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I could have bought one these old style wooden spokeshaves but decided it would be more fun to make one. I’ve never used this type before and always wanted to try one. I have a couple of Stanley 151’s, I actually prefer this new one. It’s more comfortable and works far better.
My Stanleys have terrible blades, they’re very thin, don’t hold an edge and for that reason they never get used. This week I also made a new blade for the Stanley, I didn’t make a video but it was easy to make and vastly improved. I may make a video at another time.
I also thought about making another one like this wooden spokeshave but with adjustable threaded posts and thumb screws. There isn’t any real need to make one like that as this works and adjusts perfectly well but would be an interesting build.
As always I'm happy to answer any questions.
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16 янв 2019

paskmakespaskpask makes




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Вадим Нестеров
Вадим Нестеров 4 часа назад
Бляяяяяяя.........!!!! Рубанок? Серьезно! РУБАНОК??? Это пиздец!!
Sergey Mereja
Sergey Mereja 7 часов назад
It turns out for the best result you need a good metal, and not something that comes under the arm?
Kzoo Kid
Kzoo Kid 16 часов назад
Your videos on making tools are the best, especially for those of us who can't afford to buy new and enjoy customizing each one to fit. We learn from your mistakes along with you. Thanks so much for the time and work you put into each tool and video.
Harry Powers
Harry Powers День назад
Your videos are always so instructive and interesting-thank you 👌
Иваныч Лазуткин
Иваныч Лазуткин День назад
Juan José Durán
Juan José Durán День назад
Un saludo, !vaya trabajo¡ es una pena el fallo de la primera cuchilla pero no deja de ser un gran trabajo. Buen trabajo de forja y de carpintería como siempre.
Warren Holmar
Warren Holmar 2 дня назад
Love your channel. I watched the mini plane video the other day and auto play carried on with other vids randomly tonight your bench build came up on my suggestions so I have now subscribed I love the fact that you screwed this build up in so many ways but showed the learning curve it is easy to do the "here is one i made earlier" but to show the mistakes you make and how you adjusted is far more interesting. So after posting I read the comments it seems your honesty is popular with your fans!
Craig Monteforte
Craig Monteforte 2 дня назад
As usual another good video and a nice build with some excellent raftsmanship
José Carlos Delgado
José Carlos Delgado 4 дня назад
Top very good.
eef boesveld
eef boesveld 4 дня назад
vakman schap is meester schap. handig spookschaafje.
Moheb Fanous
Moheb Fanous 5 дней назад
that is a lot of work for only tha t jop
MONA Ali BILAWI 6 дней назад
Fred Weber
Fred Weber 7 дней назад
Gute Arbeit mit tollem Ergebnis
Martinez Lopez
Martinez Lopez 7 дней назад
Very authentic - even the "failures & restating again and again" are great. Good HAND-craft √√√√√
Green Building
Green Building 7 дней назад
Finally it ended up with great result mate.. Keep up your good work 👍
Vaping For Charity
Vaping For Charity 8 дней назад
do you sell those?
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 7 дней назад
Unfortunately I don't have the time to make them for order! Maybe in the future I will! :)
Alodin13 8 дней назад
Cool! Good work, man!
Vladimir kirof
Vladimir kirof 8 дней назад
Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson 9 дней назад
How long the tempa?
Gabriele Seitz
Gabriele Seitz 9 дней назад
Perfectly done - I like to see, that a woodworker like you makes midtakes, too! And that you show it! It helps me to learn and to be encouraged to try my projects. Thank's a lot!!!
Анатолий жеребко
Анатолий жеребко 10 дней назад
Хороша робота.
Владимир Гороховский
And to attach the plate-knife on the screws simply and quickly
perros y mas PERROS
perros y mas PERROS 10 дней назад
beautiful job.,.,gretings from argentina
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 11 дней назад
Fantastic work! I've never seen one of those made before so that was a bonus too!
Hasan Akkaya
Hasan Akkaya 11 дней назад
Buravo vallaha
1959Berre 12 дней назад
Another outstanding video of the highest quality.
Костя Рыкав
Костя Рыкав 13 дней назад
иногда и такой мини рубанок пригодится 5++++++
LEDMakeLight 13 дней назад
Nice made
Кеша PTZ
Кеша PTZ 14 дней назад
Thiago Dias
Thiago Dias 14 дней назад
It's awesome how this video is even better *because* of the mistakes and the lessons we learned from them. Thanks!
