Hollywood Undead - IDOL feat. Tech N9ne (Official Video)

Hollywood Undead
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Hollywood Undead - IDOL feat. Tech N9ne (Official Video)
Stream/download 'IDOL' out now: hollywoodundead.lnk.to/HUIdolID
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I think I'm an angel, but I am cursed, riding so painful, ghost whippin the hearse
My secrets are shameful, my secrets are faithful, my life is no fable, I'm an archangel

Fiends and I'm fillin’ em drugs and Im dealin em, pack the shit up, the orders I'm fillin’ em, load the clip up cause I stay drilling them, what did you say, slow down son you killin’ em

What do you do, they look up to you, a porcelain doll and idol a tool, you dropped out of school, you're burnin up fuel , an angel of death the face of a ghoul


I ain’t you’re idol kid
I’m just a gangster
I cannot save you son
I ain’t no savior
I ain’t you’re idol kid
I’m full of hatred
I cannot save you now
I ain’t no savior

I ain’t you’re idol kid
I ain’t you’re idol kid
[Tech N9ne]
I'm gonna be killin em without any air play, cause I dare say everything not their way. Fuck politically correct and the scared way they don't want this Angel Demon bringing MUERTE!

Not imagining me dumpin a magazine thought that you had a dream but really have a KING, but this one is splattering battering on a mission traveling protected by MAZIKEEN!

I'm talkin extremities with enemies obscenities to you I'm exactly what a rival is, if you not finna be my synergy infinity I'm then wishing you suicidal shit!

I'm homicidal bitch and I PUFF ALOTTA MEDIJUANA BUT I RUN UP ON EM AND IT GOT A VITAL KICK, If you not up on the damage The Bible did, I AIN'T YOUR IDOL KID!
Looking at me well what do you see, the vision of something that you’ll never be. The kingdom will come, they’ll come for the king. What do you want, what do you need.

Im an addict , with a habit, I’ll blow you’re fucking head off, god dammit can’t stand it, the look on you’re face the desperation

I cannot take it I feel it again
The needles are pushing up under my skin
I cannot speak but the voices within
Tell me evil is good and the virtue of sin

Who are you? What do you need? Are you sure you wanna be like me? Well pay up, nothing is free and a deal with the devil is a deal with me


I ain’t you’re idol kid
I’m just a gangster
I cannot save you son
I ain’t no savior
I ain’t you’re idol kid
I’m full of hatred
I cannot save you now
I ain’t no savior


