are the basics of music streaming. Can't believe Apple could mess that up. Asking Siri to play a playlist should be pretty much standard. Think they need to fix that much sooner than stereo playing and multi-room play.
Shrekwazowski 2 years ago
The amazon Alexa killer?
kshomshch 2 years ago
This watch looks so stupid...
Chenukh Kalansuriya
Best Apple Home Pod for less than 50 dollars!!! www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079C7LFBW/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B079C7LFBW&linkCode=as2&tag=chenukh2002-20&linkId=1c8c4de9579148623e03556c5946aec2
Ed Clarke
Ed Clarke 2 years ago
heeey Devon
heeey Devon 2 years ago
Wow.. You can't make calls, anyone can read your texts, can't differentiate voices, can't use Spotify, can't use non-apple products, can't order a uber, can't order online, can't have it read out recipes, can't use it for Bluetooth .... So what.... Just a glorified $349 speaker
iKarma-J 2 years ago
Don’t get why it’s so expensive it does the same thing as google home and it’s $50.
More FCB
More FCB 2 years ago
Can you use normal music instead of Apple Music ? ANswer please
Romina Talpos
Romina Talpos 2 years ago
Thank you for this video! :*
Yamaan Alkhalf
Yamaan Alkhalf 2 years ago
Of a black one
Yamaan Alkhalf
Yamaan Alkhalf 2 years ago
U should do a giveaway
Monperor 2 years ago
Man you said hey Siri and my iPhone opened siri🤦‍♂️
Kaz 2 years ago
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