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I could have bought one these old style wooden spokeshaves but decided it would be more fun to make one. I’ve never used this type before and always wanted to try one. I have a couple of Stanley 151’s, I actually prefer this new one. It’s more comfortable and works far better.
My Stanleys have terrible blades, they’re very thin, don’t hold an edge and for that reason they never get used. This week I also made a new blade for the Stanley, I didn’t make a video but it was easy to make and vastly improved. I may make a video at another time.
I also thought about making another one like this wooden spokeshave but with adjustable threaded posts and thumb screws. There isn’t any real need to make one like that as this works and adjusts perfectly well but would be an interesting build.
As always I'm happy to answer any questions.
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Jan 16, 2019

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Comments 763
elmahdi elmahdi
elmahdi elmahdi 5 days ago
wow! amazing...... what a happy end :-)
Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson 5 days ago
Very nice my good man!
bones&stones 65
bones&stones 65 8 days ago
Great job, really like that you show the boo boos! Liked and sub'd!
Thomas DIerks
Thomas DIerks 10 days ago
That was handwork how it supposed to be! A real good tool, that you've made.
07 Roadking
07 Roadking 10 days ago
Always heat before ya tweak !!! Thanks for the inspiration !!
MAMONT DIKII 13 days ago
Быстрее купить и не мучаться
theevilovenmit 15 days ago
I've wanted a spoke shave since I first saw one, thank you for showing how they are made. Just need to build a new propane forge then I'll have to try and make one.
Adela Cepeda
Adela Cepeda 13 days ago
theevilovenmit que no
Steve Medina
Steve Medina 22 days ago
These are the kind of videos that are so disappointing...5:45 to see you started over.....then used a bar and didn't forge from piece of spring? Stupid video
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 22 days ago
I'm very sorry I didn't live up to your standards. All I did is share my experience and in the end I showed two different methods. I still ended up with a fantastic tool. I'm sure your version of the video would've been way better. :)
Papa Steve
Papa Steve 25 days ago
Another great job. That’s good to see the mid-steps. You don’t fail if you keep going on a project Great video.
Алексей Бойко
Абсолютно не конструктор!
Bep Bep
Bep Bep 25 days ago
i like your movies
Ethan Sloan
Ethan Sloan 27 days ago
what kind of spring?
Brighton Community Workshop Project
It is good you show the mistakes, others can learn from them - thanks.
KUSTOM GRAFFIX 29 days ago
I appreciate you leaving the mistakes as part of the video and adding the corrections you've made. Keep up the good work
Bardibas Vines
Bardibas Vines Month ago
Hello friend i like your video
Travel 'n' All That
Great video sir. I am not into this kinda work, however your work and humility kept me hitched. Best Wishes from India
dream The dream
dream The dream Month ago
Very nice job brother
Mirek Kowalski
Mirek Kowalski Month ago
dobra robota ..
Shirley Vargas
Shirley Vargas Month ago
Esta buenisimo su invento.bendiciones
Marcelo Quintanilla
Lo puedes comprar por 50$ en la ferretería pero.... no hay como hacerlo tu mismo 😉
JT Inman
JT Inman Month ago
This is like my favorite youtube channel. Watching these videos is so relaxing and fun. Thanks a lot, man.
Nena Paris
Nena Paris Month ago
Come on! Another HOMEMADE thing and who the duck has all those tools at home?? Seriously, when I read homemade , it’s like basic tools not all the ones here 😒👎🏼
Nena Paris
Nena Paris Month ago
Pask Makes already, well thanks, I will watch more of your videos, like I said, I like how you work, is just not easy for most of people to get done the kind of things you do, but yes I am interested on learning how to work that things you showed here. Thanks for taking the time to explain what you did....
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
I showed in a past video how to make a can forge. It's very cheap and easy to make, it's not amazing but can get you by and then if you get interested enough you can build a better one later on. That's how I work, if I don't have a tool I either manage, make it or buy cheap. :)
Nena Paris
Nena Paris Month ago
Pask Makes the oven, or whatever the name of that where you put the metal incandescent, and all those tools, aren’t like DIY easy tools for everyone to have, It is a good video and everything you did was great job, but definitely I don’t have not even half of all the tools you showed in your video ... so I couldn’t make any of that ...