САРАТОВ 64 16 дней назад
супер !
Tom Gee
Tom Gee 17 дней назад
Good job
Graham-john taylor
Graham-john taylor 18 дней назад
You’re an inspiration mate 👍🏾
UA.Україна Яготин
UA.Україна Яготин 18 дней назад
Простий і потрібний. Клас. Спасибі
саша сторожук
саша сторожук 18 дней назад
вы крутой
Vasea Rusu
Vasea Rusu 19 дней назад
Инна Ершова
Инна Ершова 19 дней назад
Супер !
MOHAMED AL JAWAHAR 20 дней назад
Simple tool make big change... good idia...😀
Денис Клемберг
Денис Клемберг 20 дней назад
Зачем было выставлять на 30градусов если напильник не был зафиксирован горизонтально а просто он держал его в руках👎👎👎👎
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 13 дней назад
Я держал файл как можно более горизонтальным, и это сработало нормально. :)
Roberto Ferreira de Mello
Roberto Ferreira de Mello 20 дней назад
Belo projeto. Parabéns !! Abs brother São Paulo Brasil
caped crusader
caped crusader 20 дней назад
Really enjoyed the video.
Queen 21 день назад
This video is a perfect example of why I LOVE your channel. You show your mistakes and explain why it was a mistake. Nothing in life is perfect and things do not always go as planned. Keep up the great work.
inter strom
inter strom 21 день назад
Nicely done!!! (Красиво сделано!!!)
thePolerin 22 дня назад
I get an unreasonable amount of joy from watching your videos and recognizing other tools from build videos. Thank you for this stuff. seriously.
Иван Петров66RUS
Иван Петров66RUS 22 дня назад
That's what happens when the arms are straight and grow from the shoulders, not from the ass. Bravo, master.
Александр Котенко
Very nice! Thanks you for the video.
TheRetiredtrucker 23 дня назад
I'm gonna make one of these just to be able to make those cool wood shavings to scatter around my shop to make me look competent
ابو رسل الطائي
ابو رسل الطائي 24 дня назад
عمل رائع جدا أحسنت
Francis FRUSCALZO 24 дня назад
This video was so instructive for to make this tool for myself. I think than i do it. VERY GOOD WORK, I LOVE IT SO LOT.
nardu malherbe
nardu malherbe 24 дня назад
Thank you for using your mistakes to teach and sharing the lessons learnt. Keep up the good work !
Xue Lee
Xue Lee 24 дня назад
Would it shave a persons beard off?
Xue Lee
Xue Lee 24 дня назад
+Pask Makes Looks sharp enough though
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 24 дня назад
I wouldn’t like to try! 😊
Eder Gonçalves
Eder Gonçalves 24 дня назад
Bom trabalho meu amigo, trabalho de mestre
acsolares2 24 дня назад
Damn impressive!!!!!! Nice to know disasters happen to us all....
26 DIESEL 25 дней назад
State of art!
Mike Builds
Mike Builds 25 дней назад
Not only are you a scrap wood worker but a scrap metal worker.
mick p
mick p 25 дней назад
Nice to see you included your mistakes and how you got over them! This is how we learn and make us better at what we do and make us humans.
deurival rocha
deurival rocha 26 дней назад
Ótimo trabalho, Valeu!
Дмитрий Быков
Дмитрий Быков 26 дней назад
...ну чё с них взять?!.. Запад загнивающий!... Дикари!...
влад владов
влад владов 26 дней назад
зачем гнуть концы? не проще закрепить винтами любое лезвие?
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 24 дня назад
Это можно сделать с помощью винтов. Это так, как они были изначально сделаны.😊
MSMcKenzieJr 26 дней назад
Like the honesty in the video. And an enjoyable journey.
luis ferraz
luis ferraz 26 дней назад
Excelente clase, con errores y aciertos, con un buen resultado. Felicitaciones
carlos passolongo
carlos passolongo 27 дней назад
boa tarde sou do brasil assisto seu videos to inscrito
ben yahia yahiaoui
ben yahia yahiaoui 27 дней назад
Talented ✨👍 great work
Xt0ff 27 дней назад
Wonderfull !!!!!
Frog Da VW
Frog Da VW 27 дней назад
Enjoyed the video very much! You made a nice tool. Thank you. I try to build the tools I see on you tube. So seeing the mistakes made is a much-needed help to me. BTW they are far fewer than the number I make.
