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I could have bought one these old style wooden spokeshaves but decided it would be more fun to make one. I’ve never used this type before and always wanted to try one. I have a couple of Stanley 151’s, I actually prefer this new one. It’s more comfortable and works far better.
My Stanleys have terrible blades, they’re very thin, don’t hold an edge and for that reason they never get used. This week I also made a new blade for the Stanley, I didn’t make a video but it was easy to make and vastly improved. I may make a video at another time.
I also thought about making another one like this wooden spokeshave but with adjustable threaded posts and thumb screws. There isn’t any real need to make one like that as this works and adjusts perfectly well but would be an interesting build.
As always I'm happy to answer any questions.
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Miller Woodcraft - Woodworking Videos
Almost every shop made tool I research lands me here. Pask, brother... you are a wealth of knowledge. I am thankful to be able to learn from your experience.
Дмитрий Дмитриев
sologguitarist 2 days ago
столько ебли ради рубанка? а купить готовый не проще?
Mark Bravo
Mark Bravo 2 days ago
Gotta go see how many speeds the Wood Wright has . But I'll be back , because ive got to see if the 🐈 will pass Space - X up after having Checked the Heat Numbers
Gargamel 2 days ago
An excellent and very nice work!!!
Radhika Sharma
Radhika Sharma 2 days ago
Wonderful Video.... From India....
Bernardino Salazar Oyervides
Buen trabajo, felicidades
Злой Чечен
Well, and you gave the hemorrhoids a man after a year of work sharpening for a knife. 😂😂😂😆😆😆 Probably you have dad carpenter and turner and according to this your arsenal of instrument pays off!
Chris Collins
Chris Collins 3 days ago
Man after my own heart. MASTER MANIPULATOR OF MOLTEN METAL just sounds funny wacker From a master minupilator of molten metals. Good as the best bettern the rest and way above average. Good jod my friend! Bloods a good if not the best quincing agent for tempering but its against the law now days to do it in the ancient ways. Like i said good mate , keep a stuff pecker there bud.
Mary Rich McBride
Really enjoyed this video. Thanks so much for showing your talents and the facts you can make mistakes but you don't have to give up. You learn from your mistakes and that just makes you better!
Chris Fusco
Chris Fusco 3 days ago
I bet you also made those tongz holding that hot spring, I made a pair of those while ago I did the same twist, enjoy your day my friend & thank you I enjoyed your video very much
Habib Le Franco
Habib Le Franco 3 days ago
Very useful video thanks for sharing this video. New friend here.see you
Лев Петряшкин
Больно много переделок - и лезвие, и ручка. Неумеха какая то. Так и не досмотрел. Тьфу!
서권 3 days ago
저건 한옥에 쓰이던 등밀이 라는 전통 연장인데 서양에도 비슷한 연장이 있네
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 3 days ago
Es una herramienta fantástica! Tengo idea de lo que estás hablando!
Pablñw F. Pissoni
El revenido no serán veinte minutos en vez de dos horas?
Pask Makes
Pask Makes 3 days ago
El temperado debe ser de 2 horas. :)
A T 3 days ago
Thanks so much! Great skills to conjure and fabricate this beautiful tool. I learned a lot.
Bessaraboff 4 days ago
Так это ещё и не единственный фейл🤦‍♂️
Huracan del Sur
Huracan del Sur 4 days ago
Excelente herramienta,un abrazo desde México!!!
mohd Abdulaziz
mohd Abdulaziz 4 days ago
waist of time watching. 😳
Alberto domingo Esquivel
Pintor muy bueno tu vídeos tú trabajo siempre veo tú vídeos
Сергей Гренов
Класс! 👍👍👍
Emre Erturk
Emre Erturk 5 days ago
Elinize sağlık çok güzel ve kullanişlı bir ürün olmuş
Andix Menone
Andix Menone 5 days ago
dont understand who would dislike this video
Serge Duval
Serge Duval 6 days ago
you a really great magician
Adolfo Peláez
Adolfo Peláez 7 days ago
Excelente técnica...me sirve mucho para varias cosas y aplicarla en diversos trabajos Gracias Adolfo bs As Argentina
Mad Zit
Mad Zit 9 days ago
I love projects where you just wing it - building from plans is not as exciting as flying by the seat of your pants and measuring the previous stage to build pieces for the next stage...I need to get myself a piece of that 1075 or was it 1095 ?