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
I made it in my shed at home that makes it homemade. Also most of my tools are either budget tools or homemade (made at home in my shed). Just because I've built my collection of tools up doesn't make my projects less homemade! :)
Charles Cyklop
Charles Cyklop Month ago
Love it ! from where the dislikes come from ? what you doing with the rests of wood after shaving it ;) ?
Charles Cyklop
Charles Cyklop Month ago
I like the over speed, however it was oil or water ? and what kind of steel have you used ? do you knoe ferrit, perlit etc ? quiet a lot of tools you got :) strug is basic to work in wood. Regards
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
I used vegetable oil for the quench. The first blade was made from an old car spring and the second one was 1075 steel. :)
olcay aydin
olcay aydin Month ago
Nice work.
psicologa María Perez
Tanta vaina nojoda ombe
David Bunting
David Bunting Month ago
I didn't know I needed a spoke shave until NOW! Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your channel.
Spartacus Month ago
Hallo von Germany gute Arbeit.
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming Month ago
broken spoke shave = perfectly acceptable shaving razor.
Ms. Ramsee
Ms. Ramsee Month ago
Beautiful craftmanship. Great work thanks for sharing
buddyweird Month ago
useless tool, wasted time...
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
That makes no sense, how is it useless? Fair enough you personally may not have a use for it but that's just you. A spokeshave is a supremely useful tool and this one out performs my Stanley 151's hands down! :)
Galda von Algerri
Sorry to have to say this, but the German translations are very bad. I don't understand most of that.
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
I suspected that would be the case! They're automated through software but it's the best I can do. It actually takes me around a couple of hours to do the subtitles but I thought it would be worth it. You are very welcome to improve the subtitles through this link if you have the time ruvid.net/u-timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCNyGbxoEo6CQvaRVEvItxkA :)
דוד גרוס
דוד גרוס Month ago
יוצא ההכללה כל מה שראיתי מלמד משהו אני נהנה לראות וללמוד תודה
Ratu Ose
Ratu Ose Month ago
I subbed you cos I love your humility and perseverance..... A real down-to-earth man. Great ideas and equally awesome videos. Keep them coming, bro.... Love from FIJI ISLANDS.
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
Thanks very much! Love Fiji, I sailed from Tonga to Fiji on a tall ship when I was younger and had the best time! :)
Edward Birchland
Get a different hobby buddy🔄
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
I have no idea what your point is! :)
Tameem Moaleji
Tameem Moaleji Month ago
I have a question: Did you want to make traditional? Coz nut and bolt would've worked.. No?
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
There's a few different ways to make one but I like this style. I may make another with bolts to adjust the depth. I don't actually need to do that as this one adjusts very easy, but it would be fun to make! :)
Mark Month ago
I like a man that shows his mistakes as well as his great projects, shows us he's just like us. Keep up the good work Pask I like your channel.
Wayne Wright
Wayne Wright Month ago
Iwould consider your style as part of a normal learning process. “ not a mistake”. I enjoyed your technique and I try to learn as you move forward. I try to watch each of sessions.
traktor works
traktor works Month ago
sometimes you happen upon a vid and in the first few seconds wonder why your watching it. but then it starts to grow on you and by the end you realise it was thoroughly worth while and totally enjoyable. adding to my enjoyment was seeing you perservere and make best of your mistakes. an excellent effort to be honest.
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
Thanks very much! :)
Aloon 007
Aloon 007 Month ago
اصرار ع النجاح
Михаил пушкарев
В России сотни лет используют более удобный инструмент. Называется "рубанок" есть для более тонкого съёма "фуганок" И стоит не дорого
Johann Reitbauer
L provides Pl
Jayesh Jadhav
Jayesh Jadhav Month ago
Looks so smooth that I can shave with it
Jayesh Jadhav
Jayesh Jadhav Month ago
Terrific skills. So much of talent!
Scott Adams
Scott Adams Month ago
Man, that turned out awesome. I know this is an old video, but great job.
Ринат Нургалиев
Молодец, не сдается!
R. K. Dubey
R. K. Dubey Month ago
I really enjoyed the sounds of various jobs just as they were presented. Try keep sounds amplified. Nice work.
