Homemade Water Turbine

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Simple, and cheaply made water turbine. The 36 cups are made from 7 cm diameter PVC-pipe and bolted onto a bike wheel. In this particular video, the wheel is not connected to any load, and the thread and the pulleys only shows a way to transport the power away from the wheel. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching.

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Mar 18, 2012

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Comments 163
Nirmal Jangid
Nirmal Jangid 16 days ago
There was two wires in red color
Wilfred Myers
Wilfred Myers Month ago
Cardross st peters visitor centre could use that
Weerachai Seangchan
Why ? Generator?
alexanderx llacasi mendoza
¶😂😎😉😋😎😃😂 🛁♊️♊️♋️♍️♓️♑️♐️♎️.♒️♐️
alexanderx llacasi mendoza
Que tal como lo hago llegar la información contenida puede hacer el cambio del nombre es María José te envío el presupuesto para que me gustaría participar del proceso para que se me olvidó decirte si no es el mismo que la vida es como yo no tengo ni la mitad queda en la noche no se si me puedes mandar por mail o por lo menos en el caso es que me gustaría participar en este tema t
Yalcin Esedov
Yalcin Esedov 2 months ago
jprv jprv
jprv jprv 3 months ago
wonderful idea. i like to do this some day. thank you for share.
John Mercer
John Mercer 4 months ago
im curious as to how much energy this could generate what size scale of this to power a cabin
Ego sphere
Ego sphere 4 months ago
I thought this was a mill not a turbine. Can somone set me strait on the difference?
gjmob 4 months ago
Nothing new here. The Professor on Gilligan's Island did this in the 60's.
Gangaiah Naidu
Gangaiah Naidu 5 months ago
We have any waterfall we can do like this but we don't have any waterfall , we can use to 12 volts car Dianama for battery recharge after we connect inverter it will be product normal AC power 240v OK ( you are not showing it's all because you don't know about this)
Tube Unique SkilL
Tube Unique SkilL 5 months ago
super nice
Randell graham
Randell graham 6 months ago
What if you started at the top of a tall tube under a large water fall and as the water fell it passed by bladed attatched to small highest end motors with the least resistance possible 12/25/18 obviously the bearing or uninvented or possibly modification on a preexisting theory or actual object im un aware of as im an idiot who cant comprehend how we can except basic laws. Im not the only one. Then after passing by a motor the water woud slow so u increase the pipe for long enough for the load to build up enough to reduce the pipe diameter to match the original flow and repeat and make adjustments if possible or here is where i challenge the mind instead of relying on new water we then at the bottom and someone obviously much smarter then I created the worlds most effecient pump that could draw 99.99999 percent of the energy collected and used it to start the process over again. I realize how outlandish this sounds but i dare the scientific community using a actual model to prove that perpetual energry will never be achievable in this manner. I know why dont i do it myself because im not a physicist nor a designer with high mathematical skill. I just wonder and putting it out there. Its basically a child hood dare to scientist. Or for lack of fancy wordology due to me be busy in other aspect with my hands but my mind is gready and whats someone else to do the hard work . Im just a bad idea man. Questioning old laws that seem correct but can be manipulated
Reignierr R
Reignierr R 6 months ago
Is this water proof?
DUKYJO 6 months ago
You could run that 24/7 and still be in darkness...try produce energy bro
heahorn heanak
heahorn heanak 3 months ago
الصيااد عصام الخفاجي
شكرا جزيلا لك
Goodtimes 7 months ago
Get a generator
Σκληρός Καριόλης
i copied that but it doesnt work.
tyler D
tyler D 9 months ago
really cool! you could probably get more efficiency if you used a chain instead of rope
Σκληρός Καριόλης
a chain is heavy
Amit Gujjae
Amit Gujjae 10 months ago
R.D. TECHNOLOGY 11 months ago
Malak Bakhtyar Alam
where does the string lead too ?? to moter ?? which kind of motre are u used ??
Michiel Van Kets
looks like you generated a lot of fun, but not much electricity
Easter Stedman
working with an energy has become much simpler with Avasva plans.