Mike Cline
Mike Cline 9 days ago
Hélio Salgueiro
Hélio Salgueiro 10 days ago
good very much
Vicente Martinez
Vicente Martinez 10 days ago
Felicidades, está bien hecho.
Dat Roll
Dat Roll 11 days ago
Brilliant, as always
Animation studies
Animation studies 12 days ago
antonio carlos
antonio carlos 17 days ago
Preciso de uma ferramenta dessas.Muito bem feita.
Stephen Cole
Stephen Cole 18 days ago
Great job. Really is becoming a lost skill. We need more people like you in this world.
Shekel Snatcher
Shekel Snatcher 20 days ago
tfw you make something to make other things.
Nerella Johnson Vasant Kumar
Great job grandpa
Clint Taylor
Clint Taylor 22 days ago
Is that asbestos? That's stuff us pretty gnarly.
W W W. Where We Went
How many of you came here thinking what is a spokeshave?
Агван Георгенов
7раз отмерь, 1раз отреж
Narendra Rawat
Narendra Rawat 23 days ago
I love wood work. Thank you for showing this beautiful stuf.
adam msamrah
adam msamrah 24 days ago
mundo do ff
mundo do ff 24 days ago
Tanto trabalho pra nada...prefiro comprar da menos trabalho e sai mais barato ksksks
cutberto villanueva
Esa es presidamente la diferencia el valor y el amor a una herramienta
Abdi Rendon
Abdi Rendon 5 days ago
Maybe you should just don't make any comments at all ...
Wika Kenafer
Wika Kenafer 24 days ago
Excelente trabajo magnífica labor al compartir su maestría en sus vídeos
Bob Rogers Jr
Bob Rogers Jr 24 days ago
If you're not failing then you're not learning. Nice work
Ai love inggris
Maroc Libre
Maroc Libre 24 days ago
You are fantastic ..very good job .congatulations
M Shabir
M Shabir 24 days ago
Nice idia
Gilvan Moura da Silva
Maravilha de ferramenta, um raspador de madeira.
VISWANEESH.E.V Viswanathan
Sir gud job 👍👍👍👍👍
Tito Flores
Tito Flores 24 days ago
Mi estimado amigo, eres un chingonazo como carpintero y herrero. Felicitaciones!! My dear friend you are an incredible carpenter and blacksmith. Congratulations!!
Олег Мошняга
Глупость какая то, столько для чего станков , чтоб рашпилем юзать?
Роман Зеленский
Super super super
Павел Лотоцкий
Согласен,хорошее приспособление.
HMOR 25 days ago
Voll cool und liebevolle Arbeit...
letsthink how
letsthink how 25 days ago
letsthink how
letsthink how 25 days ago
В. В.
В. В. 25 days ago
Вспомнил анекдот про глюковину!
Amar Ab
Amar Ab 25 days ago
Very nice
David Alejandro
David Alejandro 25 days ago
Genio, the name of the tool at 14:09?
Elivane Lima
Elivane Lima 25 days ago
Gostei bastante,até porque consegui saber o que o senhor estava falando ,eu não falo inglês. Sou do Brasil,PARABÉNS!
Apodis 26 days ago
Awesome video. Skilled hands and hard work always make the best vids. Subbed, thanks.
Skaindar Beconja
Skaindar Beconja 26 days ago
Сергей Владимирович
Mountain biker
Mountain biker 26 days ago
I am from India🇮🇳 I like your video's
Mountain biker
Mountain biker 26 days ago
+Laxminath Jagne yes
Laxminath Jagne
Laxminath Jagne 26 days ago
Mountain biker .
