Hollywood Undead "Dead Bite" (Official Lyric Video)

Hollywood Undead
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Oct 20, 2012




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Comments 100
Wayne Panner
Wayne Panner 15 hours ago
If I found you guys underneath my bed even if you were about to kill me I'd be like hey I guess I don't need make a wish
Deadly Dingus
Deadly Dingus 2 days ago
What if you wanted to go to Heaven but God told you I hate you
courtnie.recents_ *
courtnie.recents_ * 18 hours ago
I would cry
CrypticVacancies 2 days ago
UnitedBats 3 days ago
“putting holes in the hotel lobby” *brings out uno reverse card*
Lynette Harris
Lynette Harris 4 days ago
Imma? Not!!!!
Imma? Not!!!! 6 days ago
i listened to Hollywood undead since i was 7 then my parents got divorced and my mom told me im not allowed to listen to them anymore and taught me the way of *country music* (i hated it) i pretended to like it and now a few years am rediscovering all my favorite bands hollywood undead, falling in reverse, etc
Ciara Goering
Ciara Goering 10 days ago
Unknown 13 days ago
"The voice in your head is just me in your headphones" ………Voice in my head is female…… ←_←
Screech 17 days ago
Hello 112 I have one prob- WHY DO YOU PLAY HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD?
* Spooket *
* Spooket * 18 days ago
I'd let the undead bite me though ;)
MarshKip Gaming
MarshKip Gaming 23 days ago
This band raised me, and now we are both matured.
Silenced Sin
Silenced Sin 25 days ago
Who else thinks this would make an awesome WWE theme song?
IceColdGaming 25 days ago
Lyrics:wrap a wrap around your head. Me: wraps a taco bell crunch WRAP around my head
IceColdGaming 26 days ago
I swear I have been practicing singing and know I sound like danny lmao
Screech 27 days ago
Charlie scene 🤖
Weeb Jokes .-.
Weeb Jokes .-. 27 days ago
my mom say noooooooooooooooo im sad
Aki Month ago
found my new lullaby XD
Tornike Shervashidze
Who is here listening in 2020?
crazy dude
crazy dude Month ago
I❤hollywood undead
Mxqle Month ago
The new song got me emotional.
Xander Thunder
Xander Thunder Month ago
,,,i just realized i was 7 when this video came out aaa
Honeycomb7581 They won't let me put just one word.
Somehow this sounds like a FNaF fansong
Weeb Jokes .-.
Weeb Jokes .-. Month ago
mom can i have the merch plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Jade Lockwood
Jade Lockwood Month ago
This song went in so many directions im not sure which one it ended up in
Jeronimo Sison
Jeronimo Sison Month ago
For the dude who made me listen to Hollywood Undead when i was 11 fuck you now I'm depress
k1ddo Month ago
"but i got nothin' but time so I'll wait on the porch"
Aang/Ellie/Hank Month ago
This song is so fire
Hammarkids Month ago
I can't describe with words how FUCKING AMAZING THIS SONG IS
DL BV Month ago
Best Accidental Click i made
The AK kid
The AK kid Month ago
Lisenok Month ago
I: normal HU: eee normal rock!
Paul Hands-Cavanagh
Paul Hands-Cavanagh 2 months ago
its like 5FDP said @i have a black friend then made this shit
Angel 2 months ago
Me to corona: *wHaT wOuLd yOu dO iF i ToLd yOu I hAtE yOu Corona: wHaT wOuLd yOu dO iF yOu liFes On tHe LiNe Me: I-
Zoie Rockhold
Zoie Rockhold 2 months ago
I love Hollywood undead
jordan Connor
jordan Connor 2 months ago
Wtf nobody liked this banned a Yr ago, good for them
James Q Arnold
James Q Arnold 2 months ago
Call tyler RUSSELL
GramCrackers 2 months ago
Another song by Hollywood Dead to go into the riot/protest pile-
ØGXUZIX Zzz 2 months ago
Ffs boys I started head butting my personal belongings
Basp2005 2 months ago
No let the dead bite
Blue Blood Moon
Blue Blood Moon 2 months ago
Me: says "what would you do if I told you I hate you?" My brother: :(
Alicia Hensler
Alicia Hensler 3 months ago
Who's still listening in 2020. ❤
Drippy Hippy
Drippy Hippy 3 months ago
My cutting songs love it
Briwanna Cwane
Briwanna Cwane 3 months ago
Me Sitting here in 2020 still listening 👁👄👁
marie _
marie _ 3 months ago
In a town made wicked made from these wicked things see the dead
NoneExistentChannel 3 months ago
༄Magicwinds༄ 3 months ago
“What would you do if I told you I hate you?” Well since Hollywood is my favorite band, I’d run and cry.
Elliott 3 months ago
Awesome song
diana Maravilla
diana Maravilla 3 months ago
This will be my unborn sons favorite song 💜❤
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 3 months ago
Merlin himself... Can I make a Horcrux for this? Hah! I spat on Albus Dumbledore's grave. It was quite fun though. Especially, when I retrieved the elder wand. So much power running through my veins...
iara 3 months ago
I was listening this at a beach and a group of boys came and started dancing, now I have friends-
Nancie V333
Nancie V333 4 months ago
Love you guys
john evans
john evans 4 months ago
They are as hard as it is to get a Sam's membership
Pickle Darkie
Pickle Darkie 4 months ago
Who still listen to their old song while quarantine
SadFrogHours 4 months ago
Who ever disliked this song are the people you should actually be scared of.