Reddy mohanbabu
PraSenjit DaS
PraSenjit DaS Year ago
chand tara
chand tara Year ago
Son of bich
Ishwar Shrestha
काठमाडौकाे मलपाेखरीमा उडाएका जहाज, सराेजकाे प्याराग्ल्याडिङ, बम डिस्पाेज राेबर्ट, बिद्धुतिय कार, हेलिकप्टर अादि यस्ता उत्पादन गर्नु जरुरी छ । जसबाट अाबिष्कार गर्ने बैज्ञानिककाे हाैसला बढ्छ भने स्वदेश बिदेशमा बिक्री गरि अतम्दानी बढ्छ । मैले पहिलेनै भनेको थिए मसंग करोड पैसा छैन हुनेलाई थाहा छैन । नेताहरूलाई थाहा पनि छैन र भए पनि बेवास्ता गर्दा नेपालकाे अार्थिक बिकासमा तलतल झरिरहेकाे छ मुर्खहरुकाे हाबि भएपछि देश प्रगति नहुदाेहेछ । चीन बिकास यस्ता उत्पादन गर्दै ब्यापारकाे साम्राज्य विश्वभर फैलाउन सफल छ ।यदि म सरकार प्रमुख भए भने यस्ता उत्पादन गर्न करोड खर्च गरि अरबाै अाम्दानी गर्ने थिए । ईश्वर ९८४९१४३२३५, २०७४-१२-२५-१
Gurmeet Singh
Gurmeet Singh Year ago
Sab kuch zugad hsi
zoya k
zoya k Year ago
Power plant
I love nature...so I moved in with all my plastic garbage and stuff.
Shekar Babu
Shekar Babu Year ago
The Brilliant India
For electricity good
Gajanan Abgad
Gajanan Abgad Year ago
हे काय आहे ?
sukanta kumar kanhar Kanhar
Where gone Ur current product so first then u write
Anirudh Year ago
Brother were is electricity
Mohsin Abdul
Mohsin Abdul Year ago
is ka fhada kya hai.????
Abhishek Pushpa Kar
yeah mujhe bahut pasand hai
जय गुरुदेव जय गुरुदेव
अबे चूतिये उखाड़ भी क्या लिया ये बना के
जय गुरुदेव जय गुरुदेव
अबे चूतिये उखाड़ भी क्या लिया ये बना के
Willie Joel
Willie Joel Year ago
Thank you very much for showing how to make the free power blessed.
Abdurasaq Koykotoor
Emin Sahmuradov
Eeeee dooosssssuuuuunnnn ????
Loreto Verzo
Loreto Verzo Year ago
Ma fi fayda!
M Daley
M Daley Year ago
There’s something very satisfying about watching and hearing that clean clear water spin that wheel.
Binay Giri
Binay Giri Year ago
Very nice
Dur bet
Dur bet Year ago
Apa manfaatnya...
aure vasantha rao
nirpal singh
nirpal singh Year ago
Ki bimaree h ih
Prem Singh
Prem Singh Year ago
good morning baby 👧
Wasim jaan
Wasim jaan Year ago
This is entertaining turbine😅
Fazal Akbar
Fazal Akbar Year ago
What the hell video is this.
Arjit Boro
Arjit Boro Year ago
Wow great video carry on
Motilal Deshmukh
Let’s make It
Sheikh Adil
Sheikh Adil Year ago
Design is Very Far From being Used it's efficiency is less than 10% it can only produce 2 to 3 vac at this stage..
Chaudhary Mukesh
very nice try
lukash B daimari
What the hell video is these .
Audun Year ago
These are the wheels of hell .
Jay Lonhare
Jay Lonhare Year ago
Hahaha nice setup
Jess C
Jess C Year ago
Now put a car alternator to it and you are done. -Maybe a marine alternator to withstand a little more the rust. Done.
Sheva Permana
Sheva Permana Year ago
simon ralte
simon ralte Year ago
I see some java moss
Ray Santosh
Ray Santosh Year ago
Stl Silver Fox
Awesome idea. Simple and makes that wheel really fly. I'm going to make one for my creek and hook a 24 volt alternator up to it. Thanks for the inspiration. Great idea!
BuckGreywolfe 2 years ago
Great Demonstration. Ripe for improvement now that you have a good model to work with.
Barskor1 2 years ago
You can put magnets in the rim of the wheel and make electricity directly.