Mordi Alghareeb
Mordi Alghareeb 27 дней назад
Дикий 27 дней назад
what tree is made jack-plane?
Евгений Лебедев
Евгений Лебедев 27 дней назад
нахуй точить напильником????
Octavio Castillo
Octavio Castillo 27 дней назад
Buena herramienta
큰느티 27 дней назад
homegrowntomatoes1 27 дней назад
Very nice!
A. Vigor
A. Vigor 28 дней назад
Super +++
Hernan Orbeta Toledo
Hernan Orbeta Toledo 28 дней назад
Excelent job. Thank you
daryoosh monjezi
daryoosh monjezi 28 дней назад
Hans de Groot
Hans de Groot 28 дней назад
That's an impressive job! Thanks for sharing.
Василий Бородулин
Василий Бородулин 28 дней назад
Руки из правильного места растут!и голова есть!
Town Country
Town Country 29 дней назад
hella good job!
Karl Newman
Karl Newman 29 дней назад
ooooh now you have done it! I love your videos, but now I have to go out to the garage and forge one myself... like I didn't have enough work!!!
jame ali
jame ali 29 дней назад
مرحبا انا من العراق (مدينة اربيل ) شمال العراق المهنة(نجار موبيليات والابواب الخشبية) شاهدت الفيديو صنعت ( رندة قوس ) ممتاز ومفيد جدا جدا لااعمال نجارة الخشب وشكرا Arabic right
Joël Poussin
Joël Poussin 29 дней назад
Great congratulations for your work. I have two wastringues curves how should we do to succeed the round. Do you have a demonstration to make us? Thank you for helping me realize my project.
Thinking Monkey
Thinking Monkey 29 дней назад
It's always fun and entertaining to watch your projects! Thanks for this one.
Stephen Месяц назад
Wonderful Spokeshave, great video. Love the mistakes we all learn! Thanks
Logan Rc’s
Logan Rc’s Месяц назад
I love this video so much shows how you can make your own tools
D.J. Saxton
D.J. Saxton Месяц назад
You Sir are awesome. love watching your videos.
Debbie Coull
Debbie Coull Месяц назад
Very good, you'll be chuffed each time you use it. Perseverance pays
Scot Metcalf
Scot Metcalf Месяц назад
I second love you show your mistakes and beautiful work
吴慧婷 Месяц назад
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Hey I'm a Maker
Hey I'm a Maker Месяц назад
I have been meaning to buy one of these... Maybe I should make one :) Thanks for sharing!
Alexander Lennox
Alexander Lennox Месяц назад
I learned from your mistakes - well done.
Wambli Washte
Wambli Washte Месяц назад
20 years ago I found a similar spokeshave in an old toolshop. It had been sitting their long time! It became my most favourite handtool, and still is. Well done on the make. Gives me hope to make one too, once this one gets too worn out!
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Месяц назад
Awesome! Got to love old tools! 😊
Francisc Iremnisan
Francisc Iremnisan Месяц назад
Cat costă
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Месяц назад
Din păcate, nu este de vânzare! 😊
Zafar Iqbal
Zafar Iqbal Месяц назад
Honest craftsman showing us his mistakes. Good job, bravo
ivan-in-sky Месяц назад
Молодец мужик! Very good!
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Месяц назад
Спасибо! 😊
BluegrassBushcraft Месяц назад
Great video. Thanks for keeping it real. Got yourself a new sub.
Wayne Shirey
Wayne Shirey Месяц назад
Nice work. Excellent video.
Аleksey Bek
Аleksey Bek Месяц назад
Good work! Interesting to watch!
Kim Curtis
Kim Curtis Месяц назад
VERY nice project and, because I need one for some of the things I am going to be making and because I also am a Blacksmith of sorts, I will be making one as soon as the weather warms up a bit! Winters in Wyoming are not kind to old farts like me who do not have fully enclosed Blacksmith shop so, I'll be waiting for the weather to warm up a bit! THANKS for the great videos and all the tips you show us! CHEERS!
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Месяц назад
Thanks Kim! Glad you enjoyed the video! Winter in Wyoming sounds wonderful to me, I hope to visit one day! 😊
Braden Glett
Braden Glett Месяц назад
Thanks for showing the mistakes so that we don't have to learn about them the hard way!
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks Месяц назад
You mistakes are where I learn soooo much! Thank you sincerely for showing the cockups as well as the beautiful end results of your projects.
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