Ed Anthony
Ed Anthony Month ago
I don't care what anyone else calls it, THAT, Sir is art...thank you so very much for doing this, the watching is a delight, and the learning of how is inspiring. Ed
secure syria
secure syria Month ago
whips Month ago
you got it right in the end and it work great job thank you for the vid
not sure
not sure Month ago
Make 2 so you can shape each handle with the other lol
Benjamin Blackstar
Benjamin Blackstar 2 months ago
I admire your perseverance Pask. Well done!
Sankai tv
Sankai tv 2 months ago
семён семёнович
Молодец хороший инструмент сделал, с весьма эстетичным видом 👍
Atul's Blog
Atul's Blog 2 months ago
VORON-M 2 months ago
That's great!
Laurin OS
Laurin OS 2 months ago
Beautifully made and adding the mistakes just adds to the story. What are the advantages of using the tangs rather than just two holes in the blade that you can screw down?
deejay45647 2 months ago
i appreciate u showing us the mistakes. Turned out beautiful.. nice work
marcos Paulo Antônio
Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho muito bom mesmo espetacular.
Рмр Раарии
Рмр Раарии 2 months ago
Детка в русские это изобрели до твоего рождения
MrToni99 2 months ago
Arizona 2 months ago
Nice demo on the spoke shave, but wtf is it with people and their throwing shit in the oven for two hours? By playing the flame of the MAPP gas torch across the spine, or even by holding the blade's flat at the front of the still hot forge interior, the entire thing could have been done in less than two minutes with the exact same results; without adding another 3,200 kW to the utility bill. Any single edge knife can be tempered in the same way. After all, how do you think it was done before electric ovens were invented!
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 2 months ago
Tempering in the oven is easy though, it's foolproof and I'm not in a rush. While it's tempering I don't just sit around waiting, I get on with something else. I've tempered many thing with a flame but normally that's when the tool only has a tip to temper. :)
Bullfrog's Workshop
Bullfrog's Workshop 2 months ago
Or how to turn a mistake into an opportunity and show two ways of making a spokeshave blade.
312798840 312798840
312798840 312798840 2 months ago
AL Koriks
AL Koriks 2 months ago
i understand everything exept the one - why you need so huge amouth of wooden chipping?????
wf. play
wf. play 2 months ago
Это типа мини-рубанок
antonio osorio
antonio osorio 2 months ago
Fantástico trabajo gracias por compartir saludos desde la ciudad de México.
MADERAS CRISANG 2 months ago
saludos desde España . almeria
Юлия 2 months ago
Видео о том как делать нельзя. Ну хоть для приличия почитайте литературу
Arnaldo Moreno
Arnaldo Moreno 2 months ago
Meu pai, carpinteiro, utilizava SPOKESHAVE em alguns trabalhos, mas a ferramenta desapareceu do mercado e das oficinas. Era a década de 1930-1940 do século XX. Fiquei muito impressionado com o belo trabalho que você mostrou. Parabéns. 👍
Momo Hunkerton
Momo Hunkerton 2 months ago
You obviously haven't been doing that long, a lot of beginner mishaps
theduck 2 months ago
Thank you for leaving in the mistakes, and how you over came them. This made for an enjoyable video to watch and learn from. Thank you for sharing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Micah Stone
Micah Stone 2 months ago
Blacksmithing in shorts. This was painful to watch
Arizona 2 months ago
Really? You'd have ran screaming if you saw me flux core MIG welding in a short sleeved top and no gloves when I was back in Job Corps. I got the shop name of "flash" for good reason. It was stupid, I know, but I was young and "tough" back then.
Александр Белослудцев
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming 3 months ago
Keep this up and I'll have to buy a bunch of tools just so I can make one!
grafvonstauffenburg 3 months ago
Damned handy with that chisel!
Andre Silva
Andre Silva 3 months ago
I do like what you do. Thank you!
Kamal Gadhiya
Kamal Gadhiya 3 months ago
Very slow
Nuttapong Vg
Nuttapong Vg 3 months ago
Wood Design By Michael
3.2 million views! Congratulations Niel.
Marko176 Schneider
Marko176 Schneider 3 months ago
Super Video.Danke!
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