Mejd Alqasas
Mejd Alqasas 2 years ago
is it better to make a simple water turbine with curved blades or straight blades and why? I'm working on a project for an engineering class. thanks
Jon Byron
Jon Byron 2 years ago
Mejd Alqasas curved cups hold the water longer giving some momentum and extra weight on the falling side imo
Luis Baquero
Luis Baquero 2 years ago
And ? the purpose is ????
ashish mishra
ashish mishra Year ago
Wear the sadi
ashish mishra
ashish mishra Year ago
Hair stael
Audun 2 years ago
There is no practical purpose, other than the learning gathered through the prosess of the construction. And all the fun along the way. Best wishes.
Dinesh Thengil
Dinesh Thengil 2 years ago
very nice
turkey toes
turkey toes 2 years ago
Great! Thumbs up! With a little water and enough pressure to spray from a nozzle, I thought about using tin cans not quite cut in half and pried open. Carefully cutting up one side and top of a can leaving the other side uncut and bending open the can to make two halves-- a "do-it-yourself pelton cup" Fastening a bunch of these homemade "pelton cups" around something which could be fastened directly to the shaft of a generator/alternator. With a generous spring or stream with a little more water and with a bit of drop to build pressure, I thought of taking 20 lb propane tanks and filling them with water to be sure there is no propane in them and then emptying the water and taking a right angle grinder with a cut-off wheel and cutting the propane tanks lengthwise, leaving one straight side uncut. When opened up this would make a large pelton cup. Done to about 8 or more propane tanks. Taking two steel automobile wheels and welding them together, then welding the opened propane tanks around the wheels making a large pelton wheel. The center of one of the 2 wheels welded together would need to be cut out to be able to get a ratchet in to tighten the lug nuts of the other wheel to a junked automobile hub/axle. Similar to this ruvid.net/video/video-BtCMuO3DVyE.html Or instead of using the hub/axle of a junked auto, weld the propane "pelton wheel" to a large steel pipe and fit each end of the pipe through a large pillow block bearing.
Chris Lett
Chris Lett 2 years ago
Looks really simple and inexpensive. I have a question tho. Does it have enough torque to turn an alternator?
grace dags
grace dags 8 months ago
Audun what string did you use that red one? Were making the same project
Audun 2 years ago
Hi. It certanly doesn't have a lot of torque. But if the alternator is matched correctly it should work just fine. Best. A.
Robin singhmar
Robin singhmar 2 years ago
Ghanta....where convert into electrical .......floudd
Garras Porgratix
Garras Porgratix 2 years ago
Where does the string lead to? What happens at the other end?
Bernadette Husch
Bernadette Husch 2 years ago
Check InpliX handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.
Renuka Bai
Renuka Bai 2 years ago
can you make motor
Meghnad (Who roars like thunder behind the clouds)
Efficiently, the big question! How much energy from the falling water is getting converted?
joe m
joe m 2 years ago
The next thing I would recommend is that you have some sort of housing for the string or chain so that it doesn't come of easily. :) Also, if you could have a gear system so that you could get one revolution on the turbine to make 10 on the dynamo or something like that. Try it out and see what works :D
finzebo LDS
finzebo LDS 3 years ago
How do you make a turbine like that plz it's for a science project
Audun 3 years ago
+Jordan Witter There isn't really a recipe i can give you. The details is mostly covered in this video and in my replies to previous comments. The base is a bike wheel with cups from PVC on it. That is basically it. In addition there is the pulley that is just a ring of plywood fastened to the wheel and finally a stand for the turbine to be placed on. Good luck and have fun building a water turbine! Best.
BLADE RUNNER 3 years ago
sweet... but please post up voltage n amps. BUY A CHEAP METER BRO... TY THO. U ROCK. I.M BUILDING ONE 4 SEATTLES "jungle" /offgrid community. so any info. is USEFULL. TYTYTY
ram1brn 2 years ago
It isnt hooked to anything the guy states it is for demo purposes only it isnt running anything
Edilberto Oré Cárdenas
Pero que está moviendo. Lo que interesa es ver para que sirve, en este caso.. Porque claro sirve para mover turbinas, entre otras. Pero repito en este caso que está moviendo. Buen video, pero se quedaron cortos en lo respecta a la utilidad.
Naina Shah
Naina Shah 3 years ago
John Benton
John Benton 3 years ago
A great idea.