Lindomar Castilho
Lindomar Castilho 26 days ago
Uma obra d arte.
marcio henrique
marcio henrique 28 days ago
Merece o Like só pela legenda em português, e outros mais pela a ideia é o conteúdo
Arman Kuzanbaev
Arman Kuzanbaev 28 days ago
What did you smear on the tree at the end?
Marcelo alexsandro aregazone
Essa ferramenta tem várias utilidade uma delas é ótima pr fazer cabo de 🔨 parabéns ótima invenção.
Marcelo Quintanilla
Es sólo el gusto de haberlo hecho...... por que en la ferretería lo compras por unos 15 dólares 😉
prabhakar bharsat
prabhakar bharsat 28 days ago
Namaste guru Very very best tool for carpentry
ba kheg
ba kheg 28 days ago
really nice , homemade 👍👍👌👌👏👏
Al gansk
Al gansk 29 days ago
This man makes a mistake and he owns the mistake. He doesn’t try to hid behind tricky editing to make himself something none of us are... He fixes his mistake, learns from it and moves on happy as a lark. I’m jealous..
Thomson Takondwa
Thomson Takondwa 29 days ago
Wow! Thanks for the awesome teaching
yoosuf 29 days ago
Puhi barro luthogovania..Thanchisoriya bulapulito nachasitowa..pum baliktu gu ragua polinakta.kasalabuwa...
Ray Charles
Ray Charles 29 days ago
Thank you for ALL the tips in this video.
David Moreno
David Moreno Month ago
Muy bueno... Y los subtítulos, hacen que pueda entenderte. Un abrazo grande.
pedro tomé
pedro tomé Month ago
Perfect!! Just perfect ( to make a chjange!! )
um tm
um tm Month ago
It's a convenient video ruvid.net/video/video-A9eQAF2tEHE.html
Mark Squires
Mark Squires Month ago
how can i purchase one from you? i cant find one anywhere..
The Absurd
The Absurd Month ago
Very nice job! It’s like a draw knife with a cover. 😂
Ian Palmer
Ian Palmer Month ago
Андрей Рыженков
Сколько может прослужить инструмент,где нож просто вбит в деревяшку,на 2 день он вылетит и на место не захочет...
Pask Makes
Pask Makes Month ago
Это то, как они были традиционно сделаны, и, очевидно, они работают и очень хорошо работают. :)
Алексей Васильев
Вери гуд
Deosdete Jesus
Deosdete Jesus Month ago
Muito legal muito bom ok
Midwest Tool Review
Can you make one for me and mail it out? Great job!!!
HunterValleyDan Month ago
Great video! You are very easy to listen to and watch. I also like the way you show your mistakes. I have a habit of trying to make something work rather than starting a part again. I think your videos show that it is easier in the long run to learn and start again. Less frustrating and a better result in the end. Keep 'em coming!
Matīss Brants
Matīss Brants Month ago
that asmr at the and tho...
doka stefanos
doka stefanos Month ago
marcelo cardoso
marcelo cardoso Month ago
Parabéns vc é bom no que faz,Deus abençoe sua vida.
Jose Reinhart
Jose Reinhart Month ago
J'ai jamais rien vu d aussi nulle
ابو الوليد الجبوري
عاشت أيدك
Shadow Month ago
А посадить на горячую не судьба ???
waner jacques bressane
Dudley Barker
Dudley Barker Month ago
what's that rasp thing at around 14:09?
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle Month ago
A little spot of inspiration for us. Cheers buddy ! I've been watching the op shops for one for about five years. Might just get to building one as I have a bit of English Oak . A cast blade would be nice though..?
ماجد البصراوي
حلو قوي
jadekayak01 Month ago
i just bought one last sunday but after watching you im gonna give it a go and make one
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