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Aug 20, 2020




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Comments 100
x0xCRUSHERx0x 14 hours ago
‘Bout fuckin’ time Tech linked with The Undead!!!!!
Kevin J Coonsis
Kevin J Coonsis 15 hours ago
whoooo you got my taste
AYE SQUAD 19 hours ago
I remember these guys from MySpace lmao
tony thomas
tony thomas Day ago
freaking AWESOME! Great Song
Skorp Usov
Skorp Usov Day ago
Качает ахуенно💥💥🦾💪
Павел Никулин
Почему так мало просмотров?🇷🇺
Garrett Brooks
This song surprised me so much... Awesome job guys!!!
NSTINCT 2 days ago
Marisa Torres
Marisa Torres 2 days ago
🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥Fire
Miyagi Official
Miyagi Official 2 days ago
I Ike the old Hollywood undead.
bat man
bat man 2 days ago
My 5 year old autistic son loves this song he be rocking out to it😜
Martin Torres
Martin Torres 2 days ago
Can’t be the only one disappointed with this song
richard dechart
richard dechart 2 days ago
Crimson goth J dog gives me life
Kameron Tye
Kameron Tye 3 days ago
There are gonna be 3 versions of this song First Version Idol ft Tech N9ne Second version Idol ft Ghostkid Third version Idol ft Kurt92
Jay Haze
Jay Haze 3 days ago
ok so mr Tech N9ne , we are gonna need a lyric video please. because WHAT?!!?
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
I love how tech has his own hollywood undead mask. Thats sick that sounds like somn hed do lol
Fathom Darkness
Fathom Darkness 4 days ago
J3T kinds reminds me of JD when he did the JDevil stuff in this one
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
Let me just say yall been killin it. Every track i heard lately has been dope from yall and this aint no exception.
Eli Phillips
Eli Phillips 5 days ago
Tech N9ne is sliding into the metal scene and it's beautiful.
Buffy Pettit
Buffy Pettit 5 days ago
Fucking love this 😜😈👻💀☠️🤡🥰🥰
Massary DollarSign
Im addict with the fuck habits
Ded Griie
Ded Griie 5 days ago
666k views you know
Orhan Özdemir
Orhan Özdemir 5 days ago
Dragan Igor
Dragan Igor 6 days ago
Yes, this is the BEST relaxing, i love rock
Tom Larson
Tom Larson 6 days ago
Damn. This is tough.
DevilZZ Audios
DevilZZ Audios 6 days ago
Hollywood undead. Your music was Good before. But now u DONT have any mask and your music changed alot please bring ur old music back.
JD Hall
JD Hall 6 days ago
wait....when did they stop wearing the masks? i haven't listened/watched HU for about 3 years lol
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 6 days ago
Guess he wS the hollywood undead found out thattheres a lot nos then he thought i like deice but i like undead better
Jake Saunders
Jake Saunders 6 days ago
If any thinks the this band had it easy they up like motly crue this put blood hrs soked in sweat played there guts out duce dont matter Deuce split there work was stong look at how well notes sold over nine lives buy deuce who got fired
meh mylife
meh mylife 6 days ago
THats right. Dont let anyone become your IDOL. Because as soon as they do they die.
Один очka
Один очka 7 days ago
*Круто кто из русских?* Hello English Russian vodka 2020 :)
Radd Ical
Radd Ical 7 days ago
Dam this is trash 🗑
. 7 days ago
Fucking Amazing !
Rudy Lugo
Rudy Lugo 7 days ago
Outside of Tech N9ne's part, this song, just like the video, is a one huge dumpster fire
Spartan2818 8 days ago
I miss the good old days
Aj Bowen
Aj Bowen 8 days ago
Well they was allot better with duce was with them but still doing ok no really good bangers from undead but stil got a good message
Kasumi sensei
Kasumi sensei 9 days ago
My family asking what music u listen to me like rock
Snare 11 days ago
Holy hell Tech N9ne is everywhere
SxV Zephyr
SxV Zephyr 13 days ago
When I 1st heard this song it sounded like it would be on The Doom soundtrack
Robert E. Waring
Robert E. Waring 13 days ago
Francis Koniak
Francis Koniak 13 days ago
jancsó lászló
jancsó lászló 14 days ago
Like a Doom
Chris 15 days ago
I'd keep this lineup forever, I know everybody loves Danny and the other members (so do I), but this sounds sooo fresh, is like a new band with a unique sound. I've been following this band since the Deuce days, but for me this is their top sound. Contrary to what most of the people are commenting I wish they'd stay with this members only (and Da kurlz for the drums). But that's just my opinion. Nice video btw!
ズーラZula 15 days ago
Lol cringe asf
Jay bone
Jay bone 16 days ago
Eythun Munoz-Lykins
Grew up on this band they’re so BA
G B 17 days ago
Okay, am I the only one who sees how they have added part of Empire video with Danny? It's just for a second, a few times, but it's there.
cabbage dusk
cabbage dusk 17 days ago
This is how Christians should make their music, they'd have more of a following than their current cheesey bullshit lol
alphaomega8876 18 days ago
It should have views^^
Keith 2590