BinaryFour 3 years ago
can be very usefull and easy for a self production of electricity i think it's less complicated than eolian ... you just need water . solar energy is cool too but way too complicated and still not good enough ... so , water ! water is easy for everyone !
NOBR DZR 3 years ago
So what is this for???
김정희 2 years ago
ram1brn 2 years ago
just changing the angle of the water drop would increase speed .you are slowing it down by comming straight out
Audun 3 years ago
Hi. I haven't meassured the power. Sure, a preassure nozzle would increase rotational speed. A pelton turbine would be better for higher pressure. This wheel has more torque than speed. Thanks for watching!
Nelson Dacosta
Nelson Dacosta 3 years ago
+Audun M. how much power ? what if you put a pressure nozzle instead ,would it go faster?
Audun 3 years ago
@NOBR DZR This is just an experimental waterturbine that i made just for fun. Best.
MrDunkiemon 4 years ago
Hey dude, you need to make a trip to Home Depot.
남이주호 4 years ago
HeadakusMaximus 4 years ago
This is great! Think I'll build one to take camping. It would probably produce enough power to run several strings of LED xmas lights. Running a hundred feet or so of PVC pipe up the crick (a small creek, in hick speak) and putting a nozzle on the end would up the water velocity.
San Francisco
San Francisco 11 months ago
You lug all that stuff with you and spend the whole weekend getting it set up and then take it all down to lug it back without generating a watt of power.
Mohammed Salim
Mohammed Salim 4 years ago
Great job! I think you really should attach a washing machine motor directly to your wheel, so that you don't lose energy through friction in your long thread. I like your wheel though, great design!
Good thought. 😀
alecia tang
alecia tang 4 years ago
did you check how much power you can generate with this...?
Audun 4 years ago
No. I did not. Thanks for watching!
West Virginia Patriot
Love the simple design! Can you take a few close up pics of the components of the wheel such as cups and how they are cut and mounted?
Audun 4 years ago
I don't have this turbine up and running anymore. The cups was made by cutting pvc pipe in two. They are fastened to the wheel by bolts. Holes are drilled in the rim of the wheel. I have tried hot glue in the past, but the cups kept falling off. Thanks for your comment. Have fun.
Ganesh man Lama
Ganesh man Lama 4 years ago
Back to nature ???
Martin Hrescak
Martin Hrescak 4 years ago
xsnut1 4 years ago
you can use a 1 wire delco....
craig k
craig k 4 years ago
There's an old saying in the graphic design field, "KISS" Keep It Simple Stupid. Great job. Very simple and it works.
Nathan Weisgerber
Nathan Weisgerber 5 years ago
I am doing a project onthis and I was wondering how would I power a light bulb with this????
Audun 5 years ago
You would have to connect the wheel to a generator in some way. Different methods are used. Some use direct drive, others use a belt-drive. This is also convenient if you would like to have a gear ratio. Good luck on your project.
CncObsession 5 years ago
Nice over shot wheel. What it would be like to have water falling right near your house?
CncObsession 5 years ago
Audun 5 years ago
Sadly that is seldom the case. You have to move to the stream!
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 5 years ago
But does it blend?? That is the question
at39degrees 5 years ago
I like this idea, and have thought of something similar. I was going to use rivets to attach the cups but maybe bolts would last longer. My only concern is that when you do attach a generator/alternator to this, the load of creating electricity will make it much harder to turn initialy. you may have to help it get going, and you may need bigger cups and a larger amount of water, to keep it going. Maybe not though. Depends on the draw of the generator. I was going to leave the bicycle sprockets on the wheel and use bike chain to turn the generator
nisw1918 5 years ago
Thanks gave you a thumbs up please reurn the favor
HaineRei 5 years ago
can you tell me what you use for making the homemade water turbine?
Malak Bakhtyar Alam
can you plzz tell what king of moter ( how much)you used here for production of elect ??
Audun 5 years ago
@HaineRei That's great! Good luck.
HaineRei 5 years ago
thank you for telling me. I'm a student in red lodge and in agriculture mechanics. I chose to make a water turbine
Audun 5 years ago
Hi. The turbine is made from a bike wheel with cups made from 7 cm PVC-pipe cut in half. The pulley mounted on the wheel is made from plywood. The construction holding the wheel in place is made from steel and wood. Have fun.
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