Gowther Seven Deadly Sins
feeling epic making a yarn blanket for my dad with this music XD
Elaine Reed
Elaine Reed 4 months ago
Your rite
Ashley Parvin
Ashley Parvin 4 months ago
I hope TikTok doesn’t find this song
Jacob N Lizzy Schmidt
It's kinda sad this is my middle school early high school memories lol but feels good to remember it all again
HazardGamingHG 4 months ago
Listening to this song brings a lot of memories and nostalgia from when I was younger.😔
unknown 4 months ago
Jack Magee
Jack Magee 4 months ago
Damm, this is a good song.
Fernando the lost piece of bacon
Child: good night mom. Me: * plays this song *
Mr.Blank 79
Mr.Blank 79 5 months ago
Spent 12 hours straight listening to this while playing castle crashers
Benjamin Anderson
Benjamin Anderson 5 months ago
y’all have no fucking idea how long it took me to find this song I had to google Lisa Ann in music videos to find it
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson 5 months ago
You Make Kiyoshi Sick
Goodnight Sleep tight Don’t let The dead bite Tonight, I'ma fight 'Til we see the sunlight Tick-tock on the clock But the party don't stop, no Oh, whoa, whoa-oh Oh, whoa, whoa-oh
sceenie screenie
sceenie screenie 5 months ago
There's certain Hollywood Undead songs that make me smile when the intro/music starts I love every track and album, it's just that whatever track I listened to first from that album or a track I _really_ love, just makes me smile, y'know?
X Existential Crisis X
Daniel YT MAINCRAFT 5 months ago
Dooty dfxfcr ifnvugoxk? Sgyfg? Dghg? Dwfag?
Collas's Instinct
Collas's Instinct 6 months ago
"Good night sleep tight dont let the dead bite!"
Fuzzy Foxy
Fuzzy Foxy 6 months ago
many years later h.u is still the best band out there
PointlessPixels313 6 months ago
Love to listen to this while playing zombies, and I know I'm alone on that because I'm a loser XD
Lana Benvenuti
Lana Benvenuti 2 months ago
Nah bro same here
Allura Byrd
Allura Byrd 3 months ago
nahhh wanna be friends?
The undead angel
The undead angel 6 months ago
dude this is the second comment i found from you, anyways me and my brothers do that
Zach Hatten
Zach Hatten 6 months ago
Definitely their weakest album. I stopped listening after this came out but recently came back and was blown away by how good they are now. Glad they found their sound because this sucked
The undead angel
The undead angel 6 months ago
no it doesnt
Rotten Patato
Rotten Patato 6 months ago
DO NOT look up columbian necktie if you don't already know what it is
JoMoJg 6 months ago
2020 bishes! still love the music
Cubertral 6 months ago
Now I know what I'll tell my kids every time they go to bed, *Good night, sleep tight, don't let the Dead bite* Parenting level 100.
Taya Tamara
Taya Tamara 6 months ago
This the first song where their track is actually mixed nd mastered properly. Even with the news of a new lead singer was nothing to me..
Rebecca's daily Blogs
" all of you fake bitches are just another hobby " my girlfriend just broke up with me and this line goes to her she's a cheating lying ass whore because I'm not beautiful or her type lmao fuck that cheating whore
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 6 months ago
Only white people commenting on this.
Rotten Patato
Rotten Patato 6 months ago
Watcha trying to say?
Diego Altamirano
Diego Altamirano 6 months ago
good video
Skyler 6 months ago
Got some free time at the moment so we bumping in 2020! 😝😈
Wesley William
Wesley William 6 months ago
me to my enemies
UnFocused Clan
UnFocused Clan 6 months ago
COVID-19: "What would you do if I told you I hate you, what would you do if your life's on the line?"
sogster H
sogster H 6 months ago
Серёга Харченко
2012 ооо что то свежее... Какой же я старый....
Ryan Jaick
Ryan Jaick 6 months ago
When you put the Bible in the Ficton Section
Hailey the dutchie :3
This song is amazing!!
sceenie screenie
sceenie screenie 7 months ago
While halfway through the video, I ended up listening to the music... I can now only hear **beep**
to be a lost wanderer
Welcome back, emo phase. You never truely left
sceenie screenie
sceenie screenie 7 months ago
Damn tho, 17 million views! ❤💕 👏
Nope Nada
Nope Nada 7 months ago
"Ima spit on ur grave and engrave a dick on it" Me: *nothing cuz I'm dead* My friends and family: *cheering* SHE FINALLY GOT SOME DICK
Landward Swine
Landward Swine 7 months ago
People who dislike this need to suck a dick
Asbestos Fish
Asbestos Fish 7 months ago
This is so hilariously edgy and I love it.
Chosen One
Chosen One 7 months ago
I'm come here after watching coronavirus news.
Neil Profeta
Neil Profeta 8 months ago
I am Clown
I am Clown 8 months ago
Е бой
Alivia Faragher
Alivia Faragher 8 months ago
Anyone still listening to this in 2020? Just me? Ok.
Landward Swine
Landward Swine 7 months ago
O o o o me
Biotuned Music
Biotuned Music 8 months ago
Memories 🔥🔥
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