Keith 2590 18 days ago
If this isn't 2020 I dont know what is.
shadow man plays 2
shadow man plays 2 19 days ago
Hollywoodundead plus zillakami?????
zane daddy julien
zane daddy julien 19 days ago
Tech N9ne is so underrated.
Byakuya Kuchiki
Byakuya Kuchiki 20 days ago
Salve pro Kakaxe
ayhan kizar
ayhan kizar 20 days ago
Ahimtar HoN
Ahimtar HoN 20 days ago
Fun fact, if you listen closely, at around 0:22 the vocals get weirdly quieter for most of the song up until about 3:38. Just try comparing Jdog at 0:12 vs 0:31 or j3t at 2:23 vs 3:40 and it is pretty easy to hear.
The Wolfpack
The Wolfpack 22 days ago
Finally tech n9ne and Hollywood undead have a song together!!!!!!!
CLuv 22 days ago
been a while since i've had a day of the dead
RageGamer 22 days ago
Warlocks and witches vs the King of Babylon. Who wins?
wex wex
wex wex 23 days ago
to hear this track only with the participation of Kurt 92 already in December 2020 and despite the fact that he will be allowed to write in Russian
Sabrina Barton
Sabrina Barton 23 days ago
i dont know what kind of music this is but it is fucking sexy. omfg
ON3HUNDR3D GOLD 23 days ago
This is really sick!!!
Kaitie Marie
Kaitie Marie 23 days ago
But what if you ARE my idol though?
Elizabeth Bogdewic
Elizabeth Bogdewic 23 days ago
Johnny 3 Tears: I ain’t your Idol kid Danny: We’ve been idolized, role models for all the kids
Ксения Кузнецова
Клипак до 2:50 супер
Yami The Echidna
Yami The Echidna 26 days ago
Yo, Did eminem join holloweed undead
Aleqs Gecko
Aleqs Gecko 26 days ago
Holyshit. This slaps.
deathroom 24
deathroom 24 26 days ago
This song alone will get me in a mosh pit and I don't do that $h!t
Mark Wuori
Mark Wuori 26 days ago
What are the chances my favorite band and my brothers favorite rapper is in the same song..
Ben Francois
Ben Francois 26 days ago
Skrap TM
Skrap TM 27 days ago
I like this song but I find the vocals are a little too quiet compared to the rest of the instruments
SCOOBY The Karaoke Guy
Going back to the first album and listening to this is a big ass change. They sure ain't the same. I was senior in high school and now I'm 33. Alot of changes for sure. It's ok but I'm not a big dan on their new shit. I'm not even a fan of rap music to be honest. I grew up with mostly rock
Harendoz 28 days ago
Nu Trap Metal?
Hanabi 28 days ago
Omg this is fuckin insane
Mr. Psih RighTSM R-150
А вообще неплохо получилось. Непривычно, но всё же круто, продолжайте
Jay Cyn
Jay Cyn 28 days ago
On a serious note J3t looks fuckin rough.
Tanner Kilby
Tanner Kilby 28 days ago
ThyComedian 29 days ago
Still the gods of the godless
Brandon Munoz
Brandon Munoz Month ago
Johnny: I ain't you idol kid! H.U Army: We're gonna pretend we didn't see that
widnawz Month ago
Hollywood Undead, Tech N9ne, and dubstep metal? Did I just step into a time portal to my high school years?
Ethan Brinegar
Ethan Brinegar Month ago
i could listen to this song all day and never get board of it
RickPaper687 Month ago
Wow? progressive rap metal?
Riri Rocks
Riri Rocks Month ago
Dude,we got the concert in February and then we got locked inside. Just in time i tell ya.
g Month ago
Tag the dancers
Tim the otaku
Tim the otaku Month ago
Why did they get rid of their makes what the hell
Gabriel Curtis
Gabriel Curtis Month ago
Bro this would fit well in call of duty zombies!! This was the illest music ive ever heard this is a mix of everything i love in music, Love from the Midwest
kye brewer
kye brewer Month ago
I miss their masks, always loved their masks, and there's no better time to wear them.
Nigel Eharis
Nigel Eharis Month ago
This goes soooo hard
SkySeptic Month ago
i miss the masks
Snarly Month ago
This is a rather experimental sound for them. Not to bad.
ZaetoINdaFEIS Month ago
Doomguy: *Soft,i like it.*
Cadence Wallace
Cadence Wallace Month ago
Ok this is pretty good
ViperVenom Month ago
I saw both these guys live, they rock. Good combo.
Леонид Качин
Good song, in which genre making?
TemporaryFind Month ago
Hollywood undead was my first album and it’s still so fucking good 6 plus years later
Zielone_Japko_BICZ! Aka_wcale_nie_kiedyśWIELKA_ANNA
Venom Kaida
Venom Kaida Month ago
global fucking moron elites: wear a mask save lives sheeple: yes maaaaster (sound like Igor) Hollywood undead: ..... no lol.
Bella Cruz
Bella Cruz Month ago
The first time I heard this, I put it on repeat and fell asleep. Good vibes. Good, sleepy vibes. I woke up singing it, I got the looks that said "Ok, how many times did you listen to IDOL?-"
Kyle J
Kyle J Month ago
Should be Tech N9ne featuring Hollywood Undead
Ali Pie
Ali Pie Month ago
I agree to not idolizing anyone especially hollywood entertainers but this songs' sound is total shit. 👎🏻
TheYoung Native
TheYoung Native Month ago
This the song they should of been playing at all the rave screens on "Happy"
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